So, here is another dream I had....
It started after the house was all done and the only things so far in the house was the beds. Once we was all alone in the house we tooked off each others clothes. Oh I forgot that you was starting your second trimester of our first pregnancy. When we was both naked or should I say in our birthday suits. I kiss you and put my had on your belly. Then after kissing you I go down to your belly and kiss our baby. As I was kissing your belly my cock got hard. Then I say "I can't wait for our baby to have fun with daddy cock."

Then I look up at you and smile. You saw my cock hard and so I say "should we make it official?" Once I said that you jump on me and we kiss as we made our way to the first bed that we found. You said to me "I love you and we are going to be great parents. We are going to show our kids what love really is. That our daughters should make there daddy happy and have your cum in there pussies every day. I know you wish they can have your cum in there pussies now." I start to fuck you some after you said that and then I said "yes Mia my lovely beautiful wife. I so wish that our daughters in your womb and even in there wombs can have a baby in them. Not just that but having my cum in them right now."

You made a little moan after that as well when fucking you to. Then you told be to stop because you said "I think the baby agrees with you." I say what you mean by that and smile big. Then you said put your hand here. So I did and we felt our baby starting to move some in your belly. Then I fuck you some more and shoot my first load of cum into your pussy and womb.

After five minutes of rest I helped you up off the bed. Then we walked into the kitchen. Then I said to you "ready for round two?" Then you said "hell yes baby." So we kissed some and moved to the island in the kitchen. Once I got you on the island I sucked on your tits some and then moved down to your pussy. Once I was at your pussy I started to lick on your pussy lips. Then once I did that a few times all around your pussy I then starting sucking until I got to your clit. Once I was at your clit I started to nibble and suck. I also put a finger in you to so how much wetter I made you. Then I hear you moan and say "peter my love take me now." So the next thing that I did was move my once again hard cock to your pussy.

I slowly start to push into you. Then once I was have way inside you I pulled out until the head of my cock was at your lips. Then I push all the way inside you and fuck you hard and fast because you wanted me too. The reason of that was because you was about to cum with more the one orgasm. Once I also cummed with you I stayed inside you. Once you was ready to come off the kitchen island we walked to the first bedroom.

Once we was on the bed in the game room. We started to fuck but in a different position that was good for us and the baby. Since we didn't want to hurt the bundle of joy that we will soon seen enter the world and be apart of our family we want to have. After we both cummed a few times in thirty minutes. We both was a little tired from all the fucking that we have done so far. We both fallen asleep in each other arms and my cock was going soft in your pussy.

Then once we both woke up we walked to the next room which will be the movie room. Once we was in the room and on the bed you said to me "let's make out and act like we was in a movie theature." As I was going to say yes you straddle me and starting kissing me as you was riding up and down on me. I say to myself, that I know its going to be a while before I cum. Since I don't know how much my boys made in the break that we had after fucking for so long. We fucked and made out in that room for about forty minutes. When I shoot my load of cum into you as your tight wet hairless pussy milked my cock dry of cum.

Once we caught our breath you said let's go into town to get something to eat. I smiled and said "let's take a shower first." After saying that with a grin on my face hopping that my balls made a little more of my seed. Since I wanted to have a little more fun with you but in the shower first. You had the same idea. So once in our big shower we turned on the hot water and started to fuck under the shower before we cleaned each other bodies.

It was when we was heading back to the hotel that was a few miles from where we went to eat. You said to me "honey my love, pull over some place so we can have some more fun." I smile and found a place to pull over. Once we pulled off the road I moved my seat down so you can straddle me so we can fuck. I was so horny when we did that we made our windows fogged up. As we was fucking I was thinking about doing the same think with our daughter one day. I think you was thinking the same thing. We both cummed pretty hard and at the same time too.

It was the next day after telling the movers where to put our stuff. Once they was gone for the day. We got undressed as I was watching you get naked I say to myself "I still can't believe I found the one girl that is making me happy. As well as knowing I have a purest in life." After I said that I watch you start removing your shorts. Then I walked over to you and help you get them off. As I did that I smiled and blush because you look so beautiful pregnant and I can't wait to see what type of hair our baby will have. You see me blushing and saw my cock rock hard. You asked me "baby what is making you blush?" I said in reply "because I found the one. I found the one girl that god made me look for a lot. The one that I want a big family with that is open minded and wants to make me and mommy very happy." After you heard me say all of that you kissed me real hard and long.

While doing that you was playing with my cock some. Then we stop and you was pulling me by my cock to the room that will be our daughters room. Where there was already a bed there. You push me down on the bed and said "I have been waiting all day for your cock to be in my horny pussy and that I want our baby to fell the cum as you cum deep inside my womb." I smile more and kiss you before you straddle me. I say back "baby I want our baby to feel my cum filling you up deep inside your womb. How I wish our baby can get pregnant when I cum." I started to moan like you a few seconds after hearing you moan.

So the next thing that I did was move my hands first to your belly were our baby is grow. I felt it kick before I kissed your belly. Then I tried my best to reach your lovely C cup tits. That I'm pretty sure are growing to a D cup. As I was able to get to one of your tits. I start to message it and pinch your nipples. I smile some thinking about the milk that will be coming out of your nipple. How hot it would be to cum on one nipple as you breast feed the baby. Although I know we are not going thru with that last part. Since we have talked about that already.

Once I was done with one tit and moved on to the other and do the same thing. As I was doing that you said to me "I'm getting close to cumming." So then I start to go in and out of you fast so that I can try to come the same time that you are. We both cummed together. Then once we have cached our breath we kissed a little before getting up and move to the next bedroom.

Once we was in our son bedroom we tried a different sex position to do while pregnant. So once I was back hard and you was wet. We got back to the work at hand. We was in the position for about twenty minutes. Then we moved to a different position. The one that we did was cowgirl and we fucked like that until we both cummed which was another twenty to twenty five minutes. Once we caught our breath we said "god that was hot." Then I said " I can't wait to get our daughter pregnant and try doing these different sex positions. Since I don't know which one I like better." You said "I can't wait to see you take our daughters virginity and show them how much love and passion you have for them. Just as much passion and love you have for me."

As we kissed and cuddle some I said "I can't wait to have fun with our daughter daughter and see how big our incest family will grow." You said "I can't wait to see that as well." Once we had our stranghed back we went to the last room of the house. That was our bedroom that we will be making a lot more babies in. Although our room also had a master bathroom too. The other room as well is to the security room.

So once we was at our bed we did some making out. We also did a little dancing too. Since we haven't dance these way before. Once we was done dancing we was on the bed and start to fuck. As we was fucking the baby was moving around a little. You said "sounds like our baby wants to join in on the fun. Well before we was going to teach how to fuck and make mommy and daddy happy." After I cummed again. We was too tired to fuck some more without a break. Since we was fucking for thirty minutes.

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I finished the first paragraph and realized I couldn't suffer through the rest of this horrendously written story. You are either in grade school or you dropped out of high school before tanking any basic English classes. I'm not just talking bad grammar, I'm talking about obvious lack of knowledge about any basic concepts of writing or even talking in English. So either your under the age of 10, or your an idiot drop out, or a back woods redneck, or possibly a foreigner and English is a 4th or 5th language but I doubt this last part the writing doesn't feel that smart.

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Is English your first language or are you afflicted with Trisomy 21? Either way you totally suck ass!! This story was a complete pile of stinking shit!!! Don't bother submitting any more of this excrement!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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