Master takes his slave to Las Vegas for new experiences
Mistress J leaned against the back of the oversize bath tub. Brenda lay between her legs, her back against Mistress J’s big tits. The hot, oil scented water caressed and soothed their skin.

Mistress J used a washcloth to gently stroke and soak Brenda’s shoulders, neck and tits. She could feel Mistress J’s pussy against the small of her back. Brenda thought she could feel the clit ring touching the skin on her back. She felt totally relaxed, enjoying the feeling of the warm water and Mistress J’s smooth skin against her body.

“Mistress, may I ask a question?”

“Yes slave, what do you want to know?”

“It’s about your piercing. Did it hurt when you had it done?”

“Yes slave, it was very painful. It bled off and on for several days and it took almost a month to fully heal.”

“Why did you do it?”

There was a long pause while she decided whether or not to answer. Finally, “I did it a long time ago, for my Master.”

“You had a Master?”

“Yes slave, I was a sub. Now I’m a Switch. I’m submissive with men and dominant with women.”

“Did your Master order you to get the piercing, Mistress?”

“No slave, I did it to show my devotion to him.”

“Where is your Master now, Mistress?”

“He died four years ago, slave.”

“Oh. I’m so sorry, Mistress.”

After a long pause Brenda asked, “Mistress, how did you become a switch?”

Mistress chuckled. “It’s not something you plan out slave, it just happens.”

“I’m sorry Mistress. I shouldn’t have asked.”

After another long pause, Mistress J said, “I was 23 and just out of law school. I went to work for a law firm here in Las Vegas. I was not a sub, I considered myself a liberated woman and was not going to take a back seat to anyone.

“One of the partners at the firm changed all that. He was 41 and recently divorced when we met. An imposing man, I fell for him immediately. We carried on an office affair for about a year. He told me right away he didn’t want to make the same mistake he had with his wife and that if I thought we were not compatible we should part with no hard feelings.

“He started to tell me how he wanted me to dress and behave. I resisted at first and he told me if I was unwilling to change then we should end our relationship. He started to discipline me and introduced me to bondage. I loved everything he did even though it conflicted with the image I had of myself.
“About a year into the relationship he told me to quit the firm and move in with him as his slave. I didn’t think I could live as a slave so I broke off the relationship. Then I had to see him every day at work. He treated me with the courtesy he showed to every other associate, but other than that he completely ignored me.

“Nothing could have made me feel worse. I realized how much I loved him. I also realized how much I missed his dominance over me. I went to him and asked to be his slave.

“I moved in with him. He trained me and took care of me. He was everything to me. Two years after I became his slave I had the piercing done to show my devotion. He had a sterling silver leash made. Sometimes at S&M clubs or parties he would attach the leash to my clit ring and lead me around to demonstrate his dominance over me.

“We started to entertain female slaves. At first for his pleasure, later for my pleasure as well. I became more and more dominant with the female slaves but stayed submissive with my Master.

“We were together 20 years, he died of a heart attack 4 years ago. Since then I entertain female slaves and even take on slaves for training. I seldom submit to a man any more. Tonight was the first time in over a year.”

The thought of being lead about by a leash attached to her clit make Brenda shiver. It would be so embarrassing but the idea excited her tremendously. Did she really want to be exhibited as a slave in front of others?

“Mistress, when your Master would do things like leading you with a leash by your clit, did you enjoy it?”

“I was humiliated, but I’ve was never more aroused. If he were here now I would do anything he told me to do and enjoy every second we had together.”

Brenda was quiet thinking about her Master. If he were no longer in her life she would be devastated. Would she miss being displayed as a slave then?

“Thank you Mistress, that helps me a lot.”

They lay in the tub quietly, each within their own thoughts. Brenda had one more question she wanted to ask. It took her several minutes to work up the nerve.

“Mistress, when did you know you wanted to submit to Master tonight”

She felt Mistress J's body move as she chuckled quietly.

“When we shook hands at the front door, of course.”

Brenda smiled. She was so proud of her Master.

Brenda felt Mistress J stir and then get up. She sat up on the back of the tub leaving Brenda sitting by herself in the water.

“Turn around slave.”

Brenda turned around to see Mistress J sitting on the edge of the tub with her legs spread. Brenda's face was at the same level as Mistress J’s crotch. Water ran down Mistress J’s body and dripped off her shaved pussy.

“I must return you to your Master soon, but there’s time for you to pleasure me once more.”

Brenda smiled, “Yes Mistress.” She leaned forward and put her face between Mistress J’s legs. It occurred to Brenda that her list of favorite things had gotten a little longer tonight.

Brenda and Mistress Jay walked into the great room and found Master sitting on the couch. He had showered and dressed. He watched the two women approach him, their high heels clicking on the floor.

Brenda walked behind Mistress J smiling broadly at her Master. Brenda was wearing her locked slave shoes, Pearl Panty and necklace. Mistress J wore a long black lace dressing gown that was sheer enough to reveal her skin underneath.

Mistress Juliana directed Brenda to stand in front of her Master. She then stood behind Brenda gently stroking her hair.

“Master William, I return your perfect little slave slut. She really is quite remarkable. Thank you for sharing her with me.”

“It was my pleasure Mistress Juliana. Slave, we really should be going. Get your dress out of the closet and put it on. Wait for me by the door.”

“Yes Sir”

Brenda turned and faced Mistress J. “Good bye Mistress, thank you, for everything.”

Mistress touched Brenda’s face and then took one last long gaze down her body. “Goodbye slave.”

Brenda walked to the front door and found her dress. While she was putting it on she could hear her Master and Mistress J talking quietly but couldn’t make out what they were saying.
Mistress J walked Master to the door and opened it for them. After one last goodbye they stepped outside to find the Asian driver standing next to the open rear door of the Mercedes Benz. Again the driver looked straight ahead as Brenda and her Master got into the car.

As they drove away Brenda realized how tired she was. Brenda laid her head against his chest and curled her legs up on the seat. Master put his arm around her resting his hand on her bare ass.

They rode in silence for a while. Then Brenda said, “Master, may I please ask a question?”

“Yes slave, you may.”

“How did you find Mistress Juliana?”

He squeezed her ass cheek affectionately.

“I sent a personal message to slavesuzi on her blog. I told her how much you liked her photo, about how you masturbated and fantasizing about Mistress Juliana. I asked her where Mistress Juliana lived and if she could arrange an introduction. Slavesuzi forwarded my message and you’re photo to Mistress Juliana. We started an online conversion and eventually spoke on the phone. That led to our meeting tonight.”

“Sir, did you know Mistress Juliana was a switch?

“That’s two questions slave.”

“I’m sorry sir.”

Master gently squeezed Brenda's ass.

“It’s alright. No slave, I didn’t know Mistress Juliana was a switch until tonight”

“Master what did you think of Mistress Juliana’s piercing?”

“I thought it was very sexy slave.”

“She got it to show her dedication to her Master. They were together twenty years, he died four years ago.”

“I didn’t know that slave.”

“Master, did you enjoy watching me with Mistress Juliana?”

He squeezed her ass again.

“Yes slave, I enjoyed it very much. Did you enjoy it as much as you thought you would?”

“Oh yes, Sir. it was wonderful. Even though I’ve never done it before, when I ate her pussy it felt so wonderful, so natural, like sucking your cock. Then when she fucked me…it was fantastic.

Brenda paused and then said, “Master, did I do anything tonight that bothered you?”

“What do you mean slave?”

“Did I do anything that you didn’t like?”

“No slave. But something seems to be bothering you. What is it?”

“The things I said, what Mistress Juliana made me say.”

“What things slave?”

“When I said…I was a lesbian…a lessie slut”

Master squeezed her ass gently and chuckled. “No slave. That didn’t bother me. I can’t think of anything more erotic. If I didn’t want Mistress Juliana to fuck you I wouldn’t have brought you here tonight. You shouldn’t be bothered by it either. I don’t think you’re a lesbian. You are a very sensual woman who had a new sexual experience tonight that you enjoyed. Just leave it at that.”

Brenda hugged her Master. “Thank you, Sir.”

“How did you feel watching me fuck Mistress Juliana?”

“When I saw her sucking your cock, I thought I should be jealous. But she was fucking me then and watching her suck you made me cum again. Then later when you were fucking her and I was eating her, I don’t know. I was so turned on. Then you made her eat me and I couldn’t stop cuming. I just didn’t want to stop. Master, when you came in my mouth, it made me feel so special. It didn’t matter what you did before that.”

“You are special slave.”

Brenda was quiet for a few minutes while she savored those words.

“Master, will we ever see Mistress Juliana again?”

“Well, Mistress Juliana invited us to stay at her home as her guests the next time we're in Vegas.”

Brenda sat up and looked into her Master’s face.

“Oh Sir, can we? Please.”

He smiled and squeezed her ass again.

“I think we’ll see Mistress Juliana again slave. Staying at her home for a few days might be fun. She asked me to give you this. She said she hoped it would make you think of her.”

From his jacket pocked he pulled out the tweezers clamp and bell. He handed it to Brenda. She held it in her hand and stared at it thinking of all the things she had done tonight.

Brenda settled back down against Master's chest and closed her eyes. She said nothing for the rest of the drive. All she could think about were the possibilities of being a slave to Master and Mistress Juliana for a whole weekend.

They arrived back at the casino a little after 2:00 AM. The entrance wasn’t as busy as when they left but there were still people coming and going.

The doorman opened the rear door and Master got out first. Brenda’s skirt was hiked up just above her cunt and exposing about half her ass. While her Master’s back was turned she pulled the skirt up to her waist and slid across the seat to the open door.

She stepped one foot on the ground but then paused pretending to adjust the front of her dress. She pulling each side away from her body and exposing her tits briefly. She looked up to see her Master holding out his hand and the doorman staring between her spread legs. She took her Masters hand and stepped out of the car.

Brenda stood next to her Master with her dress pulled up around her waist. Ignoring the wide eyed door man, she looked into her Master’s smiling face.

“Master, should I pull my skirt down before we go inside? I think my cunt is showing.”

“Yes slave, but wait until you’re to the front door. Run along now, I’ll meet you there. I’m going to tip the doorman.”

Brenda walked across the driveway to the sidewalk wiggling her ass more than she needed to. She held the tweezers clamp in her hand allowing the bell to chime as she swung her arms.

Brenda literally stopped traffic. No one wanted to miss seeing the pretty woman with pearls running through her ass and cunt. She walked in step with the beat of the Anita Hill pop song “You Ring My Bell” playing in her head. When she arrived at the front door she stopped and pulled down her skirt, then looked back at her Master with a big smile. Master turned back to the doorman.

The doorman looked from Brenda back to Master. He did not hold out his hand but said, “Oh thank you sir. That’s the best tip I’ve gotten all night.”

Sunday Morning

The slept until 10:00 AM. Brenda brewed coffee using the in room coffee maker. She served it to Master in bed.

Master had the video camera connected to his notebook computer and they watched Brenda strip and masturbate in the hallway. At times Brenda was giggling, or making long OOOOooo sounds. Master was selecting screen shots to capture still images.

When they were done watching the video, Master connected to the internet and went to the web page. He posted some of the photos of Brenda that did not show her face.

Afterward they lay there quietly until Brenda spoke.

“Master, I’ve had such a good time this weekend. I enjoyed everything. It’s going to be really hard to go back home, to our regular life I mean.”

“I know slave, it will be hard for me as well. But that’s what we’re going to do. We have a couple of big responsibilities waiting for us.”

“Sir, if it wasn’t for the kids, I’d want to be your 24/7 slave. I know that's not possible now. But maybe someday?”

“Maybe someday slave.”

“Master, what would you think if I wanted to get my clit pierced like Mistress Juliana?”

“That’s not something I would order you to do slave.”

“But what if I wanted to do it Sir? Would you allow me?”

“Is that what you want to do slave?”

“I’m not sure, she said it was very painful. But I like the idea of dedicating myself to my Master”

“If you decide you want to do it then we can discuss it slave.”

“Yes Sir. Master, what time do we have to leave today?”

“Our plane leaves at 3:30. I’ve arranged for a late check out from the hotel.”

Brenda sat up in bed.

“Master can we go back to the pool this morning? We could have a late breakfast or early lunch there. It would be just about time to leave when we’re done.”

He smiled and said, “Yes slave, we can go to the pool. Go get ready.”

Brenda went into the bathroom. Master put away the computer and video camera, then put on his swimsuit. When Brenda came out of the bathroom she was wearing the monikini.

The material was about three inches wide where it covered her nipples leaving the sides of her tits exposed. The suit narrowed the lower it went on her body. The V came together about an inch above her cunt.

The material covering her crotch was only about an inch wide. Brenda's cunt lips were covered, but just barely. She made a turn in front of the mirror. Except for the string that went from her ass crack to her shoulders she was completely exposed. Looking from the side even more of her tits could be seen than from the front.

She smoothed the front of the suit and ran her fingers under the material between her legs. She turned away from the mirror, facing her Master with a huge smile on her face.

“Do I look all right sir?”

“Yes slave, you look fantastic.”

There weren’t as many people at the pool as there were on Saturday afternoon. The people that were there noticed Brenda. She took a quick swim while Master ordered breakfast.

When she walked back to their cabana she noticed the two college boys that had been staring at her the day before. They stared at her even harder now. After she got back to her lounge the two boys moved to lounge chairs directly across from her about twenty feet away. They made no effort to be discreet while watching Brenda.

“I think you have a fan club slave,” Master said grinning.

Brenda smiled. “I’ve had so much fun on this trip Master. I hope we can do it again.” The she added, “But I still want to go to the farmhouse, just the two of us.”

Master looked at her and smiled back.

Brenda made an exaggerated stretch, raising her arms above her head while bending one knee and sliding her foot up on the cushion of the lounge. She felt the fabric from the monokini tighten between her legs. She stretched a little more and felt it slip between her cunt lips. She lay there with her legs spread, looking at her Master innocently.

They both heard the duet of moans coming from the college boys. It sounded like a cross between lonely puppies and a cry of pain.

Master looked at the two boys. Both were wide eyed staring at Brenda. One was holding his hands on the side of his head, the other was biting his towel.

Master looked between Brenda’s spread legs. The white fabric of the swimsuit disappeared into the slit between Brenda’s shaved cunt lips. Brenda made no move to cover herself.

“Slave, you are a Cock Teasing Little Slut,” he said slowly.

Brenda smiled. “Oh Master, you say the sweetest things to me.”

The End

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