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I have been working as an errand boy for about six months at the clinic my mother is a nurse at. As far as jobs go, I could have done worse; most of the nurses are hot, the pay is much better than any 16 year old boy deserves, and I usually get the run of the place for the last hour doing some end of the day clean up. All in all, I had no complaints.

Today was a little different though; summer is almost over, and I am about to start football for the first time. I have filled out quite a bit over the last year, and finally decided that I could hold my own on the field. Only one catch…the school said I have to get a physical if I want to play. Other than basic check-ups, I have never really had an actual physical before, so was not really sure what that entailed. Well, while talking to mom about it, Dr. Stacy…mmm…yes, Dr. Stacy said that she would be willing to take care of it for me if I could stay after once the office closed. Well, Dr. Stacy is absolutely gorgeous, and the epitome of professional. She dresses sharp, has the hottest green eyes I have ever seen on a woman, and yet is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

To be honest, when she made the offer, the chance to be alone with her sounded too great to pass up, but I had completely forgotten what the offer actually entailed; after all, I was going to be half naked in front of her. Needless to say, I was half torn; I loved the thought of being alone in the office with her, but I was nervous as hell at the thought of being naked in front of her. This morning, I was half tempted to cancel, but she beat me to the punch, and with a super friendly smile, reminded me about our “appointment.” As a result, all day long my eyes seemed to focus on her womanly traits even more so than usual. I can tell you that she had three buttons undone on her purple blouse, and that the lace bra she was wearing was a matching purple with white flowers. Her black skirt had a slit that went about half way up her thigh, and from the brief view I had when she had taken off her white lab coat…might be wearing a thong pair of panties.

Do you know what lust does to a 16 year old boy? It takes hold of his cock and strokes it at the most inconvenient times. I swear I have been adjusting my hard-on half of the day. I fought to concentrate on emptying trashcans and the first year of football practice, but then she would walk by and wink or give me one of those sweet little smiles of hers. I was in deep trouble. Amazingly, you would have thought my lust would make the day go slower, but it was just the opposite; before I knew it, mom was clocking out and telling me that she would see me at dinner later. One by one the nurses and two other doctors cleared out, leaving only Dr. Stacy and myself in the quiet little clinic.

As was my custom, I locked the doors, checked the restrooms to make sure there were no stragglers, and then started with the few cleaning duties I had left to do. I could hear Dr. Stacy typing her closing notes from the last patient in one of the exam rooms as I dumped one of the small trashcans into a larger one. I could feel the knot in my throat as I walked into the room. She was leaning forward just enough to give me another look at the lacy purple bra, and an adequate amount of bare skin to excite a teenage boy.

“Errr…ummm…can I get your trash for you Dr. Stacy?” I asked, obviously fumbling my words a little…what a schmuck.

She stopped typing and turned off the computer before spinning to face me in her chair. “Why thank you Steven, and after that, we can take care of this physical for school.”

“Yes ma’am, I appreciate that,” I said, trying not to sound like a babbling idiot.

I quickly dumped the trashcan and tied up the larger bag. I carried it to the front door of the office, so that I could take it out with me later. I paused for a moment, looking down to confirm that I was not presently sporting a boner, and then made my way back down the hallway. As I entered the office, something took me a little by surprise; Dr. Stacy had not only taken off her white doctor’s coat, but she also had a fourth button to her blouse undone. Was this by accident? Believe me when I say that I know exactly how many buttons had been undone earlier…I counted…more than once. Dammit…my cock was already twitching at the mere possibility that she had done that on purpose. I know, I know…chances are it had come undone when she took off her coat, but I am a teenage boy, I do not want to think like that.

“Okay Steven, are you ready to start?” she asked, her voice flowing like honey off of your tender lips.

“Ummm, I guess so. To be honest Dr. Stacy, I have never had a physical before.” I am not sure honest was the way to go, because as soon as the words came out, I was convinced I sounded like an immature four year old.

“It is okay, I will be gentle,” she assured. “But to get started, I need you to change out of your clothes into this gown…the opening needs to be in the front…and Steven, it has to be ALL of your clothes.”

As she handed me the gown, she excused herself down the hall, and left me to deal with the reality of my situation. The fact was, I was already sporting semi-wood again from the extra amount of flesh that fourth button had presented. Rather than fight it though, I quickly removed my clothing, briefs included, and slid myself into the flimsy paper gown. I tied the two ties provided, but neither of them was anywhere close to the one part of my body I wanted to keep hidden. I sat down on the medical bed, and used my hands to hold the flaps together over my lap.

Only a couple minutes passed before Dr. Stacy returned to the room, and either to my delight or to my discomfort, she had failed to re-button that fourth button. To make matters worse, she had chosen to pull her hair back into a hair clip, revealing her long slender neck, which seemed to only guide my eyes even more eagerly downward.

The first couple minutes were questions about simple information as well as her just curious about my desire to go out to football. The casual nature helped me to take my mind partially off of her breasts, but let us be honest…as long as we can see them, us boys want to feel them. But then, the examination took a whole different turn.

“Okay Steven, I need you to stand up for me. I am going to check some of those things that to be honest, might be a little awkward since this is your first physical. Are you ready?”

Was I ready? Of course not! But was I going to let her know that? No way! All she was going to see was a male patient getting a regular physical from his doctor. “Yes Dr. Stacy…I am ready.”

“Good,” was all she said as her thin tender fingers reached up without warning and untied both of the straps to my gown. Before it even registered for me to cover myself back up, I realized that I was completely exposed. “I know this is a little awkward Steven, but I promise you will be okay.”

I am not sure if I was holding my breath as she pulled up her stethoscope and began running it around to various parts of my chest. She instructed me to take in deep breaths, but I can only assume I was actually taking them. Next her hand slid up beneath my arm and moved behind me, allowing her to listen to my lungs. As she did, she pulled the gown even more open, completely revealing my cock and balls. I wanted to thrust my hands downward to cover myself, but kept telling myself to “Be a man” instead.

“Your lungs and heart sound great Steven. Next I am going to check your abdomen, and make sure there are no lumps to worry about.” It was at this point that I noticed she was not wearing her normal gloves to separate her from her patient. Was this an oversight or intentional? Her warm hands moved across my tummy with the cool tool as she listened intently. But then they moved lower…and lower. I know what I told my friends at school, but the truth is, this is the closest I have ever had a woman to my man parts; three inches lower, and I was sure she could hear the blood rushing to my cock.

“Everything sounds great Steven. Now comes the more personal part of the exam.” Her smile was sweet and gentle, and for a brief second distracting. My eyes fixed on her eyes until all of a sudden I felt her warm tender fingers scraping gently across my ball sack before cupping them lightly. “Cough for me Steven.” I did the best I could with a cough, but I was sure she could see the panic in my eyes if she had been looking there. Her fingers adjusted to a different position, this time actually pressing her wrist directly against my very sensitive shaft. “Cough again Steven.”

Each move of her fingers seemed to cause her wrists to glide against the tender underneath of my cock. By the fourth command to cough, I had lost the fight. Her soft skin stroked my shaft one too many times, and I felt it almost immediately spring to full attention.

“Oh Shit!” I muttered under my breath, causing Dr. Stacy to immediately look down at my ‘condition.’

“Steven, it is okay. This is a normal reaction for any man being touched by a woman. You do not have to be embarrassed.”

Saying so did not make it a reality. I could feel the heat running into my cheeks, quickly revealing just how embarrassed I was. I started to move my hands to cover it up, but with her free hand, Dr. Stacy blocked me. “Steven, it is okay. Let me finish my examination. And for what it is worth, patient/doctor confidentiality requires that everything that happens here stays between you and me.” I nervously smiled at her as I moved my hands back to my side, resigning myself to allow her to continue.

“Good boy. Now let me take a look at this penis of yours.” Her hand tenderly slid its way off of my balls, and up the entire length of my shaft. I could not fight the urge to moan out as her fingers wrapped around it and gave it a tender squeeze. “Steven, you have a very nice sized penis. Have you experienced any pain or discomfort in it?”

Her voice was so professional, but her fingers were still gently groping at it, helping me to lose any chance of having it soften. “Ummm, no Ma’am,” I answered timidly. All I could do was hope that I could keep from shooting my cum in her face. Now that would be embarrassing.

As she continued to grope my shaft, her other hand came up and began tracing a finger around the edge of the head. As it reached the tender spot at the base, my cock involuntarily twitched upward. “Ahhh, good reflex response I see,” she said, still sounding very official. She looked up at me, and smiled, still maintaining her grip on my shaft, and asked, “Do you have any problems getting an erection?”

“Ummm…well, not today apparently.” I giggled nervously, hoping my joke would be taken well. “Not usually either,” I added. I was pleased that she giggled with me, rather than give me a disdaining look of disapproval.

“Steven, I am going to hold you for about a minute, to feel the blood pulsing inside your penis, to assure that there are no obstructions. Please let me know if you have any discomfort.”

The fact is, the longer she held me, the more lost I got in the moment. Dr. Stacy reached over and pulled her chair to the end of the bed, and sat down directly in front of my cock, making sure to never release the hold she had on it. I could feel her fist gently flexing around my shaft, almost in a milking fashion.

“How is that Steven, any pain? Any discomfort?”

“Pain…ummm…no….discomfort…well…” I stopped myself from finishing my sentence, but it was clear I had already said too much. Dr. Stacy looked up at me, still ‘examining’ my penis, and smiled.

“Okay, now it is time for the really awkward part…at least it can be for most men Steven.” Her hand slowly slid off of my cock, followed by a tender pat with her hand on my upper thigh. “I need you to stand up and bend over onto the examination table. I have to administer your rectal exam. It is a little uncomfortable, but it will only take a minute or two…I promise.”

She pushed her chair back from the table just enough to have me standing directly in front of her. I could not help but notice how close my hard cock was resting right in front of her soft plump red painted lips. I could actually feel her breath upon it as I finally made my turn back toward the table, bending over as instructed. Part of my mind was racing about what the rectal exam actually entailed…was she just going examine my ass, or would she actually be sticking something up inside of it? Well, she answered that question rather quickly.

Due to the massive erection now hanging beneath me, I could only rest my forearms on the table so as to not smash it. Dr. Stacy slid her chair back forward, again bringing her face close enough that I could feel her breathing on one of my ass cheeks. “You are going to feel a little pressure Steven,” was all she said as I felt her soft fingers gently slide onto my ass while her other hand began pressing her middle finger into my tight asshole. It was a strange sensation, and yet, the deeper she penetrated me, the harder my cock was growing…and I had thought it was fully erect already. I could feel her finger starting to gently pump inside as the end of it curled upward, sending some of the most incredible sensations directly to my cock. I was so hard it almost hurt, and yet the pleasures of her gentle pumping motions were driving me crazy.

“Ummm, Dr. Stacy…is this supposed to make my penis hard like this? It is so hard it hurts.” I said, very embarrassed at the question and the situation, but had to make sure it was normal.

“Hmmmm, I’ll tell you what, I am sure everything is fine, but let me take a look at your penis one more time just to make sure.” Her voice was still so professional sounding as she slowly removed her finger from asshole. She patted me on the side of the thigh, telling me to take my seat back on the table. She turned around in her chair, and washed her hands in the small sink behind her, and then turned right back to her place directly in front of my throbbing shaft. “Well, just so you do not worry about it Steven, your penis appears to have absolutely no abnormalities or issues. And there are many men that are stimulated by a rectal exam, so you have nothing to worry about there either. But I do want to do one last test before we move to the blood testing part of your exam.

Without another word, Dr. Stacy reached for a small bottle of lubricating lotion from her small utensil stand. She applied some to the palm of one of her hands and then methodically massaged her two hands together, warming the lotion up nicely before applying to my shaft. Her two hands then wrapped themselves around my tender cock and then interlinked the fingers together around it. Slowly she began pumping them up and down on my tender shaft, sending waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. I was completely lost, and could not help but moan out as her fingers squeezed gently around my manhood, pumping even more blood into it.

She paused for a moment, though keeping her fingers wrapped tight around my shaft, and asked, “Steven, can I tell you a secret?” She stared at me, silent…just waiting for me to answer.

“Ummm, yes ma’am.”

“Well, the fact is, this is not a real test; I just cannot seem to take my hands off of your thick young cock.”

The room became silent as she looked up at me with a different look in those luscious green eyes. I saw lust…at least what I thought was lust. But I was speechless.

“Steven, would you mind if I helped you release the pressure you have here?” Her hands once again started to gently glide up and down the full length of my shaft. She was milking her fingers even more deliberately, causing my cock to throb even more. “I have seen you looking at me lately…studying me.” She paused speaking for a second, but continued pumping her hands slowly and methodically. “It is okay though. The fact is, I have enjoyed having you watch me. I miss being watched like that. I miss…having a man want me.”

I stared down at this lovely woman between my legs, wondering how my life had led me to this point. It was as though fear had been replaced with joy. I still could not manage a proper response, but instead offered an innocent awkward nod of my head. It was adequate.

Dr. Stacy smiled at me, and then lowered her head forward toward my cock. I did not blink as I watched her long slender tongue stretch out from between those luscious lips as it licked along the tiny slit at the end of my shaft, taking with it the long string of precum that had started to drip from it. Her one hand continued to thrust up and down on my shaft as the other one moved downward and began massaging my balls again. Her eyes closed as though savoring the flavor as she pressed the thick head of my shaft into her mouth. It felt like warm velvet cascading up and down my shaft as she slowly began bobbing her head up and down upon it. Her tongue was feverishly working inside, teasing and taunting my young virgin cock.

Needless to say, I did not last long. I could feel the spasms flooding through my entire body as I felt the hot cum starting to boil to the surface. My hands started to push Dr. Stacy away, but she quickly moved her hands to stop them.

“But I am going to cum Dr. Sta….” As her head began thrusting downward even more intently, my hips thrust forward involuntarily, driving my cock deeper into her mouth as my hot load of cum fired from the tip. I felt her hungry mouth lock even more tightly around it as she started sucking the thick load from my balls. My hands squeezed tight to the exam table as Dr. Stacy continued to feast on my love offering. I was shaking violently from an orgasm I had never had the likes of with masturbation. Even as my balls stopped surging forth cum, Dr. Stacy maintained her professional sucking skills. As luck would have it, it does not take much for a 16-year-old to regain his hard on. In about five minutes, my cock was has hard as a rock again.

Dr. Stacy slowly slid her lips off of my cock, and stood back up in front of me. “Okay Steven, now it is time for you to examine me.” Her hands reached upward and began unbuttoning the remaining buttons of her blouse. She quickly slid it off her shoulders, revealing the sexy lacy bra I had been admiring most of the day. Her breasts were heaving up and down from her excited breathing, causing my eyes to lock tightly to them. Her hands grabbed both of my hands and guided them up to the lovely globes. I was more than eager to start massaging and rubbing at them, even to the point of pressing my thumbs beneath the fabric so that they could massage both swollen erect nipples. Her eyes closed as she bit her bottom lip and moaned.

After about a minute she turned around and instructed me to unfasten her bra. For a second I fought the stubborn clasp, but quickly mastered it and released both sides. “Now unzip my skirt stud,” she commanded, and my hands quickly slid down the zipper that ran down her ass. The skirt dropped directly to the floor, revealing the answer to the question, “Was she wearing a thong?” The answer: NO. In fact, she was not wearing any panties at all. Her smooth toned ass was perfection to say the least.

As soon as she stepped out of the skirt, she stepped back against me. My cock came to rest in the small of her back, causing me to realize just how much taller than her I was. Her skin was so soft and smooth against my cock. She reached back behind her and grabbed my hands again, quickly pulling them around her and placed them on her breasts. Let me just say, breasts are a wonderful thing when you get to feel them for the first time. I explored them with my hands, eagerly massaging them as I twisted and teased her nipples. But if this 16 year old could tell she wanted more. Her ass was swaying back and forth as she gently pushed herself against me, quickly making me want much more too.

Finally Dr. Stacy spun us both around, bringing herself into a resting position on the examination table. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled, “Okay sexy, I am ready for your examination.” Her hand reached between her thighs and grabbed hold of my hard cock, guiding it to her soft womanly place. It was so warm and wet as she rubbed it up and down the moist slit. Instinct must have taken over though, because I slowly began to push my way inside of her, eliciting a very satisfying moan from her as I did. Going in her pussy felt so much different than her mouth. They were both incredible, believe me, but her pussy seemed to pull me deeper and deeper inside. With each inch her entire body responded to the invasion of my cock, gyrating and grinding back to meet it. As I gave the final little push forward, completely impaling my cock inside her, Dr. Stacy released a guttural moan that told me I was doing well for my first time.

“Oh baby…Dr. Stacy loves the feel of your hard cock inside of her. Mmmmmmm. Now slide your hands to my hips, and slowly start pumping….mmmmm…in and …oooohhhh yeah, just like that.”

Believe it or not, even a 16-year-old virgin knows to start pumping back and forth, and I eagerly sought to please my older lover. As I started sliding in and out of her pussy, stopping just short of falling out, I quickly noticed that her sound of her moaning changed each time I thrusted my cock deeper inside; in fact, her response was quite vocal. I wanted to hear her cum. Those videos online always made me want to explode when the woman began grunting and calling out…I wanted to hear that.

My hands grabbed tight to her hips, and the hunger of manhood took over. It seemed that my own lust decided to control this session. I pulled my cock back to the point of nearly falling out, and then with one hard deep forward thrust, drove it quickly back inside.

“Oohhhhhhhsh….fuuc…mmmmm….yeah baby. Oh fuck Steven!”

Yeah, that was the noise I wanted. I repeated the motion, a little faster and deeper.



My strong hands gripped tight to her hips, giving me leverage as I drove hard and fast repeatedly. My sexy little doctor was writhing beneath me as my thick high school cock spread her wide open. Without realizing it at first, my thumbs had spread out to the side, and were squeezing at her ass cheeks, spreading them apart enough to see my cock each time it plummeted inside her. As her orgasm finally began to explode through her body I felt her tighten up beneath me.

“Oohhhhhh….mmmmm…fuck fuck fuck…don’t stop lover…oooooohhhh…fuck please don’t stop.” She begged from beneath me as she began shaking beneath me.

Her pussy was squeezing me tight, but that only encouraged me more. I began fucking like I would have never thought possible. I pounded that lovely doctor with every inch of teenage energy I could have. A second orgasm ripped through her body causing her to grab tight to the opposite side of the exam table as my thick cock continued to pound away. I could feel my second load of sperm boiling to the surface. Hungrily I loved the thought of filling my sexy doctor with every last drop. As a third orgasm ripped through her body, I finally lost it, and drove hard and deep inside her. As the waves of pleasure exploded through my own body, I held myself tight against her, keeping myself deep as the first spasm of my cock exploded my seed into her waiting body.

As my cock spasmed violently inside her, dumping a nice thick load of virgin cum, Dr. Stacy continued squeezing her pussy muscles around my shaft as her hips fought to grind up to meet me. I was in a sexual daze that you just do not get from jerking off.

Finally a stood up, feeling more like a man than I ever had. Dr. Stacy stood up and immediately turned to face me. Her green eyes had a sort of glazed look to them. She stepped forward and immediately pressed her lips up to mine. Not a little kiss though, I felt her tongue press its way through my lips, and immediately began tangling with mine. Her hands slid around my body and moved tenderly to my ass cheeks. I mirrored her actions, and quickly began pulling her against my hard chest and softening cock. For at least five minutes all we did was kiss and let our hands explore one another.

Slowly her hands moved from around me and her lips parted from mine. Her green eyes had seemed more focused and she slowly moved back to her seated position where she began sucking my cock back into her mouth. Masterfully she cleaned all of our combined cum from it as she maintained her tender gaze into my eyes. And then finally, she released it and stood back up.

“Well Steven, I must say, this was the best physical I have ever had the chance to give. I am confident you are in perfect physical shape. But, to be sure, how about we have you come back for a couple more test next week…and who knows stud…maybe this time, you can be the doctor and I will be the patient.” With that she gave my cock one last squeeze, and then turned to retrieve her clothes. This was going to be one appointment I would not forget.

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