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So, remember "Werewolf Sex?" Well, it got a make over. Enjoy. I'll finish it at some point. Still working on other more important stories. Since this will never go for publishing, if you do decide to repost it, which I strongly request you DO NOT, please at least post a link to me and do not claim it as your own. Have some dignity and respect, please. Thank you.

Wulfee knew she was in enemy territory. She'd seen the flags, the dead bodies and twisted machine suits. Mobile Armor Suits they were called. She was inside her own. And she was in danger.

Her M.A.S. wasn't much bigger than her in her natural form, a form that seemed stuck partway between transformations, though whether she was a human becoming a wolf or a wolf becoming human, that couldn’t be told. She had a long, luxuriously furry tail which was cramped behind her. Her large ears twitched atop her head, which was much larger than any regular wolf, housing the enlarged, intelligent mind of a sentient being. Her long muzzle was filled with sharp canid teeth, though should one check closely, the molars were confusingly human.

Licking her parched, black, lupine nose, her green eyes flicked back and forth between the floating, projected monitors that glowed before her, showing her several different scans of her surrounding area.

Almost her entire body was covered in thick, soft fur. And that fur itched. It itched and she couldn’t scratch it. It was in tangles, mats even, and she swore she could feel the fleas running over her skin.

The suit was hot. It was cramped. Despite the padding and the way it was specially designed to be as comfortable as possible, it was becoming very unpleasant.

She’d been in the thing for almost two weeks, ever since her unit and she discovered the enemy camp. They had been sent behind the battle lines to regain several prisoners from the enemy, several high ranking prisoners. But they had been discovered and they had scattered in hopes that one of them would find their way back to friendly land and be able to tell Command what they had seen.

A shudder ran through Wulfee. What they had seen had been terrible. What the enemy did to their prisoners….

Wulfee was glad she had not been the one to put those prisoners out of their misery. That had been the responsibility of her superior, and he had done it with a sniper rifle and much remorse.

All the scans read negative for any strange heat sources, movement, or radio signals.

Clenching her teeth, Wulfee reached up with her hand- which, like the rest of her, seemed to be stuck between transformation with its thick black pads and claws- and pulled the latch that held the front of her M.A.S. airtight. The gears hissed as they opened, the whole machine crouching low as it powered down to allow Wulfee to clamber out.

Dropping to the cool, leafy ground, she took a deep breath of the fresh night air before attacking her skin. After she'd scratched enough, she stretched her aching limbs. Two long weeks cramped in that suit, barely eating, drinking, or sleeping certainly took its toll.

If it weren’t for him, then she wouldn’t be so worried. But that black devil was still on her long heels, nipping at her large paws at every turn.

Looking up at the moons, she felt much better. Her rations were almost finished, but the moons' light gave her hope. All those infected with the same virus as she found solace in the light of moons.

Turning, Wulfee looked over her suit. In her first battle with that black brute, she had lost her communications and navigation array. Now she was left with only a short distance emergency radio which she was terrified of using in case the enemy was nearer than her allies. The black dog had used her radio’s signal many-a-times to call to her, insulting her with his slow, deep, growling drawl. Otherwise, her machine was mostly undamaged. Certainly it was filthy. It needed a bath, just as she did. It could use new lubricants. Not to mention ammunition. She was almost out.

The sounds of the night perked her ears, making them twitch. Her nose wiggled with the smell of fresh water, and she followed it to get a drink of cold fresh water, not her nasty, warm, several-days-in-a-canteen water.

She bent over onto all fours and lapped up the water. Her padded hands felt the coolness of the stones under them and they scooped up a few of the pebbles, bringing it to her long nose.

Like a trigger had been pulled, the fur along her neck and spine stood on end and a growl sounded from her throat. He had been here, and not too long ago.

She turned; ready to run back to her suit. She felt the cold metal of a gun rest between her eyes. Gulping, she looked up as the pure black-furred male seemed to melt out of the trees. How he had snuck up on her, she didn't know, but she was at a disadvantage. She had been foolish enough to have left her gun back in her suit. Not that it mattered. Her hand gun was out of ammunition anyways.

"I must say, your suit just sitting in the middle of the woods nearly gave me a heart attack. But now that I've finally got you, I can return to base and get a bath myself." His deep growling voice was a bit too strained.

Without hesitating, knowing she took a great risk, she reached up and grabbed his wrist, digging in her claws. He snarled and pulled the trigger. She had been terribly wrong, but she had moved just in time. The bullet ricocheted off the stones and vanished into the trees. She had thought he was bluffing because he had been out here chasing her as long as she'd been out here trying to get home.

"Bitch!" he roared as she drew him down and opened her mouth to tear out his throat.

His gun was empty now but it wasn't useless. He shoved it in her mouth, her jaws crushing it like it was a tin can. He managed to wrench free and back handed her. Wulfee slid along the ground, the rocks scrapping off her fur and skin. The smell of her own blood scared her, and she turned in time to grapple with Anubis, the male who'd been dogging her all this time. Their hands locked and he bent forward, almost touching noses. A grin split his lupine muzzle, his pearly teeth flashing in the moonlight.

"Too bad for you, my dear. Once we get back to base, you'll be forced back into your human form and all the terrible things they'll do to you. You know females are never killed, even after they give all the information they have. They're kept... as sex slaves!" He spoke in that slow, cruel drawl of his, adding a wicked snicker.

In a fit of fear and anger, Wulfee put her clawed feet under his stomach and launched him across the brook. He landed in the water with a great splash.

Scrambling to her feet, she spat, "there's your bath!" before turning and running for her suit. The pounding of her heart deafened her to everything. She knew only that she needed to get out of here. What he had said was true; she knew that because she had seen it.

She finally found her suit, his crouched next to hers. She started to scramble into it when a hard, clawed hand grabbed her by the plume of longer fur along the back of her head and neck and pulled her back against a hard body.

"Where do you think you're going?"

She snarled and tried to claw at him, but he grabbed one of her wrists and twisted it brutally behind her back, slamming her against the arm of his M.A.S.. She stopped immediately and whimpered quietly. She heard him chuckle and felt his hot breath against her ear, a sharp undertone of sexual tension in his dark intonation.

"My dear, did you really think I wouldn't be smart enough to disable your suit while I had the chance?"

Wulfee's eyes flicked over her suit, now noticing the cut wires. She whimpered, knowing without her suit there was no way in hell she could fight him. Male werewolves were always stronger than the females. It was just the way it was. But females were often smarter, and she knew just what she had to do to give herself more time to escape. She looked up at his suit, far different from hers, but it still had its antenna.

Twisting, ignoring the pain, she managed to break his grip. He snarled and lunged for her, but she had managed to scrabble up his suit and grab hold of the antenna. With great effort, she tore it from its place, tossing it into the bushes. Anubis roared and leapt at her, his claws tearing at the paint on his suit. He swung at her, catching her under the eye, causing her to fall off the machine and land on her back, winded by the impact.

"Now you just pissed me off, bitch!" Anubis snarled as he jumped down after her.

Despite how much bigger and heavier than her he was, the brute was surprisingly light on his paws.

Baring her teeth, Wulfee scrambled to her paws, staying hunched over to complete her transformation into full lupine form. The change to an animal took far less time than changing to human, so she finished it while on the run. She could hear Anubis also changing as he gave chase, growling behind her.

Panting heavily, Wulfee found herself at the head of a ravine. She knew she had to stop and fight him. He had much more stamina than she did for he wasn’t as starved as she was. She would prefer that he killed her.

Turning, she transformed back into her natural form, pressing herself against the wall of the ravine. She would wait for him to run by then attack. In his surprise, either she would kill him or he would kill her.

Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest that she didn’t notice the shadow above her until it was too late. Anubis’ strong hand closed around her throat, slamming her forcefully against the clay wall of the old riverbed.

"You are the worst bitch I've ever been sent out to round up!” he snarled, his teeth bared.

"At least you know what it was like for me. Now try to find your way home!" She snarled back.

He gave her one of his wry, fiendish grins, very much like the first one he had given her when he had first met her face to face and told her he was going to spend a few days enjoying her before turning her over for interrogation. As it had then, a shudder ran through her body in fear, as well as a tiny bit of subconscious lust.

"Oh I'll find my way, alright; it just might take a little longer. And don't think that's a blessing, bitch, because you will find no solace with me!"

He reached into a pouch attached to his belt, the only clothing either of them wore since their fur covered everything. He then held that hand up before Wulfee’s face. Her eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat at the glittering of a small crystal marble. Anubis grinned wickedly at her reaction.

"That's right, bitch, I can turn you back into your human form so you'd better behave. After chasing you around the wilds for two weeks, you've made me hot for you. If you want to avoid serious damage until we get back to base, then you better do as you're told."

A shudder ran through her. Her knees clenched together tightly, knowing exactly what he meant.

“Please, Anubis, just kill me,” she pleaded softly, her hands still gripping the arm of the hand that was around her throat. “Don’t take me back. Don’t let them do those terrible things to me.”

His hard body drew so close to her that she could feel the warmth of him through her fur. He was easily a head and a half taller than she, but she felt even smaller under that confident, dominating gaze of his. His piercing yellow eyes narrowed dangerously, his nose almost touching hers. Then his muzzle split into a grin.

“Now why would I kill you after all this time?” he drawled wickedly. “I intend to get you back after they’ve broken you. I told you you would be my slave, one way or another.”

Then he pulled her slightly away from the hard wall of clay, still holding her gaze. For just a moment, she saw his expression soften slightly, his voice a low rumble. “You should have kept running.”

When Wulfee opened her eyes, it was still dark. Her head was aching. Peering around drowsily, she noticed she was lying beside Anubis’ M.A.S. and there was a small campfire going.

Her stomach rumbled and her mouth felt terribly dry. It took her a moment to realize why. She had slept through an entire day and it was now early evening.

“You awake, mutt?”

She looked over her shoulder, her heart pounding at the sound of his voice. He was crouched behind her, perching on a large root. He looked like some evil gargoyle, the fire light dancing off his black fur, setting his reflective eyes aglow.

He bared his teeth at her in a wry grin. Truly his teeth were perfect, white and straight and deadly, obviously well cared for. His family was very well off. She could tell that by the single braid of hair that had his family beads on it.

As all soldiers, the plume of hair that normally grew through the fur along the back of the head and neck was clipped to the length of the fur itself. All but a small braid through which was threaded the beads of their social stature were they allowed while in service to the military. Based on how many and how expensive the beads told all others of the monoshifters how far up an individual was in social structure.

The expensive gems braided into his hair told her that if he wasn’t a soldier then he would be a politician or at least on the same level as one.

In comparison, Wulfee’s braid had but a few beads, made of bone and a few stones. She had joined the military to fight for her country, but also to help her family. Soldiers were paid very well, and with her father being so sick and unable to work, they needed the money.

Sighing, Wulfee turned away from him, laying her cheek against the ground. She didn’t want to deal with him right now. She wanted to close her eyes and dream of home. It was all she had left.

She heard him move, felt him glide up behind her as he took a noisy sniff of her. She then felt his hand on her side.

To show her displeasure, she growled through the muzzle he had placed on her. Her hands were bound behind her back so she couldn’t fight him off.

She felt his hot, moist tongue against her large ear. She flicked it forcefully, doing her best to seem indifferent to his attention, though her heart thumped almost painfully in her chest from fear. He obviously could smell her anxiety.

“Do you have a mate, my dear, Wulfee?” he asked.

She shook her head slightly.

Anubis clicked his tongue in disappointment. “Too bad. I would have loved to send him a message, telling him how much fun his mate is chained to my bed.” Before she could react, he gasped mockingly. “Does that mean you’ve never been enjoyed?” Again, before she could respond, he chuckled darkly, causing her hackles to rise. “I think I’ll find out for myself,” he growled silkily into her ear.

She felt her body tremble. She wanted him to go away. She wanted him to leave her alone. If she would have to endure torture, she wanted the last few days to be at least bearable.

His big tongue licked the edge of her ear again. She could feel his warm body against her own, feel every muscle of him. Even if she wasn’t bound she couldn’t fight him off. He was built powerfully, even more so than most other male wolves.

If Wulfee had ever seen Anubis in her own little town back home, she would have given just about anything to gain his attention. He was one of the most handsome wolves she had ever met, he was well off, and well bred. At home, such a man would have hardly given her a glance because she was stubborn and independent.

At this moment, however, she would have given anything at all for him to leave her alone.

She felt his thick fingers probing at the only spot on her body that wasn’t furry. His claws were retracted so that his finger slid easily into her hot passage.

Wulfee inhaled sharply, feeling her ears burn with humiliation and anger. He was violating her, his finger wiggling around inside her. She tried to squeeze her knees together tightly to stop him, but he used his superior strength to force her legs apart, placing his knee between hers, his thick finger going deeper into the moist heat of her passage. His finger pounded her hole. Despite herself, she could feel a warmth spread through her belly. She let out a low whine, her breathing harsh.

He snickered cruelly in her ear. “So it’s true what I’ve heard. ‘Mutts’ is a synonym of ‘sluts’,” he teased her wickedly.

The term he used was derogative, meant for those who didn’t have much money. It was a stereotype that “mutts” were often promiscuous. Wulfee had only been with one male, the man that her father wanted her to marry, and the only reason for that union was that she had been in heat and neither had been able to help their instincts.

Still, Wulfee did her best not to react to him, but her body ignored her mind, getting wetter and hotter. While her brain had enough thought to know what this was, her animal instincts knew only that he was a desirable male and reacted accordingly.

Snickering, Anubis rolled her over onto her back, grinning down at her. “I’m going to have my way with you, Wulfee. I’m going to fuck you how I want to. You can either enjoy it or resist it. Either way, it won’t change the fact that you’re screwed.”

He could hear her breathing quicken. His sensitive nose quivered with the scent of her hidden arousal. It caused him to chuckle cruelly.

“So, you like the humiliation, do you, slut?” he teased, his big, hot tongue licking her breast, stimulating her nipple so that it rose out of the fur.

When she didn’t respond to him, he slipped his finger around her tail which was tucked tightly between her legs and against her belly, and up into her passage again.

“I wonder how many men you’ve allowed between these wonderful thighs?” he mused to himself, giving the inside of her thigh a long, slow lick. “Wouldn’t surprise me if it were a dozen or more!”

Enraged by his words, Wulfee moved with all the suddenness of a striking serpent. Her paw connected squarely with his shoulder, throwing him back. She wiggled and squirmed, trying to get her paws under her so she could run, but his strong hand grabbed her by the ankle. In desperation, she used her other leg to strike at him again and again until his grip loosened and she could no longer feel his face under her paw.

Opening her eyes, she peered down her body to see that one of her frenzied kicks had struck Anubis hard enough to knock him back and onto a convenient rock. He lay unconscious on the ground.

Blinking a few times in surprise, Wulfee didn’t waste more than a few precious seconds to wiggle to her feet and take off into the woods.

She couldn’t transform because of how Anubis had tied her arms. If she tried to change to fully wolf, she’d break her forearms. So she had to be careful with her balance, dodging low branches and high roots.

She knew she never should have enlisted when the war started. She should have accepted the pension given to the females during war so they could survive while their males went out and died. But she hadn’t. She should have accepted the hand of that handsome red furred wolf that her father had wanted her to marry. He was a genius of computers and machines. He worked on the M.A.S. and prevented the enemy from taking down their mainframe with viruses. She could have lived perfectly well. The army would never have sent him out to fight because he was so valuable. But she hadn’t.

She had felt the need to fight. It was her and a few other special females. They were given suppressants to keep them from coming into heat during the time they were fighting. They were trained for spy work as they were flexible and small and could get information easily, just by being female. But she had wanted more, and now she was stuck in this situation.

Unable to open her mouth to pant, Wulfee had to slow down, trying to breathe. Her vision was blurry, filled with quick little lights from her lack of air.

A deep growl made her jump. Her heart raced even harder when a large shadow reared up near her, large teeth and massive claws shining in the moonlight.

It was a gregnin, a bear-like beast with short sight and shorter temper. It’s dark, wiry fur bristled as it stood onto its rear legs, letting out a fearsome roar. The claws were so long that the creature walked on its thickened knuckles.

Panicked, Wulfee turned and tried to flee back the way she had come. The beast, however, took a swipe at her, knocking her off her paws. She hit the ground hard, dazed and breathless.

The gregnin snarled, falling back to all fours and stalked toward her, drooling with anticipation of a meal. Wulfee felt cold, staring up into certain death.

Another snarl caused the gregnin to stop, its long, hairless tail flicking about in rage. All it could see was a dark mass of black fur and glowing yellow eyes. The wolf leapt from the darkness of the forest, standing over Wulfee for a just a heart beat before taking a running lunge at the gregnin.

Letting out a roar, the beast turned sharply, trying to catch the much faster and agile creature. It backed deeper into the forest, trying to escape the sharp teeth and unbridled fury of Anubis.

There was a brief yelp and the forest went eerily silent.

Wulfee breathed hard, wiggling to her paws, ready to run again, when she was slammed up against a tree trunk. Anubis’ eyes glowed with anger. The scent of blood was very strong, making Wulfee both hungry and disgusted.

“Your life belongs to me, now!” he snarled in her face. “Stupid little bitch. Of all the times you could think of to escape, it had to be while bond and muzzled. Were you looking for death?” He let out a deep, terrifying growl that had Wulfee cringing. “If I had my way, I would leave you out here to die.”

He snorted, wrenching her away from the tree, then spun her around and marched her back to the camp.

“If you ever try anything like that again, mutt, I will leave you to die, and then I’ll just tell my superiors I found you like that,” he continued. “Now I really need a bath.”

When they got back to camp, Wulfee could see by the camp fire that Anubis was covered in blood. He was nearly dripping with it.

“I can’t trust you to stay here on your own,” he said, glaring at her. “So I think you are going to have to join me. I know I saw a stream not far from here. C'mon, mutt. Keep walking.”

He pushed her forward so that she stumbled ahead, leading her to a calm, shallow river. She felt his big, strong hand on her shoulder, forcing her to sit on a rock that created a small pool. Her aching paws were in the water when she squirmed into a more comfortable position as Anubis waded into the water.

He ruffled his fur, making sure to get as much of the blood off as he could. When he stood up again, his fur clung to his form, making Wulfee's ears burn. He was even more muscular than she had thought. Despite herself, she squirmed in barely suppressed arousal.

Her movement was enough to draw his attention to her. He bared his fearsome teeth at her in a cruel grin, his reflective gaze captivating her. His nose wiggled, his grin getting bigger. He moved toward her, crouched in the water so that he looked like a crocodile moving in for the kill.

Wulfee whimpered, trying to squirm away, but he raised out of the water, forcing his body between her legs before wrapping his powerful arms around her hip, not allowing her to draw away. Instead, he pulled her closer so that her rump was right on the edge of the rock.

“Now, now, dear. No need to play coy,” he snickered. His voice was low and gruff, his desire obvious.

She whimpered when she felt his tongue run the length of her furless slit. Then his strong tongue pierced into her passage, his cold nose against her clit. Wulfee couldn't help the whimpers that came out of her, her whole body feeling hot.

It was then that she realized what was happening to her. She was in the beginning of her monthly heat. Ancient instincts prevented her from fighting Anubis off. Her nostrils were filled with his strong, healthy male musk, mixing with her suppressed desire for him, she couldn't stop herself from getting moist. She was breathing raggedly, filling her sensitive nose with more of his scent.

Anubis licked within her eagerly, lapping at the moisture that welled up within her. She knew with his nose against her slit that he was being affected by her change.

In a civilized situation, she would hide away while she was in this state, as all monoshifter females did. Even if she did come out for any reason, the men knew well enough to resist their instincts, to cover their noses and avoid her. But here they were in the wild, and Anubis had intended to do this to her anyways. This just gave him even more incentive.

Finally, his eagerness was too much to bare, and he withdrew his tongue, standing up so that his hip was equal to hers. His muscular arms wrapped around her, preventing her from escaping him. She could feel the intense heat of his gender against hers. It had slipped from his sheath, engorged and throbbing against her now.

Breathing hard, Wulfee looked up at Anubis with terrified and lustful eyes. She shook her head at him, silently begging him to stop. His response was a deep, sadistic laugh. He stroked her plume of hair, grinning.

“Poor little mutt. Your suppressants just had to wear off now of all times.”

Then he leaned forward, lining the head of his rod with her opening, sliding in in a single, slow push as he growled in her ear, feeling her whole body shudder as she moaned.

“I'm going to fuck you, Wulfee, and you'll be carrying my pups by the end of it. Fuck, you're so tight.”

Wulfee's heart pounded in her chest almost as hard as Anubis pounded her slick passage. She couldn't help but moan and whimper. He held her tightly, not allowing her to pull away. He was lost in the sensation of the heat within her body, his nostrils filled with her intoxicating scent.

He growled deep in his chest when he felt the walls of her tight passage undulate around his gender, pulling him deeper into her. Her whimpers and moans were ragged and desperate, her hips thrusting back at him. Her climax was intense, her whole body trembling in his arms.

Anubis slowed, panting heavily, though he grinned at her. He snickered breathily.

"Does it feel good, bitch? My cock so deep in you? Huh?” He growled into her ear, his voice low and harsh. He sped up, pounding her mercilessly as he kept talking. “You like it, don't you? And all this time you made me believe you didn't want me. For two weeks you had your chance to seduce me. You were just waiting for the right moment, waiting to come into heat so it would be that much better for you. You must be quite the temptress at home, huh, bitch? You must have had a long line of males waiting for their chance to take you to bed. I can bet you were never lonely or cold at night. It must have been torture to have had no one for two long, lonesome weeks."

Wulfee's ears burned with humiliation. She shook her head, wanting to tell him he was a cruel jerk for doing this to her, that she had only been bedded once before. But she wouldn't have been able to say it even if her muzzle wasn't bound.

She moaned loudly as she felt another climax well up under her navel, the head of Anubis' cock stoking the fire inside of her body. As the exquisite rapture erupted through her whole body, she heard Anubis' deep rumble against her ear again.

“It turns you on so much, doesn't it, mutt? That you're being fucked by your enemy? That you're going to be impregnated by me? I'm going to make you my slave, mutt. I'm going to fuck you whenever I want, and you're going to have my pups.”

His voice was strained, his own release getting near.

Wulfee moaned again, feeling his strong jaw close on the curve of her shoulder, his fangs sinking through her thick fur, grazing her flesh. His whole body shuddered against her, his cock throbbing deep inside her. She could feel the pulsing heat of his seed and despite herself, her body reacted, the walls of her passage undulating again to draw him deeper still.

It took a minute before Anubis finally released Wulfee, slowly withdrawing from her. His rod hurriedly retreated from the cold air back into his furry sheath. His fur was mostly dry by now.

He stepped out of the water, roughly dragging Wulfee to her paws. She stumbled, her legs weak. She whimpered, ashamed that she had enjoyed his violation, ashamed at having been so used, and yet her slit still quivered, aching for more of him.

He hauled her back to camp, his voice gruff.

“Sit, mutt.”

Wulfee sniffled, obeying him. She sat on the ground, her tail tucked between her legs. She shifted uncomfortably, feeling his thick fluids leaking out of her, sticking to her fur.

He went to his M.A.S. And withdrew a new length of rope, snorting as he tied one end around a tree. He then slipped the other end around her throat, giving it a threatening tug so that it choked her for a second.

“You try escaping again, mutt, and I will make sure you do not enjoy the next time I fuck you.”

With that, he turned away, tossing a few more large sticks on the fire before melting into the darkness of the forest.

Wulfee sighed, her ears still burning at all the hurtful things he had said to her. She prayed desperately that this was not a fertile heat. Despite how humiliated she felt from his insults, she found it aroused her. She had no idea why it would.

Above her, the sky was glowing a deep, satin blue, the trees like black paper cutouts against the soft velvet luminosity of dawn. Wulfee was exhausted, her eyes barely able to stay open. She wiggled her way to the tree that she was tied to, planting her back against it.

She didn't notice Anubis' return, didn't know he brought meat from the dead gregnin with him. He glanced at her sleeping form, getting around to cooking the flesh. When he had it sizzling next to the fire, he strode over to Wulfee, looking down at her. Her tail had relaxed in her slumber, laying over her lap now.

His nose twitched with the scent of her heat, still overwhelming. It just had to be his luck that she would go into heat while they were out here in the wilds.

Sighing, he stood up, walking away from her. He would let her sleep a little. He could certainly use some himself. He had hardly slept while he had been tracking her down. The whole time he had pursued her, he had intended for this to happen, had wanted to take her and use her and humiliate her. But the last thing he wanted to do was return her to his superiors. He didn't like the way they tortured their prisoners. She was just a Corporal, and they had already captured a few of those. They had no important information. His superiors would break her, and they would get nothing out of her.

Sighing, he made sure the meat wouldn't burn while he took a nap. When he woke, he would enjoy his prey some more before continuing the journey back. That thought made him smile as he closed his eyes.


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To the anonymous reader who wanted knotting furries, yes, I have written about furries having more animal traits. The thing is, I have not yet described how there are some more human and others more animal. It depends on which host the Were Virus infected first, an animal or a human. Anubis just happens to have more human.

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