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Are you sure you're a man?
I was taking out the trash when all of a sudden he grabbed me from behind. He held my hands behind my back and started questioning me. From what I could feel, he felt about 6 foot 9, and was very buff. He also sounded intelligent. I briefly wondered how he got in so bad he had to rob an innocent teenager.

I'm going to take a brief second to describe myself. I'm 18 years old going in to my freshman year. I've been told I'm tall at 6 foot 6. Red hair. 6 inch dick. Im not really strong, more soft. The strange part about me is my body shape. I weigh 275 pounds but am by no means fat. I have a flat stomach and thin face. All of the extra weight is in my butt and thighs. And from now on I will refer to my butt as a booty, because that's what it is, a big, phat, round booty. I know I'm being a bit forward, but that is for the sake of the reader, this being a short story. The bottom half of my body, aside from my penis, looks like a woman. My booty looks exactly like Kelly Divine's. I've searched far and wide (on the Internet) for a man with a round booty... To no avail. And that is why, with my poor writing skills, I felt it necessary to write this story. To let it be known.

I am a P.A.W.B. - phat ass white boy. The reason I am able to describe my derrière so vividly and compare it to a female pornstar's, is because I am bisexual. And, while this story is a fantasy, my deion is 100 percent true. Don't believe me, or just wanna see and/or talk, trade pics kik me: PAWB

Now that I finished my very long, but necessary deion, I can get on with my story.

"Don't move bitch" he said "I need to get in your house and take everything you have".

Now, I had just been fucking my ass inside with a big screwdriver and was told to take the trash out. So I slipped my thin athletic shorts on over my big, plugged butt.

"What do you want from me", I cried.

"Shut up bitch" he whispered in my ear.
He continued asking me questions about how to get in my house, and, what would be a safe exit, when I began to feel a stiff rod poking against my ass crack. It was so big. He was feeling around and found the end of the screwdriver.

" what do we have here?" He whispered in my ear "are you a faggot?"

"No. I'm bisexual"

"Well, whatever you are, I'm not here for you" he said as he started feeling around and found something that made him change his statement. "WHAT THE FUCK!" He loudly whispered in my ear. "Is that your ass?" He was now groping my cheeks roughly. "No way you are a guy, that's a girl's booty" he said as he reached around and touched my stiffening dick.

He said, "I've changed my mind, you can keep your stuff, I'm gonna take you!"

"No, you can have anything you want", I weeped.

"Well, I want you! Like you, I'm bisexual. And I've never seen a man with an ass like yours. And you can cry all you want, but I know you want me to play with that ass of yours. So you can either willingly hop in my car, or I can throw you in it."

He was right. His touch had me verging on my full 6 inches. I could only imagine what was pressing against my ass crack.

I acted scared and unexcited, "As long as you don't hurt anyone in my family"

"As long as they don't have an ass like yours, I couldn't be any more uninterested."

And with that, I walked over to his truck and hopped in.

The ride to his place was fairly quiet. I finally got a good look at him, and he was even bigger than I thought. About 6 foot 10, 300 pounds of pure muscle. And while he was soft, I could tell he was packing. He was tan with brown hair. Good looking, squared face.

The talking we did do was just about general things. The conversations we had seemed like I wasn't being kidnapped. Probably because, I had no intention of getting away, and he knew it.

Once we arrived at his apartment, I followed him in and took a seat on his couch. He said he would be right back as he walked into his room.

I examined his apartment and was a bit surprised to find the place quite neat. He had a big 70 inch flat screen. "Probably stolen" I thought to myself. He had all the gaming systems and a kick ass computer. I also saw this strange long table with a hole for your head and a place for each of your feet.

I turned around and I think my jaw dropped to the floor at the sight of my kidnapper completely naked. Saying he was buff was an understatement. He was the greatest physical specimen I had ever laid my eyes on. 6 foot 10, 300 pounds was a pretty good guess. Probably about 35. He had the hardest, most chiseled frame I had ever laid my eyes on. Rock hard six pack, muscular legs. I was even more speechless when I finally got to see that dick. It was completely soft and hung down 6 inches.

I was in a trance. All I could think about was getting that cock down my throat, and up my ass. He broke me out of it by slapping me in the face with a lime green woman's thong.

"Put it on bitch" he said in a raunchy, horny voice.

I didn't even stop to argue. I grabbed them slowly turning around and getting a hard, jiggly slap on the butt as I walked into his bathroom.

I dropped my clothes and took a deep breath, wondering if I could go through with this. "He is twice your age" I said to myself. Every bit of fear I had was flooded by my excitement.

I dropped my clothes and finally removed the 7 inch long, 1 1/2 inch thick screwdriver from my ass. It is huge. But nowhere near what my kidnapper's is going to be when hard.

The panties are unbelievably sexy. I slipped the thong on actually enjoying the feeling of the garment. And enjoying the fact that my kidnapper is going to enjoy how I look in them.

I take a look in the mirror and think of how phat my big buns look. For the first time I really understand what a blessing my magnificent cheeks are. And can't wait to have that big cock sliding in and out of them.

I end up taking ten minutes to put on that one lime green thong.

I slowly exit the bathroom to find my kidnapper still naked stroking his still soft cock. He sees me and nearly takes out the floor with HIS jaw. "Spin baby" he lustfully commands.

I give him a few twirls, stopping with my thonged booty facing him. He slowly walks up and cups his hands under my phat cheeks. "Finally I get my hands on the most perfect ass I've ever laid eyes on."

"I'm glad you like them. NOW GIVE ME THAT FUCKING COCK!!"

"All in due time my lover. Why don't you go lay that big ass down on my massage table. It has a 600lb weight limit. Enough for both of us."

So that's what it is.

I lay flat on my stomach on this custom massage table. Custom because of the convenient cock hole in the center of the table. Great because mine is as hard as it's ever been. I stick my head down in the hole and relax.

I realize while I'm laying there that since I'm laying flat my ass protrudes out like two gelatin basketballs. The lime green thong just compliments it, making my phat ass look even more feminine.

My kidnapper comes over and starts worshipping my ass. Giving me kisses all over my ass, smacking it, and bouncing it up and down.

He walks over to a cabinet and grabs a big bottle of baby oil.

He spreads half of the bottle out on my ass and rubs it in. Making my big booty look shiny as all jiggling fuck.

He continues to massage my buns like this for about 10 minutes. I'm in heaven. This was the best I had ever felt... until a little while later.

Eventually he walked around to the front of the table and roughly pulled my head up by my hair, commanding I, "SUCK THIS DICK!!".


My kidnapper stuck his still limp 6 inch cock on my tongue while I still lay flat. I slurp on it getting a great taste. It grows to its full 8 1/2 inches within in a minute of tasty sucking. I slurp on dick for about another five minutes before he tells me he wants to return the favor.

My kidnapper walks around the table and slaps my wet butt. It jiggles like jello. He tells me to remove myself from the table while he lays down. I then get on top of him making a sixty nine position. I stick his dick in my mouth and continue where I left off. He pulls my dick and balls out of his way along with my thong so he can eat my asshole. It was a surprise, but one of the best ones I've ever felt.

I'm in heaven in this position and we lay like this for about 10 minutes just going at it.

He orders me to take his cock out of my throat and get up.

He is laying on his back on the massage table with his long, thick cock sticking out waiting for my hole.

I pull off my panties.

I get on top of the table and lower my wet, oily booty down onto his perfect 9 inch cock, getting into the cowgirl position. My continue to fuck passionately for a good 15 minutes.

He tells me he is close to coming but that this isn't the position he wants to finish me off in.

I get off of him and am followed by him getting off of the table as well.

"Get back in that first position I had you in" he says.

"The one where I lay on my stomach? Because I don't know if I can take any more teasing and rubbing on my big wet butt. All I want is that cock in me."

"Yes that position, but I don't plan on teasing you"

I then lay on my stomach on the table as my kidnapper pours the rest of the baby oil on my body. He rubs it in and then hops on top of me. His cock is in my ass crack rubbing up and down teasing me... but it feels so good. We continue to dry hump like this for a good minute in our oily mess before he finally shoves his cock in between my protruding gelatin basketballs, into my tight, awaiting anus.

He cums almost immediately. It feels AMAZING flooding my asshole.

He hops off of me quickly and gives the remainder to my tongue. I swallow every bit of it.

"I didn't forget about you" he says as he wanks my cock to explosion through the hole in the table.

He catches all of my cum in a cup and I drink all of it as well.

He jumps back on top of me and rests his limp dick in between my huge cheeks as we fall into a deep sleep and don't awake for hours.

When we awake we fuck three more times.

He never did return me to my home. But that was by my request. We moved to Europe and became the two happiest, horniest, sexual top and bottom in the world

I'm quite certain most people hated this story due to its odd nature, but those who did like it, and didn't quit in the middle deserve to know that I wrote this whole story laying flat on my stomach, ass out, plugged with that big screwdriver.

P.S. Kik Me

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2014-12-25 17:26:37
I'm not gay what so ever but this had my cock
So fucking hard

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2013-08-25 01:01:23
A bit strange but I liked it!

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