Hi I’m Amy, I’m 16 years old and live with my dad, I’m 5'3" blonde hair green eyes and a nice set of c size breasts. He and my mom divorced when I was 5. My mom was addicted to crack and heroin so my dad got custody. But since 4 mounts ago dad started drinking heavily. And then it happened, it was about 9 at night I was in my room doing homework and listening to Metallica's Fade To Black all the sudden I hear a pounding at my front door and a voice saying " San Diego Police open the door." I walk to the door and open it.

"Can I help you officer?" I asked

"Yes are you the daughter of Eric Finnly?" He asked

"Yes, is there a problem?" I ask looking very worried.

"I’m afraid so miss..." he took a deep breath in..." Your father has been killed in a drunk driving accident he caused... I’m sorry."

And just like that I felt like a knife stabbed me in the back and ripped its way up my spinal cord and my knees gave and I fell to the floor. The officer picked me up and put me on the couch where I squeezed him in a tight embrace and cried on his shoulder. After he left I cried myself to sleep. The next morning all I did was cry. Cry because he’s gone, cry because I didn’t say goodbye, and cry just to cry. A day later I got a message from my mom on Facebook she said she just got out of rehab and heard what happened. She invited me to stay with her and I didn’t have other options so I packed up all my stuff and moved in with mom in Arizona.

When I got there I was still in shock and depressed and the nice cool San Diego breeze was replaced with nothing but heat and humidity. When I first saw my mom I was surprised she looked totally different then when I saw her 2 years ago at Christmas. Last time I saw her she had black hair now it was a dirty blonde a pair of b cup now up to a DD. When she saw me she ran up and gave me a hug I immediately started to cry into her shoulder. When we got to her house we talked about dad and I let everything go.

2 months went by and I was basically back to normal making new friends at school. Then it happened I saw this girl who was hotter than any other girl I’ve seen. I wasn’t really into girls but always had been curious. She was 5'2" long red hair blue eyes and small d cup sized breasts and her name was Sara. So I went up to her and introduced myself, and we became fast friends. 2 weeks later we were in my room on YouTube watching Metallica's One video, after it was over Sara said. "Huh good song, but creepy video."

"Yeah it is kinda weird." I reply.

"Can I ask you something kinda personal?" Sara asked.

"Sure, what’s up?" I asked

"Have you ever been with anyone?" She asked

"Once with a good friend of mine but he moved to Alaska. I said. “How about you?"

"A couple guys and a girl once." She said.

"Really?" I said shocked.

"How was it?" I asked curiously.

"It was better than with a guy." She said. “A girl knows just the right spots to hit.”

"Wow, seems interesting." I said.

"Yeah its fucking awesome.... you wanna try?" She asked

"WHAT?!?!?!?! No, no, I-I-I cant." I stuttered

"Why not?" She asked

"Well I’m not a lesbian." I replied

"Neither am I but girls can still experiment." She said

"I guess your right but I don’t know.” I said unsure.

“What? Are you scared?” She asked

”Oh shut up. Alright let’s try it out." I say nervously.

"Alright then." She said

And just like that she kissed me not hard but soft and as I kissed her back I felt her slip her lounge into my mouth. As our lounges fought we felt each other up, first our backs then ass then up to our tits. As we start undressing I notice Sara’s not wearing a bra and her tits are beautiful. I take my top and shorts off leaving me in bra and panties. Looking at Sara with only panties on really turned me on as we continued to explore eachother. Then we heard a car door shut.

"Shit that’s my mom." I said

We both quickly get dressed and get back on the internet like nothing happened. When my mom came in she knocked on my door and said "I’m home."

"OK hold on a sec I want you to meet a friend."

"Oh ok." she said.

So I open my door and come out with Sara.

"Mom this is Sara. Sara this is my mom Tracy."

"Nice to meet you Sara." mom said

"Nice to meet you too." replied Sara.

"Ok dinner will be ready in 45 minutes ... Sara you can stay if you want."

"Ok thanks Tracy."

"No problem."

So we head back into my room and start our homework. After dinner we all sat down and watched TV.


"Yes dear?"

"Can Sara sleep over?"

"I guess its ok. Is it ok with your parents Sara?"

"Yeah there fine with it."

"All right then."

Around ten mom said she was going to go to sleep we both said good night and watch more TV, after a half hour Sara said "You want to go up to your room and finish what we started earlier?"

"Fuck yeah."

So we headed up to my room and closed the door. As we began to take our clothes off we heard a knock at the door.

"Sweetie don’t forget to take your allergy meds."

"Already did."

"Oh ok night."

As mom leaves we start making out and feeling each other up. I take off my bra and panties and so does Sara. We are both completely naked.

"Sit on the bed and lay back." Sara said.

I do as I’m told. Then Sara got between my legs and gave my pussy a nice long lick. A wave of pleasure ran up my spine and I let out a small moan. As she continued to lick my moans got louder but still trying to keep quiet as mom was in the other room. Sara didn’t stop for 5 mins then I felt her slide 2 fingers into my pussy and I let out a loud moan I was almost sure mom could here. We waited about 30 seconds before we started up again. With Sara licking and finger fucking my pussy it wasn’t long before I was about to cum.

"OH FUCK IM CUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNG!!!" I yelled as I squirted cum all over Sara’s face, she opened her mouth and caught the second squirt and the third hit her tits. She got up and we kissed passionately.

"Now it my turn." I said going in between her legs.

As I get on my knees I look at Sara’s pussy and it’s completely shaved. I’m overwhelmed with a sweet but musky scent. I take a deep breath and slowly lick up her slit. The taste is amazing. As I work on her clit she starts to moan with pleasure. I work two fingers into her wet tight pussy. As I start to finger fuck her we hear a high pitched scream say "OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO DOING?"

We both froze in embarrassment. As I turn around I see mom and I open my mouth but no sound comes out.

Mom took a deep breath and said "Sorry I should have knocked but when you two are done I want to talk." and she closed the door and left.

"Well that was a buzz kill." Sara said.

I remained silent still in shock. We both got dressed and went downstairs.

We sat down on the couch with my mom and she said." Look I understand and I’m not mad about what you two were doing. You’re young and it’s ok to experiment. But from now on if you two decide to do it again just put a sock or something on the doorknob."

After that we just sat down and watched more TV. At about 11 at night we started to feel tired and went back up to my room and fell asleep. When I woke up Sara was already eating my pussy.

"Well this is a nice way to wake up." I said.

As she lapped my cunt I started to moan and came in an instant.

"I think it’s your turn now." Sara said.

"OK." I said.

As I make my way down the bed I go between her legs and start to eat her pussy. I took my time teasing her and kept her from orgasming to quickly. After five minutes I suck her clit into my mouth and she yelled out loud "OH AMY OH OH FUUUUUUCK IM CUUUUUMMMING." and came all over my face. We decide to take a shower together and go at it one more time.

(At this point I’m switching over to the view of Tracy)

When I woke up in the morning I was headed down stairs to make some coffee I passed Amy’s door and saw a sock on the knob. I know I shouldn’t of but I put my ear to the door and heard moans of pleasure. I wasn’t sure if it was Amy or Sara.

Then I heard "oh Amy oh oh fuck I’m cumming." So I knew Amy was the one giving pleasure to Sara.

"You wanna go take a shower together?" I hear Sara ask Amy.

"Sure why not." Amy said.

So I hurry down the stairs to the kitchen. After I had my coffee the girls came downstairs for breakfast. We all sat at the table

"So ... sleep well last night?" I asked.

"Yeah. Had a weird dream about being in Las Vegas and winning 10 million bucks but other than that slept well." Amy said.

"Well winning 10 million would be nice, get us out of this town and heat." I said.

"So any plans for today girls?" I ask.

"We were going to go to the Chandler mall." Amy says.

"Alright if you need money on your card just call me." I say as they ran to the door.

As Sara’s car leaves the driveway I go up to my room and go on my favorite porn website. As I login to I grab my vibrator. I always enjoyed watch porn since I was 14. When my older brother left I always snuck into his room and took his playboy magazines.

As I put on a video of 2 girls with a strap-on I apply my vibe to my clit. I enjoyed lesbian porn more than any other kind. I watch the video and closed my eyes listening to the sound. Then a vision of Amy licking Sara’s pussy came into my mind and I came on the spot. I paused the video and thought to myself "what’s wrong with me?"

I tried to shake the thought from my head, but it was no use. I went down stairs to watch TV but still couldn’t get the thought out of my head so I decided to let my thoughts go where they go... and god did they go. I ended up masturbating to the thought of my little girl eating my pussy.

I started to moan to myself "Oh yeah baby, oh Amy lick me, lick your mommy’s cunt." and with a big pull on my clit I squirted all over the couch. I went to the bathroom and got a towel to cover it up.

I sat back down and fell asleep on the couch. When i woke up Amy was sitting in the chair watching a documentary of some band called Megadeth.

"Jeez... you’re really into that metal stuff huh?" I ask.

"Yeah I really like the heavy guitar and crazy solos." She said.

"So how was the mall?" I ask.

"OK" she replied sounding a little disappointed.

"Something wrong?" I asked

"Me and Sara got into a fight." she said.

"About what?" i ask a little concerned. "Well Sara and I were in the dress shop and she wanted to try on dresses and ask me how she looked. She came out in one dress and I jokingly said "that make you look like a slut" and she took it all wrong." And she began to cry.

"Its ok baby, just explain it was a joke and she'll forgive you. She a nice girl and you two "get along" so well." She gave out a little laugh getting my joke.

"Yeah I'll call her in a bit." She said.

"Well I guess I will get dinner started." I said.

"Mom can we go out to dinner?" Amy asked.

"Sure honey, where do you want to go?" I replied.

"I was thinking of trying that one place down the street . . . um what’s it called?" She asked


"Yeah that one." She said

"Alright, I just need to hop in the shower than we will go." I said.

"Ok mom I'll be down here." She said.

"Why don’t you call Sara and say sorry." I said.

"OK I will." She said

(Now I will return to Amy’s view)

With mom in the shower I call Sara but only get her voicemail so I leave a message telling her to call or text me. When mom got out of the shower she came downstairs with a towel around her saying, "I forgot my clothes in the dryer."

She went into the laundry room and opened the dryer and bent down exposing her bare ass and pussy to me. After getting her clothes she goes back up stairs and says, "Be ready in about 20 minutes."

"OK." I reply.

Seeing my mom’s pussy made me a little horny and once I get horny I stay that way until I’m able to cum. So I adjust my position on the chair so I can reach down my panties and rub my clit. I close my eyes and think of my mom in her towel and her bending over. Then my thoughts went further, I imagined her dropping the towel exposing her whole body to me. I imagine sucking on her tits like I did when I was a baby. Then my mind when somewhere I never thought it would, I imagined my mom going down and eating my pussy. I rubbed my clit so hard and I drenched my panties when I came.

"Well I guess you’re not the only one with a twisted fantasy." My mom was standing right behind me with her arms crossed and a twisted smile on her face.

Being caught pink handed (lol) I tried to deny my fantasies.

"What fantasies?" I ask.

"About me." She said.

"I wasn’t thinking about you!" I reply quickly.

"You were moaning "mom" that’s pretty obvious." I start to cry a bit thinking she is completely disgusted with me but she comes down the stairs and puts her arm around me.

"Its ok honey, people have fantasies about things like that all the time, I do too." She said in a reassuring voice.

"Remember when I walked in on you and Sara last night, well I thought of you two going at it then it was you and me going at it. "She said.

"Really?" I asked shocked.

"Yes really. And i also found that if you act on some fantasies it feels better than just fantasizing about it." She said with a cool calm in her voice.

"But this isn’t just some fantasy its incest." I said with worry in my voice.

"No one will find out unless you tell them." She said.

"Well ok I guess we can do it." I said

"Alright then let’s get those wet panties off of you." She said as I stood up and pulled them off.

"Wow honey you’re so wet." She said.

Then she looked up at me and with one lick of her tongue she pushed it right into my pussy.

"OHHHH MOMMY." I said as my knees gave out and I fell back into the chair.

"That’s it sweetie, enjoy it let your feeling go where they will." She said returning to my drenched cunt. As she lapped my pussy over and over she took her thumb and started to rub my clit.

"OH FUCK MOMMY IM CUMMMMING!!" I screamed as I squirted all over her face and into her mouth.

"That’s it baby keep on cumming, mommy likes that." She said.

She kept on rubbing my clit and replacing her tongue with her fingers deep in my pussy.

"Oh fuck me mommy I want more, more, IM CUMMMING AGAIN!!"

My body was out of control and then I felt her short teeth close in on my hyper-sensitive clit, she was grinding it gently back and forth like a slippery apple seed , I could take no more. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her lovely face into my cunt as her fingers pushed into me to the hilt. My cum explosion forced all three of her fingers out of my tight cunt and moms face took the full blast of my creamy girl juice.

"Wow what a dirty little girl you are, cumming all over your mommy’s face." She said with a sexy smirk. "Now you can do me. OK?"

"Alright mommy." I said. As I got out of the chair and she sat down.

My mom was clean shaved with a lightning bolt which I found sexy, as I went down to lick her pussy I could already smell her arousal which drove me crazy because I attacked her with my tongue, licking up and down her slit tasting her every inch. She began to moan as I continued my assault.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck baby girl, mommy’s cunt is going to cum for you!” She yelled as she came all over my face.

I opened my mouth trying to catch every drop of my sweet mommy’s cum. It tasted so good I wanted more, I needed more. I then took her clit into my mouth and sucked it in between my teeth and bit down. This sent my mom into a spasm of pain and pleasure spraying more cum all over my face and down my body.

“Oh sweetie, that was amazing, I never came so hard. She said in orgasmic bliss.

“You taste so good mommy.” I said standing up and then sitting in her lap pulling her into a deep long kiss with our tongues fighting in our mouths.

Then my phone rang.

“It’s Sara” I said.

“Go ahead and answer it sweetie.” She said.

“Ok.” I said. “Hello.”

(Sara) “Hey Amy it’s me, look I’m sorry about the way I acted at the mall I didn’t think to take it as a joke.” She said.

“It’s ok. I forgive you.” I said. You want to come over?”

(Sara) “Sure, I’ll be over in 20 minutes.” She said.

“Ok see you soon bye.” I said hanging up the phone.

“Well?” Mom said.

“She’ll be here in 20 minutes.” I said.

“Well, we will just have to surprise her.” She said

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Look you just go shower up I’ll be back in an hour. Think you can “keep her busy” for that long?” She asked.

“I think so.” I said with a slick smile growing across my face.

(Now I’m switching to Tracy’s view)

I get dressed and grab my car keys. I had a plan all set up in my mind. I go to the sex shop and pick up a couple strap-ons and the when I get back Sara and Amy should be going at it and I sneak in and join the fun.

I arrive at the sex shop and walk in. I’ve been here before but not in a long time. They’re selection had increased 10 fold. I walk around looking for something that would spark interest.

“Would you like some help?” Said the store clerk whose name tag read Ashley.

“Sure. I’m looking for a strap-on for me and my partner.” I said

“Is this your first time buying one?” Ashley asked.

“Yes it is.” I said.

“Ok, well we have a wide selection of toys, from big too small to with or without clit stimulators and anything else you can think of.” She said.

“Well my situation is a little different.” I said

“How different? You can tell me I don’t judge.” She said

“Well my daughter and a friend of hers are having sex and asked me to get them “something to help.”

“Ahh so your helping your daughter, I did the same for mine little girl. How old is she?” She asked

“She’s 16.” I said.

“Ahh so young, so young, but I’m happy you’re excepting of you daughters sexual preferences.” She said. “Well let’s see what we have for you.”

After everything was said and done and paid for I walk to my car and started the engine.

“Wait.” Ashley said as I see her running out the door. “Here is my number maybe our daughters can get together and maybe we join in.” She said putting her hand through the window and rubbing my cunt through my panties.

As I drove home I couldn’t sit still. Just thinking of what Amy and me were gonna do.

(Now I’m switching back to Amy’s view)

“Oh fuck yeah. That’s it eat my pussy Sara. God you’re going to make me cum. Yeah more, more, more I’m cummmmmmmmming.” I yelled as I sprayed Sara with a fountain of cum.

We had been going at it for at least 45 minutes and we were both worn out. I needed to keep going and wait for mom but we were just too tired, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up by being shaken by my mom.

“Sweetie wake up…its time.” She said giving me a wink then walking out of the room.

I rolled over and started eating Sara pussy while she slept.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm oh yeah Amy.” She said in a sleepy fog.

I stuck two fingers inside of her and that woke her up.

“Sara let me sit on your face.” I said climbing up her body.

As Sara started eating me out I let out a loud moan letting my mom know we started back up. I saw my mom open the door and walk in naked wearing a 5 inch strap-on. I gave her a wink to say go ahead. She walked up to Sara and put a dash of lube on the dildo and rubbed it all over the fake dick. She then slid the dildo all the way into Sara. Her eyes flashed open in surprise and she pushed me off of her.

“Tracy? What are you doing?” She said.

“Well Amy and I talked and we decided to share you, and you can share us too.” She said pulling me into a deep tongue kiss and pushing two fingers into my cunt.

“Oh yeah mommy finger me, finger fuck my little cunt-hole while you fuck my best friend.” I said in pleasure.

“Yeah Tracy, fuck me, fuck me good, make me cum and squirt all over this cock.” Sara said.

As we continue to fuck each other in some way or form time stays still, we are forever entwined to each other in some way. I get on my knees and crawl over to Sara, her mouth wide open with pleasure and we exchange a deep soft passionate tongue swapping kiss.

That’s when I realized it. I love her and her returning the kiss said she loved me. She was no longer my best friend but my girlfriend and my mom was our lover. As we broke our kiss mom leaned forward and gave Sara the same deep passionate kiss I gave her. My mom then pulled out the dildo and walked away.

“I’ll be right back.” She said as she walked out the door. She then came back in and tossed me a second strap-on which I put on.

“Alright sweetie, fuck me while I fuck your little girlfriend.” Mom said.

Mom then then laid on her back and held the strap-on up so Sara can sit on it, this exposed her dripping wet pussy to me and I stuck the 7 inch cock into her cunt. As I fucked my mom’s pussy she started to moan loudly.

“You like that mommy? You like getting fucked by your little girl?” I said letting my lust take over.

“Yes, yes, I love it. I love feeling your big hard cock in me. She said through screams of mass pleasure.

“How about you Sara? You like my mom fucking your pussy?” I said with pure lust in my eyes.

She didn’t answer instead she squirted all over my mom’s tits. And that was enough to push her over the edge because she erupted like a volcano spraying me and Sara with cum. With the little nub on the inside of the strap-on I came harder than I ever had before. Sara rolled off my mom and I pulled out and got on the bed. And we fell asleep in each other’s arm and began our new lives as lesbian lovers.


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