My Journey to Becoming a Slut - Part 1
Hey guys, first time writer, long time reader. Had an idea for a story and finally had some time to write it. Started slow but I have some very devious plans for later on. Hope you enjoy. If the feedback is positive I'll write another chapter.

When I think back onto my life and how I turned out the way I did, one night in particular stands out as a turning point. First, a little back story of my upbringing, as its important for you to understand how naïve I was about certain things in life. Both my brother and I were home schooled growing up. Not by our parents (who were never around) but by a private tutor our parents hired to come to our house 5 times a week. Dad had started some tech company and sold it for millions. Now him and mom spent most of their time travelling on their yacht around the world. We were lucky if we saw them for a month of the year. We lived very comfortably, in a giant mansion on 20 acres of land outside of town. Our tutor taught my brother and I separately, since he was 3 years older than me. She taught us all of the main subjects, making sure that we were just as far, if not further than kids the same age as us in a real school.

Growing up in this type of an environment made me think that this is how all children were treated growing up. I didn’t have any friends, except for my brother really but he began showing less of an interest in me as we got older. I spent my time wandering around the house, swimming in our pool and drawing pictures. From a very early age, my parents noticed I had a knack of art so they outfitted the house with a studio and set me up inside to work. I absolutely loved it. It was my paradise. Life was great. In hindsight, that was probably because I never worried about anything. All I had to focus on was school, which was easy, and having fun. One thing that never crossed my mind was sex. Our tutor never mentioned sex-ed and I was too naïve to ask about anything. By the time I was 13, I kind of knew how it was done but I wasn’t really sure of the specifics and frankly had no interest in finding out.

The night that changed my life forever happened that year, when I was 13 years old and my brother was 16. My brother, Rob, had always been more interested in having friends than I ever was. One night during the summer, while I was drawing in my studio he popped his head in.

“Hey sis, Alan and Jake are coming over for a swim later if you’re wondering where I am” he said
“Alright, cool – maybe I’ll join you later” I replied

The last time Rob’s friends came over, I noticed them staring at me while we went swimming. I couldn’t really figure out why. Maybe I developed quicker than most girls my age? I had 36B boobs, a hard toned stomach and nice round bum. It kind of freaked me out that they were looking at me but it also made me excited for the first time in my life. I could feel my vagina becoming a little slippery but I didn’t know what it meant. I had never tried touching it or playing with it. I really thought it was only for peeing. Anyways, after an hour or so finishing up in my studio, I opened the door and wandered upstairs to my room. Looking through the curtains I saw my brother and his friends swimming around the pool, horsing around. I decided that cooling down would be fun, so I changed into my new bikini that the maid bought for me last month and headed downstairs to the pool. It didn’t fit as well as I had hoped when she bought it for me but I felt a little mischievous knowing I might get the guys to look at my body more. I don’t know why it excited me at the time but it did.

When I got outside, Alan and Jake waved and said hi

“Hey Liz, long time no see, how have you been?” Jake said as I jumped into the pool
“Good!” I replied, “just school and drawing, the same as usual”
“Hey Liz!” Alan screamed from the other side of the pool, “we want to play chicken but we didn’t have a 4th, want to play with us?”
“Oh you’re going to down!” I laughed while challenging him. “Who’s on my team?”
“I’ll team up with you Liz” Jake said
“Alright, let’s do this then. I’ll go on your shoulders since there’s no way I could hold you up” I said as I swam over towards him and he ducked under the water, allowing me to throw my legs over his shoulders. He burst from the water and I was sitting on top of him, looking over to see that Rob and Alan had done the same. We slowly moved closer to each other as I reached out to try to grab Alan’s shoulders and throw him off my brother. As I made contact with his shoulders, my hand slipped and I jerked forward on Jake’s shoulders. Just as thought Jake was about to lose his balance, Alan grabbed my back and threw me sideways, falling into the pool. As I surfaced from the water and cleared my long blond hair from my face, I saw Alan, Rob and Jake staring at me. I looked quizzically at them and then noticed where their eyes were focused. I looked down and realized my top had come off when I got thrown off Jake. My small, pebble sized nipples were standing out proud on my round B cup tits as I stared in shock at what had happened. I knew that boys and girls weren’t supposed to see each others private places but I didn’t really understand the significance of it.

“Liz! Cover up will you? It’s gross” My brother yelled, shielding his eyes in a somewhat delayed fashion that got me thinking

“Why?” I said, “you guys are topless! Why can’t I be the same?”
“Because Liz, you’re a girl, you’re not supposed to be topless” he replied.
“I don’t mind if she doesn’t put it back on, your boobs are really nice Liz” Alan said, kind of blushing at the same time
“Me neither” Jake said with a dumb grin on his face
For some reason, exposing my developing chest to my brother and his friends was really making my vagina tingle, more than it ever had.
“Pleaseeeee Rob” I moaned “it’s not a big deal, see!” pointing to his two friends who still hadn’t taken their eyes off of my boobs
“Ughh fine, just this once” Rob replied, giving in easier than I thought he would
“yay!” I screamed, jumping up and down in the shallow end of the pool, my boobs bouncing up and down
Then a thought hit me, maybe my brother and his friends could tell me why my vagina tingles sometimes.
“Guys, do you think I could ask you a question? I don’t know who else to ask since Mom and Dad are never here” I asked, after pondering for a moment
“Sure sis, what’s up?” Rob replied, as he tried his hardest to keep eye contact with me
“Do you know why my vagina gets tingly sometimes?” I asked innocently
My brother coughed in surprise, choking on water that flew into his mouth, his eyes bugging out of his sockets.
“I can tell you Liz” Alan quickly said, realizing an opportunity
“Basically, when a woman gets excited, her vagina becomes slippery so a penis can go inside of it and make a baby” Alan said knowingly, without realizing there was a lot more to it. None of the boys had ever had sex, never mind seeing a naked woman before. Jake’s dad had some porno magazines they stole from time to time, but it was hard to sneak into his room to get them so they only did it a couple of times.
“Hmmm” I replied, thinking hard for a second, “but why do I get excited being with you guys?”
“You’re excited right now” Jake said, the surprise in his voice showing
“Yeah! My vagina is so slippery, it feels funny but nice. I can tell even though it’s under water” I said, slowing rubbing my hand over my bikini bottoms, as if it were an injury or something.

“Does the same thing happen to guys? Do your penises get slippery?” I asked
“Not really” Jake replied “Our penises get hard when their excited but it also leaks some white stuff out the end. I think that combined with the juices in your vagina make it super easy for a penis to go in.” He said, trying to sound like he knew more than he did
“But I get excited a lot, does that mean it’s time to have a baby?” I asked innocently, my hands resting on my hips, thrusting my boobs towards my brother and his two friends
“hahaha no Liz, you’re funny – haven’t you ever heard about sex before?” He asked but then followed “I guess not” once he saw the look on my face
“Sex is something boys and girls do all the time because it feels amazing. There’s lots of different ways to do it. You don’t only need to put a penis in a vagina. Girls can suck on guys penises, guys can lick girls vagina’s and they can even touch each other to feel good. Haven’t you ever touched yourself before Liz?” Jake asked
“Nope, I thought you only could pee out of your vagina, how does it work? Will you show me?” I said, starting to feel my vagina becoming more and more excited.
Jake broke out into a huge smile, looked at my brother and Alan for confirmation but found none since they were both still starting at me, in shock.
“Sure Liz” Jake said “hop up onto the side of the pool and I’ll show you” He motioned for me to sit on the side of the shallow end. I hopped up and turned around, spreading my legs as my brother and his two friends quickly moved closer towards me, ending up right in front of my open legs.
“First Liz, we need to take your bottoms off, is that ok?” Jake asked
“Sure!” I replied, as I hooked my thumbs in my bottom and pulled them off my slender, tanned legs. I flipped them over my shoulder and opened my legs again. All 3 boys mouth’s dropped right then and there. All of their eyes were pointed right at my blonde covered vagina. I had started growing hair about 1 year ago down there and never really thought about it or shaved. Now it was a thick blonde triangle that covered my lips and above my vagina.
“Ok.” Jake said, clearing his throat in the process, “now this may feel a little weird at first but just tell me if you want to stop” He said, as he reached between my legs and slowly slid his hand on either side of my vagina lips. He gently pulled it opened and ran a finger up my slit. I shuddered in pleasure. Wow, I thought to myself, that felt amazing.
“Do you like that Liz?” Jake said, clearly taking charge now as Rob and Alan hadn’t said anything in a while, just continuing to stare at my vagina being pulled open.
“Wow. Yes, I do” I replied, “you weren’t kidding about sex feeling good”
“It gets a lot better! Here let me show you” Jake said as he moved his finger up and down on my slit again and used the juices coating his finger to penetrate me.
“Oooohhhhh my goooooodddd” I moaned, as his finger slipped into my hot virgin canal
My eyes shot opened as I felt two hands on my stomach, looking up to see Rob and Alan each gliding their hands towards my boobs. Something about the look in their eyes made me even more excited. It was like I was their new toy and they couldn’t wait to play with me.
Their hands reached my nipples and I let out a gasp
“Wow, that feels really good guys, keep going please” I said, as my body began gyrating in rhythm with all 6 of their hands.
“This is so hot” Alan said, finally breaking his silence
Jake continued thrusting his finger in and out of my vagina as my brother and Alan mauled my boobs, pinching and squeezing my nipples, bringing me to new sexual heights. Just then Jake took his finger out of my vagina and brought it up to the top and began rubbing, throwing my body around as I experienced my first orgasm
“What’s happening to meeeeee” I yelled as my body shook from head to toe. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. It started in my toes, travelled up my legs, vagina, stomach, shoulders, the top of my head and then sped back down to my vagina where it exploded into what felt like an eternity of bliss. The last thing I remember was seeing my house upside down as my head was resting on the concrete, back arched, tits thrust and feeling the most amazing feeling I had ever felt in the world

When I opened my eyes, Rob, Alan and Jake were all kneeling around me, shaking my shoulders
“Liz! Liz! Liz! Are you alright?” Rob said frantically
I slowly stretched my arms over my head, in the process flaunting my body before these 3 teenage boys and said, “of course I am Rob! That was the most amazing thing in the world! How come no one ever told me about that before?” I said, looking up at him incredulously
“Hahaha” Rob laughed, “You passed out on us Liz, that was what we call an orgasm. Feels pretty good eh?”
“Feels pretty good!?”I said, shocked. “That’s honestly the most amazing feeling ever. I want to do it again!” I said, rubbing my hands over my hard nipples, basking in the afterglow of my first orgasm and smiling to myself
“How long was I out for” I said
“Oh 30 seconds or so” Alan replied
“Is that normal” I asked?
“I’ve never heard of it happening, but you’re okay now and orgasms are natural so that must just be how your body reacts. You did cum pretty quickly too, I thought girls usually take longer than guys” Alan said
“Wait a second” I said, not understanding a whole bunch of what he just said. “What does cum mean. And guys can do that too? How?”
“Hahaha, you’re so funny Liz. You really know nothing about sex do you?” Rob said, making me feel kind of like a kid
“Stop!” I said, pouting at my brother
“Who would have ever told me about this? I don’t have any friends, you’re always off with your friends and mom and dad are never here! All I have is Roberta the maid and nanny and Angus, our gardener who’s only here twice a week. Based on what you’ve told me about this so far, it doesn’t sound like the gardener or nanny would be teaching a thirteen year old girl how to have sex, do you?” I said, sitting up and growing some defensive postures in my tone.
My three girls kneeling in front of me were shocked, I could tell. Rob had his mouth open and Jake had a big smile on his face. Alan just had this blank look about him.
“Look, I may not know much about sex, but I want to learn. I would do anything in the world to have you guys give me that feeling again.” I said, looking over at all 3 of them
“Wow Liz. You’re right, I’m sorry” Rob said
“Yeah Liz, it’s not your fault, you’ve been cooped up in this mansion your whole life. You probably don’t know a lot of things. But I for one, would be happy to teach you about anything you’d like to know!” Jake said, sporting an ear to ear grin
Alan nodded his head, his eyes back on my naked body, which had been on display this whole time
“Fine Liz, we’ll help to teach you but you’re going to start thinking of sex as a game, okay? Rob said, gently nudging Jake in the back, out of my view. Jake looked over at him and began to smile even bigger if that was possible.

“Fine” I said, “I can handle that. Are there rules or something? I want to know everything. Teach me everything. You know I can be a good student. Please Rob!” I continued, moaning out the last part in a way younger sisters do to brothers.
“Of course you’ll be a great student.” Rob said, thinking about how she mentioned rules and having a brilliant but devious idea form in his head.
“There are some rules for sex and the lessons we’ll teach you. We’ll take it slowly so at the beginning there is only one real rule you need to worry about. You have to follow our every orders at all points in time regarding sex. If we tell you to do something, you have to trust that we know more than you do (even though they were all 3 basing their entire sexual experience with girls on a couple of porn magazines).” Rob stated, willing himself to sound more confident than he felt
“Ok. I’ll make that deal. I’ll obey everything you guys say when it comes to sex. As long as I still don’t have to listen to you about cleaning up my room” I said, giggling to myself
“Haha okay Liz. Let’s get started then” Rob said, smiling at his two best friends, thinking they had to be the luckiest three guys in the world. Here they were jacking off 5 or 6 times a day and all the time, his smoking hot teenage sister was ready and willing to be their sexual fantasy toy.
“First things first, we need to join you” Rob said, sliding his bathing suit trunks down, as Alan and Jake did the same shortly after. I took in a wonderful sight. In front of me were three erect penises. Somehow I knew that if their finger could feel that good inside of me, then a penis would feel even better. I looked at the three of them in wonder, seeing an erect penis for the first time. I had seen my brothers once or twice before, quickly spying on him in the change room when we were a bit younger.
“Wow. So that’s what they look like when you guys are excited” I said, moving closer to them. I noticed Rob’s was the longest, maybe 7” inches in length and about 2” across. His balls hung really low under his penis and there was a ton of thick blond public hair surround his penis. It looked really pretty. I looked over to Jake, who had his hand slowly pumping his penis. It was maybe 5” inches but really thick! Maybe 3” inches across, if not more. I wondered how it would fit in my vagina. Finally, I looked at Alan. His was smaller than the other two. Maybe 4” inches long and 2” across.
“Can I touch them?” I asked, as I reached out to my brothers and Jake’s penises without waiting for an answer. As my hand made contact with their flesh, I was shocked. It was so soft, warm and smooth. For some reason I thought it would be different.
“How do I make you guys orgasm?” I said, beginning to slide my right hand over to Alan’s penis while my left hand went to cup Jake’s balls
“whoa, that feels good Liz” Jake moaned, as Alan nodded in agreement
“Okay Liz, here’s your first lesson. How to make a guy cum, which is the same thing as an orgasm by the way. Also, we don’t call it penis. You should say cock or dick.” Rob said, looking at me staring at his two friends dicks. I nodded, as I glanced up at him and back down to the two cocks in my hand.
“With your hands, the way you do it is by rubbing up and down, making sure you get to the top of his dick and keeping a good pressure with your hand around it. But we’re not going to start with that today because it’s pretty easy to do. We’re going to start with you using your mouth.” Rob said, licking his lips in anticipation. He had dreamt of getting a blowjob from a girl and now he couldn’t bear to wait for it.
“Try on me first sis” Rob said, motioning me away from his two friends. I crawled over in between Rob’s outstretched legs, the concrete hot under my skin as the sun was beginning to set in the sky.

“Okay, what do I do?” I said, grasping his cock with my hand and moving my head real close to it, inspecting the head.
“Mmm” Rob moaned, “okay, first take a nice big lick right under the head, that’s the most sensitive part, kind of like the top of your vagina” he said, reminding me of that amazing feeling Jake gave me right before I orgasmed and blacked out. I leaned forward and gently took the a tentative lick of his dick right under the head, just like he told me to. It didn’t taste bad really, kind of like nothing at all. The texture was sure nice though, I decided.
“Oh wow, that feels good Liz” Rob moaned
“Good, I want to make you guys feel good too” I replied, licking his dick again, this time right from the bottom to the top. I began swirling my tongue around the top of his head, as he started breathing heavier and heavier.
“wow Liz, that’s amazing. Now I want you to take it in your mouth.” Rob said. I lowered my head until his cock head was right in front of my lips. I opened my mouth and took it in. It didn’t taste bad at all. The one thing that did strike me was the little tiny heartbeat it gave off in my mouth. Throbbing gently as I swirled my tongue around the underside a couple of times. Moving my head off and doing it again.
“Great, Liz. Now there’s two more things you need to know about blowjobs” Rob said, gasping as I took him into my mouth again. “Firstly, it’s all about rhythm, you need to go up and down as far as you can. The further my dick goes into your mouth, the better it feels for me. Secondly, at the end of a blowjob, you get a reward for doing a good job. That’s how you know you made a guy have an orgasm. When I’m about to finish, just swallow everything, okay? It’s really important” Rob said, as I was already bobbing my head up and down, taking his cock about half way down before I started to gag. I didn’t really understand what he was saying about swallowing but I thought it had something to do with the slippery stuff, which I could kind of taste now but didn’t really mind.
“Ohhhh, Liz! Here it comes. Make sure to swallow” Rob moaned, grabbing the back of my head and holding his cock in place in my mouth. I could feel his cock begin to swell, and it was kind of uncomfortable with his hand on the back of my head but it was an amazing feeling to feel his cock swelling and know that I was responsible for it. Suddenly, I got hit in the back of the mouth with something really hard and I sort of coughed, trying to pull my head from my brother’s cock. Again, another one shot forcefully from his cock into my mouth but this time, I had moved my tongue in front of his pee hole, so I kind of caught it. Spurt after spurt of his cum filled my mouth. It kind of had a weird taste but it also felt really cool in my mouth. I began swirling my tongue around his cock, mixing his cum around his cock and deciding that I enjoyed the taste. I kept on swallowing for 30 seconds, as it seemed like it would never end. I was kind of disappointed when it did.
“Mmm, that was tasty” I said, licking my lips as I removed my mouth from his cock. I looked over at Alan and Jake, who had this wide eyed look on their face and said, “you guys are next, I want to drink some of your hot cum”
I crawled over to them and began sucking on jake’s dick as I slid my hand up and down Alan’s. I rotated quickly, dropping my head onto Alan’s cock and able to take the whole thing in my mouth, since it was so much smaller than Jake’s and my brothers. Within seconds of taking Alan’s cock into my mouth, he grabbed a hold of my head and I knew he was about to cum. Could they cum this quickly? I thought. I guess so. Quickly, his cum shot into my mouth. It was much thicker than my brothers and there was a lot more of it. I swallowed six, seven, eight times before he began to let go of my head and I removed my mouth from his cock. I guess that’s something all guys do when they’re about to cum, I thought, thinking that since both my brother and Alan had held my head.

I leaned over to Jake, taking my hand away from his cock, which it had been stroking up and down as I sucked Alan. I bobbed my head up and down but it was hard since he was so thick. I noticed that the more saliva a cock had on it, the easier it was to go into my mouth. It wasn’t that hard really to make it more wet, I was salivating like crazy in my mouth. I decided right then and there that sucking on boys cock’s was fun. I could get used to doing this. Before I knew it, Jake was grabbing the back of my head but this time instead of just holding it, he began thrusting his hips in time with my mouth. The more he did it, the further he pushed into my mouth until suddenly, his cock popped into my throat.
“Ughhhh” Jake moaned. I started panicking, I couldn’t breathe. “Ugnnngghhh” I moaned with my mouth around his cock. Suddenly, I swallowed. “Wow. Keep doing that. And don’t forget to breathe through your nose” I did. It worked. Suddenly my lungs were filled with sweet air and I realized it felt really weird and kinda exciting to have a cock in my throat. Suddenly it began to swell and I knew he was about to come. My face was pushed right up to his flat stomach.
“Whoa, your sister is a natural. Deepthroat on the first try!” Jake said to Rob as him and Alan looked on. I deduced what deepthroat was but it didn’t seem that difficult to me. Maybe it took other girls longer to figure it out. I was proud of myself for being so good at sex on my first time. I felt it more this time than any other. Jake’s cum travelling up his balls, through his cock and out into my throat. I could barely taste it, it was just shooting straight down my throat. I loved the feeling of it. For some reason it made me feel so powerful. I closed my eyes and moaned, humming around his cock as I felt it spasm a couple of more times, before he released me.

“Wow Liz! You’re a quick learner! That felt amazing. Thanks!” Jake said.
“Yeah Liz, you’re amazing. Definitely the hottest girl I know” Alan added
“Aww thanks guys!” I said, hugging both of them, pressing my boobs up against their chest.
“I’d love to stay longer and play but I really should be going home now” Alan said, looking disappointed as his eyes travelled up and down my body again.
“Yeah, me too. My mom said I had to be home for dinner. Thanks Liz for everything. We’ll be back soon. C’mon Alan” Jake said as he grabbed Alan and they headed for the door around the side of the house, leading them away from the pool.

“How about we get something to eat Liz, I’m famished!” Rob said, grabbing me up from the pool.
“Alright, but first, you have to make me orgasm again! I can’t stand this feeling!” I moaned, reaching my hand down to my pussy and realizing that I was dripping wet. Literally. There was juices running down the inside of my thigh.

“What do you say bro?” I said, smiling seductively as I leaned back and spread my lips…

Continued in part 2

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wow im 12 i wish i had an older brother to split me in 2 hmm

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