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Letting go of inhibitions...
Chapter 1

It’s been a long week, and I’m ready for some relaxation. After driving almost 40 minutes through rush hour traffic, my nerves are shot and I decide that some fun and a night out is exactly what the doctor ordered. Walking through my front door, I throw my keys on the table and start stripping on my way to the shower. My simple cotton bra and no nonsense panties are the last to hit the floor just as I enter the bathroom. I turn on the shower as hot as I can stand, and the steam billows out as I step under the spray. The water cascades over me, easing tired muscles and erasing my stress. I run my hands over my heavy breasts, slide them down my stomach and touch the tip of one finger to the straining button in my slit. As much as I need to cum, I know that if I take the time to do it now I won't have time to go out. So I slowly soap down my body, and the scent of lavender wafts around me. I rinse off and step out, grabbing a thick towel from the rack and wrapping it around my body as I head to find something sexy to wear. I discard outfit after outfit, and finally decide on a short blue dress with a low neckline. I grab my “sexy” panties from the drawer…a black lace thong and matching lacy bra that is more or less see through. I quickly dress and fix my hair, leaving it hanging long down my back, then dust some shimmery powder on my chest and legs and step into some black heels. I pick up a small clutch purse, just big enough for my ID, some lipstick, cash, and a tiny tube of perfume and head back out the door.
The club I head to is a new one that I haven’t been to yet, but I have heard some of my co-workers say it was amazing. Luckily, it’s less than 30 minutes away…I’ve had enough driving for the week. I pull into the drive of what really just looks like an abandoned warehouse and I start to have second thoughts. But another car pulls in right behind me and they head quickly into the building, so I swallow my doubts and follow them in, making sure to lock my car. Going through the door is like stepping into another world. A gorgeous woman is waiting by the door to check my ID, wearing a dress so small I’m not really sure you could call it clothing. She gives me a once-over, lingering on my exposed cleavage and then she almost smirks at me and tells me to enjoy myself. I step through another doorway into a multitude of pulsing lights and writhing bodies, and the music is so sensual that I find myself almost involuntarily moving to it. I make my way through the crowd to an empty table in the corner, my hips swaying of their own accord. The velvet covered chair is a welcome change from the simple wooden ones most often found in bars; of course, this wasn’t just a bar. Couches were placed strategically along the walls, and couples were seated here and there, snuggled together or blatantly making out and groping each other. I’m not usually one for public displays, but here it seemed so natural that it didn’t make me uncomfortable in the least.
After about thirty minutes and two mixed drinks, I’m feeling a little bit buzzed and head for the restroom. On my way there, I’m trying to watch and not run into anyone, but I sidestep one couple and as I turn my head back in the direction I’m headed I run into a wall. A suit clad wall that is at least a head taller than me and smells amazing. His shoulders look to be a mile wide, and warm muscle shifts as he turns in my direction. Looking down at me, the corners of his mouth tilt slightly up, just enough to change his face from serious to mischievous. His eyes are deep pools of jade, and thick dark hair just brushes his shoulders. His voice seems to rumble from regions unknown, and he apologizes to me. To me! I was the one who ran into him, and I quickly correct him. “No, it was totally my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going”. He takes me by the hand, and my bathroom needs are forgotten as he leads me to the nearest unoccupied couch. He sits and then gestures for me to do the same, then slightly parts his legs so that when I sit I’m almost in his lap. If I had been expecting small talk I would have been in for a shock. He got right to the point. “I am going to fuck you. Not now, not here. But I will. You need to gather your things. Is your vehicle locked?” I could only nod dumbly. “Good. So let’s go-your car will be fine until tomorrow.” He rose and headed toward the door. Should I follow him?
Of course my feet blindly make their way in the direction he just headed, and I make sure that I have my clutch. I see his black suit jacket almost at the exit, and while part of me is wondering how he knew that I would follow, the other, less rational part of me just knows that I better hurry if I don’t want him to leave me behind. Miss perfect at the door smiles as I rush out after him, almost as if she has seen this scenario before. A sleek black sedan pulls up in front of me, and although I don’t know how he got back to his car so quickly I really don’t care. I slide into the leather seat, already wet with anticipation. And then we are off, speeding down the highway. I’m not even paying attention to the direction we are headed, although I know I probably should be for safety’s sake. I’m more worried about the throbbing between my legs than I am where we are going. Less than 20 minutes later, we turn off into a long driveway. I’m almost shaking in my seat, needing to be filled, and the crunch of leaves under the tires sound almost erotic to me. We pull into a dark garage, and I don’t even have a chance to look at the house it is attached to. The purr of the engine quiets and the doors unlock. I can feel his eyes piercing me, and I hesitantly meet them with my own.


2016-12-01 17:26:33
you may not like it readers but it is true to life

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-30 00:23:36
I agree with the first three comments, this is a story by a no talent wanna be pure and simple.

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-28 16:22:43
Worthless comments by worthless people... Just ignore those jerks.
Spelling, grammar and vocab are all fine, imho. Make a few more paragraphs maybe. I assume it's just the promising start of a longer story. I sure hope so.

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-27 04:05:14
LMFAO!!!! Yep your story sucks, the Chinese(I think anyway)guys comments are more entertaining than your story. Whoa you must feel pretty stupid about now, struck down by a person who can't write English and can barely get their point across(no offense Chinese dude.) At least he has an excuse, what's yours? Take my advice, leave the writing to those who have talent and know how.

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2013-08-26 23:05:15
Yu try bulshit Chow? Yu a nasty fag cocksucka strory suck shit like yu bich!!!!!!!!!!!!

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