My summer with Jessie...and Grandma!
It had the beginnings of being one of the worst summers of my life. I was on summer break from college and hadn’t been able to land a job. With this, my options were to hang out with my parents in boring old Sticksville or head to grandma’s ranch in Texas. I chose the latter; against my mother’s wishes. Texas would probably be boring as well but at least I could enjoy the night life once my grandma went off to bed; something she did at 8pm every night.

Settling into my new home for the summer, I heard voices downstairs. I had just gotten in and I thought grandma and myself were the only ones in the house. I was wrong. Jessie was there. Jessie or Jessica as granny called her had been living out in barn. Having issues at home with her family, she had left with no money and no place to go. According to grandma she had been homeless for a bit. One day while downtown shopping, Grandma saw her. She was at the local super market helping people take their groceries to the car. In exchange, they’d give her a few bucks. Grandma, being from the south and used to taking everyone in, felt sorry for her and brought her home.

According to Grandma, Jessie was a real good girl; just had some hard knocks in life. She never really did go into details about the hard knock life Jessie had endured. Nonetheless, she seemed nice. She was always really courteous and helpful. Grandma didn’t have to lift a finger as long as Jessie was around. She cooked, clean, fed the cows, mowed the lawn and every other chore you could think of. She was almost too good. The only strange thing about her was her affinity for the barn. She loved that barn. Grandma offered her a room in the house with her own bathroom but she refused. She wanted to live out in the barn. With this, we had to make sure we left the side door opened so that she could come in to use the bathroom.

Nevertheless, Friday night had come and I was ready to get my party on. Like clock work, Grandma headed upstairs to her bedroom to go to bed at 8pm. About an hour later, I headed downstairs to make my way out of the house when I met Jessie at the door.

“Hey,” Jessie spoke.
“Heading out?” Jessie inquired.
“You look great,” Jessie stated as she admired my ensemble. I wished I could say the same thing about her but I couldn’t. For the most part, she looked like a dude. She had short curly hair and was always dressed in denim overalls. Under the overalls she’d have on a t-shirt. This was her get up everyday. I couldn’t stand it.
“Thanks,” I answered. “So you’re not going to squeal on me are you?”
“No, not at all,” Jessie answered. “Have fun.”
“Thanks,” I responded as I made my way to the back shed to steal Grandma’s car.
It was a weird encounter but I didn’t make too much of it. I headed to the club and got my party on. I danced and drank until my heart was content. About 2am, I returned home only to see a lamp light burning in my Grandmother’s room.
“Shit, she’s up!”
I parked the car back in the shed then quietly headed into the house. As I tip-toed up the stairs I heard what appeared to be moans.
What was that I wondered. Had Grandma left the television on? Was she watching a porno? Why would Grandma be watching a porno?
“Oh yeah, right there, don’t stop,” Grandma groaned.
Oh my God, my 72 year old grandmother is either getting fucked or she’s masturbating. This was weird.
“Fuck yeah! Lick my pussy deep,” Grandma shouted. “I’m going to cum, baby. I’m going to cum all over your tongue. Eat my pussy!”

This was too much. My 72-year old Grandmother is fucking in the next room. Hell, I hadn’t had any dick in months and my grandmother is getting her groove. How crazy was that!

Suffice it to say, breakfast was a bit awkward the next morning. Jessie and Grandma carried on with their normal conversation but I was a bit quiet. I had just listened to my grandmother get fucked, I wasn’t in the mood for conversation.

“Are you okay, baby,” Grandma asked.
“Yes ma’am.”
“You’re awfully quiet,” Grandma continued.
“I just have a lot on my mind. I’m fine.”
“Well, I’ve got to go out of town for a few days,” Grandma informed. “Jessie is going to take me to the airport this afternoon. I should be back by Tuesday. I trust the two of you will be okay here alone?”
“Yes ma’am,” Jessie and I said simultaneously.
“Very well, I’m going to finish packing,” Grandma stated as she left the table.
As she walked away, Jessie began clearing the table and washing the dishes.
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Sure,” Jessie stated.
“Did my Grandmother have company least night? I mean, did someone come over after I left?”
“Nope, not that I know of,” Jessie responded. “Why do you ask?”
“No reason I suppose. Maybe I was just hearing things.”

After Grandma and Jessie left for the airport, I went into Grandma’s room. I was looking for something that would link her to what I heard the night before; condom wrappers, lubricant, anything. But I found nothing. I didn’t even find a porno in her room. Either she cleaned the room really well or I was losing my mind.

Rather than hit the clubs again, I decided to stay in for the evening. Jessie returned from the airport then headed into the bathroom to shower. After her shower, she walked out of the bathroom naked. This was getting crazier and crazier. Why is this complete stranger walking around my grandmother’s house naked?
“Excuse me?”
“What?” Jessie asked.
“Did you leave your clothes in the barn?”
“No. I always do this,” Jessie responded.
“I don’t like to put on lotion while in the bathroom because it’s so steamy in there,” Jessie informed. “So I come out and walk around a little bit and put my lotion on. After the lotion absorbs in my skin, I put my clothes on.”
“And my grandmother is okay with that?”
“Yes,” Jessie answered.
“Well, I’m not so would you please cover up.”
“No,” Jessie stated.
“That’s right, no,” Jessie reiterated. “This is my normal routine. Your grandmother is okay with it so I would suggest you get used to it.”
“What did you call me?” Jessie asked.
“I called you a bitch. Would you like for me to spell it for you?”
“I can put up with a lot of things but being called a bitch is not one of them,” Jessie yelled.
“And what the fuck are you going to do about it?”
Jessie smiled then walked away. Another strange moment this was. What was she up too? What was she going to do?

I changed my mind about staying in for the night. I decided to go out. Besides, I didn’t want to sit around the house and have to contend with Jessie coming in and out to go to the bathroom and kitchen. I went into my grandmother’s room to get the car keys only to find out they weren’t there.

“That damned Jessie must have them.”
I had no choice but to head out to the barn to get the keys. When I walked in, I saw Jessie lying on a blanket butt naked with her legs spread. Sarah, a girl from down the street, was eating Jessie’s pussy.
“What the hell?” I mumbled.
“That’s it, baby, lick it right there,” Jessie groaned.
I backed away and slightly closed the door but leaving it opened enough so that I could watch. I had never seen anything like this before.
“You ready to do the bump?” Jessie asked Sarah.

Sarah didn’t respond but changed positions with Jessie. Laid down on her back as Jessie assumed her position on top. What were they getting ready to do as neither of them had dicks. Jessie lowed her hardened click over Sarah’s wet pussy and began to bump and grind herself against Sarah.
“Oh shit,” Sarah yelled out. “Bump my pussy. Bump it baby.”
Jessie grinded against Sarah’s wet snatch as hard as any man would have. In fact, if she had a dick, she would have been fucking Sarah pretty deep.
“Bump it!” Sarah screamed as her huge knockers bounced in the air.
“Yeahhhh…” Jessie moaned as her ass moved maniacally up and down.
“I’m going to cum, baby. I’ma bout to pop,” Sarah warned.
“Let that shit flow out of your pussy,” Jessie instructed. “Come on baby, cum for me!”
“Shitttt!!!” Sarah screamed as she grabbed her tits and pinched her own nipples. “I’m fucking cumming.”
Jessie quickly moved her head between Sarah’s leaking pussy licking up every drop of her spunk.
“That’s it baby, lick that shit up,” Sarah pleaded. “Lick my pussy clean, baby.”
Jessie complied with Sarah’s wishes and drank up her pussy juice.

I had seen enough. No wonder she was walking around naked. The bitch was gay. She was trying to bring me into her stable. I headed back to the house in sheer shock. First I heard my grandmother fucking. Now the house guest is in the barn fucking. What the hell was going on in Texas?

I went into my room and took of my clothes. At this point I just wanted to go to bed. As I pulled down my panties, I noticed they were wet. My pussy was drenched. Watching Jessie and Sarah had turned me on – and it wasn’t supposed too.

“What the fuck?”

For the next hour I did everything I could do to not think about what I had seen but I couldn’t help myself. My pussy was saturated. Before it was all over, I fingered-fucked myself until I gushed a load of cum onto the sheets. My body trembled as I fantasized about Jessie bumping my pussy while I licked Sarah’s cunt. It would be so hot; three black girls doing some serious hardcore fucking.

The next morning, Jessie made breakfast like normal.
“I decided to wear clothes just for you,” Jessie smirked.
“Thank you. By the way, do you have the keys to the car?”
“Yes, I do,” Jessie answered. “I had left them in the barn. I was going to bring them back up to the house but after I quarrel, I felt it was better I stayed away. Why didn’t you come for them?”
“I did but,” I stated then stopped short of completing the sentence.
“Oh, so you saw me and Sarah.”
“I’m not going to apologize as I was in my own space,” Jessie informed.
“I’m not asking for an apology. So, you’re gay?”
“If that’s what you want to call it,” Jessie informed. “I don’t necessarily like to categorize myself. I just like pussy. I like bumping pussy.”
“Bumping pussy? What’s that?”
“Grinding,” Jessie explained. “I grind my pussy against another girls until we both cum. But I don’t really grind. I bump. I bump my clit against the girls’ clit until she pops and vice versa.”
“So you’re not into penetration?”
“Not really,” Jessie continued. “I mean, if he chick I’m with wants her pussy dug out with a dick, I have a stap-on. But for the most part, I like to finger, bump and lick and my girls all walk away satisfied. So, did you like what you saw?”
I didn’t respond. I grabbed my plate, emptied my uneaten food into the garbage then took my plate to the sink.
“Yeah, I know it’s weird,” Jessie stated. “To see something that is so forbidden; that you’ve been told is wrong yet you get turned on by it. I get it.”
“Is she your girlfriend?”
“Sarah? No, I wouldn’t call her that. She’s just a bump buddy. She’s got a boyfriend. When she wants dick, she goes to him. When she wants to bump she comes to me.”
“I have to go,” I stated as I walked out of the kitchen. I started to feel really uncomfortable. Not to mention my pussy was getting wet again.

I figured the best thing to do would be to separate myself from the situation. I went upstairs, took a shower, and decided to head to the mall. But I was going to need the keys. Shit! I had to go see Jessie. I grabbed my bag and headed to the barn. Once again, Jessie was lying on a blanket on the ground. At leas time she was fully dressed.

“Can I help you?” Jessie sarcastically asked.
“I need the keys to the car.”
“Are you sure that’s all you want?” Jessie teased.

I hated her. I hated her because she was right. I did want more. If my pussy had gotten any wetter, there would have been a stream of juice rolling down my legs like sweat. Nevertheless, Jessie reached into her pocket to retrieve the keys. She then through them onto the blanket next to her.

“There they are,” Jessie informed.

A wave of heat came over me. I knew if I walked over to the blanket where Jessie was lying, I would not leave the same. As I walked over to the blanket, I didn’t go anywhere near the keys. I went to Jessie and straddled her. She immediately grabbed my ass as I gyrated my pussy up and down.

“Lick my pussy,” I begged as moved my wet cunt over her face. Lifting my dress and pulling back the crotch of my panties, I lowered my pussy over Jessie’s awaiting tongue.
“Oh fuck!” I groaned as Jessie wasted no time slipping her long tongue into my twat. “Oh shit!” I had never felt anything like this before. Oh sure, I had had my pussy eaten before but something about this was different. Jessie squeezed my ass chicks as I moved my black hairy pussy around her lips and tongue.
“Mmmm…” Jessie moaned as her tongued probed deeper and deeper inside of me.
“That’s it baby, right there. Make that pussy cum!”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. What the hell was going on in my life? I had come to hang out with grandma for the summer and now I was in the barn letting some random chick lick my pussy. What’s more, I was enjoying it.
Jessie would lick my pussy for few more minutes before coming up for air.

“Let me give you what you really need,” Jessie instructed as she climbed from beneath me. As she took off her clothes to reveal her chocolate body, I took off my panties and laid down on my back spreading my legs as wide as I could get them. Jessie got down on her knees, then popped out my titties from my bra and began sucking on them like a malnourished baby. She then climbed up my body and whispered in my ear.
“Are you ready to do the bump?” Jessie asked.
“Fuck yeah! Bump my pussy!”
Jessie climbed back down my body, lowered her swollen clit over mine and began to maniacally bump my pussy. Now I understood. I understood what Sarah felt. I understood why she screamed in ecstasy. I understood it all.
“You like that?” Jessie taunted. “You like what I’m doing to your pussy? Give it! Give me that sweet cum!”
“Fuck you!” I screamed.
“I’m not going to stop,” Jessie alerted. “I’m not going to fucking stop until you give me that cum out of your pussy! Give it up!”
For a brief moment, I looked up and saw Jessie’s ass swiveling and moving. I had never seen anyone grind so hard and fast. She meant business.”
“Shit I’m bout to come, baby! I’m bout to blast off in this motherfucker! Shit!”
Within moments, my pussy erupted like a volcano as my body shook as if an earthquake had just passed through it.
“Yeah, that’s it,” Jessie groaned as she moved her head between my legs watching my white creamy cum pour out of my pussy. “That’s what I’m talking about right there. Give me that cream,” Jessie continued as she licked my pussy clean.
I had never cum so hard before in my life. Oh sure, I had been fucked good and hard by some top notch dicks but never had any of them made me pour the way Jessie had. But I wasn’t done. I wanted more. I pushed Jessie down on her back and began to grind on her tit.
“Shove that tity in my pussy,” I begged as I humped up and down on it.
“You are one hot bitch!” Jessie chimed in and she held her tit so I could rub my pussy against it. I can’t describe the feeling. It was amazing. At that point, I would have humped and or bumped anything to get off.
“Oh shit! Oh shit! I’m cumming again!” I screamed as my pussy quivered. Jessie licked my pussy juice off of her tit. As I gained my composure, it was time for me to return the favor. I had never licked or eaten pussy before but I was damn sure going to give it a try. I laid Jessie on her back and buried my head in her wet snatch licking up and own her slit until her clit made it’s appearance.
“Oh yeah,” Jessie moaned as I started to wrestle her clit with my tongue. “Shit, baby girl, you are doing the damn thing.”
Eating pussy wasn’t so bad. I sucked on Jessie’s clit and rubbed around her pussy until she couldn’t take it anymore.
“Goddamnit, I’m bout to blast the fuck off,” Jessie screamed as she moved her ass up off the blanket. I held her ass in mid-air as my tongue was deep up in her twat. Jessie smacked her clit several times before she busted off her load onto my tongue.
“Fuck!!!!” Jessie screamed and moaned like a crying baby as her juice flowed out of her.
As her juiced formed a puddle on the blanket, I climbed up and sucked on her huge triple D tits. Jessie’s lips trembled as the orgasm continued to course through her body.
“Shit, you did me right, girl,” Jessie stated as she regained her composure.
“I’m a quick learner,” I shared as I continued to fondle Jessie’s tits.
“I hope this isn’t the last time,” Jessie questioned.

It wasn’t. It was the beginning of a bumping summer. Jessie and I bumped pussies everyday. I even got in on a threesome with her and Sarah. It was out of this world. Jessie brought the strap-on and fucked the shit out of my pussy; better than any dude had ever done it. She then fucked Sarah until she squired pussy juice over both of us. There would be little to no more clubbing for me that summer. It was all about grinding on Jessie or should I say her grinding on me. My pussy got the workout of a life time.

It was my last day in Texas as it was time to head back home to get ready for my next semester in college. Jessie, Sarah and I had had a whirlwind bumping session the night before. As I walked into the house to say good-bye my grandmother, I heard those noises coming from her room again; the sounds of fucking.
“Fuck me hard and deep,” the individual said. “Oh shit, keep it right there!
It had to be a porno. Hey, I wasn’t judging grandma. If she liked to get off to porn, so be it. But it was in the middle of the day and it was loud so perhaps she had just forgotten to turn off the TV. I walked into her bedroom only to find that it wasn’t a porno.
Grandma and Jessie were fucking. Grandma, cuffed to the bed post was getting her pussy fucked hard and deep by Jessie’s rubber cock while Sarah grinded on Jessie’s ass.
“Grandma!” I screamed.

Grandma liked pussy. Could this have been the reason my mother didn’t want me to go stay with her for the summer? Nevertheless, Grandma didn’t respond to my scream. None of them did. Jessie continued to smash Grandma’s pussy while Jessie went and sat on her face. Seeing her lying there reminded me of the night that Jessie tied me to the post in the barn and fucked my pussy until I could no longer stand. That was a hot night. Now, my pussy started to get wet as I watched these 3 hot black bitches fuck. I was now perplexed. I had a flight to catch. The cab was waiting down stairs. But my pussy was getting wetter and wetter and I didn’t really want to go. I wanted to join the party. But should I?

I mean really, isn’t it morally wrong to fuck your grandmother?

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2013-09-17 01:50:01
I loved it, turned me on. But you lost me at the end. That's nasty if anyone is thinking about having sex with their grandmother. I wouldn't even want sit and watch my grandmother get it in.

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2013-08-30 00:14:52
Nasty and not in a good way, who wants to think about pussy that looks like wrinkled old dried out prune? You are a sick black lovin chick!!!! Totally gross

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