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Here's a story about me and a friend when we were 13, and very curious...
On a nice August day, I went to spend the night at my friends, (I'll call him Sean) at my friends house, Sean. We would always talk about sex, girls, and if we were gay. We would both deny that we were gay. When he would go to sleep, I would always sneak my hand and touch his cock, usually through his boxers. When we chatted about sex though, I always lied to him and said I had never masturbated.. even though I had. Many times. Then one time I slept over I told him that I masturbated and it felt amazing! He said show me how, so we laid on his bed and masturbated. I got hard so easily, while he had much trouble and never even ended up cumming. He asked to smell my cum and when he got close I shot out some more because I had the vision of him sucking my dick, he was like "Eww!" and he got a towel and wiped it off.

After that we didn't talk about it.
Until next time.

That same month, I slept over and we masturbated again, while he gave up because he refused to look at porn, therefore, not getting hard. I cummed and that was the end of it.

Tomorrow was his birthday and another one of his friends (a semi-close friend of mine came over around 12pm because he couldn't sleepover) I will call the semi-close friend Grant. So Grant, Sean, and I watched YouTube, went outside, did a lot. Then when we were bored, we got out the trundle bed I slept on, It had a lever and if you were on it and Someone pulled the lever, it fell to the ground! So we did a ton of ways of falling, and one was pretending you were a married couple and pretending to make out and then the one not on the bed would pull the lever. So it was time for Grant and I to have a turn. So we went under the blanket as told. Sean said "Wear a condom" and we all burst out laughing, as Grant and I pretended to make out. I was hard because Grant was fairly attractive and being that close to anyone at 13 is just amazing. So by my natural instincts I started to grind on his penis. We were both laying sideways and he started grinding too. He whispered to me and said "This actually feels good." "I does" As I smile and he stops and puts his hand over my shorts and starts rubbing and I start rubbing his and as we rub BOOM Sean pulls the lever and we all start laughing. After a couple rounds of switching it was time for Grant and I to go again. I was so excited, and I could tell he had boner also. We went under the blanket and Sean said "Go!" and he immediately pulled down his pants and underwear and put my hand on his dick. I pulled mine down and he did the same, we went up and down and it felt amazing. As I started going faster he whispered "Stop, STOP!" "Why?" I asked wanting to continue. "Because I don't want to cum right now, not while Sean could pull the lever down" we both pull our pants up and Sean pulls the lever and we start laughing. Then Sean says, "I'm kinda done, you guys wanna go again? I'm gonna go on YouTube and sneak over in like 10 minutes" "Haha ok" I say and he says "Go!" We both pull our pants down as I go down to his dick and start sucking it. He tries to muffle a moan but he yells it. Sean starts laughing while he goes back to his YouTube videos. I keep sucking and he whispers "I..I'm gonna cum" I start going with my hand as he lets out a loud moan and cum shoots everywhere. He goes down to my dick and I feel like I'm in Heaven. He sucks continually as I feel so good as I shoot my load. We then lay naked on each other and start making out. Both of our dicks continue to be hard. I start to rub his ass and then we just lay there naked and look at each other and we smile and kiss then we pull up and Sean pulls down the bar so conveniently... Sean looks at both of us and says "I know what you guys did under there" I say "Yeah we pretended to make out haha!" "You sucked his dick" Sean said. "No I didn't!" I yelled at Sean. Sean burst out laughing and he said while laughing "You actually thought I was serious? hahaha!!" Then Grant and I started to laugh. Then Grant said, "Hey I don't have your number" I put mine in as he put his in and to this day, we stay in contact as "Friends" and we hangout and we suck each other off and love it. So today we don't date anyone and we just stay in contact and sometimes cum over webcam and we also go together and "Crash at each other's houses"..... I also have more stories about when I was 12-18.... Please vote that you like this :)

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