My Journey to Becoming A Slut – Part 2
Hey guys. What a great response in such a short time! Here is part 2. Let me know what you think. Like I said, I want to start slow but I see this story moving towards a more depraved one. If you have any suggestions, throw them in a comment and I'll think about including it in the upcoming chapters. Enjoy!

I leaned back on the concrete and spread my legs, pulling my lips open in the process and giving my brother the most seductive look I could muster. I could see his eyes travel to my vagina, looking at the pink inside as I opened myself up to him completely.

“Oh my god, you are so hot” My brother gasped. He slid down on his knees and crawled over in between my legs. I could feel my vagina throbbing in anticipation. If his finger felt that good on my special place, I could only imagine what his tongue would feel like. I couldn’t wait. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it towards my vagina. He stuck out his tongue tentatively, rubbing it along my hairy lips, almost as if he was deciding whether he liked the taste. Apparently he did, as he stuck his tongue out further and ran it from my hole up to the top of my vagina. Towards my extra special spot.

“Ughhhhhh” I moaned, “keep doing that Rob!” as I ground my vagina harder on his tongue.
“I think this is your clit, sis” Rob said, as he lifted his mouth slightly off my vagina. “It’s the most sensitive part on a woman’s vagina. Oh and a vagina is called cunt or pussy. Don’t use the word vagina anymore.” Rob said as he lowered his head back to my pussy.

“Sure Rob. Whatever you say. Just keep licking my clit. Ughhh” I moaned in a hurry. This was a billion times better than Jake’s finger. I couldn’t even comprehend how it could be that much better. I could feel the tingling feeling of my orgasm approaching, even though my brother had only been licking my pussy for 3 or 4 minutes.

“Keep going Rob! I’m almost there” I gasped, as my hands reached up and cupped my budding breasts and began pinching my nipples. That set me off. The feeling started in my toes again, as they curled up my legs snapped over my brother’s head, smothering him in my hairy pussy.

“Ughhh Cummmmminnnggg Ughhh” I moaned, barely making sense. I could feel my orgasm shooting towards my pussy and that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up to see my brother leaning over me again.
“Liz! You okay? You blacked out again!” He said urgently, shaking me awake.
“Yeah I’m fine!” I replied, “that was even better than before, thank you so much bro!” I said, as I reached up and hugged him. As I did I could feel his erect cock rubbing my stomach. I reached down and grasped it.

“Mmm, seems like someone needs to be drained. How convenient. I was just getting thirsty” I said, giggling to myself. I pushed Rob onto his back and leaned down to take his cock into my mouth again. I was really looking forward to it this time. I could devote all of my attention to one cock instead of 3. I lowered my head further down to his balls, gently running my tongue around the bottom of his sack and bringing it up to where it met his shaft.

“Ughh oh my god Liz, that feels amazing. Keep doing that” Rob moaned. I circled back and kept running my tongue over his hairy balls. I gently took one into his mouth.
“Whoa. Be careful Liz! That feels great but be gentle. My balls are sensitive” Rob said, exhaling as if he was in pure bliss. I was starting to really like this feeling. Making my brother feel so much pleasure gave me a lot of pleasure in return. I couldn’t quite pinpoint why but it was almost as exciting to suck his cock as it was to have him lick my pussy. Almost…

After licking his balls back and forth for a few more minutes, I raised my head to the head of his cock and slowly took it in my mouth. I made sure to run my tongue repeatedly over the underside of his head, where the most sensitive spot was, I reminded myself. I felt Rob reach up and grab my head. Could he be finishing so quickly? I barely started, I thought to myself.

“Okay sis, another lesson to follow for giving blowjobs” Rob said, thinking to himself on the fly. “Sometimes guys like to hold onto a girls head when they’re sucking their cock. Just let a guy hold your head and thrust into your mouth. It makes it kind of feel like a pussy’ he finished as he slowly started thrusting his long cock into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I had deepthroated Jake’s cock but it was smaller than my brothers. Could I do it with his too? Well. There was only one way to find out. I reached my small hands under my brothers ass and started pulling his waist into my mouth, jamming his cock further into my mouth. I wanted to see if I could get all of it inside my mouth. No. I needed to get it all inside my mouth. Feel it throb deep in my throat as he deposited his seed into my stomach. I deserved it for being such a good student, I remember thinking to myself.

“Ughhh Liz, that feels so good. You like deepthroating my cock, don’t you? You can’t wait for me to cum inside your mouth, can you?” Rob moaned, as he began thrusting his cock further into my mouth, bumping up against my throat. Just as I was thinking about how to respond, telling him yes, I needed his cum in my belly, he slammed his cock right past the end of my mouth, pushing down into my throat.

“mmmm” I moaned around his cock, feeling it throb inside of my mouth. I loved this feeling, I decided.
“Oh wow Liz that feels amazing. You can really suck cock can’t you.” Rob gasped, rocking his hips back and forth, slowly moving his cock from inside my throat to the entrance from my mouth and pushing back in again. I kept on swallowing over his cock, and breathing through my nose. It wasn’t bad at all. I actually really liked it. I could feel my brothers cock begin to swell. Yes! I thought to myself, here it comes.

“Here it comes Liz! Remember to swallow” Rob moaned, as if I considered not swallowing his cum. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him further into my throat, bumping my nose up against his stomach as he yelled out. He began cumming deep into my throat. I felt it travel up his cock and splash into my mouth. I pulled my head back slightly, desperate to catch more of it in my mouth so I could savor the taste more. Two, three, four spurts filled my mouth as my brother released his hold on my head and removed his cock from my mouth with a loud, wet pop.

“Ughhh Liz, that was absolutely amazing. You are so good at sex!” He exclaimed, looking down at me. I had kept his cum inside my mouth, swirling it around and loving the taste of it. I slowly let it slide down my throat, joining the rest of the cum my brother had deposited in my stomach before I could move my head back.

“Mmm I loved it too bro! Thanks!” I said, feeling proud of myself that I was so good at sex and I had only started learning about it today.
“Let’s go eat, I’m starving” I said, grabbing my brothers hand and pulling him towards the house. After we made some ham sandwiches and sat down to eat, I noticed my brother looking at me funny.

‘What?” I said, raising my eyebrow as I finished my sandwich
“Oh nothing, I’m just realizing how beautiful you are” He said. I turned a deep shade of red as I blushed profusely. I grabbed my plate and brought it to the sink, trying to hide how embarrassed I was. Even though I was still naked and had just had sex with my brother, for some reason him saying I was beautiful was different. Sex seemed separate from emotions in my mind. Sex was something anyone could do to anyone to make them feel good. Beauty was something dads said to moms.

“Thanks” I mumbled, “lets go take a shower, I feel dirty” I said as I turned towards him, smiling mischievously. I grabbed his hand, not even waiting for an answer and dragged him upstairs. As I said before, our house was a giant mansion. Our rooms were in a separate wing than my parents and even the house staff. We reached the top of the stairs and turned left, towards our wing where our rooms were next to each other.
“My shower or yours?” I said, since we each had one in our rooms
“Yours” Rob replied, as we ran into my room and turned into the washroom. I turned on the water, and felt it until it got hot. I jumped in, feeling my brother follow me as he closed the door after him. I ducked my head under the shower head, feeling refreshed as the hot water poured over my body. As I pulled my head back and wiped my long blond hair away from my face, I felt my brother reach around from behind me and grasp my boobs.

“mmm naughty boy!” I giggled, as I turned around and grasped his cock. “Ready for more, are we?” I teased as I slipped my small hand around his big cock for a few seconds.
“yes, I am” Rob said, thinking of taking things further. “You’re ready for another lesson sis, since you’ve been doing so well!”
“Ooo, what’s next, bro!” I exclaimed, suddenly realizing that my pussy was dripping wet again. Is it always going to be like this? I thought.
“Turn around Liz” Rob said, as he grabbed my shoulders and turned me around.
“Put your hands up against the side of the shower” He instructed. “Now, this may feel a bit weird at first but don’t worry it will get a lot better” Rob said as he moved behind me. I didn’t really know what he was doing but I soon felt a hand on my pussy. I moaned and arched my back, allowing my brother deeper access to my pussy. The hot water continued pouring over our naked bodies as I felt something hard and big brush against my pussy lips.

“Ughh, that feels good. Is that your cock, big bro?” I moaned, pushing my ass back towards him. I didn’t realize what was going to happen, since I had never really been taught about sex. The first moment his cock entered my pussy took the air out of my lungs.
“Oooohhhh, whoa, slowly.” I said, bracing my body further against the wall. Wow. It felt so big inside of me. I never really thought about what this was going to be like.
“Ok you can go further in now” I said, after taking a few seconds to adjust to the new feelings that were being sent from my pussy. My brother slowly slid further in, grabbing my ass in the process and bumped up against my hymen.
“Ouch!” I yelled, jerking my body forward, trying to get away from the painful contact. “That hurt!
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that Liz. Every woman has what they call a cherry. The first time you have sex, it breaks and you never have to deal with it again but that first time does hurt, I’ve heard.” Rob replied, barely able to keep his breath as he experienced a warm, wet pussy over his cock for the first time. Even though just the head of his cock was inside his sister, it still felt heavenly.
“Okkk” I replied hesitantly. “I do have to follow your orders, so I guess just do what you think is right.” I added, steeling myself against the pain I know was going to come. I felt Rob grab my hips again and slam his hips forward, bursting through my cherry and sending a shriek from my throat. It hurt like crazy, I couldn’t even comprehend it. Everything else had felt amazing up until now but this was terrible. It felt like someone had started a fire deep inside of my pussy.

“Stop. Please. It hurts” I begged, trying to get away from my brother’s impaling thrusts.
“Sorry sis” I heard Rob say behind me, “I can’t stop. Once you start having sex, a guy can’t stop or else he gets blue balls. It’s a really bad condition. That’s an important rule for you to remember.” He continued, as he started to thrust deep into my pussy. It still hurt but not as much, it kind of started receding to a dull ache. I had began crying but now I moved my head under the shower water to rinse it off. I didn’t want my brother to see that I couldn’t handle sex. Besides, it began to feel a little bit better now. I started to get a jolt of excitement every time my brother would pull his cock to the edge of my pussy and thrust back in. Just knowing that my pussy was tightly hugging his cock, dripping juices onto it, made me start to get excited.

“ooohhh, Rob, it’s starting to feel good now” I moaned, as I reached up and pinched my nipple with one hand while the other slid down to my pussy and began rubbing my clit back and forth. My brother began grunting really hard as his movements became a blur behind me. His thighs slapping loudly against my small but round ass as he hammered away at my pussy from behind. I didn’t even know this was a position you could have sex in, I thought to myself. If anything, I thought a man would lie down on top of a woman. It was Rob who thought of this since it was one of the positions he had seen in Jake’s dads porno magazine. I could begin to feel my orgasm approaching as I continued to rub my clit back and forth while my brother pounded me from behind.

“Ughhh, here it comes Liz” I heard Rob moan behind me
“A little bit more Rob. I’m almost there” I cried out, frantically rubbing my clit as I felt my orgasm wash over me. This time it was different. It started deep in my pussy and stayed there. This time, instead of travelling up and down my body, it was centred completely inside of my vagina. The feeling bounced back and forth off the walls of my vagina, throbbing towards my clit as my hand played with it. Then I felt my brothers cock swell inside of me. Of course, I thought dimly as my orgasm was in full swing. It swells inside a vagina also, idiot! What an amazing feeling. It drew my orgasm to new heights. Feeling my brother emptying his cum inside my cunt, filling me up and splashing the insides of my pussy with his seed. The last thing I felt was him reaching up and giving me a bear hug as I blacked out.

I woke to see Rob standing on top of me as I laid down on the bathroom floor.
“I had a feeling that was going to happen again” He chuckled, as he patted my hear behind my ear. “That’s really something else. You must have an extra sensitive pussy Liz. Every time you cum, you pass out.” Good thing I was there to hold you up.” He added
“Yeah. Wow. I don’t care how many times I black out. As long as I can continue to get that feeling, I’m set. I want to do this all the time, okay?” I said, looking up at him and smiling.
“Sure, Liz! But right now I’m exhausted. Let’s go to bed.” He said, as he picked up my petite blond naked body and brought me to my bed. He pulled back the covers with one hand and dropped my on my bed with the other. He climbed in next to me and spooned me from behind, reaching around to squeeze my boobs with his right hand.

“Night sis” Rob said, as he lightly flicked my nipples on my boobs.
“Night bro” I replied, drifting off into a wonderful dream of cocks, pussies, cum and orgasms.

Continued in Part 3…

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