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More stories from my ex
It's been a while since my hook up with James. He was a great fuck, but the army transferred him soon after our first date and as it turned out he had a fiancé. So, I was feeling a bit horny and a bit neglected one day after work when a knock came at my barrack room. I open it up and in walks Marcus, my neighbors boyfriend with a brother, Leon, a new kid just out of basic and AIT and at his first duty station. He was all of 18, tall and very dark skinned, from Alabama, and very nice looking. Marcus is something of a smart ass, and I asked where's Kathy (his girlfriend), and he says who cares, we came to see you. At first I didn't think much of it, and Marcus says, I have some good smoke, if you have some beers we can party. I figure what the fuck, yeah, and we all sit down. Now by small room has only a single bed, a desk with my little t.v. on it, and one chair. Marcus rolls a joint as we make small talk and drink beer, the guys on the bed, me in the chair. Marcus fires up the joint, and I move between the guys to make it easier to pass that thing. It was REALLY good stuff, after a couple of tokes, I was buzzed really good. Marcus turns and blows me a shotgun, then tells me to hold it in and blow it to Leon, which I do. As I am blowing the smoke into Leon's mouth, our lips touch and we kiss for a few seconds, the sensation and weed making me very horny indeed. We continue to kiss and I feel his hand on my legs, me only wearing cutoff shorts. His long black fingers inch their way up my white thighs until they reach my crotch. It must have been the buzz, and/or my own horniness that I let him move his fingers under my shorts into my pussy. This is unbelievable, was my only thought at this point.

Marcus then us gets up goes to the door and locks it, turns around and undresses right in front of us as I continue to get finger fucked by Leon, with his tongue working my neck, his other hand going for my breast. I was in heaven, though a bit nervous about the prospect of getting fucked by 2 big black men. Marcus was naked now, kinda fat a little, not in great shape, but his cock was as fat as a pop can, it seemed. He stepped toward us and says "come here and suck on this baby" and I comply instantly. His dick was kinda nasty and sweaty, which made me feel disgusted and excited at the same time. Soon, I was jerking his fat dick in my hand sucking on it's big head getting him hard. His dick wasn't that long, maybe 7 inches, but too fat to get very much in my tiny mouth. Still, he tried to get as much of it in my mouth as he could by holding my head and shoving his hips at my face, gagging me a couple of times. After a few minutes, I stand up and turn my back to Marcus and say lets see what you have, Leon. As quick as he can he gets out of his clothes as I take off my green army t-shirt and cutoff shorts. I cannot believe I am standing naked in front of these 2 black guys, about to get fucked.

Leon pulls off his white jockey shorts and his giant cock swings out in front of me, at least 10 inches long, hard as it can be. He shakes his hips from side to side making it wag like a dogs tail, the sight of which makes us all laugh for a minute. What a gorgeous cock, I mutter and reach out to hold it and pull him to me. I'm standing there between these two naked black men, like a human Oreo cookie, letting their hands and lips roam over my body. I push Leon back a little, and bend over to take Leon's monster cock in my mouth. Unlike Marcus's cock, Leon's is clean and sweet, with it's big head and veiny shaft a delight to kiss and suck into my mouth. Marcus, on cue takes the opportunity of me bending over to shove his fat dick into my pussy. Like the fucker he is, he doesn't take it easy, and starts shoving that fat thing in me in a few short strokes, hurting me a little until I get used to its thickness being inside of me.

After a few minutes of this, I pull up and say "Leon, I want you to put this thing inside of me". Marcus lays down on my bed and I get in position to take Leon's beautiful cock from behind as I suck on Marcus. The gentleness of Leon slowly sliding his monster In me turned me on, as I sucked on Marcus's fat dick, with my pussy juices making it not as smelly. Leon fucks me faster and faster, reaching around to stimulate my clit while shoving it in my pussy, which sends me quivering into a violent orgasm. I have to take Marcus's dick out of my mouth to catch my breath, that's how good the orgasm went through me. After a short pause, Leon continues to pump more and more of his monster into me, going faster and faster, holding my hips and shoving me forward onto Marcus's dick with each pump. Soon Marcus is holding my head down on his cock as he says "I'm coming" and I feel his cock squirting gobs of jism down my throat. I gag a little, pulling out, as more of his cum continues to spew from his cock, going all over my face and hair. The sensation of all this sends me into another shaking orgasm, with me cumming all over Leon's dick, while lapping up as much of Marcus's cum as I can, like a thirsty dog. Soon, Leon is coming inside of my pussy, shoving his dick so far inside of me, I swear it's hitting my stomach. We must have laid there for many minutes, as the young 18 year old black stud emptied himself completely into my white pussy.

In a few minutes, a knock comes to the door, and I peep out to see Kathy standing there, a smile on her face. I let her in and she looks over at Marcus and says "see what I told you?". It was now quite obvious I had become addicted to black cock.

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