My Journey to Becoming a Slut – Part 3
Hey guys! Thanks for the positive feedback again! I'm trying to make this a slow progression into something a little bit more hardcore. If that's not your thing, then sorry. If it is, keep the positive ratings and comments coming! Thanks everyone!

I had the most amazing dream as I slept. I was swimming in the ocean, naked. As I continued swimming, I realized the water had changed to cum. It was white and thick and oh so tasty. I started treading in it as I pushed myself down, enveloping my entire body in cum. I began drinking it in gulps, I couldn’t get enough. The cum level started receding and I could feel my stomach starting to fill with cum. It was so tasty, I would drink in a huge mouthful, swirl it around to taste it and drink it down greedily. As I started reaching the bottom of the ocean, a giant penis appeared from under me and impaled itself inside my tiny vagina. I thought it would hurt as it entered me but I only felt pleasure. It slid into me easily, helped along by the mixture of cum that was soaked on my body and the juices from my extremely wet pussy. It slid in and out, in and out of my pussy, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I had drank so much cum that there was barely a foot left of it on the ocean floor. As I started thrusting down in time to meet the giant cock impaling itself in my pussy, I began waking up. The first thing I realized as I did was that there a giant cock inside my pussy, sliding in and out of me. The second thing I realized was that my face was covered in cum. Apparently I wasn’t dreaming as much as I thought. I turned my head to look behind me and saw my brother Rob concentrating intensely as he thrust his cock in and out of my tight, barely virgin pussy. He sensed my movements and looked up at my with a big grin.

“Hey sis, I hope you don’t mind, I was horny and didn’t want to wake you up. I figured you are my property anyways so it’s kind of like I’m fucking my vagina.” He said, chuckling to himself. I began thrusting my hips back in time to meet his thrusts, sending a loud slapping noise as my ass met his thighs on the bed.
“Mmm, no problem at all bro, you can wake me up like this whenever you want” I gasped, as my left hand snaked its way down towards my clit while my right hand began kneading my right breast, pinching my nipple. I started thinking about what my brother had said. I was his property. It seemed to make sense. I made a deal with my brother and his friends that if they taught me about sex, I had to listen to everything they said. Well, my brother was demanding that he fuck my pussy. It wasn’t the thought of being his property that I thought was odd, it was the fact that it excited me so much. Since first being exposed to sex not 2 days ago, I had come to the conclusion that I loved it. Every aspect of it. Sucking on cocks, drinking cum, having my pussy fucked, licked, anything. It all felt wonderful. I finally understood why adults would do this all the time, I couldn’t get enough. The feeling of having my brothers cock quickly sliding in and out of my pussy, sent the sensors in my pussy into overdrive. I started cumming.

“Ughhh!! Rob!!! I’m cummmmmminnnngggg” I moaned loudly. This was the best one yet. The position my brother was in allowed him to drive his cock deep into my pussy. As I began cumming, he quickly jumped on top of me, keeping his cock in my tight pussy as he turned my slightly so that I was lying on my stomach. He continued thrusting deep into my pussy, hitting what felt like every inch of space inside of it.
“I lovveee your cock Rob! It feels like it was made especially for my pussy” I screamed, deep in the throes of cumming. The last thing I remember was my brother pounding my pussy as I lay on my stomach on my bed. I woke a little bit later to the most amazing feeling in the world. Evidently my brother wasn’t close when I had orgasmed and passed out (I thought the cum on my face probably had something to do with his stamina). Just as I was awakening from my post orgasm blackout, I felt my brothers cock swell deep inside my pussy and began pumping his cum into me. The warm, hard spurts easily filled up my tiny pussy over and over, until I could feel it leaking out down my thighs as he finished thrusting into me one last time.

“Wow Liz. That was amazing. This passing out thing after you orgasm is great. You become like jelly, I can move you around however I like.” Rob said proudly, as if he had given me directions to black out every time I had an orgasm.
“At the beginning it kind of worried me because you said you had never heard of that happening before but now it just feels so good, both when I cum and as I come out of the blackout – I couldn’t really care less.” I said, turning over on the bed and reaching my hand down to catch the cum leaking out of my pussy. I slowly dig my fingers inside of me and scooped up whatever cum I could manage to find, bringing it to my lips as I greedily slurped it up. My brother’s mouth was hanging open when I looked up.

“You really do love cum, don’t you Liz?” Rob asked, a smile now appearing on his face
“Mmmm…yeah I do. It’s just so tasty! And I get excited drinking it because it’s so naughty. Something about it coming out of the same place as you pee from excites me!” I stated matter-of-factly, as I licked my fingers clean of his leftover cum.

(Looking back on it now I realize that I this is where I started thinking about sex as a totally physical act, with no emotion tied to it whatsoever. I mean, I loved my brother as all sisters do, but it wasn’t about that for me. For me, it was all about the pleasure. Anyone or anything that could make me feel like my brother and his friends did I was okay with. As long as I gave and received pleasure, I couldn’t care less about how it was on the other end. That’s definitely not the way normal people think, I’ve come to realize but if you asked me if I could do it all over again, I would say yes…but I digress)

“Come with me Liz, I want to show you something” Rob said, his eyes lighting up as if a brilliant idea had just popped into his mind.
“Okay!” I said, “I could actually use a shower if that’s what you’re thinking”
“It’s something like that” Rob said, grinning to himself as he dragged me into my washroom. He opened the curtains and turned the shower on, holding his hand under the nozzle until it was hot.
“Where is your razor, Liz?” Rob asked suddenly. What could he want with my razor? I had started shaving my legs and armpits roughly a year ago, right when my periods began. I hated the feeling of stubble on my legs or under my armpits, so I usually shaved every 2-3 days to keep it smooth.
“Why do you want my razor? I asked
“Don’t worry, just trust me. I’m in charge, remember?” Rob replied, motioning me to jump on my sink cabinet.
“Okayyy” I said, curious as to what my brother was up to. He lifted my 90 pound body up onto the sink and spread my legs. I giggled to myself as I realized that I hadn’t put on clothes in about a full day, realizing that I liked the freedom of being naked.
“What’s so funny sis?” Rob asked as he reached up and grabbed my razor from a wall cabinet and got my shaving cream and a wet cloth, which he dipped under the head of the hot shower.
“Oh nothing, never mind” I said
“Fine. Now, you might think this is a little weird but do you know how you shave your legs and armpits now? Rob asked
“Yeah.” I replied, wondering where this was going.
“Well, most girls don’t keep any hair on their pussies either.” Rob said, remembering back to that one picture in Jake’s dads porno where the girl had a hairless pussy. It had turned him on to no end and now he wanted to make his sister bare as well.
“Oh” I said, finally understanding what he was preparing for. “You can do it to me but just be careful”
“I will, don’t worry Lizzy” Rob said as he reached back and grabbed a chair I kept in my bathroom. It put his face at perfect level with my pussy as I opened my legs to give him better access. He gently laid the hot cloth over my blond pussy hair, making it wet.

“Ohhhh, that feels really nice” I said, liking the texture of the rough cloth over my mound sending shivers up my spine. I could feel myself getting wet.
“Hahaha, good! I haven’t started yet though.” Rob said, removing the cloth and pouring a generous amount of shaving cream onto his hand. He spread it over my blond pussy hair from top to bottom, making sure to cover the areas around my pussy lips and around my clit. It felt serene to have his hands running over my most sensitive areas. I started thrusting my hips, trying to get his hands to touch my clit, giving me pleasure but he resisted.
“Careful sis, you don’t want to do that when I have the razor in my hand” Rob said, chuckling to himself
“Mmm but it feels so good” I said, pouting as I looked down at him between my legs. That sight was almost enough to make me cum but I held it in.
“I know, I know. I’ll take care of that after. Just be still for a bit now, okay?” He said and without waiting for a response, picked up my razor and began shaving my blonde pubic hair off my pussy. He started at the top and did the easy stuff first, away from my actual pussy. When he got closer in, he began holding my pussy lips in one direction or another, to ensure he was getting every last hair. He even spread some shaving cream and slipped his finger near my asshole to rub it around, shaving hair I didn’t even know was there.

“All done! What do you think?” He said, rinsing his hands under the water that was quickly making my bathroom steamy.
“Wow. I’m not really sure. I always though having hair down there made you more of a woman but I guess I could get used to this.” I said, running my hands down to my now bare pussy. I had to admit that I did like the way it looked now. You could see everything. My wet thin pussy lips, my clit poking out the top. I spread my lips and ran a finger up my slit to my clit.

“Mmm, I actually really do like the way it feels on my hand now” I moaned, starting to flick my finger back and forth over my clit.
“Let me feel!” Rob said excitedly as he reached down and ran his hand over my mound, cupping my pussy.
“Yeah, this is much better. From now whenever you shave your legs or armpits, also shave your pussy.” He instructed.
“Yes sir!” I said, giggling to myself, “but now you need to follow through on your promise. I forget exactly what it was again…can you remind me?” I whispered, as I reached down and grabbed his erect cock, guiding it towards my pussy as I leaned over the sink, looking at my brother in the mirror behind me as he lined his cock up with my tight, hairless pussy.

“Fuck my cunt, big bro!” I moaned, as I felt his cockhead slip between my lips.
“Ughhhh…so gooooddd!” I cried, as I thrust my hips back, desperate to impale my petite body further onto his cock. I wanted it as deep as it could possibly go. I felt my brother remove his hands from my ass and reach around my body to cup my boobs.
“Yeah! You like that, my little slut?” Rob groaned as he continued to thrust his cock deep into my pussy. I briefly wondered what the word slut meant as he continued fucking me but quickly lost my train of thought as I felt my pussy spasming around his cock in the telltale sign of my impending orgasm.
“I’mmm Gonnnaaa Cummmmmm” I moaned, grabbing his hands that were over my tits and squeezing them into me harder.
“Me tooo” My brother grunted, as I felt his cock swell and his cum begin shooting deep inside of my pussy. That feeling kept my orgasm going. Longer than it ever had before. Near the end, I could tell that I was shrieking loudly right before I blacked out. When I woke up not too long after that, I could still feel my brothers cock inside my pussy, harder than ever. I looked back at him and wiggled my ass.

“Thanks for holding me up when I blacked out” I giggled, gasping as he slid his hard cock in and out of my pussy again. “This has been the best 24 hours of my life.”
“Me too sis” Rob said, as he grabbed my small, pert ass cheeks and spread them open, I assume to get a better look at his cock sliding in and out my pussy. I watched him intently in the mirror as he stood behind and slowly moved one of his hands, keeping the other in place as held my ass cheeks open. I could feel the hot steamy air from the shower on my rosebud and it made me flex it a couple of times, almost as if it was winking at my brother. I suddenly felt my brothers finger touch my asshole, gently rubbing around the edges.

“What are you doing back there, Rob?” I asked, “that’s gross”
“No it’s not Liz, it’s beautiful. You don’t know it yet but your asshole can also make you feel good” Rob said, trying to sound educational as he looked up at me in the mirror, having stopped thrusting into my pussy, holding his cock up against my cervix.
“Really?” I asked, surprised. “Like how?”. So far everything my brother had taught me had felt good so I had a lot of trust in him, not to mention he was my brother. It couldn’t be that bad if other people did it, could it?

“I’ll show you Liz” Rob replied, as he moved his finger down from my asshole, coated it with the copious amounts of juices that were running down from my pussy and brought it back up to my rosebud. He gently inserted it into my ass and wiggled his finger around.
“How does it feel Liz?” He asked
“Not as bad as I thought it would” I replied, enjoying the feeling of my brothers cock in my pussy and his finger in my ass. I could feel them both moving against each other. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have a cock in my ass and pussy at the same time when my brother started thrusting his cock in and out of me again. That, combined with his finger sliding in and out of my tight ass sent me over the top. I began to cum.

“Ughhh, I’m cummminggg Roooobbbbb” I moaned, feeling my orgasm travel from my toes, up to my pussy, in and around my ass and up to my rock hard nipples. I squeezed them hard as I reached the pinnacle of my climax. Everything started spinning but I didn’t black out. I kept cumming. Over and over and over again. Clenching my tight pussy around my brother. I felt his cock swell and begin pumping his seed into my pussy.

“Wow. I can feel you cumming!” I shrieked, as I continued cumming
“Ughhh, me too sis!” Rob moaned as he thrust into my pussy one last time and held me close to his chest, his finger still buried in my ass.
“Hey Rob! I came but I didn’t black out!” I mentioned to him, feeling the wonderful afterglow of my orgasm
“Yeah, you’re right!” Rob exclaimed, removing his finger from my ass and pulling his cock from my pussy. It made a loud spurt noise as he removed it and I could feel his two loads of cum running out of my pussy. I quickly jumped up on the counter and spun around to face my brother. I spread my legs open and moved my hand under my pussy opening, desperate to catch whatever cum was left over. I squeezed my pussy, hoping to push some out. And boy did it work! Thick, white streams of cum poured out of my pussy into my hand. My brother looked down at me with a huge grin on his face. I wiped my hand over my pussy hole one last time, ensuring that my hand had caught everything and brought it up to my mouth. It was covered in cum. Thick, sweet, delicious, white boy cum. I ran my tongue up and down my hand, pouring my brothers sperm into my mouth, savoring the taste. After I finished, I looked up at him and smiled.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen Liz. If I didn’t just cum twice in a row, I’d fuck you silly right now” Rob said, his breathing heavy as he stared at my mouth, cum dripping down the sides.
“Mmm, I’m glad you liked it. I just can’t get enough of your cum big bro. I would eat it morning, noon and night if I could” I said, smacking my lips together in the universal sign of something being tasty.
“That can be arranged” Rob said, laughing to himself. “But first, let’s shower, shall we?” Rob said as he led me into the shower. It had been running this whole time but it didn’t matter. We had grown up with every luxury imaginable. The thought that we could be wasting water never crossed our minds. After we showered and dried off, I looked at my brother.

“Rob! This has honestly been the best 24 hours of my life. I don’t know about you but I want to continue doing this for a long, long time. I think I may be addicted to sex, but I don’t even care. It’s just so amazing! I want to experience everything!” I half said, half moaned.
“It’s been amazing for me too Liz. You’re not addicted to sex, everyone likes it this much. But most people don’t talk openly about it. Since we’re brother and sister, we can. To be honest, I don’t know much more than what I’ve already shown you” Rob replied, “but I’m happy to discover and experience everything about sex with you”
“Oh yes Rob!” I shouted joyously as I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his shoulder.
“Rob?” I asked softly, before pulling my face back a bit to look up at him
“What sis?” Rob replied
“What’s a slut?” I asked, remembering when he called me a slut earlier when he was fucking me
“Oh, haha” Rob laughed, “it’s nothing serious. A slut is just a girl who likes sex. Most women are sluts.” Rob continued, repeating the line Jake had told him a hundred times over the past few years.
“Oh. Okay cool. So I’m a slut I guess? I said, looking up into his deep brown eyes
“No Lizzy. You’re my slut” He said, smiling down at me

I leaned up and kissed him. Not a brotherly, sisterly type of kiss but a passionate one. I don’t know why I did it but it just felt right. Our mouths opened up and our tongues danced with each other, intertwining constantly for a few, brief, pleasurable moments.

“I’ll make you one deal bro” I said, breaking our kiss for a split second.
“Oh yeah? What’s that?” Rob replied
“I’ll be your slut but you have to promise to share me people. Not that you won’t be enough to satisfy me but there’s something about sex that I crave. I need to be able to pleasure and be pleasured by different men, maybe more than one at a time, many of whom you’ll choose of course” I said, thinking back to yesterday when Rob and his two friends played with me and how exciting it was.

“So? What do you say?” I said, feeling nervous about exposing myself so deeply to him.
Rob looked into my eyes for a second, almost as if he was weighing the decision in his mind and then replied, “You got yourself a deal Liz.”
“I take that to mean that you want me to invite Jake and Alan over again, sometime soon?” He said
“I was thinking this afternoon” I said, rubbing my hands together mischievously.
“You’re insatiable!” Rob said, chuckling to himself
“You got it wrong, bro. I’m just a slut.” I replied

Continued in Part 4…

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" 'this passing out thing after you orgasm is great! You become like jelly, i can move you around however I like!' rob says proudly.


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