Fire watch isn't so bad
With my daughters in high school and participating in the drama department, I've taken the opportunity to volunteer much of my free time in helping with the productions. From set builds to set strikes and everything in between, I'm there on nights, weekends and whenever. I've always been involved and have been enthusiastic in doing so. Since I'm always there, I've gotten to know plenty of the kids and parents who are also involved with the various endeavors.

During the school musical this past spring, we needed volunteers for plenty of jobs. I decided to take a fire watch shift during an evening rehearsal. Basically, it's sitting in the school's main office and keeping an eye on the fire alarm. The system is disabled because of the smoke effects used in the musical and someone needs to make sure none of the various alarms around the school go off. If they do, I get on the walkie-talkie and tell the custodian, who goes to check it out. It's boring but quiet and a good book is a fine companion for this three hour gig.

Since it was an evening rehearsal, one of the parents brought in dinner for the kids and crew. I was sitting in the deserted main office in the small ante room where the fire alarm was, reading and hoping someone would remember to bring me a plate of food as I was starving. I heard the outer office door open and shut and footsteps come towards me. I looked up and a girl named Audrey walked in with a plate for me. A little about her....

Audrey was the older sister of a girl I had coached in softball and was now a freshman at a small college in Iowa. Half Chinese and half white, Audrey was a fantastic looking young lady. Vaguely almond-shaped eyes and a cute button nose accompanied her full lips. Dark, wavy hair flowed to her shoulders and her figure.....WOW. She had small but incredibly pert young boobs, a small waist and an ass that looked good enough to eat. She was friendly and popular and had the reputation of a good girl. Her mom is a religious person and was known to have her three kids on the straight and narrow path. All were top students and stayed out of trouble. The oldest kid was a son who was in his last year of college and headed to law school after that. The younger sister was ranked 1st in her class, class president and involved in plenty of activities.

"Audrey!!" I exclaimed. "What are you doing here?" I gave her a quick hug as we usually did. We went back a ways with the families and were comfortable greeting each other like that.

"I'm home for a week and came to watch the rehearsal. Mrs. Abel fixed a plate for you and asked me to bring it up to you.", she responded. It was a sandwich and some chips, good enough for me since I was hungry. She sat down next to me and we caught up a bit as I ate quickly. She looked amazing as usual....maybe even better than I had recalled. That year of college (not to mention the fact she was 18 and legal to fuck) did her a real service. My cock started to tingle as she smiled at me as we chatted. I finished my food and dumped the plate into the garbage.

"So how's school? Learning a lot I bet!!"

"It's really fun!! I have a great roommate and we've gotten along great. My classes are pretty challenging too. I had no idea how much went into being a college student. One thing I've learned is the value of free time and just being able to relax. Being on my own is a new experience and I'm finding it has some real benefits and some downside. I mean, who likes doing laundry?" she laughed.

"What do you like best about it?" I asked.

"Well, being out from under my mom's constant view is great. Every guy I dated in high school needed to be scrutinized and evaluated. The only guy she liked was Dennis (her senior year boyfriend) and that's because he was boring. College guys are so much more fun. I feel so free down there." she admitted. She slid her chair a little closer to mine.

I was caught a bit off guard there. Was she teasing me? She was a known prude from what I had heard and seen from her mom. Her mom was always bragging on how well-behaved her kids were. Surely she was just talking about nothing, right?

"I mean, she has no way to judge anyone I'm seeing. I can even have a guy in my room and she can't do anything about it." she said. My cock was seriously stirring visualizing her dorm room and bed. "I feel free to do anything I want. Or whoever I want."

"Well, that's a good thing I guess." I stammered. This was going somewhere I wasn't prepared for.

"The more I try things, the more I feel alive. It's so liberating being on my own that I want to try so many things and push the envelope. Like, the first time I had sex, I couldn't wait to try it again. It was..." she continued as I stopped her.

"Whoa, there. What are you talking about?", I asked. This was not the same girl I knew for a few years.

"I'm just being the new me. The new Audrey who lives the way I want to, not the way my mom tells us to. She is so overwhelming that going away really opened my eyes as to what else is out there. My brother is still under her thumb and so is Kristin (the younger sister). I guess every family needs a black sheep, so it's gonna have to be me.", she admitted. "I asked to bring the food up here when Mrs. Abel said you were on fire watch. I've always thought you were a hot dad and you're on my list."

"What list?"

"My 'don't let my mom influence me' list!! Since I've been sexually active, I put together a list of guys who I'd like to get to know a bit better."

By this point I was totally confused. Was she messing with me? Was she serious? Was I being pranked or set up? I couldn't even answer her.

"What I've really found I enjoy is sucking dick." She got up and walked over to me and got real close. "How about if I suck yours? Nobody will bother us up here. Let me show you my new skill!", she giggled. She must have read my mind because I still couldn't talk.

"I'm not trying to trick you or anything. I'm just young and horny and exploring this new side of myself. You can say no and I'll leave and never say anything, obviously. But consider this.", she said and unbuttoned her blouse and knelt in front of me. She unhooked her bra in the front and exposed herself. Her tits were a bit bigger than her clothes would show. I gawked at her, still unable to talk. I felt like a teen-aged boy waiting for his first touch of tit. She took my hand and put it on her chest. That snapped me out of it and convinced me she was sincere in her request for my cock. I started to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples. They were instantly erect between my fingers. With my other hand, I touched her lips and slid a finger into her mouth. She slowly sucked my finger and rolled her tongue all over it. God, I couldn't wait to get my cock in there next.

We felt each other for a few minutes, then I decided we needed to get the show on the road. I unzipped my pants and undid my belt. She pulled my cock out and lovingly slid it slowly into her hot teen mouth. I leaned back against the table and let her have me.

Grabbing my balls, she bobbed her head up and down on my cock, slurping away softly. She might have been new at sucking a penis, but she was a quick study. Flicking the head of my cock with her tongue, she would alternate running her tongue on the underside of my shaft all the while kneading my nuts softly. Her eyes never left mine, even as I started to invade her mouth faster. I pulled out of her mouth and slapped her face a bit with my steel rod of a cock.

"Do your college boys do that?", I laughed.

"Oh yeah, I love that. Know what else I love? Cock between my tits. Fuck my little titties."

She leaned back a bit and I put my cock between her boobs. They were smallish, but incredibly firm and my cock felt great just rubbing on them. She pushed them together and let me enjoy her chest. Sliding up and down felt great, but her mouth was by far more enjoyable. Besides, I didn't want to come on her anywhere. I needed to leave no trace, so I slid back into her mouth. Eagerly, she accepted me back into her hot little gullet and started to suck me like a porn starlet would. HARD.

"Fuck my face. I want to taste your cum so bad.", she told me between slurps. Even though she couldn't take all of me into her throat, I got my money's worth. I grasped the back of her head and went to town. Sloppily, she sucked away, trying to get me all the way down her mouth but couldn't. No matter, it was amazing feeling my balls bounce on her chin. Not surprisingly, I felt my balls begin to tighten and tingle.

"Oh God, Audrey, I'm gonna cum in your fucking mouth.", I gasped right before I erupted into her hot mouth. Spurt after spurt of cum splashed against the back of her throat, each rope punctuated by a thrust into her face. She might not have been able to go deep with me, but she sure could swallow cum fast. Gulp after gulp, swallow after swallow, she kept pace with my ejaculations until I slumped back, spent. She leaned back and showed me the inside of her mouth....empty. She was smiling and looked great with her titties all covered in sweat from her efforts. I composed myself as did she. She took a drink of my soda and gave me a big, wet kiss. I didn't mind the taste at all.

"Thanks for the fun!! Just so you know, I'll be around all summer. If we bump into each other again, maybe we can do that again.", she teased as she got up to go back downstairs.

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