A medieval erotic story about a royal family
Sorry it has taken me so long to write; I've been really busy. But here's a new series about medieval sex and domination. Although this first chapter does not include male domination (my usual subject matter), it may pop up later on in the series! Enjoy!

* * *

The red sun rose over the parapets of of Castle Candor. Within his chambers, King Phillip stirred in his bed as the light cascaded through his windows. He pushed himself up into a sitting position, causing his wife, Genevieve, to stir. She opened her brilliant blue eyes and smiled at him.

King Phillip was starting to reach the end of his life, and he knew it. His fifty-fife year old body strained against his every move. But he was not one to be stopped by a little ache. Leaning forward, he kissed his wife on the lips. She turned forty-one just a couple weeks ago. And her body still looked in perfect shape.

Genevieve smiled, saying, “So, how is my Lord feeling this morning?”

Her hand slid down his body to feel his cock, which was already straining against his silken nightwear.

“Is my Lord ready for his morning exercise?” Genevieve whispered in her husband's ear.

Phillip laughed, kissing his wife again. She was perfect. He could always count on her to be ready for everything. Especially sex.

Her soft hands slid under Phillip's pants, and she softly grasped his erect cock. Phillip's own hands were already moving up and down his wife's body, massaging here, rubbing there. They slowly began to pull up on her nightgown, and Genevieve raised her arms, allowing it to get pulled over her head.

Phillip's hands went to his wife's breasts, working them with a practiced touch. She stretched her head back, moaning softly, and her own hands went to the waistband of her husband's pants. They slipped off easily, causing his hard cock to spring upward.

Genevieve moaned even louder as Phillip's fingers began probing her pussy. He started by slowly rubbing her pussy in small circles. She was already wet. Slowly, he began to slide two of his fingers in. They started fucking her pussy, and Genevieve moved her hand back to Phillip's cock. She stroked it as her husband fingered her.

Phillip repositioned himself on the bed, climbing between his wife's legs. She could feel the tip of his erect dick softly pushing against her pussy. Genevieve moaned again, moving her hands up and down her husband's back.

He slowly began to thrust into her. For an old man, Phillip was extremely good at pleasuring his wife. Within minutes, they were writhing in the bed, completely immersed in their carnal lovemaking. One of Phillip's hands was rubbing his wife's breasts. She had wrapped her legs around him, pushing his cock even deeper into her pussy.

Phillip was getting close and he knew it. He began thrusting faster. His wife, recognizing the signs, leaned forward.

“Cum deep into my pussy, my Lord,” she moaned out. “Fill me with your seed.”

Unable to control himself, Phillip came, his dick completely encompassed by his wife's tight pussy. He collapsed onto her, kissing her cheek.

But they weren't the only ones in the castle having fun.

* * *

Princess Eva awoke, feeling the sheets against her naked body. She smiled, watching the light streaming in from the windows. Stretching her body, she clapped, summoning a servant into her chambers. The servant came running in.

She said, “You called, my Lady?”

“Why yes I did,” Eva said, smiling. “Can you send in the guard outside?”

The servant curtseyed and left, saying, “Of course, my Lady.”

Eva sat up in her bed, letting the sheets fall down to reveal her breasts. She glanced at a mirror beside her bed, revealing her nicely formed features and her straight brown hair. Moving a hand up to her breasts, she smiled. Hers were much bigger than her mother's or sister's. At the age of twenty one, she was 4 years her sister's senior. And much more...mature.

A small cough interrupted her thoughts. “I'm here, m'lady,” a gruff voice called out.

Eva turned her head to see Godfrey, a new recruit and, she smiled, unfamiliar with her ways. He was a broad shouldered man, extremely strong, wearing the coat of arms of her family on his breastplate. Godfrey was kneeling on the ground, averting his eyes from Eva's exposed figure.

She stood, letting the sheet cascade off her body, revealing her naked form. Turning away from Godfrey, she busied herself at her bedside table. As she turned back, Eva saw his head turn to the side, averting his gaze again. But he had been looking.

Striding forward, Eva said, “What's wrong? Are you afraid to look at your naked Mistress?”

“Uh, well...” Godfrey stammered out. “I—uh—yes m'lady?”

Eva grabbed his chin under his helmet. Turing his head so that he stared directly at her, she asked menacingly, “Do you not like what you see?”

“I...uh—m'lady is very beautiful,” he choked out.

“Is that all you have to say?”

She tossed his helmet onto the ground, where it bounced with a loud clang, causing Godfrey to flinch. Eva backed up a couple steps, moving her hands to her breasts. She rubbed and squeezed them while looking at Godfrey kneeling on the ground.

“Well?” She asked again. “Is that all?

“Uh...what does m'lady want me to say?” He asked, trying to turn his gaze away from her body.

Eva hissed, causing him to snap his eyes back to her breasts. “Better,” she said. “Now, tell me how beautiful you think I look. Be specific.”

Godfrey's mouth hung open for a couple seconds. “M'lady? look very beautiful. Your...uh...breasts are very nice. And you have—uh...a nice figure?”

“Good,” Eva said.

She climbed back onto her bed, laying on her chest. “Your mistress needs a massage. Take off your armor and get on this bed. NOW!”

Godfrey jumped, tossing his gauntlets and sword on the ground next to his helmet. He struggled with the rest of his armor, fumbling as Eva cleared her throat loudly. But he soon had it all on a neat pile on the ground. Godfrey nervously clambered onto his mistress' bed and flexed his fingers over her prone form.

He slowly began kneading her shoulders and back. Eva's skin felt soft and was perfectly toned. Godfrey couldn't help but get aroused.

Suddenly, Eva rolled onto her back. She looked up mischievously at the guard.

“You need to get my front too,” she said, causing her breasts to wiggle.

Godfrey could feel his dick pushing against his pants, but he tried to ignore it as he moved his hands up and down Eva's torso. He made certain to avoid touching her breasts.

About five minutes into the massage, Godfrey began to feel something on his thigh. He looked down to see one of Eva's hands. But it was placed there so casually that he just ignored it and continued. It slowly made its way up his leg, getting closer and closer to his hard cock.

Eva gasped, mocking surprise, as she said, “Wait, is someone's dick getting hard for his mistress?”

“Uh...well...” Godfrey mumbled, unsure of what to say.

She grabbed his cock, hard, squeezing and releasing it, giving him both pain and pleasure.

“I think,” she said, “someone is fantasizing about fucking a princess.”

“Of—of course not, m'lady,” Godfrey said in a low voice.

“But, I think my father would have your job, if not your life, if he heard about this.”

Godfrey sat on the bed, fear starting to fill his body. He was in one hell of a predicament. Who would Lord Phillip believe? Definitely his daughter over a lowly guard. So Godfrey had no choice.

“Uh. I agree, m'lady. This does...uh...not look good.”

Eva continued rubbing Godfrey's dick through his pants. She wore a malicious grin.

“First of all, no more calling me m'lady. You will refer to me as mistress only. Are we clear?”

“Yes,” Godfrey said. “Yes, Mistress.” He had a bad feeling he knew where this was going.

“Secondly, when you are in my chambers, you will obey every order I give you without question. Is that clear?”

“Uh yes Mistress.”

“Good. If you disobey me, I will punish you. You don't want to get punished by me.” There was a maniacal gleam in her eye. Godfrey knew right then that he would never disobey her.

“Lastly, your only goal—your only ambition—in my chambers is to please me. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress. Of course.”

Eva spread her legs, revealing her pussy. It was already soaked.

“Well then. Start pleasing me.”

Godfrey paused. Did she really want him to? He reached out slowly with his hand, bringing his fingers close to his Mistress' pussy.

Eva slapped his hand away. “Your fingers are far to dirty. You'll have to use...other methods.”

Repositioning himself on the bed, Godfrey climbed between his Mistress' legs. He leaned forward and began, slowly to lick her pussy. It tasted somewhat sweet. He continued licking, moving his tongue faster up and down. Godfrey wanted to please his Mistress.

Eva moaned, arching her back. She placed her hands on the back of Godfrey's head, forcing him harder onto her pussy. She let him continue for a couple minutes. But now it was time for the real fun to begin. She pulled his head off her pussy. His lips and chin were wet from her pussy.

“Now,” she said. “Get naked.”

Godfrey slowly got off the bed. Eva clapped loudly, causing him to jump and move faster. He discarded his clothes next to his armor, and turned back to face his Mistress. His seven inch cock was already completely erect, waiting to please her.
“Good. Now, climb back onto the bed. Between my legs.”

Godfrey did as he was told. His dick was inches from Eva's pussy.

“Now. I want you to fuck your Mistress.”

He made a move as to start, but Eva froze him with a glance. “Remember, your Mistress' pleasure comes first. If you cum before her, you will regret it.”

Godfrey slowly climbed on top of his Mistress. Lining his cock up with her pussy, he slowly began to thrust into her. Godfrey moaned as be buried his entire length in his Mistress' warm pussy.

It had been a while since Godfrey had gotten intimate with a woman, and never had he fucked one as attractive as his Mistress Eva. Within minutes, he could feel his orgasm approaching. He closed his eyes, trying to keep it at bay.

Eva saw him getting close. “Don't even think about it,” she growled menacingly.

Godfrey kept thrusting into his Mistress' pussy. He started biting his lip, trying to use the pain to keep himself from cumming. But still Eva would not orgasm.

Godfrey bit down harder. He began to taste blood. Seeing her guard trying so hard not to cum, trying so hard to please her, brought Eva close.

She cried out as she came, pushing Godfrey off of her and writhing on the sheets. She lay there, panting , for a couple minutes. As her breathing began to slow, Eva sat up, seeing Godfrey sitting on the edge of her bed, still as hard as a rock, and still not cumming.

“Mmmm,” Eva purred out. “You managed to please your Mistress. Now you get a reward for being such an obedient guard.”

She crawled over to him, her ass swaying back and forth, and took his dick in her hand. It only took a few short strokes before Godfrey came, shooting his load all over his thighs.

Eva stood back up, regaining her regal tone. “Now, get dressed guard. Return to your post until I have need of you again. And,” she winked, “you are forbidden from cleaning yourself off until the end of your shift.”

“Uh,” Godfrey replied. “Of course, Mistress.”

He bowed then exited her chambers. Eva collapsed back onto the bed and smiled.

* * *

Elaine, the youngest princess, slept in her bed until the servants woke her for breakfast.


Hope you liked it! Stay tuned for more!

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