The story of Katie, a slave who is a little too far from home.
The idea for this story came from one of my fans! I hope you enjoy! There is more to come!

* * *

Katie was filled with excitement as the car turned onto the highway, heading south. Today was the beginning of the next chapter of her life. She looked sideways at the man driving. He was a tall and muscular with dark brown hair. He glanced over at Katie with his green eyes, a small smile playing across his lips. His name was John.

Master John, Katie reminded herself. For the last month and a half, she had been his online slave, catering to his every whim. She looked ahead, down the open road, and flashed back to the time John had suggested this endeavor.

They had been talking on webcam together. Katie just finished playing with herself, her fingers still wet with her own pussy juice. She was breathing heavily, the clamps on her nipples moved up and down with her chest. Her master, John, had asked her, “You look like you enjoyed yourself, slut.”

Katie nodded in reply, licking her fingers clean. He continued, “How would you like it if your Master made you cum by touching you himself?”

“Mmmm.” Katie replied. “I would love that.”

That's when John—Master John—told Katie his plan. He wanted her, at the age of 20, to run away from her life with him. He promised profusely that he would take good care of her, and that he, as her Master, would satisfy her every need.

It took Katie over a week to finally decide. But here she was, twenty days later, in a car with her master, her every worldly possession in the trunk, riding on her way to New Orleans. She closed her eyes, leaning back against her seat contentedly, as her old life passed away in front of her.

* * *

Katie awoke as John was shaking her shoulder. “Wake up, my slut. We're stopping for the night.”

She smiled as she stretched. The drive had been a long ten hours, and Katie was eager to sleep in a real bed. Throughout the ride, she had alternated between talking with her Master, looking at the scenery, and taking small catnaps.

Katie climbed out of the car. They were in a motel parking lot. The building looked clean, but there was definitely a seedy vibe to it. The short skirt that her Master had told her to wear had ridden up, so she pulled it back down as she walked toward the trunk.

“Stop.” John barked out.

Katie froze, fearing for a second that she had done something wrong. She turned to see John—Master John—holding a small drawstring bag.

“Everything you need for tonight and tomorrow is in here,” he said.

That’s one thing Katie loved about him: he always seemed to be prepared. By the time she had walked around the car, Master John was already making his way toward the motel entrance. Katie followed as fast as she could in her four inch heels.

The night before their departure, Master John had slept at Katie’s apartment. It was the first time they had met face to face, not just through video chat. And her Master, although demanding, gave her the best orgasms of her life. “For being such a good little slut,” he had said.

And the next day he had Katie’s outfit all picked out: a short black skirt that emphasized her nice ass, a tight matching tank top that made her C cup breasts look even bigger, and her largest heels. He had even been nice enough to let Katie wear her favorite lacy bra and panties.

The door slid open as Katie entered. A number of the guys standing in the lobby stared at her for longer than they should have. She could feel her face getting a little red as she made her way over to her Master, who was busy paying for their room. He turned away from the counter as she approached.

“Here, take this,” he said, handing Katie a key card. “We’re in room 143. I’ll be there in a bit; I just have something to take care of first.”

Nodding at the older lady standing behind the front desk, Katie made her way down the hallway.

The room was nice, but a little shabby. Less so than you might expect from a roadside motel. There was a queen sized bed, a desk, a television, and a bathroom off on the right. Katie placed the little drawstring bag onto the ground.. She took off her heels and climbed on top of the bed, staring up at the ceiling contentedly.

Her hand, almost on its own, moved down her body to slowly start rubbing her pussy through her panties. She was a little surprised to find that they were already wet. Most likely from all those pervs staring at me, she thought, a little ashamed.

She stayed like this, slowly rubbing her pussy, until she heard the lock click open on the door about five minutes later. Quickly pulling her hands away, she turned, seeing Master John enter the room.

He smiled at her, walking toward the bed. “Has my little slut been a good girl?”

“Mmmm.” she whispered back. “Very good, sir.”

Master John climbed on top of the bed. He sat beside her prone figure, his hand slowly moving up Katie's thigh.

“Oh,” he said. “My slut is already wet?”

“Yes, sir. I've just been thinking about my Master and couldn't help myself.”

He climbed on top of Katie, pinning her down on the bed. She closed her eyes as he began kissing her neck. His fingers began to rub her panties in little circles over her pussy. Katie exhaled, sighing in pleasure.

Master John kissed up to his slut’s ear. “I have a little something special planned. Keep your eyes closed.”

Katie nodded obediently. Shrouded in darkness, she could only hear his footsteps as he busied himself around the bed. Every once in a while, her Master would stroke her breasts or pussy, causing her to jump.

“Hands, slut!” He called out.

She raised them, and could feel two cuffs pulling her arms in different directions. Soon after, she could feel Master John spreading her legs as far as she could, cuffing them.

“Open your eyes, slut.”

She opened them. Her Master was completely naked in front of her, his 7 inch cock fully erect. She was completely restrained, only able to make the smallest movements, totally under her his control. He climbed onto the bed, placing his cock on top of her lips.

“Suck your master’s cock.”

Katie began to move her mouth up and down on his dick, not able to take more than a couple inches. It tasted almost sweet—much better than any other cock she had blown.

Just then she felt a small tug at her shoulder. She started to turn her head, and she caught a glimpse of a knife cutting away her clothing.

“Did I tell you to stop?” Master John growled.

Katie returned to sucking his cock, feeling a couple more tugs from the knife: two at her shoulders, one down her side, and two at her hips. Her clothes—well, what was left of them—were tossed onto the floor. Katie was left completely naked, fully restrained on the bed.

Master John stood, pulling his cock from Katie’s mouth.

“My, my,” he said. “Doesn’t my slut just look completely helpless.”

“Mmmm. Yes I am, Master,” Katie moaned out in reply.

He reached down, picking up two pillows and a small dark object from the ground. Master John lifted up Katie’s hips, sliding the pillows under her. She felt as though her pussy was on display for all to see.

Climbing between her legs, Master John let Katie catch a glimpse of the other object. It was a jet black riding crop. Grabbing her hips, he lined up his cock with her already soaking pussy. Katie bit her lip and moaned loudly as her Master thrust his cock into her.

“Oh, fuck, sir!” she whispered out.

Master John fucked his slut hard. He pushed his entire length in and out of her pussy rapidly. As Katie closed her eyes in pleasure, she heard a loud slap and felt a stinging pain on her left breast. Her eyes snapped open to see her Master abusing her breasts with the crop. Although it hurt, the pain felt good with all the pleasure.

Closing her eyes again, Katie could feel the crop slowly moving down her body. There was a stinging pain above her pussy as her Master hit her with it. Katie knew she couldn’t last much longer. Her Master seemed to know what she was thinking, and he began fucking her even faster.

“Cum for me, slut,” Master John growled at her.

“Oh, of course Master!” Katie moaned out, arching her back in pleasure.

She could feel her orgasm building. With one last slap of the crop on her pussy, Katie came, writhing against her bonds. Her pussy spasmed on her Master’s cock, causing him to moan loudly and shoot his warm cum deep into her pussy. Katie loved the feeling of a man cumming inside of her.

As Master John undid the bonds, Katie collapsed against the bed, utterly exhausted. She smiled at her Master, then fell asleep.

* * *

Katie awoke, almost instantly remembering the sexual adventures of last night. She stretched, grabbing out at the blanket, as she smiled. Just then, the lock on the door clicked, and Katie turned to see Master John entering the room. He was dressed in jeans and a dark t-shirt.

“Alright,” he said as the door closed. “It’s about time for us to leave. Go take a shower. I have breakfast in the car.”

Katie got up, walking to the bathroom. All the restraints from last night were already packed away, she assumed, in the car. The only thing left was the drawstring bag, still sitting on the chair.

She took an extremely fast shower, eager to get to her destination with her Master. Numerous thoughts filled Katie’s head as she dried off. The dominant one, though, was that she was so lucky to have an amazing Master.

Katie left the bathroom, picking up the little drawstring bag. She reached in, expecting a skimpy outfit. However, she only pulled out the restraints and the crop used last night.

Turning, she asked, “Uh…Master John, did you give me the wrong bag?”

He smiled deviously at her. “You, my slut, are not allowed to wear anything until we get into the car. You can get clothes in there.”

Katie turned bright red. “But…but Master. Won’t people see?”

“That’s what I’m counting on. Now let’s go slut. I already paid.”

Katie stood there, frozen for a couple seconds, before following her Master out the door. I mean, she reasoned, I don’t have that much of a choice. Anyways, it’s just going to be a short walk.

She silently thanked her Master as she realized they were leaving the motel a back way. Still, they passed two couples and one single, middle aged man. All of them stared at her. Katie turned red, though she could feel her pussy getting slightly wet from the attention.

There were a couple more people in the parking lot, though luckily Master John’s car was close by. He stood beside her as she opened the trunk which, the day before, had held all of her worldly possessions. Now, it was empty. Nothing.

Katie felt dazed. Master John’s voice came to her like he was yelling at her from across a football field. “I own you, slut! You are completely under my control. You are my property, from this day forth, until I feel fit to release you.”

Katie began to grasp the severity of her helplessness. She was stuck here, in the middle of a parking lot, completely naked, hundreds of miles from her old home with no ID, credit cards, cash, clothes, or personal belongings. Katie just stood there, staring into the empty trunk, completely stunned. John had already walked around to the front of the car and was climbing into the driver's seat.

“Close the trunk, slut!” he barked back at her.

Katie stood there, motionless, for another couple of seconds until a wolf whistle from a nearby forty-something year old man brought her back to the present. She let out a little squeal as she tried to cover her body even more, and she could feel her face turning a bright red.

There was a dull roar as Master John started the car. Katie had no choice but to run after it as he started slowly driving away. She could almost feel the stares on her bouncing breasts and ass.

Master John stopped the car halfway through the parking lot, and Katie began pulling on the door handle. It was locked. The window slowly unrolled.

“I said,” Master John growled out, “close the trunk, slut!”

Katie jumped to obey her Master, solely to get into the relative safety of his car. It closed with a loud thump, and Katie ran back to the door, yanking it open. She jumped onto the passenger seat and slammed her door closed.

As Master John revved the engine, Katie got her first good look around. There were at least five guys standing around watching—two with women. And Katie's heart sank when she saw one with his phone out, recording the whole thing.

She turned to confront her Master. “Why the hell did you—” she started, yelling.

Her master stopped the car, turning to face her, and slapped Katie across the face. “You belong to me now, slut! Shut up, or I’ll kick you out of my car now!”

Katie sat motionless in the car as Master John drove her away from her old life into a new, unknown one.

* * *

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