Im sorry it took me so long to finish this but i have been extremely busy but anyways this story has young boy/girl and boy/boy so dont complain about it
Braden lay restlessly at Jake's house they had a great time playing video games and playing outside and just doing normal twelve year old boy stuff. Jake was the same age as Braden but a couple moths younger. Jake had long blonde hair down to his eyes he was a little bit smaller than Braden. Jake was breathing peacefully while Braden stared at the ceiling thinking about Jen he wondered if Brady had fucked her. He couldn't get Jen out of his head he looked over at Jake who was sound asleep. Braden pulled down his pyjama bottoms and took out his rapidly growing cock which was now a full 4.5 inches he started stroking his cock he noticed that some light blonde pubic hair was starting to grow at the base. He closed his eyes as he stroked his boy cock he imagined Jen fully naked sucking his Twelve year old cock. "What are you doing?"
Braden spun around to see Jake staring at him it seemed that Jake had seen his cock
"Were you jerking off?" Braden tried to think of a way to avoid answering but Jake seemed very fascinated
"Yes I was"
"What were you thinking of?" Jake asked.
"Promise you wont tell anyone!" Braden whispered.
"I promise" Jake responded.
Braden sighed and then told Jake about him and Jen. Jake stared at him with his eyes wide open he shifted Uncomfortably as his cock grew harder.
"Dude thats awesome!" Jake told him as he stared at Braden trying to imagine him fucking a girl
"Braden can i see your cock again?" Jake quietly asked Braden never thought of himself as gay when he was younger him and Brady experiment in the closet in their room. Also there was something about Jake that turned him on him and Jake had been friends since kindergarten and Braden always felt secretly attracted to him.
"Sure" Braden responded " but I need to see yours as well."
"Ok" Jake said excitedly. He shuffled over to the side of his sleeping bag and grabbed a flashlight. He turned it on and said: "you first Braden"
"Ok" Braden said excitedly since his pyjamas were already pulled down he pulled his sleeping bag down and his cock sprung to the air
"Your turn" Braden said staring at Jake
"Take your shirt off first then ill do the same"
"Ok" Braden responded taking off his shirt standing in front of jake fully naked
"I guess its my turn" Jake said staring at Braden. Standing up he took of his shirt. Braden stared at Jake surprised at how chiseled his body was. Braden could see the tent in Jakes shorts pull it off Braden yelled in his head
"I don't know if i can do this"
"I wont tell anyone" Braden said reassuring him
"How about you pull down my pants" Jake suggested. Braden didn't need to be asked twice he walked over to Jake bent down ran his hand down Jakes chest to the waist band of his pyjamas
"You ready?" Braden asked excited
"Yup" Jake said with that Braden slid down his pyjama bottoms. Jakes cock bounced out fully erect it was a little smaller than than his was at 4 inches and small pubic hairs growing on his balls. Without asking Jake he grabbed it. Jake moaned and backed away
"Dude that felt so good" Jake said
"This will feel better, Jen did it to me" Braden said he grabbed Jake's smooth boy cock and ran his finger along the head sliding on the pre cum. Jake closed his eyes and shuddered Braden then reached his hands around jake waist ran his hand over Jakes smooth ass . He then brought his head toward Jakes cock and licked the pre cum
"Ohhh Braden suck my penis!" Jake moaned. Braden didn't hesitate one bit and took it in one mouth full. Jake moaned as Braden sucked Jake's cock
"This feels so-" Jake said as Braden plunged his finger into Jake's ass
"Oh yeah" Jake said grabbing Braden's head "im going to blow!" Jake said then he started cumming on Braden. Braden pulled his head away and let Jakes warm cum hit him in the face and on the body
"Hey Jake wanna taste your cum?"
"Sure" Jake said diving down to Braden's body he then licked the cum of Braden's smooth stomach.
"Now its my turn to make you feel good" Jake said.
"Dude I have a better idea" Braden said. Braden lay down and said to Jake: "lay down on top of me man" Jake the lied down on Braden the to boy laid there for a minute.
"Ok now put your head over my dick" Jake spun around so his face was over Braden's cock
"Now suck it"
"Okay" Jake said excitedly lowering his face on Braden's boy cock while he did that Braden reached up and grabbed his ass and pushed his cock to Braden's mouth so now he was sucking Jake and Jake was sucking him. Both boys were cuddling and sucking each other both of them were moaning and slurping
"Ohhh" Jake moaned as he came in Braden's mouth a few seconds later Braden shook violently and came in Jakes mouth.
"Dude its 7:30" Jake exclaimed
"Time flies when you are having sex" Braden said laughing
"We have to do this another time" Jake said
"We will" Braden said "we will"

Jen woke up completely naked she turned and saw 13 year old Brady next to her still fast asleep completely naked as well. Her head went through flashbacks of the previous night. She looked over and saw a lump under the covers she pulled the covers off and moved towards Brady his cock was proudly in the air. She took it in one hand and started jerking him off she then lay down and started sucking him she bobbed up and down on Brady's hard pole she felt Brady's hands rest on her head.
"Good morning sleepy" Jen said
"You are the best alarm clock ever" Brady said. He grabbed Jen's ass and pushed her body up and positioned his cock under her pussy
"So you want to do it that way" Jen said kissing Brady. Brady then rolled over so he was on top of her
"Spread your legs" Brady said. Jen was extremely turned on about the fact that the 13 year old boy was in charge so she happily obeyed and spread her legs. Brady then kneeled in front of her and positioned his cock and dove it into her pussy
"Ohhhh this feels so good" Jen moaned. Brady closed his eyes and enjoyed the sex they were having his hands started playing with Jen's breasts
"Oh yes! oh yes! fuck! Ohhhhh" Jen said as she hit the orgasm Brady shuddered as he came in her
"Today is going to be a great day" Brady said
"Oh I've got plans" Jen said

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