The Fantasy which became Reality continues....
The fantasy which became romantic reality when finally I met her was destined to be it seems….I had been chosen to continue the line of Mystics (I prefer the term ‘Seers’)
But, in truth, this Reality which became more Magical every minute, more fantastic and mysterious and loving every one of the short days we spent together – it changed my Life into something I could never have foreseen…the Story takes me where it will….
But, if Destiny brought me to this Beginning, it can also lead me where it will be Fated to go….
NOTE: This Chapter goes beyond the boundaries of Believability in its latter Parts, but it is an Author’s privilege and right to do so. He/She can write anything which comes from the Imagination.
However, this might include very young sex – if you cannot read about this, STOP NOW!

Part 1
(From Ch.3:
Ling continued to explain, expound upon the Mysteries of which I was ignorant, and I did my best to absorb the words - and the associated thoughts as Ling J added her comments – until the beer and the tension took their toll, and I excused myself to the toilet and then found Ling J waiting to steer me back to bed in their apartment, telling me “enough for tonight, Khun Steve”.

It was indeed enough – what more could there be to this new Life, begun by the girl in the village…..)

Back to their apartment, where I slept the night away cosily in their bed, one Ling on either side; but no more couplings tonight – they knew I was exhausted and they knew the information they had passed on to me of the Clan would need time to be processed by my brain in its own time, even if this might be during the sleep hours if the Ling sisters read into my dreams and perhaps sent me explanatory thoughts or clarifications.
This much I thought before drifting off, but there were nagging questions and some warning I couldn’t quite grasp enough to ask them before falling asleep.

In the morning the girls were over at work for the breakfast shift, so I showered, drank my cafe and contemplated on that which had been in my mind when I had fallen asleep.
I was refreshed and my brain was working, but the warning now jumped to the forefront and I knew now what it was, and it scared me.

I searched for paper and a pen in my bag and wrote:
1. Neng can listen to your thoughts and to Long-level’s also; she told me and told me you and they don’t know she has this ability. I knew she could read mine, but you must be careful with your thoughts also, and somehow tell Long J and her mother;

2. How can Neng hope to move to the ‘Long’ level just by getting pregnant with me? She said the strongest baby will be a girl named Ming – so ‘M’ level is next for her? She seems to think she can jump straight up! How many levels are there? Which is the top level?

3. Mother Long is clearly older than her daughter…I don’t want to ask, but: do you get older, and what happens…then or after…?
4. Can you answer these questions safely now?

I finished my café and rushed over to Ling and thrust the paper in her hand, sitting at a nearby table until she could join me and read it, Ling J following her.
Ling told her sister to keep working while she took my hand and led me back to the apartment.

“We can talk safely here, Steve; we have a protective barrier around the apartment if we need; Long put it in place when she realised that Neng had such grandiose ideas – but we never knew she could already read our thoughts and obviously Long had no more than a suspicion.”

“Your question 2 I wasn’t aware of it all; clearly Neng has also some sort of screening protection around herself, so Long only told me when she heard her say your daughter with her would be called ‘Ming’ – still a level below the ‘L’. But she must have some other parts to her plans…”
“The only way she could be the top level, which is currently the ‘Long’ level would be to usurp power if the entire ‘L’ level disappeared – and this can, and has happened before in the Clan, if it is their Destiny.

Hence, we are now at ‘L’ in your alphabetical sense, and ‘M’ would be the next top level: a la ‘Ming’ which, with you as her father, would elevate Neng as her mother to ‘Ming’ also: the next top level automatically would become this because of the special sperm you now carry. As for ageing – yes, we do, but not in your understanding of age, so it is not relevant at the moment.”

I spoke for the first time; “You said Neng had stopped looking for me last night; I guess that is because she knew exactly where I was, right?”
Ling nodded and I asked “When you said ‘an entire level has disappeared before’…do you mean like in a war? That Neng could somehow eradicate the ‘L’ level?”

Ling nodded again, “If such is their Destiny” she simply added, and I fled the room, tears gushing forth.

This was way too complicated for a simple old man; I left Ling there and wandered over to get myself a beer from the fridge, motioning to Ling J, who looked pained when she saw my tears, and I paid the cashier straight away when she bought me a glass and ice; I had to get my head around all this or become insane: a beer would be a starting calm-down.

The whole level can disappear?! My beloved Long J, her mother, even the Grandmother Long I had been pinning my hopes on – all gone, with babies gone too?
Ling and Ling J and their babies – gone also, can this be – all because of a Destiny in which I have involved them, I thought bitterly?

“We will make a whole new Clan, my Boss Steve; I told you this. Do not be afraid, be with me: this is your Destiny, as it is mine and our baby’s.”
The intruder was Neng; she now knew more of everything – all because of me yet again!

Pung! What about Pung? I rushed over, meeting Ling as she was walking towards me, back to her job; I grabbed her hand and dragged her back inside, gasping out “I have to protect Pung; she has no ‘superpowers’ like you and Long, she won’t know what is happening…oh, what do I do first???!”
“Calm down, Steve, that is the first thing. I have relayed to Long our discussion; she will arrange to protect Pung and the baby, even while the Clan Council meets to consider matters; we are a group who accepts the Fates, Khun Steve; you must be aware of this and what it can mean…”

I went back, finished my bottle and knew what to do first: I said ‘bye’ to Ling J with a hug, went back to the apartment, dressed better, packed my clothes and beers from the fridge, said a tearful farewell to Ling – “take care of your babies, you and Ling J” – and she directed me to where my car was hidden in the next soi.
I phoned Pung: no answer. I sent a text: ‘On my way to you; take good care.’ I started the car and lit a cigarette as I drove off, trying to keep my mind blank to everything but the traffic and my driving.

But I had to think, and my thought went to Long J: ‘Hope you are fine, family too; going to Pung now.’

There was no return thought, not from anyone – except Neng: ‘My Boss/husband/lover, our baby is already growing inside me…our Ming. Please come home to us.”
I thought, knowing she would ‘hear’: ‘If it is my Destiny’;
‘It is’ was her answer.
I turned my brain to the road and concentrated as I drove the 200kms to Pung’s family home.

All of a sudden it hit me: I was supposed to be in Vietnam this week! I had totally forgotten, missed my flight, my visa would expire in a few days…oh, what a mess!
‘No problems, Boss; in Thailand I have helped you: your Passport will show everything legal has been done; but I can’t help you outside Thailand.’ Neng was too much invading my thoughts and my life; she seemed to be usurping what Long was doing for me just a few short days before…
‘Usurping’ – why had I used that word now? Ling had also used it earlier this morning; I waited but Neng was silent in my head.

So were Long J and her mother, and the Ling sisters: all was silent.

I couldn’t concentrate on the road, so stopped when, thankfully, I reached the service centre; I parked, grabbed my beer and sat outside while I remembered every facet of my first love-making with Long J, when I had given her not only my Soul, but the entire Essence of my Being.
It had been my Love, not stolen, but given freely.
Now, where was she?

Part 2

I stopped at the next services and replenished my beer stock, bought a couple of snack sausage sandwiches, withdrew my maximum limit of cash from the ATM, and continued, the only thought being to reach Pung.

Late in the afternoon I drove into the driveway of her family home; it seemed deathly and eerily quiet to my pensive mind, but as I stepped out, Pung appeared on the top step of the veranda, and I sobbed and ran to her arms, carefully encircled her waist so as not to harm the baby inside and babbled out my worry and fears.

Pung soothed me by sensuously moving her fingers through my hair, all the while ‘ssshhhing’ me as to a baby, and then drawing me inside the house. No-one else seemed to be at home as I was led to the bedroom, where Pung laid down, pulling my hand to lie beside her and then placing my hand on her swollen abdomen.
She was the size of –surely- about 6 months of a ‘standard’ pregnancy; this after only a little more than a month: how could she progress so fast!
She was beaming at me, even rosy-hued cheeks through her olive skin it looked to me, seemingly in the best of health as a thump rose against my hand: the baby was strong, no doubt of that!

Pung reached to my shorts and motioned them off as she pulled up her shift, revealing no panties and her bare body for me to gaze upon.
I pushed my shorts and briefs off my ankles and leaned down to gently kiss her body all over, the confining space of the baby first. She (I was fairly certain it was, even if I didn’t want to be told what everyone else already knew) or He appeared to know me and I swear I could feel gentle cooing coming from within, as if the baby was glad I was back with her/him and with Pung.
“Yes” smiled Pung above the mound, “the baby is glad you are here; and the baby knows Mum wants Dad inside her, so come up here” and she motioned to her wet, inviting cunt just below where my mouth was kissing.

I slid my cock straight up inside her, even as I carefully rolled her body over on top of me; this was less pressure on the baby and Pung’s abdomen, and gave me access to the pineapple-sized breasts which adorned her chest and which were already lactating: I was hungry!

I sucked and Pung moaned and the baby kicked: we were a Family at dinner, as I fed Pung my cock’s length, the baby felt her daddy was home with them, and I feasted on the most glorious nourishment known to Man and Animal alike: the Milk of Life.

Pung’s libido had not diminished any as her pregnancy progressed and, of course, we had been apart for a week – was it only one week: my sense of timing seemed disappeared these days as pregnancies matured so fast, events happened so fast, and almost all was proving beyond my ken!
She sucked my cock in and massaged her cuntal walls around it, and I revelled at being there, locked with her, the baby just a membrane wall away cooing all the time now and I involuntarily said “Ssssh, my baby girl, my wonderful Alpha girl.”

Pung grunted and chuckled through an orgasm as my cock was clasped and she threw her juices out to coat both our loins. “You have decided our baby is a girl?”
I stopped suckling to nod and smile up at her lowered eyes; “I am sure ‘She’ is, but the name ‘Alpha’ came to me unbidden from somewhere….what do you think.”
“’Alpha’, a new Beginning for us; yes, it is suitable, but not a very beautiful name for a beautiful girl – as she will be; what do you think of ….”

Part 3

Then Pung died in my arms, died even as I was buried within her, supposedly with a cock meant to give new Life, but which now was about to lose a Life.
One second we were smiling at each other, in the throes of sex and togetherness; another second and I witnessed her last breath ebbing away.
It was unbelievable, but I was here, her breasts were no longer rising and falling under me, her body was no longer cuddling me or sucking me inside: my young Pung had just seeped away.

I cried for help: no-one came running, no Long came into my head with advice or instructions. I sobbed, I begged, I pleaded with any god who might listen: don’t do this to her!

“It is your Destiny, Steve; I did tell you: I am far stronger than the L Clan understood; come home to me, to our baby Ming, come now my husband.”

“Neng, did you do this to Pung? She was so young, how could you!”
“It is also my Destiny, my Steve; the L Clan had to go, as they all have…”
So, my Long J has ‘died’ or disappeared, and her mother, grandmother: the entire Clan has gone; how could a mere mortal man absorb and understand any of this?

“…and I am sorry, but Pung had to join them. Now only a baby born of you will be the Head of the new ruling Clan; come home, we are waiting.”
But she wasn’t finished with the pricks of the knife into my heart….

“There is only me and Ming for you now, Steve; it had to be this way – but I did give you one last fuck with her, you should be grateful to me for that. Now, come home and I will show you what a true woman’s fucking is like for you; you will never need anyone besides me and your daughter.” Her voice in my head was soothing yet sultry, repelling yet mesmerising, but above all: she was compelling, and I was a willing and subservient receptacle for her orders – until she said the word ‘daughter’, and as I slid from Pung’s lifelessness, Alpha – as she would now be called – was still cooing within Pung’s abdomen.

Part 4

I had to help her!
“NENG! You are all I have; you have to help me save her!”
“No, Steve, let her die there with her mother; it is best.”
“I won’t, Neng; help me and I will come home with the baby, and I will be with you, and Ming, and this baby of Pung’s: she is an Innocent, she has done nothing wrong; help me, please, I beg this of you.”

How could I expect 15y.o. Neng, pregnant herself to, help me deliver a premature baby; it was ridiculous!
Neng said “Just cut her open and take it out - that would be easiest.”

As I grimaced and groaned at that idea, a new quiet thought came into my head; “Daddy, it is me, Alpha: don’t be scared. You and I can communicate, and She cannot hear me, nor can she intercept your thoughts to me while I am protecting us.”
I blurted out loud “Alpha!” Neng came in, “What Steve?”
“Nothing Neng….”
In my mind, I now said “Alpha, really - is it my little girl talking?”
“Yes, Daddy, I am ready to come out of Mummy’s body; just open her vagina with your hands, spread her wide and I will do the rest. Don’t worry – Long has been talking with me since Mummy became pregnant; I knew something like this might happen, as did Long, and though I couldn’t save Mummy from her Fate, you and I can do special things – once I grow a little more and can walk!” She sent a laugh into my head, but the mention of her ‘Mummy’ sent the tears gushing.
“Daddy, I need you; when I can, I will cuddle you and ease your pain and you will ease mine, but first you must help me to be born.”

I spent one precious minute in prayer over Pung’s body, my hands beseeching Buddha to give her a re-born Life – surely at a higher level: she was such a wonderful young person, undeserving of this fate, but she will now be heading on a new Path, as Destiny guides her somewhere….


I returned to the most urgent matter at hand and did as Alpha instructed; it was gruesome to do this to the woman I had loved such a short time ago, but the appearance of a wet, twisting head, followed by the squirming body of my new daughter, overcame the actions I had had to perform, and as I cradled Alpha in my arms, I turned her to see her mother’s face for one time: I had closed Pung’s eyes but her mouth almost appeared to be smiling up at me and at Alpha.
I wept, even as I scrambled upright and to the bathroom to clean my baby and wrap her in a new towel.

I had been present at the birth of my 2 sons, but that was 20 plus years ago now, and I had no nurses here to help, no mother’s breast milk – wait: yes, we did!

I took Alpha back in to her mother and helped her to place her mouth on Pung’s breasts; even in Death she had Life-succouring milk available.
I propped her there with pillows while I began a search for what I could find to help us begin our own new Path; there wasn’t much – we would need go shopping very soon.
I rushed in to move Alpha to the other breast when I heard her say “This one is empty, Daddy” and returned to find a white sheet in which I wrapped Pung after she had given her last milk to her daughter’s start of Life.

Where was her family, was my next question; I needed them to come and take care of the funeral.
“You can’t, Daddy; how will you explain it: Mummy’s death and my birth? We have to let her go, Daddy. Her family already thought I was some devil inside her, believing it was witchcraft or demonology to blame for her pregnancy; if they find this, find me, they will be hysterical and vengeful.”
“We must burn the house down, Alpha” I responded, my mind churning. “In the future we will find a way to honour Mummy, but now, for her, I need protect you first.”

I carried her to the bathroom, sponged the afterbirth off and cuddled and kissed her for long minutes, cradled her in my arms, her tiny hands clutching at me as she cooed baby sounds for a change.
Wrapped in a sheet torn in half, tying her tightly to my back, I gathered some photos of Pung I found, some more sheets and towels…there was little more I could do.
Blankets and pillows I did carry out to my car and made a cocoon of the back seat as safe as I could to lay Alpha on and then I went looking for flammables.

This wasn’t a movie; I didn’t find a handy can of fuel and I wasn’t callous enough to just turn the gas on and leave a cigarette burning until it all blew up – but I saw no other way, short of lighting the bedclothes and other materials, and that may not have worked sufficiently.
So gas it had to be; I put some saucepans on the stove, loosened the main gas line to the cylinder until I could hear the hissing of escaping gas, lit one burner and ran from the house, started the car and quickly drove some distance away, parked and waited.

I hadn’t seen a single person, but had anyone seen me?
I sat in the back seat cuddling Alpha and, as she said “It will be all right, Daddy; I love you” there was an explosion from Pung’s house and a fireball rose into the sky: we drove away.

Part 5

Straight to the closest large shopping mall.
The first thing I found, and immediately used, was one of the ‘modern’ baby-carriers/strap packs which I managed to put on and get Alpha into so she was more comfortable and, importantly, looked rather better than Dad carrying her around in a sheet.

Then it was some bottles and nappies, anything I thought of I loaded into the cart. ‘What about formula milk’ I wondered, but Alpha answered “Daddy, just buy milk for growing children after they stop using formula milk; you will be surprised how quickly I develop, so I don’t need new born food and milk really.”
I bowed to my more knowledgeable daughter’s ideas and bought a week’s supply from the infants section; next for café, sugar and milk for myself, fresh fruit, bread and margarine and sandwich makings – I had a plan: for a week, just Alpha and Dad, before travelling home to Neng.

“Alpha, are you hiding us from Neng?”
“Yes, Daddy, but she is searching and getting angry!” She smiled and giggled, but I frowned, “She is dangerous, my little girl, don’t underestimate her.”
“Can you open the protection so I can send her my thoughts for a few minutes, but hide yours from her?”
“Yes Daddy.”

“Neng, sorry, I have been concentrating on the baby and getting away from Pung’s house. I need to take the baby to a hospital for a check-up, and then I will come home when she is stronger and I can take care of her….are you there Neng, are you and Ming ok?”
“Where have you been, my husband! Why couldn’t I read your thoughts?”
“I have been in a daze, Neng, perhaps that is why…I loved Pung and she is gone: do you think I just accept this in 5 minutes and get on with Life! I will be back when I am ready, I am going back into my own dazed state, I hope, and I don’t want to talk with you for a while, bye!”

I motioned to Alpha and any rejoinder of Neng’s didn’t reach my mind.

I smiled at Alpha. “Let’s try for a week together, in hiding, and take it from there….ok, my daughter?” She was cooing up at me, smiling back, “Yes, daddy, whatever you say!”

Part 6

We finished up, paid with my Platinum credit card (happy to note is was still valid) and loaded the car, where I filled a bottle – unsterilized but I hoped ok out of the packet this one time – and fed Alpha to sleep; then I drove until I found a beachside small resort motel, where I could park outside our bungalow and be less noticeable than in a hotel.
I carried our supplies inside, after laying Alpha safely on the bed, took a very fast shower and collapsed on the bed holding an arm over my baby as I fell into an exhausted sleep.

I woke in darkness, finding Alpha had somehow squirmed into an embrace within my arms and was wide awake smiling at me, though as quiet as a proverbial mouse.
She reached and stroked my face; ‘accelerated development’ hardly the term for it when her lips moved and she verbalised her thoughts in perfectly formed words!

“Daddy, can we have some dinner soon please? You haven’t eaten all day – and I am just a growing baby who needs to eat regularly!” She laughed at her own joke for a moment and then asked for a bowl of the baby cereal we had bought: it was generally for 6+months infants, but that’s what she wanted, so that is what I made and fed her, right to the last speck of the mixed vegetables and grains of cereal, while I drank a cup of café I had made for myself.

Then it was a carton of milk, which she asked me to warm and put in a bottle for her to suck; I knew the absence of a nipple in her baby lips must be an acute loss, even for my Alpha with all her worldly knowledge, and I fed her the bottle even though she protested she could hold it herself: it was something I wanted to do for her, just hold the bottle and gaze upon her sucking.

When she sucked air, I withdrew the bottle and she sighed, closing her eyes as she sent me a final thought “Make some food for you, Daddy, while I have a nap.”
I whispered to her I would lock the house and run to the resort restaurant and order something; she smiled understanding and drifted off, breathing as contented babies do.

I threw on a shirt, grabbed my money and keys, a final glance at my baby and I locked the door and smoked a cigarette as I walked the short distance to the main resort centre, finding the restaurant and a helpful, beautiful young waitress who beamed smiles at me as I ordered a couple of Thai dishes I liked and rice; she said 15 minutes and dinner would be delivered – “please make sure it is hot; I don’t like to eat cold cooked food…”
I signed for it, deciding to keep my cash as mostly an emergency reserve, and gave her a generous tip, a way to start off good service for the week I planned to stay here with Alpha.

I ran back to the bungalow, relieved Alpha was just as she had been left, so I took off my shirt, laid out some cutlery on the table, ready for food – and I was now grumbling with hunger – and then took a beer from the fridge and sat outside in the somewhat cooler evening air, the stars shining and visible, here away from city lights and pollution, and I drifted into memories of so very recent times with the women who until that very day or 2 days, I had also sat under the stars with, made love with also under those very stars….

I was crying when the waitress came with my food; she put the tray on the step and sat and hugged me, silently, comfortingly, warmly and somehow, knowingly.
Her arms brought me back; “Sorry about this, a tiring and trying day. What is your name, nong?” “I am Nun, Khun Steve. I didn’t tell you, but I know you….”
I looked up at her, very surprised and rather fearful – perhaps she was a friend of Neng’s….”Oh, Nun, how do you know me?”
My thoughts went to Alpha, but she was awake and answered “It is all right, Daddy; I believe she is a friend of Long’s, don’t worry – and I am sorry I couldn’t walk to you when I knew you were crying…a few more days, Daddy, I will walk and be always by your side.”

I fished tissues from my pocket and wiped my eyes and cheeks and turned away to blow my nose.

“How do you know me Nun?” I repeated the question as she soothingly rubbed my shoulders.
“I am a friend of a girl called Long, and she showed me a photo on her phone; it was you, Khun Steve, and she said you were to be her husband, and she was so happy and smiling.”
“But, I haven’t seen or heard from her for perhaps a month now; we have been friends since early school years – and we at least talked on the phone a lot, but I don’t know where she is now, and I never knew her family – do you?”

How to answer this question?

Almost truthfully, I decided: “She died this morning Nun, giving birth; our daughter, Alpha, is inside, fine and healthy, but Long never saw her. Long’s family took her body straight away and left the baby with me, and that is fine because she is all I have now and all I want.”
“Oh, how shocking Khun Steve! Can I help? Can I see the baby?”
We went inside where I almost laughed at the sight of Alpha: a bundled-up half-day old baby she appeared to be to Nun, whereas she was so far in advance of that I knew.

Part 7

Nun didn’t stay, though Alpha whispered in my thoughts “It is ok, Daddy if she stays here with you; I understand you need a warming cuddle and Mummy would understand also. Soon I will be able to, Daddy, and then you will have me always.”

My baby girl was unbelievably perceptive, but it was all so supernatural and magical and broke all the Laws of Nature, of Reality and of Common Sense: but here she was, alive and proving Laws can be broken.
But I had lost her mother, a girl I loved, only this very day, and Alpha was the only comfort I wanted this night, so I kissed her, told her I would have a shower and clean my teeth and, if there was nothing she needed for just now, we could just go to sleep.
Alpha did require a nappy change, vowing to go to the ‘normal’ toilet by the next day, and she drank another bottle of milk, and so we slept through the night and woke rested for this, the morning of a new day for both of us.

Thus began the week I had told Neng I wanted with Pung’s baby – what we could or would do at the end of this week, I had, as yet, no sensible ideas….time for worrying would come soon enough.

By the end of the week, Alpha was sitting on the toilet - naturally with me holding her – and using her own muscles to relieve herself; she was crawling in the sand at the beach across the road and eating toddler food all the time, with no digestion problems apparent and able to help me discern her taste likes and dislikes.
She had thrown her baby bottles into a recycling bin outside and would be holding her own cup within days certainly.

We went across to the Resort restaurant one evening but, to avoid suspicion, I asked Alpha to pretend to be a 3 day-old baby, drink her milk from a bottle and let Daddy ‘coo’ her to sleep; when she closed her eyes I laid her on the bench table seat beside me while I ate a sit-down meal at a leisurely pace, along with a bottle of wine: something I very rarely drank these days.

Nun served us and offered her services for anything else I might need; Alpha huffed beside me, only feigning sleep, and I smiled through a bitten-off laugh to gently tell Nun I had all I needed, thanks.

On the stroll home, I kissed Alpha and thanked her for allowing me a nice, relaxed meal. She responded “I am happy for you, daddy, but I am not a baby and I ask you to take me somewhere else next time so I can at least pretend to be a toddler!”
“Yes, Alpha, that’s what we will do.”

So our Father-Daughter/Companions’ relationship was set: one of compromise to do our best to cater for the other’s needs.

On the morning of the 8th day, Alpha moaned that Neng was trying to find me; “She cannot break through, Daddy, but she is very strong and it tires me.”
I had decided the night before what we would try and do, but had not openly discussed it with Alpha yet.
“I will phone her, my little one; that way she won’t realise, hopefully, that there is a barrier to my thoughts – we have to try and convince her you are just a normal, non-powerful, baby.”

“Hi Neng” I said brightly when her exasperated voice picked up her mobile call. “Yes, I am sorry, not much thinking when have a baby to take care of – just a lot of action! We will be home tomorrow Neng, ok…. yes, see you then.”
I rang off, feeling Alpha’s questioning eyes and mind upon me; “What are we going to do *Daddy?”

“I have a plan, my Alpha girl, but it won’t be easy – especially for you: you have to be an actress at my house; for just a week if I can do everything I have planned. But I will need you keep our protection on and off a lot to keep Neng from knowing what we are planning, and will need you pretend again to be just a baby, even if slightly more advanced than normal.”
“I will do anything Daddy, if it lets us be free and together soon.”

I suddenly remembered my actual wife! It may be unbelievable to think I had, but she had become a total non-being within me - but she was a fact, a reality I would also have to deal with. Alpha seemed rather embarrassed to say, but said she didn’t expect her to be a problem anymore; but she wouldn’t elaborate further, so I compartmentalised the added problem of a wife until we were home.

Part 8

The next day we drove the last kilometre into our village, the only memorable item since we had left the Resort being the farewell kiss Nun had given me, expressing her desire without inhibition and perhaps berating me for missing out on opportunities with her over the past week.
Alpha made me promise to return and I duly did (in the future).

Arriving at the entrance to my small suburban area, I said silently to Alpha “You are now The Girl in the Village” my darling Little One.

We stepped in the open doorway of my house – a whispered, unnecessary, reminder to Alpha as to her role-play – and Neng took my baby from my arms, rather loosely deposited her on the sofa, then stripped me naked right there and raped me repeatedly!
“I said ‘come home and I will show you what a true woman’s fucking is like for you’, and that is what I am going to do; Ming doesn’t mind inside me bearing the forces of our fucking hard; she understands you are her Father and she accepts what her Mother feels. Now, just keep that cock going!”

My cock had not been in use for just over a week and it was its usual independent self: it thrust in and out of Neng’s cunt in all the positions she wanted and for a very long time.
She gave a small smile of understanding when Neng’s head was turned away from her, so I allowed my body to give Neng what she craved, while vowing my heart and my soul would never be taken by her, but would only ever be for Alpha henceforth.

Neng finally dragged me away from standing by the front door, straddling my hips as my prick buried itself inside her, feeling the weight of her baby pressing down and we lay down, she on top of me to relieve the pressure on her abdomen while she continued ‘catching up’ on the missed sex of the past 10 or so days for her.

I could not ignore the baby within her, very soon to be born, was from my sperm: she was also going to be my daughter.
But she, Ming as Neng had already named her – the start of the new ruling Clan of Seers according to her mother – had not been conceived with the love Alpha had. Ming was a product of the manipulations and appetite for power of Neng, while I was the servile provider of the needed magical sperm to create the desired power base for her mother.

So what was I to feel about Ming, even as her mother orgasmed above me and sought the release of even more of my sperm into her womb, just wanting them there even though she could not yet conceive of course?

Ming was also an Innocent, as was Alpha. Could I treat either of them differently – it didn’t seem fair on a yet-to-be-born baby any more than on my Alpha.

Meanwhile my body was being pummelled as Neng took out her enforced sex vacation on me, and I cannot pretend that my body was feeling anything but the enjoyment of her appetite, as voracious as a starving wolf tearing at the flesh of a snared animal.
She was a 15y.o. vessel for sex, and I was actually flattered that it was my body she craved and had waited for.
Until I remembered that it was my sperm, and only my sperm, which could give her the Clan she required for her domination plans. The rest of me: my heart, my soul, were of little use to her.
Nevertheless, my enlarged cock seemed fitted to her womanly cunt, young as it was, and she drew from me the copious amounts of my recently re-energised and usable semen and the millions of squirming sperm which seemed now able to impregnate at will – unlike a while before when it had been reserved only for the Long Clan, then for Pung also at the Long’s direction, but also claimed by Neng, an act of defiance which should have triggered Fear.

“One day, Daddy, I can do this for you – you won’t need her.”
“Alpha!” It was hard to keep my rhythm, feeling Neng close to an orgasm, when a watching daughter says something like that to my mind.
“No Daddy, it is Ming.”
“I am older Ming, Daddy is mine first.”

My head was in a whirl; Alpha and an unborn Ming could communicate with each other and with me….”It’s all right Daddy, I can protect us from my mother too; she cannot intercept us.”
I redoubled my plunging efforts and was relieved to feel my cock emptying and Neng enjoying her throes of passion above me as she released her own climax and swamped us both with fluids, collapsing down on me breathing heavily.

“While you rest, Daddy – this is Ming – listen to me: I will be born tomorrow. I ‘heard’ what you thought about me being the same as Alpha: an Innocent; thank you. I know what Mother wants, but I am half you and I feel your pain at what she has done to you and Alpha.”
“What you need to plan is how to get Alpha and me away from here; between the two of us, we can shield us outside the house – but you have to get us away!”
“She is right, Daddy; if you didn’t make me play this ‘baby’ role, I could walk over to you – I might stumble a little, but I am a true toddler now, Daddy, and I can help you with Ming until she is also as me. Get us away and then we will protect you forever Daddy, and you will have us and need nothing else…nothing else and no-one else Daddy.”

“Ok girls, I love you both and I understand. Alpha, for now, take off the protection and play ‘baby’ for a few more days…sorry my little one but Neng must believe we have nothing to hide from her. Ming, are you ok for birth…are you healthy?”
“Ok Daddy” Alpha sighed and made a ‘cooing’ noise in my thoughts – cheeky!
Ming chuckled “Yes, Daddy, I am fine, it will be easy and we will do everything here in the house without problems.”
A home birth for a first-time 15y.o. mother…another example of the extent to which my Life had been turned upside down these past few short months…. “Ok Ming, now you should also turn your protection off until after you are born and we see what Neng intends for us all; then we will make plans. ‘See’ you tomorrow Ming, after which it is you, Alpha and Daddy.”

Part 9

“God!” Neng screamed, “If I have to go through this for a new Clan, ok, but god, giving birth is no fun.” Given it had only taken 30 minutes from start of contractions to Ming’s birth it hadn’t been difficult.

I held a squirming, wet Ming in my arms, a towel under her while I took a sponge cloth from the warm water to begin cleaning her off; her face first and I was seeing her smile for the first time. I smiled back as I gently washed away the after coating of birth, laying her gently in a bath of the warm water, until I wrapped her again in a towel and took her to meet her mother.
“You are truly beautiful, my Ming” I whispered to her, heading for the big bed where her mother lay cleaning herself with a sponge and water and for another first time, I lifted her to kiss her lips and cheeks.

Neng looked but only said “You are the First of the First of Clans, Ming; never forget it. Go and make her some bottle milk, Steve, these breasts are for you, not babies.”

I was amazed at such a callous attitude, but held back any retort when I felt a gentle pressure on my arm from Ming; I understood and smiled down at her as we headed downstairs where Alpha had been left grumpily on the floor while I had helped Neng deliver Neng upstairs.

“Alpha, meet your sister….” “Half-sister!” bellowed Neng; “Alpha meet Ming; Ming meet Alpha.” They smiled at each other, but Alpha defiantly held up one finger and pointed to herself, then 2 fingers and pointed to Ming – a show of dominance clearly. Mind didn’t respond, but seemed to be pointedly looking at Alpha as she slipped her arms up to my neck and, with surprising (or unsurprising) strength, pulled my head down and kissed me on the lips!
30 minutes old and Ming had her Daddy embroiled in a turf war between his 2 daughters!

“Alpha I am going to make a bottle for Ming, her mother needs to rest; I will bring you one also – I will just lay Ming beside you so you 2 can get to know each other for a minute.” She glared at me but I chuckled, placing Ming down, but then quickly warmed a bottle – not of formula milk but my cow’s milk – and poured a cupful for Alpha.
At least they weren’t brawling on the floor when I returned….

Ming soon fell asleep, Alpha motioned she was ok and I went upstairs to help Neng.
I said “She is beautiful, Neng, thank you for her.” I kissed her lips and she pulled me down on to the bed; “I am going to sleep for a while and then shower; tonight we start making twins or more….”

Part 10

I lay with the girls on the floor downstairs and we all slept - me for an hour, Alpha waking as I did, but Ming slept on until she woke hungry again, naturally.
I bathed them both together, though Alpha could wash herself mostly now and offered Alpha toddler food and Ming milk afterwards: both argued against my choices so, after I crept upstairs to check Neng, I gave them as they wanted….

So the next week progressed: Alpha chafing against playing the 2-3 week old baby, Ming following suit after her first day. It was draining for all 3 of us and only on the rare occasions Neng went out could they throw their shields around us, pretend to Neng’s thoughts they were quiet because they were asleep, and they frolicked as youngsters much older do.
I knew we had to get away, but I had yet to formulate a feasible plan.

On the first afternoon of Ming’s birth, while both she and Neng slept, I motioned to Alpha to shield us. I was embarrassed to ask, but had to know if Alpha had any power over the sperm in my body: “Alpha is there a way you can help me not to get Neng pregnant again? I truly am sorry I have to ask you about this, but who else can I ask – you are my oldest daughter, my first friend now, and my senior advisor” I finished with a smile.

“Oh Daddy, I am those and will be so much more for you in just a short while, I promise. For now, if you would let me, I could suck the sperm from your body – you could still have sex with her, but perhaps without sperm…I can’t be sure, Daddy, I don’t know everything yet….”
I was shocked into silence at the idea! My 10 days old daughter sucking my cock, having me blow my loaded semen into her mouth or even close to her – just to help me keep Neng from producing another new Clan baby!
My god! “Oh Daddy, you are getting excited! Did I do that?”

I heard Alpha speak even as I realised my cock was hardening in my shorts – I was a perverted monster, getting aroused from my own daughter’s suggestion on how she could help me!
“Alpha, you shouldn’t even know those words, much less know how to do such things…and you’re my daughter…that’s incest, that’s not right…it’s…well, no, no, Alpha…I couldn’t do that…there must be some other way: I will tell Neng I have a headache!”

Alpha was laughing as she threw off her blanket and toddled over to me, dropping into my lap and throwing her arms around my neck; my cock was still in ‘turned on’ mode and she was squirming on it, the thin material of my shorts unable to contain the tenting under her baby-sized body: she bounced up and down on me.
“You are so funny, Daddy! I love you so much; and I can, and I will, do anything for you – forever Daddy.”
“Alpha, I don’t want Neng to get pregnant, but I can’t do it your way – it just isn’t right.”

“Daddy, I am not really a baby and you have to stop thinking of me as a baby; I am probably 4 years old in your terms – if only we didn’t have to do this play-acting – and I know a lot of things from Long when she talked with me inside my mother’s womb before I was born. I am beginning to understand why she taught me things she did, but sucking your sperm is one thing she told me about…perhaps she felt the things which were coming, but she did tell me lots of things to help.”
“Let me help us, Daddy…your cock thinks we should…”

I couldn’t, and didn’t, answer her; I did nothing when she scrambled off my lap, pushed me down flat, tugged at my shorts. Was it me that lifted my hips, letting my shorts be pulled off?
Was it me watching Alpha as she sucked on my cock, her mouth too small to get me inside, but able to slurp and lick at the head, all around it, while her 2 tiny hands stroked and pulled on its length…was it me, her Father, allowing this?

I am ashamed to accept: it was.
I should be ashamed that it felt beautiful!
I should be ashamed it aroused me further, both my body and my mind responding to her gentle baby hands and mouth, my cock lengthening and my balls beginning to churn.
But shame left me when a climax built to the point it took over my senses and feelings; I cradled Alpha’s cheeks, stroked them, played with her hair and stroked down her naked back to her panty-clad bottom – I was caressing her as I would her mother or another woman I had truly loved: Long.

Thoughts of Pung and Long seemed to put the suggestion of a smile into my mind and I relaxed for the first time as I enjoyed what my grown-up ‘baby’ was doing to me – until I reached the boiling point and reached to pull Alpha’s mouth away from a cock about to blow.
She wouldn’t let go!

Her mouth was latched on to my cock’s head, almost-teeth gripping me with her gums, and I couldn’t stop the first ejaculation of my potent sperm forcing itself into my daughter’s mouth!
Alpha swallowed, never letting go, and bursts of more tiny fish continued to invade her tiny mouth; she kept swallowing – how could she do this? I kept pumping, in the throes of a passionate cock-sucking which I couldn’t control and the fleeting, thought of: I don’t want to stop!

Incoherent life passed by until I realised she was dry sucking me; I was still hard and long and strong, but I knew I was drained of sperm - for now at least.
“Alpha, you can stop now, my beautiful grown-up daughter; it starts to hurt Daddy, or any man, if you suck after I am, or he is finished. I don’t know what to say to you, my daughter, except the truth: that was a most beautiful and wonderful thing you did for Daddy, for us.”

Alpha stopped, licked my cock clean, turned her adorable face up to me and smiled “I also did it for myself, Daddy: your sperm is to be mine and it also filled my tummy so I am not hungry for food!” She giggled, clambered up to my face and stuck her tongue into my aghast and open mouth!
I sucked the proffered tongue for a moment, tasting my own sperm and her own Life’s sweet essence, before she giggled again and walked back to the mattress and pulled the blanket over herself.
“I am tired now, Daddy, so I will have a sleep; can I turn the shield off now Daddy?
“Yes, honey, and I will just go and have a shower – my bathroom so I am right here if you or Ming need me.”
“Ok Daddy – and I am right here next time we need get your sperm out….”

Part 11

Thus began another daily, sometimes twice daily, ritual: Alpha sucked me off, reducing the chances of Neng getting pregnant by a large percentage.
I threw away all guilt feelings by the expedient thought that I was ‘helping to save the world from an evil witch’.

It also gave Alpha and her Daddy enormous pleasure, and she revelled in showing me how, day by day, her body was growing, her mouth was growing, and my cock could go deeper into her each time…I had unleashed her sexuality, her sexual desires and her sexual expertise before she had even had a chance to have anything of being a ‘normal’ baby/toddler or infant – as she undoubtedly now was.

Alpha knew I was concerned, beyond the cock sucking, about her development…and I knew we had to get away from here. She was reading all the books I had available voraciously, even learning from BBC programs we watched and using the computer…but of her academic life I had no concerns: I wanted a little girl to grow up with her Daddy for a while….

TWO little girls to grow up with their Daddy, as Ming began the accelerated development, as Alpha had, and was soon rebelling about her role as the youngest ‘baby’, demanding the same food as Alpha, the same treatment as Alpha…

Inevitably, she began demanding the same access to my cock as Alpha, an assertion of herself she showed me one afternoon when the 3 of us were asleep – asleep until I felt a mouth around my cockhead, sucking me to erection and beyond…”Ming!” I whispered urgently, but her hands gripped my penis hard for as long as it took her to release her mouth to say “Daddy, I love you too, better than Alpha, better than anyone, but you only ever let Alpha have your sperm: I want the same because you are my Daddy too!”
“Don’t worry, Daddy, I have put my shield around you and me; Alpha and Mummy won’t know – they won’t know this time, but maybe, Daddy, if you don’t share this with me, I could open my shield….”

My own daughter was threatening me with exposure!

Ok, I thought, we have to go from here, somehow and quickly – my 2 daughters were rivals for me, so I had to radically change how the 3 of us lived and grew up – and somehow stop this sexual behaviour: the only way was to escape from Neng.
This was my Decision Point.

“I am just joking, Daddy – truly! I just want what Alpha has; now lie down and relax.” I did and she gave me an incredibly sensuous blowjob, taking longer to bring me to boil by clenching my scrotum when she seemed to know it was the right thing to do, and able to swallow more of me into her throat this very first time….dare I say it…even more than Alpha!
“I have been practising with a big carrot from the fridge, Daddy…it is easy now” she paused to say and showed me by swallowing more than perhaps 15cms of my cock inside that petite baby mouth and throat!
I erupted like a volcano suddenly forced to disgorge its pent-up energy and molten liquid – but mine didn’t spray the surroundings or cause mayhem and destruction: this life-making sperm I had been miraculously endowed with by Long’s Clan was coating the insides of my baby girl and she was sucking to her heart and body’s content all that my cock offered.
“Oh Daddy, you taste so beautiful; I knew you would! I was better than Alpha wasn’t I Daddy?”

“Ming, you need go back to sleeping and take off the shield – it has been a long time and your Mother must wake soon; we will talk about this another time…but Ming: you made Daddy feel wonderful and he hopes you feel happy too, and it was beautiful – but I won’t say if you or Alpha is ‘better’ – you are both my daughters and I love both of you equally, ok?”
“But I will show you I am better soon Daddy…” “Ssshhh my daughter, have a sleep before dinner and turn off the shield.”

She clambered off my lap, up to my mouth and did exactly as Alpha had her first time sucking me off: thrust her tongue inside my mouth to share our juices. But Ming also took my hand and snaked it down to her tiny vagina and pushed my thumb against her baby cunt lips: they were soaking wet, not with urine – it was sticky: it was her cum!

“I know Alpha can’t feel like this, Daddy…when I first put my mouth around your cock and began sucking, before you woke, you made me so excited and my body got hot and then I shook and when you first started giving me your sperm, I felt it was coming right down to me, right here, and I knew then I am to be your special daughter – I am Daddy, aren’t I?”

A bellow of “Khun Steve!” came from upstairs; I kissed Ming (rather greedily I must confess) and longer than a gentle kiss should be, pulled my shorts up from my ankles, lifted Ming across to the mattress, kissed her quickly again but escaping her hands trying to keep me against her mouth, leaned down to Alpha and found her arms also reaching for a tongue-in-mouth kiss which she was strong enough to hold – and, I swear I saw a smirk from Alpha towards Ming - and ran guiltily to the stairs. “I was just getting in the shower, Neng – 15 minutes ok, while the girls are still sleeping.”

Part 12

The first evening Ming had been born, after Neng’s sleep and shower, she called for me to come upstairs.
I went up but told her I had to be downstairs with Ming (of course with Alpha too, but the less I mentioned Alpha the less scathing Neng was in her comments about her). She nodded in silence and I returned to the sleeping girls, sitting in my sofa chair with a beer but then going outside to have a cigarette in the courtyard, from where I could frequently check the girls through the screened window.

I was out there when Neng came down and fucked me - up against the shoe cabinet.

“I can’t wait any longer, my husband, just a quick one for now then I will go and buy us dinner.”
Our front fence/gate was an open railing type, neither tall nor solid: anyone passing, anyone in houses opposite could see in, but Neng had no concerns.

She was 15 years old, a young girl/woman who had given birth that morning; she had a body which oozed sex and wanted sex to ooze within her. She had chosen me – I was under no illusions – because Long’s Clan had resurrected my body and my cock’s practice and usefulness and, most importantly: its ability to produce a very special, very potent sperm in copious amounts.
My sperm is what Neng wanted to produce her own Clan of babies: Ming being #1.

Her thin nightie was easily hitched up, my shorts down.
My cock, drained by Alpha just a short time ago but always able these recent months and days to spring to readiness, lunged of its own accord towards her, and I easily lifted her body weight up to spear her once-again ready cunt, driving in to its full length through an ocean of her dripping fluids and hitting the womb which had just this morning borne a daughter forth to this world.
She dug her nails into my back as she held my body pressed to hers and I stroked back and forth, rather aggressively as it had been almost 2 weeks since my last fuck…but that had been with Pung, climaxing as she died around my cock. “Stop thinking of that, my husband…it is my cunt and your cock belongs inside it; now give me what I want!”
Her cunt sucked me harshly, trying to milk me of the sperm she wanted – but which, I hoped, Alpha had swallowed a while ago…I couldn’t be sure what my semen would contain, but I felt a build-up in my balls and knew something was going to fill her…

Then I saw movement in the soi as a car pulled up, movement at the gate and my wife - my legal, official wife -came into the courtyard!
Not unnaturally, she stopped inside the gate, and looked at me, at our housekeeper straddling my naked body, there, in our courtyard.

Long senior had put a spell of ‘good feelings’ on my wife months ago, at the same time as arranging for her to be promoted with a huge salary jump – but I didn’t know if it was still operating…clearly it was as she said “Sorry, I just stopped for some fresh clothes for the week.”
She walked past us, glancing again as my cock, on automatic, thrust into Neng (who hadn’t batted an eyelash, clearly aware my wife was coming). “I sometimes wish we could try again Khun Steve; I have changed and you have changed…I guess we can’t go back can we?”
She didn’t really wait for an answer, but saw my shake of my head.

Neng groaned against me and my wife went inside; I heard a gasp as she saw 2 babies asleep on the floor; then she continued up the stairs as Neng took my attention back to her needs and wants and my cock responded by straining to release, throbbing to release…
Neng squealed in her own orgasm as my cock pulsed and flared within and then it released, shooting long spurts of my juice into her, time after time – and I could only hope…”What do you hope for, my husband? Girls, boys, one of each…there will be many of each before I am 5 years older, believe me!”
She knew when I was empty and pulled her slurping cunt off me, laughing “Now we are back to normal, Khun Steve, and I will be pregnant again very quickly I am sure.” She held my dribbling cock in her hand, bringing it to life already; knelt down and sucked me into her mouth, “Mmm, you smell and taste of sex, my husband – I love it!” (If only she knew some of that smell and taste was our daughter's!)

“You said you would go and get dinner, nong Neng…I am hungry, and need my strength if you can handle it more later…” I made my comment a joke, but I needed her away for a while, for the girls to shield us.
I also needed at least to be a little nice to my wife who I knew would be staying only a moment, as the car was still sitting with its engine on across the street.

Neng came back from the bathroom, “I will be about 20 minutes, husband; I will give you some time to talk with your, ah ex-wife almost, without thought interruptions. Whatever you decide, or she decides, don’t worry: anything for you which needs to be fixed I can and will do.”
She rode off up the street on my bicycle.

I rushed in to check the girls; they were both wide awake, looking at me expectantly. “Neng, are you there?” The girls both shook their heads and I motioned their shields on, and motioned Alpha to be silent when I heard her utter the word ‘sperm’ – on this, Ming’s first day of Life, she knew nothing of Alpha’s means of helping me to try and prevent another pregnancy inside her, Ming’s, mother.
Had it worked – I had no means of knowing and Alpha shrugged her shoulders to show she also could not answer that challenging question.

My wife came down and spoke before I could say anything “I don’t know what it is happening, but my job is great, my salary is great and I have rented a place of my own; a friend outside will help me move there, and I will leave you alone – but I can see you aren’t alone and you are going to be busy anyway.”
She walked to the front door, glancing again at the girls, “I wish we could have had a baby daughter, Steve – they are both beautiful. Don’t worry, I won’t make any problems for you; bye” and she walked out and away.

Part 13

I said to both girls “I will sleep down here with you, let Neng/your mother rest upstairs; I need you girls to be true ‘babies’ after we eat dinner – you can wake and cry, just a little please, and I will go and make milk for you. I am sure she won’t want to be here with 2 crying babies! Ok girls, I promise we will get out of this very soon.”
They both nodded, both smiling – but it didn’t seem as if it was as accomplices/sisters/team-mates…”heavens I don’t need you trying to out-cry each other” I sternly said in my mind to them. They dropped their smiles into sheepish expressions and I breathed a sigh, motioning for their shields to be turned off as Neng rolled back into the courtyard.

And so dinner was eaten – just – when Ming became the first to appear as if waking in a bad mood; Neng gave an exasperated groan and when I said I would take care of them, but I would need to sleep downstairs – “or will I bring them both up to bed with us, my dear” – she grimaced and left us alone.

I bathed both girls again, fed them as directed, clothed them and let them sit outside the bathroom while I urinated, washed my hands, cleaned my teeth and then I pulled out the sofa bed and made it comfortable, and safe for us all to sleep on. I put both girls in, Ming on the far, wall-side, Alpha in the middle, covered them with a large doona, turned off the light and climbed in beside them after taking off my shorts.
Alpha turned immediately on her side and pressed her body up against mine, one hand snaking across my chest, up to my face and pulling me down for a ‘good night kiss’ she whispered.

The week following Ming developed, as if in Alpha’s footsteps, until today when she had sucked me dry for the first time and showed me she had reached that 3 year old early toddler stage.
Alpha had become a physical toddler in all aspects, while her mind seemed now to be somewhere around 9-10 years old and her wisdom at heaven-knows what levels. Her adept cock sucking was nothing short of amazing and she was, I assumed, responsible for Neng not yet able to crow about being pregnant again.
But from today, Alpha would have Ming to share my cock with, a worry for me as to sibling rivalry.

As for Neng, she was becoming more demanding for sex at all hours and anywhere she chose and became more frustrated when I didn’t seem to impregnate her.
The day following Ming’s first cock sucking experience, she insisted we go to a Doctor she knew, a confidant of the Clan apparently, and be tested and examined as to why she hadn’t fallen pregnant. I had the girls with me while the Doctor examined Neng and I was ushered into a ‘relax’ room, given a cup and asked by the nurse to ejaculate my sperm into it for testing.

When she left us alone, the girls giggled, making my face turn bright red.

Alpha walked to me, pulled my shorts and underpants down and fondled my cock; she looked up at me as she took my cock into her mouth and began to do as the nurse had instructed: get me excited enough to produce some sperm.
Ming came behind and watched her; when I was steel hard and Alpha was deep-throating me, my balls began to curdle and I motioned Alpha with the cup; she obliged with a final tongue tickle of the underside of my cock and released me as I began to burst semen into the cup.
When Alpha decided that was enough for testing, she pinched my balls until she could get mycock back to her mouth and let me release more into her mouth, before Ming elbowed in, took my cock and finished me off in her mouth – what a pair of daughters I had!

The cup was full and we cleaned up then took the testing sample out to the nurse; she looked amazed at the amount I had (Alpha had) spewed from my cock…if only she knew there was more than that amount again down my daughters’ throats!

The results the following day were telephoned to Neng by the Doctor: my semen was full of active, potent sperm – “quite an amazing amount of sperm to be honest” the Doctor had said – but that Neng’s body just needed a rest for a few months between pregnancies.

This was a relief on several points: I could fuck Neng as much as she wanted without being concerned I was generating new members for her goal of dominant Clan. I could also tell the girls they had no need to suck my cock as my sperm was safe to just let Neng have – so they could resume non-sexual growing up.
Finally, although she had said nothing, I had increasingly felt Neng’s hostility to both girls and felt she blamed them somehow for her inability to get pregnant – now that had been proven not the case perhaps she would be somewhat nice to them.

A bounty followed that same evening when I ‘bit the bullet’ and asked Neng, after mellowing her with my slowest, most romantic fuck since Ming’s birth and after she had climaxed on the heights of passion several times: “Neng, my wife, if your body needs rest, could I take the girls away for a little while? You don’t know them very well, but you do know they are ‘special’ ones – Ming of course extra special – and I would like take them somewhere where we are unknown and just let them have some freedom of their own…would this be ok with you, while you rest your body before we try again?”

I held my breath but Neng answered affirmatively, rolled over after kissing me and went to sleep.

In Neng’s periodic absences, they had both been able to show me how advanced they were: Ming to the toilet, brushing her own gums (sans teeth yet) and even able to button and unbutton her clothes; Alpha washed the dishes, helped me hang clothes out after washing and read her own stories to me.

The only issue was: their physical appearance portrayed them as new-borns…and there was nothing I could do about that. Our only relief was when Neng went out and when I drove them to a distant supermarket for our shopping needs with little chance of seeing people I knew; they had to sit in the trolley (even if they could have walked beside me) but if anyone commented how advanced they were, sitting up at their ‘age’ – I smiled proudly and thanked them but had no need to explain to strangers anything further.

I took them often to a park and there I let them walk and climb and show off their physicality to their heart’s content, again only smiling at strangers when they commented.
I was very careful, however, to refuse if they asked to photo or film them – the last thing I wanted was to advertise their ‘Specialness’ on social media!

Now, thanks to the Doctor, Neng had given consent for us to leave – albeit temporarily, but once away, further ideas would come…I stopped thinking then lest Neng wake and hear that thinking….

I went downstairs, found the girls asleep so went to my bathroom to clean up, clean my teeth, go to the toilet, turn off the lights, take off my shorts and gently lift the blanket to crawl beside Alpha – but her body was there and she said “Daddy, we decided you have to sleep in the middle, between us.” “Yes, Daddy” added Ming, “We are both your daughters and you love us both the same, so it’s only fair we can both cuddle you to sleep.”

Clearly, they hadn’t been asleep – just plotting…”Ok girls, but shields on please” I whispered and added “Good news, tomorrow we can go away! Second, the Doctor said my sperm is fine but it is Neng’s body which needs rest, so you don’t have to suck my sperm out anymore – well, not while we are away anyway; after that we shall decide what to do, but for now you can become normal, special girls growing up again; isn’t that wonderful! Now sleep so we can get ready and leave tomorrow.”

I rolled to Ming to kiss her good night; she opened her mouth and I accepted full tongue-kissing would be ok to continue with them, but after capturing my tongue she darted a hand to grab my cock at the same time another hand –Alpha’s - burrowed down between my legs and gently cupped my balls as her body moulded to my rear.
“Girls, girls - didn’t you hear what I just said: you don’t need to do stuff like this now!”
“We heard you, Daddy, but Ming and I want to do this ‘stuff’ with you…and more every day!”
Obviously, my daughters’ sexuality had progressed far beyond what I ever envisaged – what was I to do now; what was a Father to do now; what was a Man to do now?

As in the majority of occasions when a woman’s will was pitted against a man’s: the woman (or women in this case) won.

What was different about this blowjob was when Ming released my kiss, crawled around and down, throwing the blanket off and pressing her body along my chest and abdomen as she took my cock into her mouth and swallowed the whole rod, while reaching for my hand and dragging it under her and pressing my fingers to her very soppy vagina – she released my hand only when I slid my finger along her slit and gently felt her folds up and down, even finding a nubbin which would someday be her clit and the touch to which made her jump even now. Then she put her mouth to work…

Alpha seemed content for a while to play with my balls, painfully at times – perhaps to remind me of her presence – but then she became bold and drew her fingers up the slit of my bottom, tickling my anus hole. Finding it dry, she thrust her hand between my legs and felt upwards for her sister’s mouth and slid her finger inside, along my cock as Ming sucked me. When she was wet, she drew her finger back and quickly pushed it into my arse!

A small finger, but forcefully thrust right in – to a place of virgin territory.
I came into Ming’s mouth immediately and she sucked greedily as Alpha’s finger pushed my bottom to jump forward and further thrust my cock down little Ming’s throat, an act which seemed not to unnerve her in the slightest as she swallowed and emptied me.

Ming slipped off, clambered up my belly and drove her tongue into my mouth as Alpha began pulling me to turn over to face her, removing her finger from my bottom and tracing its silky feel up my slit yet again. Ming rolled with me, clamped to me, and Alpha sighed in frustration but gave up and just turned herself to face down and proceeded to bring my cock back to full functionality…with such a mouth as hers, it didn’t take long.

I had to know…so I reached my right hand to Alpha’s vagina, as indeed my left was still caressing Ming’s lightly, her body splayed on top of me, her slit still slippery and rubbing against my fingers.

Alpha was wet and sticky also; she moaned and squirmed as I touched her slit; only slightly older and bigger than Ming, her physiology was much further advanced and she knew what she wanted: she wriggled her body around and against my fingers until she had one with nowhere to go but inside her young cunt.

When she pushed on, I let my first finger in the length to the first knuckle; enough that Alpha bit my cock, writhed her body and moaned so voluptuously through an orgasm, I was worried Neng might hear. She groaned and her mouth filled with saliva, coating, drowning my cock and dribbling fluids out of her mouth until she plunged her throat down on my full length and wanted me to erupt while she was doing the same on my finger.

My only problem was this second sucking was taking longer and Alpha was beginning to hurt me somewhat. In order to lessen her yearnings for another climax, I withdrew my finger and inserted a slightly thicker thumb into her, only to the first knuckle but it stretched her enough so her vagina now knew the feeling of being ‘full’ and I gently mashed it up and down and in and out, rubbing against her bud of a clit.

She went wild on my cock and I relaxed and let some semen gush into her mouth as she – remarkably – gushed fluids over my thumb and out to flow over my hand and on to the sofa sheet below.
Ming couldn’t accept the passion her sister was experiencing and she used her 2 hands to push against my fingers until one just slipped inside her own self, perhaps 1cm before I rebelled and withdrew slightly. But it had been enough and she convulsed and some cream seeped from her body to coat my fingers.

I withdrew my hand from Ming, my cock from Alpha, picked them up in turn and laid them on their backs in the crook of each arm, willing us all to sleep.

In the morning, we packed all we would need “for a holiday” I told the girls, but when Neng went to buy breakfast, I stuffed quickly into bags anything I could put my hands on ‘for a long holiday’ I told myself, having asked the girls to put their protection around us.
Loading the car quickly, I filled water bottles for the girls, snacks for the first leg of our trip, and had them strapped into their child seats in the back – “baby seats” Alpha claimed against my refusal to let her sit up front on the passenger seat – when Neng returned.
I spent 5 minutes hugging her, telling her to rest – but keep the house clean, I added as a joking reference to her job as my housekeeper – and we would let her know where we stopped.
She gave a desultory wave to the girls, a smile to Ming and said “Take care of Daddy and Daddy will take care of you: for our Clan Ming.”

Ming chuckled and sent her thought to me in her shield: “I know exactly what she means, Daddy.”
“Just remember Ming: I am Daddy’s first daughter; you are second. I know even better how to take care of Daddy.”
“But you remember Alpha, dear sister….”

So began what I had planned to be an escape from domination and (somewhat melodramatically) evil intentions.
At least The Girl(s) from My Village, those I had loved and lost and had left, those I had fathered and now sought to protect and were leaving the Village in search of....

‘The best laid plans of mice and men….’

(End of Chapter 4)....

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