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we came home to a drunk sitter
It’s about 11:30 on a Friday night my wife Jasmine and I, I’m George have come back from a movie and dinner out.
We got a babysitter for the night because of our little guy Jacob that is 5 years old and we haven’t had a night out in a long time.
Well we came home to find our substitute sitter, Mrs. Lawson is out of town and this one came highly recommended so we hired her.
She’s a sophomore in college and so we thought why not, she had plenty of references and believe me Jasmine checked them all out.
When we came home Mary Beth had found the liquor cabinet and opened it somehow because it locks and had gotten a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and was hitting it with shots straight from the bottle.
Jasmine was furious and Mary Beth was pleading and begging not to tell her folks because she’s not supposed to be drinking and if they found out they would send her to an all-girls school and she couldn’t take that.
I looked at Jasmine, she says she’s a fucking drunk, so fuck her, go on fuck her and show her what fucking drunks get while their drunk.
Mary Beth says I’m ok with that, I love sex, I have been having sex for nearly five years now.
Jasmine laughs knowing what’s going to happen when I unleash goliath or at least that’s what she calls my cock.
I’ve been cursed or blessed to have a 10” cock and it’s pretty big around too.
Jasmine says ok young lady, if that’s the way you want it, you’re going to please us both and that’s the only way out of it.
Mary Beth says I’m good with that; I’ve had a few girlfriends that I’ve played with too.
Jasmine says strip and let’s see what we have to play with and as drunk as she was she still managed to get undressed and stand there showing us her little tits and pussy.
Jasmine takes off her clothes and says ok young lady; eat my pussy while my husband fucks your cunt.
She giggles saying umm, that ought to be fun as she bends down and starts eating Jasmine’s pussy I come up behind her and start unzipping my pants to take them off.
Jasmine is watching me and when I’m ready I come behind Mary Beth and aim and push my fat cock into her opening as she comes up saying what the fuck you doing back there and she sees my cock and wants to stop now but Jasmine won’t hear of it.
She grabs the girls head saying come on bitch, eat me, I’m close to cumming damn it.
Now I’ve never ever seen her this vocal or curse so much in our time together it’s like she had to prove something to herself tonight for trusting this drunk with our child.
I pushed in further and after several moments of pushing and pulling I got inside her, she groaned saying holy fuck you’re ripping me apart down there and Jasmine says shut the fuck up bitch and lick me damn it and I continued fucking her pussy as hard as I could.
When I felt like cumming I told her and she says hell yes give it to me, I’m on the pill anyways.
I flooded her little cunt and when I came out it was like I’d just fucked her ass for the first time, she was gaping wide and flowing my cum out of her fast.
I pointed to Jasmine and she flipped around and started sucking her cunt hard.
I went to jasmines pussy and started fucking her and I knew she could take me easily and she did.
That night that little girl took me twice in her pussy and once in her mouth sucking me hard for the last time.
When she left there she was wobbling but happy, she knew that she’d be sore but also told us that the next time was on her and she wanted a repeat of tonight, we have it set up for next weekend but she says she starts her period then so the week after that she’s ours for the entire night of fucking and sucking.
When she came back that Friday night she told her mom that she would be sleeping there because we were going out and staying at a motel for the night, her mother was ok with that since after all she was a college woman now.
When she got here she was nearly naked by the time we opened the door, she was ranting on about how the following week and the last one all she could think of was getting my fat cock back into her little hole and fucking her good.
Jasmine says well don’t forget about me?
She says no way, I’m going to enjoy sucking every drop of cum out of you with a huge smile so she says come on, fuck this little cunt so we can have some fun and that we did.
All night as long as I could get it up and give them a load I did.
When I was drained they went at it full speed and didn’t come up for air.
The next morning Mary Beth was riding my cock and Jasmine came back from feeding our son she saw her and joined back in saying but we have to be quiet, I told Jacob we weren’t ready to get up yet so be quiet, well that didn’t work because it was jasmine herself that let out a loud low moan as I buried my cock deep into her wet hole and fucked her mercilessly.
By the time she left us for that day she was spread wide and loving every stroke I gave her and to be truthful I enjoyed giving her every stroke too.

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2013-08-27 04:47:49
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2013-08-27 04:36:28
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2013-08-27 01:52:23
ok wow you're sentence structure, lack of punctuation and writing really suck......


2013-08-26 15:14:41
I hate ten inch cocks....

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2013-08-26 09:58:51
I think the babysitter was having the most fun. She got cock and pussy. Cute story!

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