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Chronicles of One Big Horny Family: Series 1; Cunnilingus Cousins, Part 2

Disclaimer: This story contains minors in sexual situations, and is not meant to promote any elicit activities involving children. Thank you for your understanding.

Deion: I continue to fool around with my cousin Helen, but we face the possibility of being caught. Despite this worry, we make plans to take these our incestuous urges further. Enjoy.

My cousin, Helen, and I were laying on our grandmother's bed, naked from the waist down, and enjoying the orgasms we just gave each other. I had just given oral sex, for the first time, to her while she sat on my face, and had just given me my first hand-job with her panties. Although she was a little rough, it was awesome, but as we slowly came back to reality, the fear of getting caught sexually experimenting with my cousin became more and more intense. I wanted to just lay there and be happy, maybe even cuddle with my half naked cousin, if she'll let me, but I knew we had to get dressed before we were caught by any of the six other people in the house. So we started putting on our clothes. I only had shorts to put on because I didn't wear any underwear today as part of my plan to seduce, and because it is much more comfy this way. It might become a habit, going commando.

Helen was sniffing her panties that I just shot, probably the biggest load in the six months that I have been mastetbating. She lowered them away from her face, smiled, and slipped the cum soaked panties on.

"Hmm, I love the way your cum feels on my pussy."

She put on her shorts, and join me on the bed. We went back to watching the horror movie Helen was watching before we started fooling around. I think she wanted to pretend that everything was normal and she didn't just sat on her cousin's face until she came, but I wanted to reminiscent in my first sexual encounter with a girl.

"That was amazing", I said trying to push the subject.

"Yeah that was, I didn't think facesitting could feel that great."
"When I did it with Jack", her little brother, "It was alright, I came that time, too, but I was just fooling around."
"I got the idea from seeing my mom sit on one of Jack's friend's face."
"I think he kept saying my mom had a sexy butt, and she decided to give him a closer look."

"Wow, she did that to one of Jack's friends?"

"Yeah, I think she's a pedophile, she's always going on about the dirty things she wants to do with all the boys she sees on the street."

"Wow, I didn't know that about your mom."

"Oh, she says things about you too."

"She does, like what?"

"She says she wants you to suck on her tits, a lot because she always sees you staring at her boobs."

"Oh", I said as I blushed.

"Anyway, when I did it with my brother, he didn't do anything like you did."
"That's what made it so good, and I would love to do it again some time."

"I don't know where all that came from, Ii just came naturally, and I would love to do it again, but not right now because it smells like dinners almost done, I think it's braised chicken, I hope Nan makes mashed potatoes with it."

"Yeah, me too, I love her mashed potatoes."

I just crossed me that we just went from talking about me giving her oral sex to food, and I laughed.

"What's so funny", Helen asked.

"I just thought how funny it was, how we went from me eating your pussy to eating dinner."

"Oh, ha ha, that is funny."

Twenty minutes later, my older sister, Mary, came and told us dinners done. We went downstairs to eat. It was delicious, my grandmother is a very good cook, and for some reason I am always horny after I eat.
Helen, and I were the first two to be done eating, and we were sitting in the living room while the others finished up in the dining room. We were sitting next to each other on the couch, and my horniness was getting the best of me. I came in closer to my sexy older cousin, snuggled up to her, and whispered in her ear, "Do you think I could give you a quick lick, I'm very horny right now."

"Okay, but I'm not sitting on your face, I'm just going to stay seated, and slide my shorts off enough for you to get in there."

"Okay", I said, and I knelt down in front of her. She slid down her shorts, and I buried my face into her perfect pussy. The smell, and taste was just as awesome as before with her sweat mingling with her pussy juices, and a hint of my cum from her panties. I was a couple minutes into my pussy dessert when I heard Jack say, "Holy shit dude, what are you doing to my sister!?"

My heart skipped a beat. I took my head away fron Helen's pussy, and leaned back until I was sitting on my feet, but I had no idea what to say. Luckily, Helen knew what to say, "I made David kiss my 'wee-wee' as you call it, and if tell anyone, I will make you kiss my asshole."

Jack made a face of disgust, and said, "Alright, I don't care", but that still put a stop to my pussy licking. I must be becoming some sort of peverted because for some reason the idea of kissing my cousin's asshole sounds really nice. I got off of my knees, and sat back down next to Helen. She leaned in next to me, and whispered I'm my ear, "Whew, that was close."

"You know", I whispered back, "I would love to lick your asshole, if you don't think it's too weird, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do."

"It's okay, I kinda like the attention you give me when you do those things to me, even if there weird."
"All the boys in my class think I'm fat, and ugly, and I'm so happy that you're interested in me, even though your my cousin."

"Well I don't think you're fat, or ugly, and I'm sure someone will see that you are beautiful."

"Thank you, you really think so?"

"Of course, there are six billion people in the world, at least one of them has to like you."

"Hm, I never thought of it like that before."

"That's what I tell myself all the time because I'm a little fat too, and none of girls in my class are interested in me."

"Well", Helen said, rubbing my thigh, "I like you, I've liked you ever since I became interested in men, I just never knew what you thought of me."
"Do you want to go upstairs again, I'll let you do what ever you want to do to me."

Holy shit, how did I talk her Into doing this.


Helen got up, and asked Nan, "Can David, and I go upstairs to finish the movie?"

"Sure, just behave."

I follow Helen upstairs, but instead of going to Nan's room she went to our away bedroom. The "away bedroom", as we call it, is where we sleep at when we are spending the night at our grandmother's. It is the only other room on the second floor besides the bathroom, and Nan's room. It has 7 twin beds, and 4 burrows with spare sets of our school uniforms.

We went to my bed. It had dark blue Star wars sheets on it, and we were hoping it might cover up any fluids that may get in it. Helen laid on top of my bed, and asked, "So you really want to eat my ass out?"

I nodded, and she said, "Alright", and rolled over to her hands, and knees, and stuck her ass in the air showing off her asshole and bent over pussy. I went, and started tonguing her asshole. It was better than I thought it would be, but not better than pussy, which I went down there and ran my tongue along her slit every once in a while. I probed her bumhole with my tongue until I had to come up for air, but then I was overwhelmed with the urge to finger her asshole, and her response was a yelp as her rectum tightened around my finger. I pulled my finger out of her, and I said, "Sorry."

"That's okay, it didn't hurt, it just felt weird."

"Good, but I done for now."

"Okay", she said, and she rolled over, and sat up. I still can't believe my cousin is half naked on my bed.

"Did you even stick anything up your butt, before?"

Embarrassed that she asked I said, "Yeah, kinda."

"Wow, like what?"

"Um ... well you know like a pen, or the end of a toothbrush."

"I've tried a pen, you ever tried anything bigger, I'm always afraid it'll hurt."

"Ah, let's see, oh, you know those roll-on deodorants, there about 4 inches long, and about an inch maybe a little bit bigger in diameter."
"It hurt a lot at first, and I had to pull it out right away, but after that it went in easy with little pain."
"I got all of it in, and I actually kept it in overnight while I slept, and pulled it out in the morning."

"Wow, I never thought about doing that, were you afraid that you would lose it up there like in that Scrubs episode where these people each put a weird object up there ass, and needed to go to the hospital to get it out."

"Yeah, that was the first thing I thought of when it slipped all the way in, but it was big enough for me to feel where it was to reach
in, and pull it out."
"Of course, I'm not that flexible enough, nor can I actually get my hand up my ass so I had to poop it out a little bit, and then grab it."

"Wow, all this talk about putting things up your ass is making me horny", and she reached down, and started rubbing her pussy around her clit.

"Do you think you would let me watch you put something up your ass, or even let put my dick up there", I asked.

"Wow, did you get that idea from porn?"

I blushed, and I said, "Yeah, I found a magazine under my parents' bed, and it had pictures of girls shoving huge fake dicks in their asses."

Remembering my parents' dirty magazine started making me play with my dick

"Hm, well, maybe I'll try it."
"You remember what Aunt Jess said about getting a discount on baby lotion for working for Johnson & Johnson, and that she buys a lot of lotion just for butt fucking, I think I might want to use some baby lotion, she said she would get me some of I ever wanted to try anal, she says getting your ass pounded is the best thing ever."

"Okay, I'll wait until you get some lotion, I never used lotion, I wonder if that's why it hurt so much, I did kinda bled a little too when I put the deodorant up there."

"Yeah, lets wait until I get lotion, I don't to be bleeding from my ass."
"So what do you want to do now", Helen asked.

"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

"Is it alright if I jerk you off again, but not sit on your face, I want to get a better angle."

"Sure", and I slipped off my shorts revealing my semi-hard cock. I spread my leg, and said, "Whenever you're ready."

She didn't need an invitation. She was already on the bed between my legs before I could finish my sentence. She knelt down, and sat on her legs, and started fondling my boyhood. She was very interested in the few random pubic hairs I was growing, probably because she never seen any on Jack during their family bath time. Then she moved on to my testicles.

"Wow, your balls are so much bigger than Jack's", she said cupping them in her hand which was barely big enough to contain them. Her virgin behavior completed my hard-on. Even though she has seen a dick before, the fact that she is so fascinated by how different two cocks is just too cute.

"So what do you think I should use for your cum, I was thinking my bra."
"I loved the feeling of cum in my panties, and when it dried, it really started tickling my pussy, I couldn't stop touching myself at the dinner table."
"I would love to feel your cum dry on my boobs, and tickle my nipples, but if you want me to use my panties again, that's alright too."

"No, your bra is perfect, I ah ... kinda would love to see your boobs."

With a giggle, and without any hesitation she took off her shirt. Her boobs aren't really that big only about a 28BB, but for a first time seeing a girl in only her bra on, which won't be on for long either, it was great. She was wearing a purple padded bra with blue polka-dots

"This is my favorite bra, it's so soft, I love the way it feels on my boobs", she said as she unhooked her bra, and revealed to me for the first time a woman's breasts. I was stunned. I couldn't believe that my cousin was naked on my bed. I was mesmerized by her two-inch wide discs of nipples on each of her to breasts. I always thought a woman's nipples were smaller. It wasn't until Helen placed the cup of bra, still warm from her body, over my cock, and started rubbing the sensitive tip that I snapped out of it.

"Wow, that is soft, and your boobs are really nice."


She gave my cock-head a few more buffs with her bra, sending this intense tingling sensation dock my dick. Then, she grasped my shaft with her bra cup forcing it to conform to a shape it designed for, and started pumping my dick vigorously. I arched my back in pleasure. I had never felt anything like this before in all the times that I've masturbated. I guess it is just better when a girl does it for you. Helen, then, took the other cup of her bra and started cupping my balls in it, and caressing them. The sensation was spectacular, and the result was immediate. With a little scream, I started cumming hard, right into her one bra cup.

"Holy shit, that was amazing", I said dazed from the intense orgasm. Helen looked at what I did to her bra, and said, "hmm, I can't wait to put this on, do you mind if I take the sight of my boobs away from you?"

"It's okay."

I really didn't care at that point, I felt like I was on the verge of passing out. Helen took the two cups of her bra, and pressed the insides together, distributing the fresh cum between them. Then, careful not to drop any of her reward, she slipped the cum slathered bra over her teenage tits.

"Oh, that feels good."
"I don't know why I like cum so much, all the girls in my class who have had sex say that cum is all sticky, and gross, but I love the stickiness, and the gooeyness."

"Well, I think it is kinda sexy how you love cum, and if you want, I could cum directly onto you."

"That does sound nice", she said drifting into thought about being cummed on, "But I kinda like how it feels when it dries on my clothes, it tickles my pussy, and clit, and I hope it does the same for my tits."

"Helen, I'm here", Aunt Debbie yelled up, and we can hear her walking up the stairs.

"Shit", we both exclaimed, and we scrambled to get our clothes on. I only had to get my shorts on, but Helen was only wearing a bra. By the time I had my shorts on, Helen only managed to find her shirt, and put it on, but she couldn't find her panties, or her shorts. Bang, bang, bang. My heart jumped into my throat. Time had seemed to slow to a stop. Here I was alone with my half naked cousin, and her mother is about to walk in on us. I felt like I could have died. At the last second before Aunt Debbie walked through the door, Helen scurried under the covers to hide her nudity.

"Come on, Dear, we have to get going", Aunt Debbie said as she entered with her boobs bouncing all over the place because she had already taken off her bra as part of her daily ritual when she gets to Nan's house.

"Oh hey Dave, what are you two doing up here, all by yourselves?"

"Um, I was watching a movie and...", I stopped in mid-sentence because I notice Helen's shorts, and panties on the floor.

"And I was talking a nap because I got a headache from school", Helen finished.

"Okay", she said as if she wanted to call our bluff, but instead said, "Well you can rest when we get home, alright?"

"Sure, Mom, can you grab the movie from Nan's room?"

"Sure", and she left room. As soon as she was out the door, Helen rolled out of the bed, and I toss her her clothes.

"Whew, that was close", Helen said. I didn't say anything back. I must have been white as ghost. By the time Aunt Debbie returned, Helen was fully dressed, and went downstairs. We started saying our usual goodbyes when Aunt Debbie said, "Dave why don't you give me a hug, and kiss this time instead of waving at me."

I was surprised by her sudden interest to be close to me. I tentatively walked over to her. I went to give her a hug from the side, but she turned and came at me head, and boobs on. I blushed when u felt those soft mounds press against my chest. They felt incredible, and it was made better by the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. I thought about getting a hug out of my Aunt Debbie just so I could feel her tits, but I've always been afraid of her. It was awesome to finally feel those magnificent juggs like this.

My bliss was interrupted by Aunt Debbie groping my butt. She kissed me on the cheek, and broke off the hug, leaving me stunned, and wondering what just happened. She, and my cousins went out the door, and Aunt Debbie gave me a mischievous grin before leaving. I was a little creeped out by what my aunt just did, but I was also a little turned on by the fact that my cousin just left with a load of my cum in both her bra, and panties.

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