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The pic of the fat naked whore that flashed up on the screen of mobile phone whilst it rang Let me know it was that useless fat fuck Nina! It was the 3rd time the cunt had phone me today and each time I'd cut her off. "Yes you fucking fat whore what do you fucking want?" I casually said to her, "I've been a naughty girl again sir" said the voice at the end of the phone. I replied "why are you fucking wasting my time Nina you useless fucking porker? Why don't you just ask me to come round and treat you like the street-walking whore you truly are!"

"Ok sir! I need you to come round and treat me like shit, hurt me, abuse my nasty fat body, make me cry, humiliate me......sir" She pleaded down the phone. "I'll be there at 4o'clock cunt!!!" I said and hung up.

I approached her door and knocked! Nina answer dressed and made up try but failing miserably to look sexy. I looked at her and told her to strip "what here on the door step sir?" She asked, "yes! Strip off ! You look like a fucking cheap fat whore Nina whatever your wearing so" I told her. Nina looked nervously round and she pulled of her top to reveal her nasty saggy tits and belly, she then pulled off her dress showing off her equally saggy fat arse. Whilst still stood on the doorstep I pointed to my groin and said "get my cock out and suck it as that's about the only redeeming quality you fucking well have you worthless cunt", still looking around Nina got to her knee and unzipped me and pull out my semi-erect cock before sucking it into her painted whore mouth. "I wouldn't worry too much you fat bitch! You neighbours must know by now what a dirty little fucking cunt you really are!" I said as I pulled my cock from her mouth and rubbed it all over her nose and mouth before sticking it back in her slutty mouth grabbing her by long blonde hair and fucking her throat slowly .

An old Jamaican lady waddled past with a shocked look on her face as she watched as I skull-fucked cunt Nina making her saggy tits flops around. Seeing this I grabbed the fat whore by her hair and turned her face to the old lady saying "do you recognise this useless dirty cock-sucking fat prossie? She one of your neighbours! You might want to come round some time and get her to stick her tongue up your arsehole!" Nina had tears in her eyes as I held her roughly by her hair and humiliated her in front of a total stranger. I laughed at her and told her to crawl inside on her hands and knees and fetch her collar, lead and metal ruler, she returned on her hand and knees with them between her teeth and dropped them at my feet.

I placed the collar and lead on this ridiculous whore and led her out into her exposed garden and walked the nasty-fuck pig around spanking her fat arse hard making her yelp and leaving big red marks across her saggy fat cheeks. Nina fat face was now as red as her nasty arse and streaked with tears which flowed freely from her eyes, I leaned over and spat on her big brown puckered arsehole and roughly stuck a couple of fingers in it straight to the third knuckle. I moved my fingers in and out of her obviously loose and well used pooper before pulling them out and bringing them to her face!

Holding them under her nose so she could smell her own dirty arse. "Want to suck your arse off my fingers eh?I want to show your neighbours what your really all about! Beg me like the fat porker you are Nina to taste you own smelly dirty arsehole you worthless cunt!" I commanded her, Nina responded in a croaky tearful voice "please let me suck my smelly arse of your fingers sir!" I struck her across her saggy nipple hard with the ruler making cunt whore Nina yelp/gasp loudly and making her burst into tears. "Louder you worthless fat cunt! Or I will tie you to your sun lounger, spank and fist that dirty smelly pussy with that ruler until you fucking pass out and fuck off home and leave you tied there" I growled at her. She just knelt there blubbing and crying obviously on the verge of breaking. I grabbed her lead and started dragging her towards the sun lounger before she began to comply, in a weak, loud and broken voice she began to plead "please feed me my nasty arsehole off you fingers! They smell so nasty and want to suck them clean for you sir". I held out my fingers and she instantly began to suck wildly on my dirty nasty fingers looking at me with her streaming tear filled eyes. "Guess what my fat little porker! I'm still going to tie you to that sun lounger abuse that slack useless stinky cunt of yours" I declared...........

Taking her lead I tied her wrists tight behind her back and laid her sun lounger in the middle of the garden with her on it and her meaty legs hooked over the arms exposing her big gaping cunt. This fat fucking pervert was obviously enjoying her treatment despite the amount of blubbing and crying she had done because her cunt was dripping wet. I ran the end of the steel rule slowly up and down her open wet slit coating the end with her stinky fuck cream before sliding the rule into her worn out fuck hole which hardly touched the sides due to slackness caused by the years of over use it piggy whore owner had given it. "No wonder you get fucked in the arse so much you nasty fat anal whore with a cunt like that! It's a fucking worn out, saggy useless fat cunt just like its fucking owner" I told her as I pulled the rule from the piggy's cunt and began to run it up and down the inside of her saggy fat thighs softly and slowly before laying a stroke across her fucked out cunt. Nina yelped loudly and jerked and wobbled around grunting like a pig. "Tell you neighbourhood what a nasty fucking fat pervert you are Nina! Nice and loud I want them to hear you and witness what a fucking prossie they're living near" I laughingly said. She look at me as if she was about to burst into tears again but motioned as though I was going to beat her sloppy slack cunt again. She Uttered "I'm nothing but a cheap cock-sucking whore......" She stopped mid sentence looking intently behind me, I turned round to see a man and woman looking over the fence.

"Nina! What the hell is going on?" Said the woman, Nina just laid there like the lazy bitch that she is embarrassed and beginning to well-up. "Let me explain" I said "Your next door neighbour Nina is clearly just a fat nasty submissive whore and I am her current master! Don't mind us I'm just giving this piggy fuck slut the treatment she needs to get off!". Pointing between her saggy spread legs with the rule I explained further "see that thing there! It's basically been used so much by thousands of cocks and fists over the years its now a completely useless smelly fat cunt just like its owner! The only way this fucking whore can get off now is by being treated like the 1 dollar cunt whore she is"

"It's true" Nina sobbed as her neighbours looked smirking at the fat naked bitch laying there with her legs spread. "Why don't you both come round and help me fuck this saggy titted fat bitch up! She does as she's told and loves abuse and humiliation" I asked. Both nodding they disappeared, then the doorbell went...

Grabbing Nina Roughly I pulled her up off the sun lounger and said "come on you old fucking dirty porker! Lets put you to at least some use you lazy old fat whore-bag". As Nina waddled through her house with her hands still tied behind her back I continued slapping her wobbly saggy arse hard until she reached the door. I opened it and there they both stood. The woman was in her late fifties and very obese, the man was about the same age but in better condition than his wife. "Come in let's not waste time! This pig is hungry for abuse" I said slapping her across the nipples hard making fat Nina wince heavily. "First off how can this dirty fat slag serve you both as an appetiser to show how degraded this old porker is?" I questioned. The woman replied "I want her lick our arses first" as she and her husband began to strip their clothes off from the waist down. I looked at the now truly sorry looking whore who now was about to degrade her worthless self even further.

The couple both knelt on the couch with their arses in the air, Nina got on all fours and crawled over to them both going to the woman first whilst I picked up the ruler again and began to gently run it up and down piggy fat fuck Nina's wet capacious cunt. The woman reached round and spread her massive arsecheeks apart revealing a very hairy sweaty centre which filled the room with a nasty funky odour. "Clean my arsehole with your fucking worthless dyke tongue Nina you whore" she snarled. Nina looked at me with a cringing look on her face but I pointed to the nasty crack of this obese woman, she then put her whole face between the crack inhaling loudly before licking feverishly at the nasty spread crack. "What a fucking piggy you are Nina! Oink like a pig whilst you lick my arsehole" said the woman, Nina was nearly at breaking point again and fought back the tears as she began to make oinking noises whilst lapping bewteen the massive cheeks of her neighbour causing the lady to giggle.

The man then grabbed nasty cunt Nina by her hair and pulled her towards his arse, "tongue fuck my arsehole you depraved blonde cunt!" He commanded as he then held her head and stuck his arse in her face. You could see the nasty fucking whore go to work instantly performing her task with vigour like the dirty cheap nasty prostitute she was, "she is so good at tongue fucking arsehole isn't she?your right dear look at her! Fucking arse eating pig! What other tricks does this fat fuck sow do?" He said........

"You want to see the fat porker in action?" I asked them both before grabbing her laptop and clicking on a folder and some files. "I quite often take this fat sow up to a few local 'dogging' spots in the area and film this cunt behaving like the fucking animal she is. A movie on the laptop started and there she was in all her nasty piggy glory on her knees in the middle of a car-park
, her painted whore face surrounded by eight hard cocks of varying size and colour. The men were all jockeying and baying like animals to get their dicks sucked pulling her by the hair or slapping her round the face with their erections calling her every insulting name they could think of. It ended with them all lining up and taking turns to fill a dog bowl she was holding with their spunk, when they'd finished she got on all fours and licked and sucked their spunk from the bowl.

I could see the couple were getting turned on by seeing this cunt debasing herself and asked if they wanted to see another. "This is of her and her best mate Shona who also regularly uses this useless cock junky" I said. It began with Nina pulling of Shona's trainers and socks before moaning loudly and declaring her love for the smell sniffing every inch of her bare feet. It was like watching a fucking pig eating watching this nasty pervert sucking her best mates nasty sweaty feet. It then cut to Nina laying like a beached whale on the floor under the squating Shona, her legs were spread open and Shona hitting Nina's big gaped cunt fast and hard with her trainer whilst Nina was sucking and sticking her whole tongue up shona's nasty pooper. It finish with Shona pissing like a 'race horse' over the worthless porkers face and hair whilst the fat lazy bitch just laid there furiously frigging her slack cunt.

"If you want we could take this fucking dirty arse-licking whore up to a dogging spot and watch her get used like the the worthless cunt she is?" I asked, "yeah" said the woman "I want to see this fucking slag get fucked and used hard!". I turn to Nina go get your fucking hooker uniform on and make sure you look as big a slut as you can!", with a look of excitement on her face she wobbled off to get ready.

Whilst waiting for the fucking fat old spunker to try and do the impossible and make herself look remotely fuckable I clicked another file on the laptop to show more of that sow bodied old slapper getting used!. It started with Shona laid full stretch out whilst 'the cunt' lovingly and enthusiastically sucked and licked her armpits while another man fucked the pigs fat nasty arsehole hard making her flabby belly and saggy tits jiggle and flap all over the place. It then cut to Nina laying on her back getting throated fucked hard by the man whilst Shona was punch-fucking Nina's battered old used cunt hard and with great ease even using both fists at the same time at one point to demonstrate how utterly useless her cunt was. It ended with the man spunking over Shona feet and like the cum-pig that she is Nina relishing the task of sucking spunk off her friends dirty feet.

Nina walked into the room and what a fucking sight she was! her porky face was heavily and badly made up. she was wearing a obviously too small bright pink boob-tube that her saggy tits were almost spilling out of and her flabby gut that muffin topped over a ridiculously tight black micro-skirt. Her fat meaty legs were clad in heavily laddered black stocking and topped off with a pair of high heels. The woman looked at her and laughed "what the fuck! You look like a fucking a fat bloke in drag", "I think she looks too good to be going out looking like that! We need to mess up this already messed up old porker" I said.

I grabbed the cunt and threw her into an armchair. Being the gent that I was I asked the sluts male neighbour whether he want to fuck her big gob or loose shitter? he instantly got between her flabby legs with his cock ready and began to push into her arsehole before dry-fucking her dirty arse hard. I turned to the lady and said "would you like to fist this pigs fucking broken cunt, it's so loose and being the fat pervert she is her cavernous twat is always wet!", with ease the obese lady slid her whole meaty hand up Nina's big sloppy cunt to way beyond the wrist and began to ram it in and out making Nina grunt and moan as she got off on having her holes used and stretched and used. "Don't let this cunt cum please as she hasn't done a single fucking thing today to deserve a proper orgasm have you little piggy pigster?" I said to the pair who were getting into enjoying supplying this fat flabby whore-bag the abuse she so desperately craved.

The slut Nina now looked a complete fucking mess! All hot and sweaty with mascara running down her face it was time to take this fat cunt to get some more abuse. We pulled into a lay by next to some woods where there was about eight or nine cars parked there already. Grabbing her by her nipple I pulled hard and said "get out you desperate fat bitch and go get to work now! Earn the abusing your going to get cunt" Nina got out and walked over to one of the cars and began to talk to occupants. She then waved us over and she got in the car, as the three of us approached and looked in we could see the dirty fuck-pig laid on the back-seat with a young woman sitting on the piggy pigs face whilst a man was between her fat legs humping for all he was worth "Jesus this fat birds pussy is fucking well loose I can't feel a fucking thing! What do you use as a dildo you nasty blubbery bitch? A fucking watermelon or a tree trunk" I heard the man say laughing. He got out of his car and went to the boot, he came back with a cricket bat and said "watch this! Grab her legs babe and spread her wide open." The young lady riding the fat whores tongue grabbed Nina's fat cankles and opened her up. The man then pushed the tip of the cricket bat at the entrance to this cunt-cave and began to push it in with out any resistance at all and began to fuck her hard and deep with it.

After his arms started to ache I asked the man if I could borrow his cricket bat to which her pulled it out of the old spunkers bucket-cunt and told her to get up and bend over "I'm going to beat your fat fucking arse and cunt whilst you take turns drinking our piss ....." I growled at the fucking pervert

On hearing my idea the cunt eating Nina moaned and spread her chunky legs wider, the girl who was grinding her holes into piggy bitches face had hold of the the nipples the hung of the end of the saggy pale white tits of our fat slave, "she's such a total slag licking the pussy and arsehole of a stranger! And I've never seen a cunt this big before" said the girl slapping the sloppy giant pussy hard making its fat stinky owner wobble around craving more.

I see a wooden picnic bench across the lay by in a clearing and had an idea!, grabbing some rope from the boot I told the skanky whore to stop being such a fat worthless dyke and follow me! The cunt laid on the bench whilst I tied her wrists to the table and the five of us stood there looking at this fat nasty hooker whimpering and waiting to get used in public like the blubbery fuck-pig she was, I asked her "what do you craved from us you dirty fucked out whore bag?" She replied "to be arse-rape, fisted hard and used as a cum and piss dump". The three of us guys stood around her slutty make-up streaked face and began to get our cocks out whilst the two ladies stood either side watching us and pinching and slapping hard the street-walking sluts saggy pale tits. "Beg for cock you nasty old spunk lover" I demanded. The randy fat old tart pleaded "please feed me your dicks! I want to suck my dirty arse off your dicks after you've butt fucked me! I want to eat your spunk out of my new mistresses pussies and arsehole too!"

I stood on the bench and roughly spread the dirty old fucking perverts legs back over her head and began to fuck he arse hard whilst our she began to greedily suck our new friends cocks in turn. "Jesus even your shitter is nearly as worn out as your cunt! I bet I could fit my nuts in here too! You hardly worth fucking you useless greasy skank!" I laughed as I banged the pigs arse as hard as I could. The two girls turned their attention from this nasty whore saggy droopy tits and began to slide their fingers into her wet sloppy worn cunt. We watched as with ease the slipped a fist each into her broken cunthole and began to fuck her making her grunt like a fucking pig she was. I motioned for one of us to swap positions and the guy from the car eagerly volunteered and before I could get off the bench he was sunk to the nuts up her dirty fucked out pooper

. I stuck my now ass juice streaked cock towards her mouth and she went crazy trying to get at it to suck, I teased her by pulling it away. "Beg for another fist in your disgustingly huge cunt and you can have my cock to suck you worthless freak!" She then began to plead "I want three fists inside me stretching my cavernous fuck hole now please". The big lady from next door began to slide her other hand along side the two that were already buried inside way past their wrists, slowly it was buried along side the other two and the began to fist this cunt with no morales hard making her groan and grunt louder. As promised I grabbed her hair and stuck my nasty cock in her mouth which she greedily began to suck on relishing the taste of her own arse.

The man from next door sneered "what a fucking cunt! I'm ashamed to be living next to this low-life hooker" with that he began to piss all over her tits and belly, I stepped back and he pissed all over face and hair too. The complete cunt loved this and open her mouth so she could taste the piss that rained over her slutty face, the young lady from the car the put leg up on the bench and aimed her pussy at this nasty fat sluts face and began to piss heavily over Nina. Then another stream of piss appeared from above and the young guy from the car had stopped fucking her slack shit-hole and was now contributing to the nasty mess! "Your right about this arsehole it's so slack that I can't get any real pleasure from it! The only thing I'm getting is a nose full of this fat pigs stench" he stated before spitting in her face.

Nina's big fat neighbour pulled her fists out the unbelievable giant cunt and began to stripped off her trousers and knickers before climbing up on the bench and squatting over Nina's piss soaked face which had her male neighbours cock and mine in her mouth at the same time. I reached up and run the tip of my finger around and inside the obese ladies dirty smelly anus before holding the finger under piggy little snout which she inhale the scent from lovingly. The squatting woman turned and said "I think you three guys should cum in my arse then get this pig to defile herself even more by sucking your spunk from my dirty nasty arsehole! But firstly lick my smelly pussy whilst I piss on your whore face". Nina glued her mouth to the obese woman's pussy licking and sucking whilst inhaling the nasty funky smell...............

"Beg your new mistress for my piss you fucking nasty perverted bitch" yelled Nina's grossly overweight neighbour as Nina tongued and sucked on the hairy stinky fat pussy that was hung over her face. Nina began planting long deep kisses on the battered nasty anus over her face and pleaded "please fill my slut mouth and cover my face with your hot salty nectar!", fat skank Nina's new goddess lifted her gigantic arse up slightly and began to let a torrent of hot steaming piss over the dirty sub filth Nina's face who just lay there tasting and revelling in the hot stream of Nasty salty pee. "Come on then boys lets start baking this fucking nasty cunts 'anal creampie'! Who's going to give me the first load" said the grossly fat neighbour shaking her enormous arse.

As I untied Nina's wrists the guy from the car eagerly got behind the giantess and began to push his hard dick into the battered nasty anus and started to shaft it with deep long strokes making the fat lady moan, whilst fat fuck-whore Nina coated two fingers with saliva and reach up underneath his arse and began to finger his arsehole deep before pulling them out and sucking on them. He reached down and slapped her hard across the face, "you fucking dirty nasty ass loving fat whore! Suck her arse off my cock" he snarled as he pulled out and forced it into the nasty cock whore Nina's mouth. She being the pig that she was sucked it feverishly with relish and again reached up and began to finger his arse again, he reach down and grabbed the total fucking pervert Nina's hair and commanded "suck my balls while you finger my arse you filthy cunt slut! Your not worth it but I gonna cum in her arse just for you". Nina envelope his balls with her expert cock-sucking lips and went to work.

Meanwhile the lady from the car was still punch fucking Nina's cave cunt deep and hard, I said to her "why don't you kick fuck her instead? Take off your trainers and socks and stick your feet up her fucked up cunt". Liking the sound of my suggestion she pulled her hands out of Nina gaping loose bucket cunt and began to strip her feet bare in preparation to kick fuck Nina's freak cunt. Seeing his girlfriend feed her foot into the slut who was fingering his arse and sucking balls was to much and he groaned and began to pump his seed deep into the arsehole of slave Nina's new mistress. As he pulled out he snarled "suck her dirty arse of my cock you dirty fucking prossie". Nina sucked the nasty arse juice from his cock and said "I can't wait to eat your spunk from her nasty tasting arsehole" before popping the fingers she had up his arse in her mouth, sucking loudly and noisily on them showing us all what a fucking old perverted skank were abusing.

The fat lady's husband got up next to fill his wife with cum he demanded "I want to feel your expert snout in my arsecrack you fuck pig! When we get home I'm going to make you tongue-bathe my wife's sweaty stinky body!" At hearing this ass-licker Nina started to wildly rim him and massage his balls as he fucked his wife's now red gaped arsehole. Feeling a bit left out I wandered off and returned with the cricket bat, still with a whole foot in her battered vagina I placed the handle of the bat at the entrance to Nina's slack pooper and begun to push it in until she had the entire length of the handle up her arsehole! I couldn't believe how fucking nasty this submissive whore could be and wondered how far her limits could be pushed as I rammed her arsehole hard with the bat.

Judging by the amount of noise he was making I guessed that my turn to fill this big lady's arse was coming and soon enough groaned as he collapsed on his wife. "Suck my nasty arsejuice flavoured cock you nasty arsehole lover" groaned the husband as he slid his cock out of his wife's gaping arsehole and offered it to the greed mouth of Nina who gratefully sucked the arsejuice and sperm mix from his cock.

It was now my turn as I took off my jeans and got up behind this big fat lady, the third rate whore Nina instantly glued her mouth to my arsehole only stopping to say "empty your balls in her nasty pooper master! I can't wait to eat all your sweet sperm and arse juice from her big sexy gaping shitter", I replied "get you fingers up my arsehole and milk me into her". I felt Nina's fingers rubbing my tight anus as I easily slid my cock up the fat lady's pooper and began to fuck her deep and hard only pulling out to rub my arsejuice streaked cock over Nina's nose and mouth before sliding back into the nasty cum filled arsehole. My nuts were now boiling and what with fucking such a nasty ssbbw in the arse and having some dirty sub sluts fingers deep inside my arse I soon shot my sperm deep inside this fat lady's sore shitter. I withdrew and grabbed Nina's hair and used it to wipe the nasty mess off my cock.

Nina groaned loudly as the lady from the car pulled her foot from Nina's cunt and then pulled out the cricket bat from her arsehole leaving her fucked holes red sore and gaping like what a cheap street-walking whores should be. "Beg me to feed you the hot spunk from up my arsehole you filthy arselicking pig! Oink like a pig and kiss my spunk filled anus and if its good enough I'll feed you the big hot salty treat in my arsehole" instructed Nina's new mistress. Nina without hesitation began oinking and kissing the nasty fucked-out anus we stood around and us three men stood over Nina's face wanking our now hard again cocks whilst .pinching/slapping Nina's saggy tits whilst watching and waiting. All of sudden a jet of sperm sprayed out and caught nina across the mouth which she greedily swallowed before the rest of the 3 loads came out and squirted directly in her waiting mouth.

After swallowing our hot loads the greedy filthy whore then began to suck and lick any remaining sperm from her obese neighbours arsehole. The sight of this fat pig acting like some washed-out junky ex-porn star was enough for us three as we began to cum all over whore Nina's open mouth feeding her yet more hot sperm which she lapped up and swallowed, the spunk junky whore was enjoying this treat we gave her and even sucked each one of our cocks hard to make sure we gave her every last drop.

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idiots...(/.-) its a story guys. and lol that spammer nothing better to do than harass readers and authors eh kiddo?
Very well written I must say, anything do with ass is not my thing and clearly this story has alot of ass action but still the dirty talking and degradation got me off halfway! Just cause the writing itself was brilliant good job sir~
p.s. I'm a virgin 19 y/o (we do exist!)♥

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what a fucked up prevert you are n what a horrible story

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The person with the huge comment here provides a good argument against incest. See what kind of a retard you can end up with by knocking up a family member?

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What day and time mush

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What day and time mush

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