My Journey to Becoming a Slut – Part 4
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Very humbled by the positive feedback, number of reads and high ratings my series is getting. I've been thinking about doing this for a long time and its nice to finally sit down and write something that people enjoy reading. I've started to progress the story a little further in this one. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Every comment is appreciated and read...except for the weirdos asking young girls to kik them, whatever that means :). Oh, and I tried to proofread for grammar this time. Sorry :( Heh, just got too excited last time.

I left my brother and went to take a nap upstairs. Who knew that having so many orgasms made you so sleepy? That’s why adults usually do it at night, I guessed. When I woke up, I looked outside my window and noticed it was the early afternoon.

“Whoa, we must have woken up really early this morning” I said, to no one in particular.

Just then I noticed something red under the hut at the far side of the pool. It looked like my brothers bathing suit. I didn’t bother to put any clothes on but I did grab the sunscreen from my cabinet before practically running downstairs and out back to the pool. As I reached the far end of the pool, just as I was about to open my mouth to say something to my brother, I noticed he was asleep. I had a devious idea.

I quietly walked up to his lounge chair and gently placed my legs on either side of the chair, basically straddling his knees without touching him. I very slowly moved my hands up to the waistband of his swimsuit and tucked them under the fabric. I traced my fingers to the middle and found the rope that guys tie together to keep their trunks up and undid it. Then I split my hands to either side of his waist and began slowly pulling his bathing suit down, careful not to wake him. The first thing that came into my view was the dark, curly patch of pubic hair that rested above his cock. I briefly wondered why guys didn’t shave the hair off their special place too but then quickly realized it would look kind of funny. Boys are supposed to be men and hair is a manly thing, I decided. The anticipation of seeing his cock again was driving me wild. I could feel my pussy becoming more wet by the second. Maybe my brother was right, maybe I was born with a super sensitive pussy and just didn’t know it until very recently.

Finally I drew the bathing suit further down and his cock and balls came into view. I quickly removed his bathing suit and looked up, making sure he was still asleep. I knew it didn’t really matter either way but something about him being asleep made me even more excited. It was like he was my toy, to do with what I pleased. Just then his legs moved and I thought my cover was blown. Thankfully, he made it easier for me! He had moved his legs from a lying down position on the lounge chair to resting on either side of the chair on the ground, leaving the place I wanted most very accessible. I softly put my weight on the chair, looking at his eyes the whole time and detecting no movement. I looked down at my prize.

Before yesterday, I had always thought penises were always soft, that they looked normal that way. But now, as I looked down at my brothers soft cock I knew otherwise. I gently picked it up with my hand and leaned down to inspect it more closely. I moved it around in circles and then brought my hand down to his balls and tickled them softly. I thought for sure he would wake up soon. I looked up at his cock and noticed it was only four or five inches soft and suddenly the desire to see if it would all fit in my mouth overcame me. I lifted his cock straight up in the air and moved my mouth over it. I knew he would make up at any second and I also knew the minute that happens, his cock would become hard. But I really wanted to see if I could fit it all inside my mouth first, so I opened my mouth really wide and carefully lowered my head until I reached my brothers pubic hair. This should be fun, I thought as I suddenly and quickly closed my mouth around my brothers soft cock. It felt amazing. So much different than a hard one. Not as sexy but maybe more fun? I could feel the blood rushing into his cock, realizing that it couldn’t wait for its body to awake as well.

“Mmmmmm” Rob moaned, slowly opening his eyes to most exquisite feeling in the world
“Mmphh Hey Mmphh” I tried saying with his growing cock in my mouth
“Wow! What a way to wake up” Rob said, lifting his head up slightly and making eye contact with me
His cock grew quickly. Soon it was fully hard and I began bobbing up and down on it, making sure to keep rubbing my tongue all around the underside as it passed my lips.
“Ughhh. You are soo freaking good at that Liz” Rob moaned as he grabbed my head and started slowing me down.

“Sometimes Liz, a boy likes to put his cock in a girls throat and just leave it there, okay? It feels really good” Rob said, looking down at me with a serious look on his face
“Mmhhhmm” I moaned yes around his cock, looking up at him. I felt Rob’s hands increase their pressure. His forearm muscles flexing as he slowly lowered my head further and further down his cock. It traveled deeper and deeper into my mouth as I kept my tongue moving around it. Okay, I thought to myself. Remember to swallow and breathe through your nose Liz. I could feel my brothers cock head bumping up against the back of my mouth. There was still another two or three inches left to go. I steeled myself against my gag reflex and quickly tucked my hand under his ass and drew his body towards me as I shoved my face all the way on my brothers dick. It slammed into my throat as I swallowed over and over again, flexing my throat muscles around my brothers cock. I took a couple deep breathes through my nose and repeated the swallowing motions, as I could tell it made my brother feel good.

“Ughhh, that’s amazing Liz. Just like that. Keep it deep in your throat. Flex those throat muscles. Swallow as much as you can” Rob said as he started caressing my hair that was falling onto his stomach and thighs. His other hand was keeping me firmly in place though. All I could see was his pubic hair. Nothing else. I was pressed up entirely against his pubic bone. Just then I heard a noise from behind me. Something dropped. I started to panic. Who could it be? What if it’s mom and dad, home early, or the gardener, my life would be over. I tried to draw mouth off of my brother’s cock but he held me firmly in place, his cock lodged two or three inches into my throat. Actually, it felt more like three.

“MmhhhgghhMmmm” I moaned around his cock, pleading with him
“Don’t worry my little slut” Rob whispered in my ear. “Hey boys, join the party won’t ya?” He said
My pussy immediately got soaking wet. He called someone over to play with me? To fuck my sweet little pussy. Maybe it was Alan and Jake? Or could it be someone else? I felt a hand grab each of my legs, right below the thigh and spread them. I couldn’t see a thing, I could barely breathe.

“Mmhhpphhhh” I moaned, tapping my brother on the arm. He got the picture. He let me slide my mouth off his cock and I gasped in a few sweet breathes of fresh air.
“Sorry about that Liz, haha, I almost forgot about you down there” Rob said, making me even more wet than I already was. I was increasingly enjoying being treated like a piece of meat, passed around to pleasure whoever wanted to have me. I turned around. The two hands on my thighs were actually two different people, Alan and Jake. What surprised me was that next to them stood their two twelve year old brothers, Mike and Jack.

“Hey Liz! Haven’t slowed down since the other day I see?” Jake said, sporting that wide grin he always had
“I guess not.” I replied, suddenly shy that these two boys my age were seeing me naked. I don’t know why, thinking back on it. I had no problem going topless in front of Jake, Alan and my brother. I guess it’s because they're older, they seem more like men. Mike and Jack still looked like boys.
“Oh, I almost forgot. We brought our brothers. Mike and Jack, this is Liz” Jake said, turning to the boys, who hadn’t said a word since arriving and hadn’t stopped staring at my supple young body either.
“Hi” Mike squeaked. Jack grunted hello.
“Well isn’t this cute?” Jake said, “we’ve made them all embarrassed. Look, here’s the deal Liz” He continued, looking at me as I knelt on the end of the lounge chair, feeling very exposed.
“Our brothers have never seen a naked girl before, let alone one as hot as you. Once your brother told me what you two have been doing since we left, we took the liberty of making the party a little bit bigger. You don’t mind, do you?”
“I guess not” I replied softly. I wasn’t really sure what to think. On one hand, I was extremely horny. On the other hand, these two boys were my age. They didn’t make me excited in the same our brothers did.
“It won’t be as bad as you think, I think you’re really going to like it” Rob whispered in my ear.
“C’mon, let’s go inside where it’s more comfortable” Jake said, motioning everyone to follow him inside.
I got up and followed everyone else inside. We arrived in the den, a large sprawling room with 4 L shaped couches and a couple of recliners off to the side. In the middle was a pool table that reached to just under my boobs. I looked around and realized that besides me and Rob, everyone else had clothes on.
“Do you guys mind getting rid of your clothes at least? It’ll make me more comfortable” I said, motioning towards Jack and Mike.
“Sure” Jake replied, answering for both himself, Alan and their brothers. Alan and Jake quickly got rid of their clothes, leaving their hardening dicks on full display.
“C’mon boys, nothing to be afraid of, she won’t bite” Jake said to Jack and Mike. They both got this determined expression on their faces and removed their shirts and shorts. They were just left in boxers. They hesitated.
“Fine. Be pussies. What do I care?” Jake said, moving towards me and lifting me up, placing me on one of the long sofas. Mike and Jack looked on and blushed. Soon, Rob and Alan came over to me and I lost track of the boys. Who cares anyways, I’m going to have my fun, even if they are my own age. Jake straddled my face as I lay down on the couch and ran his cock over my lips. I stuck my tongue out, licking whatever area of his cock I could as it passed back and forth. Suddenly I felt my legs being spread apart.

“Whoa Rob! You got her to shave her pussy huh?” Alan exclaimed, as I figured he must be the one currently between my legs. Hearing them talk about me as if I wasn’t even there turned me on even more, if that were possible. I could feel my juices running down my inner thigh.
“Ya man, hairless is so much better. Definitely the way to go” Rob replied, acting as if he had tried out every style and had become an expert
“Cool” I heard Mike and Jack say together, almost whispering.
I was quickly brought back to the task at hand as Jake leaned forward and placed his hanging balls onto my lips. I opened my mouth and gently took one of them in, swirling my tongue around the underside and being careful not to suck too hard or bite down. Every couple of seconds, Jake’s cock would slap me in the eye or nose, bouncing around my face as if it were an excited dog. I felt hands travelling up my legs, getting closer and closer to my pussy. It felt like hands that belonged to a man. Jake took his balls out of my mouth and replaced it with his cockhead. It slipped into my mouth just as I felt someone spread my pussy lips open and run a finger up my slit, ending at my clit.

“Ughhhmmpphhh” I moaned with Jake’s cock in my mouth
“Lick it dude, it tastes great!” I heard my brother say, standing somewhere behind Jake.
Yes! Lick it! I thought to myself. I felt the breathe on my pussy lips before I felt the tongue hit them. It felt exquisite. The tongue gently parted my thing pussy lips, traveling from the bottom of my slit all the way to the top, and back down again. I barely had enough time to concentrate on this amazing feeling in my pussy when Jake reached around my head and slid his hands between it and the couch, drawing me closer to his stomach. I knew what he wanted. It wasn’t as hard with Jake because he wasn’t as long as Rob but he was more thick. When it reached the back of my throat, I swallowed and started breathing deep breathes through my nose. Just then I felt the tongue on my pussy trace its way back to my clit.

“Mmmphhhh” I moaned with Jake’s dick deep in my throat. He began pumping his cock into my mouth in short, quick thrusts.
“I think she likes my cock the most guys, just look at the way she’s moaning when I’m feeding it to her!” Jake exclaimed, unaware that his friends were playing with me behind him. Well, he was a bit right. I did really like sucking his cock. But the problem was that it wasn’t just his cock. Any cock would do really. I suddenly felt better about Jack and Mike being here. They had cocks too, didn’t they? So what difference does it make how old they are. I wonder how big their cocks are, I thought to myself as my pussy spasmed around the probing tongue that was deep inside of it.

Suddenly I felt Jake’s cock begin to swell and knew it was my favourite time! Cum time! I was so excited. I felt his balls tighten up as they rested on my chin as they readied to shoot. It came quickly, shocking me at first. One, two, three spurts straight down my throat. Damn! I couldn’t taste a thing. I desperately moved my head back a bit, away from Jake’s body as I let the rest of his cum pool in my mouth. I flicked my tongue back and forth on the underside of his cock, willing more cum to come out and was rewarded with one small spurt. I swished it in my mouth, coating my teeth with it and swallowed, savoring the taste. Jake extended his left leg and pushed himself off of my upper chest. I looked down and saw Alan licking away at my pussy. Jack and Mike were off to the side, boxers off and stroking their cocks. I took in the scene. Mike’s cock was 5 inches and quite thin but it stuck straight up and looked really hard. Jack’s cock was absolutely huge for a twelve year old! I was shocked. He was bigger than anyone else in the room. At least 8.5 inches and his hand looked absolutely ridiculous as it stroked up and down on his cock. I couldn’t believe it. Well, I guess I could. If my body looked like a sixteen year old's than why couldn’t a guy's as well?

Just as I was contemplating what Jack’s vovk would feel like in my pussy I felt that now familiar feeling of my impending orgasm.

“Ughhhhh. Cummminnnnnggggggg” I moaned as I ground my pussy deeper into Alan’s face. His tongue wiggling around my clit in circles. It started in my pussy this time and burst outwards, reaching every body part before meeting back up with such force at my pussy that I blacked out.

When I awoke, I looked down and realized that I was now lying face down on the carpet next to the couch.

“Hey Liz, we couldn’t wait for you to come back. Hope you don’t mind” Rob said from somewhere behind me. That’s when I realized there was a cock in my pussy, sliding back and forth. In and out.
“Mmm, no problem bro” I replied as I got on my hands and knees, now able to hold up my body weight. “Who wants their cock sucked?” I asked, looking back at the 5 boys behind me and seeing that it was Rob who was fucking my pussy from behind.
“Let the kids go. They’ve never felt it before” Alan said, pushing his brother Mike towards my head. “Just kneel in front of her and let it rip bud” He said to his brother.
Mike walked over, standing in front of me and dropped to his knees. He held his cock in his hand and just moved it towards my mouth, not saying a word. My brother continued to pound my pussy from behind me.
“Stick a finger in my butt again bro” I moaned, as I leaned forward and took Mike’s cock in my mouth.

“Again?” Jake said, sitting off to the side on the couch recuperating
“Yeah man, we did it for the first time last night. Just with my finger though. She loved it” Rob replied, rubbing his finger around my pussy to make it wet before sliding it knuckle deep into my asshole on the first try.

“Ughhh” I moaned around Mike’s cock as I felt my brothers finger enter my asshole. This is Mike’s first blowjob, I thought. I should make his first time memorable, I decided. I took my mouth off of his cock, looked up at him and said, “just hold my head and fuck my face, it’s easier that way. Plus, then you can do it the speed that you want to do it at”.
“Okay” he mumbled as I felt him grab my head and begin thrusting into my mouth. He wasn’t long enough to reach my throat but he kept bumping up against the back of my mouth. I lifted one hand and gently cupped his balls as he moaned.

“Mmmmpphhhh. I’m going to cum!” Mike exclaimed. So soon too! I felt his cock spasming in my mouth as a torrent of cum shot into my mouth. More than I had ever had in one load before. It was amazing. He must have been saving up for weeks! I swallowed six full loads before he began softening. I was in heaven. Just as I swallowed the last drop of his cum and he pulled his cock from my mouth, I began cumming. The feeling of Mike’s warm cum sliding down my throat combined with my brother’s cock in my pussy and his finger in my ass pushed me over the edge. This time I felt my asshole clench my brother’s finger, my pussy clench on my brother’s cock and my muscles spasm uncontrollably. It almost looked like I was having a seizure but it was all pleasure.

“Arrghhhhh” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I felt my brother’s cock pulsating in my pussy and realized I must have missed him beginning to cum as I was lost in my own world. Eventually I calmed down, rolled off of my brother’s dick and looked up at him.

“Hey bro…weird. I didn’t black out this time!” I said to him, with a confused look on my face.
“Hmmm. This may sound odd and it doesn’t really make any sense but last night when you didn’t black out after cumming I also had my finger in your ass. Maybe you need something in your ass when you’re cumming or else you black out?” He asked
“Yeah maybe you’re right” I said out loud, to no one in particular. “That doesn’t make a lot of sense but what do I know. I guess everyone is wired in a different way, right? I continued, looking at my brother, his two friends and their two brothers.

“So? Who wants to go next?” I said, looking around the room, worrying less about my post orgasmic bliss than how I was going to get it again.
“Me!” Jack said, and I could tell he had been anxiously waiting his turn. I had an idea.
“I have an idea.” I said. “Jake, come over here.” I added, motioning to Jack’s brother to join him beside me.
“Look who’s decided to be the puppetmaster…”Jake said sarcastically
“Shut up and play along Jake, you’re getting your dick wet, stop complaining” Rob interjected
“Good.” I added. “Now Jake, since you’re smaller than your brother” throwing a little insult towards him as payback, “you’re going to fuck my virgin ass. First though, I need you to make your cock wet in my pussy, so stick it in a couple of times.” I instructed
“Yes ma’am!” Jake responded as he knelt behind me and thrust into my sopping wet, cum filled pussy a couple of times.
“Okay, now pull out” I instructed. He did.
“Now, Jack, lie down right here” I pointed as I got up from the doggie style position. He did. I salivated at the sight of his monstrous cock swinging in the air. I hopped over his body and lowered my tight teenage pussy over his cock. My juices mixed with Rob's cum was literally seeping out of my pussy and dropping onto Jack. I felt his cock rub my pussy lips as I reached down and grasped it, feeling it throb to my touch. I slowly lowered my pussy over the cockhead and gasped.

“Whoa. It’s so freaking big!” I moaned, as I slid further and further down on Jack’s cock, slowly lowering myself until I reached the base. It stretched me so much but I loved it. It felt like an itch was being scratched that I didn't know existed. I felt full and content. It literally reached every single sensor in my young teenage pussy. I felt like I was on fire.

“Ok” I barely managed to say. “Now, Jake, slowly slide your cock into my ass.” I gasped
“Are you sure about this sis?” Rob interjected from the sidelines.
“Yeah” I replied, “absolutely. I want as much cock as possible. In the meantime, Alan come over here and feed me your cock. I’m such a slut!” I said, smiling ear to ear as I looked over at my shocked brother and the three other guys I could see (the 4th being Jack who was under me). I felt Jake slip his cock into my ass cheeks and miss. Evidently it hit his brothers balls.

“Aww c’mon bro, that’s gross” Jack mumbled from under me
“Just shut up and let me concentrate” Jake replied. It was like I wasn’t even there. They were just completing some task as brothers like they had done a million times. I felt my pussy spasm and I almost came again. Jake lined his cock up with my virgin asshole just as Alan came around to my head and stood in front of me.

“Goddam it” Jack said, looking up at Alan’s swinging balls and cock in front of my mouth
“Oh be quiet you” I said, looking down at him. “You’re having fun, aren’t you?”
I didn’t even wait for a reply. By this time Mike and Rob had recovered from their orgasms and were standing next to me slowly jerking their cocks.
“Come over here. To each of my hands. I want to play with 5 cocks at once!” I exclaimed, grinning wildly.
Jake was still trying to get his cock into my asshole. Rob made his way to the left of Alan and Mike went to the right. I reached up, placed my mouth over Alan’s cock and sucked in gently. Just as I did, I reached up and grabbed Mike’s cock with my right hand and Rob’s cock with my left and started jerking them. As soon as I finished one stroke on each of their cocks, Jake hit his target.

“Ohhh yeahh. There it is.” Jake said triumphantly, as he sank into my asshole.
“Mmmpphhhhhhhhhh” I screamed around Alan’s cock. Oh. My. God. This felt insane. My body was in sensory overdrive. I couldn’t handle it. Jake started sliding just the top part of his cock in and out of my ass, not going deep. Jack took this as a sign that he could begin moving…and did. I started cumming.

“Ughhhhmppphhhh” I moaned around Alan’s cock, having the biggest orgasm of my life as every single one of my orifices had a cock stuffed into it. It was and still is the greatest moment of my life. I’m not sure how long my orgasm lasted for but it felt like an eternity. Once I started I didn’t stop. For a long time. I got the same feeling that I usually got but instead of starting and ending in my pussy, it started and ended in my pussy and ass, and then traveled back and forth between the two like a pinball trapped in a hard corner. I started shaking, not even paying attention to my brother and Mike’s cock. I think Alan grabbed my head and started to fuck my face but I’m not really sure. At some point I remember thinking to myself that I wasn’t blacking out. Or at least I thought I wasn’t blacking out. I couldn’t really tell. Towards the end of my epic orgasmic journey I felt pressure building. Deep inside of me. In my ass. In my pussy. In my mouth. The pressure was building and building. I thought for a second that it would burst me open but just as I did, the pressure broke and waves upon pulsating waves of pleasure coursed through my body, sending me even higher in my orgasmic bliss.

“Crummfkog” I mumbled incoherently. I felt myself losing balance and falling sideways onto the carpet. My eyes open slowly and looked up to see Rob and Mike jacking their cocks rapidly, pointing them at my face as they knelt down over me. Rob came first and flew several jets of cum across my face. Mike followed by depositing a huge load all over my forehead, letting it drip down over my eyes and nose, dripping into my mouth.

The last thing I remember is someone carrying me upstairs to my room and into my bed. Just as I drifted off into sleep, I swore I felt a cockhead push past my pussy lips…

Continued in Part 5

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