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I woke up the next morning still holding my lovely daughter when my watch alarm woke me up. As i untangled myself from her she said,"Do you have to go to work today?" I said, "Yes and bring Charlene down about 10 to shoot the regular sequence we did when you would ride my cock." She Said,"I will" then I got out of bed and took a shower. As I was taking my shower I heard the bathroom door open and shut and someone grunt as she sat on the pot. She flushed it away after cleaning herself then got in the shower with me.

It was Beatrice. I was washing my cock and balls when she got in and she said,"Want me to do that?" I handed her the soap. She lathered my cock and got it hard in the process. Then she rubbed the soap bar very gently over my balls. Then she slid the soap bar under my balls and rubbed it over the taint. You know what I mean:It ain't cock and it ain't ass. Then she went around me without removing the bar of soap and ran it up the crack of my ass. When she had completed that task she released me and I walked into the shower stream and washed away the soap.

Then she handed me the soap bar and said,"Your turn." So I ran the soap over her front from her pretty face to barely there tits. Then I ran it down her belly to her genitals which I gently scrubbed and just to show I could do what she could in giving a scrubbing I ran it past her pussy under her taint and then past her rosebud ass hole and then going around behind her I ran it up the crack of her ass.

When I was done she rinsed the soap off under the spray and then put her arms around my neck and up on her toes she kissed me passionately with her tongue exploring my mouth. Her barely there tits were in my chest and my rising prick was pressing on her belly. I told her,"Don't do that! I have to save my juice for the porn with your little sister." I washed her feet and she washed mine. On her way back to standing after applying the soap she put my organ in her mouth and pulled back off of it as if it needed additional cleaning.

We got out of the shower and went into the kitchen and made a hot breakfast of Sausage and Eggs. She made enough for the whole family and as we set the table my daughter came out. She said,"You go and sit and 'll finish this." So Beatrice and I went to the table to await her serving the food.

Sabrina brought the food out to the table and joined us. We each took a fair amount of the Sausage and the scrambled eggs and had just started eating when we heard the toilet flush followed by a sleepy Charlene coming out. "What you guys could not even wait for me!?" She sat down and said, "Pass the eggs and meat, please." and Sabrina passed them to her. Charlene asked when was I going to try to fuck her. I told her. "I did not try to fuck your mother until she was eight and she stopped me because it hurt to much to push through her hymen. So we tried it again when she was almost eleven and had the same result. So your big sister will be in all those acts." Her sister said,"Sorry sis. But consider that when he does try to fuck you deep you will be fucked deep instead of all this short fucking I'm going to have to do until he takes my cherry!"

We ate the rest of this meal in relatively boring conversation which is not pertinent to the story so I won't bore you with it. I had sent E-mails to the four people I wanted on the advisory committee. These included Steve for security, Rita because of her experience, Sabrina for her desire to serve and Dr. Katzenberg and his young daughter Hilda.

When I got to my office and checked the e-mails and everyone had accepted my suggestion that we meet in the conference room at 9. I had Margaret in the outer office and after I checked the e-mails she knocked on my door. I said, "Come in" and she did. She told me,"We are starting to wean Adrianna off my milk and I'm sore this morning because they are full of milk. Can you relieve me?" I nodded and she took the tube top she was wearing and pushed it down below her pretty tits.

I took the left tit into my mouth and began to suck. The milk came quickly and I continued to suck and swallow until the flow started to ebb. Then I took the right tit into my mouth and suck. The milk came quickly and I continued to suck until the volume of milk was so low I had to suck for 20 seconds to get enough to swallow. At that point a shiver ran through Margaret's body. I'd never heard of an orgasm being produced while nursing but wanted to know what she thought. So I asked her,"Did you just cum?" She said,"Yeah, just a little one you know." I told her,"Has this happened before?" She said,"Yes, not every time but more often than not I climax when Adrianna sucks me dry."

She said,"If you want me to I'll help you cum." One question,"Is Adrianna still sucking her father's cock?" She answered me,"At least every other day she does it and he has started to lick her pussy and even young as she is she shivers after a while.

When I was done she covered herself again and kissed me with tongue and said,"Thank you." Then I grabbed my laptop and moved myself into the conference room.

Rita arrived first. Greeted me with kiss with tongue and said,"You are the first owner of the business that asked for a standing advisory committee to help make decisions about anything. Karl used to ask me but sometimes went against what I said.

When Hilda and Dr. Katzenburg arrived she had a donut shaped pillow with her and sat on it. The Doctor explained,"I've put a new hymen in her and until she is a bit less sore she can't use her pussy for anything but pissing." I immediately called Courtney in Josh's apartment and asked her to come to the conference room. When she saw the gathering of people she asked "Who am I to fuck this time?" I told her,"We are wondering if you would like to make a lot of money by losing your virginity on camera." She says,"Can't, I've was fucked before I came here." Then Hilda explained and said,"I've been fucking my Daddy for almost a year now but he had expanded some skin on my back and made me a new hymen which I have in me right now. I have to use this pillow for a day while it heals but next time I am fucked I will bleed like a regular virgin." Then Rita cut in with. "Your money stream will be best if you bleed in your first filmed fuck because it looks like you are newly spoiled." She says,"We can see how it works with Hilda."

I asked the doctor about the safety of taking Charlene when she is large enough and he responds. "I have been fucking Hilda for eleven and half months and her cervix is straight and proper. She won't have any problem carrying children when she is old enough." I asked him then how do you explain what happened to Courtney? He says,"The guy who did her in Foster care was big as Jeff if not a lot bigger and under hypnosis she says he rotated his ass to try to turn her on more but she was too small for that cock much less the lateral force he applied. Go straight in and straight out and you'll be fine even with the angle of penetration you seem to prefer.

Courtney had came to me that morning and said she wanted me to fuck her on camera as soon as the doctor said she was big enough. She would be the youngest taken in the history of the company until Adrianna was big enough. The doctor said he estimated she would be able to take me in about a year. That would mean she would be taken at 21 months! I began to worry about this program. Then he brought up the matter of the Arrianna clones. Josh would get one of them from Carey. she had not been implanted yet. It was not the right time in her monthly cycle yet. Sabrina happened to be right at the right phase of hers to be implanted almost immediately after her rods came out. The doctor also said that Georgina of Rita had wanted to be implanted but he wanted to check with me first. I told him he could implant any girl in Rita's brood with just Rita's permission. Then Rita mentioned that some of the other girls had considered it and might want to produce a clone for me but wanted to wait and see how the pregnancies would turn out. I would not stand in the way of any of my wife's plans.

By the time we finished these discussions of early sex for children we were near 10AM and I was due in the studio. So I got up and left with everyone else. Amy came to my office and sat in my chair and wished me wood and hardness. Courtney would leave to stay at the Memphis Children's Hospital for the repair of her cervix and restoration of her virginity. Josh would still have Carey and I suspected Sara Wood.

I went back to the set that had the interior of the mobile home in it. Once again Charlene playing Sabrina led me into the master bedroom and stripped herself to her skin. As she started she challenged me with "Race you to naked." So we each took off our clothes as quickly as we could and she beat me to naked. We started to kiss and make out. She frenched me and I moved a hand to her nipples. Going back and forth between them. She frenched me again and I moved the hand down to her pussy and ran up her slit around her clit and back down to her vagina. This started her breathing harder. She frenched me again and I moved down her body to eat her virgin pussy. My tongue ran up her slit to her clit and back down to her her vagina. I had been doing it for a couple of minutes when she told me, "Sometimes when you do that I have a shiver that starts where you are and spreads over my whole body." "Does it hurt or does it feel good?", was my question. She said, "It feels really good." "Better than when I just rub you down here." "Yeah, Lot's better." I had one more question,"Does it ever happen to you any time other than when we do this?" She answered me,"No." I realized what it was and told her,"Honey, it is a climax and also called an orgasm and it is about the best feeling we will have this side of heaven. So from now on I will look for it and then when it happens I'll stop so you can make me cum."

So my tongue continued its cycle of going up her slit to her clit and and back down to her vagina until she shivered. Then we turned opposite each other and went into a sixty-nine with Sabrina on top. Charlene did exactly what my daughter had done so many decades ago. We stayed in this sixty nine with me eating her pussy and her sucking my cock until she declared I was hard enough. Since I had been sexually involved with Charlene this happened fast. Then she reversed herself and sat straddling me with her pussy riding on top of my hard cock. She began to move to run her pussy back and forth up and down my cock. She kept this up for five or six minutes until my cock began to spurt its load all over my belly. As this was happening she kept it up until I was done. I would clean myself with a Kleenex from the sme box I had used yesturday to clean her up. Then we got up, got dressed and and went to lunch.

We ate in the company cafeteria. I was joined my wife and natural daughter and all my step children including Trish Bennet. Sabrina sat on my right and my wife on my left. Amy sat next to Sabrina and Brittany next to her mother. The rest of Sabrina's and Rita's kids were around the table. I saw Josh walk in with Carey and Sara. Samantha was sitting across the table from me. She told me,"I saw the early editions of your DVD of Sabrina's Abuse. Would you mind terribly if I had you or some other man go through the same series with culminating in my being fucked?" I told her,"We have not scheduled you for full sexual intercourse yet but I might do it with you if we have the time later."

We ate and enjoyed conversations and then Josh and Sara came over to see Rita. Josh opened with,"Mrs. H when are we going to see the girl who is going to play the role of Sara when we film that particular abuse episode?" Rita answered,"They are due late this afternoon. And since she is coming with her father they will be granted their own apartment. I plan to put them next to Sabrina's apartment so they will be close to you." "Can you tell them where to find me?" he requested and she answered,"Sure I'll be sure she knows where everybody is."

Then they returned to Carey and left having finished eating. When we finished all the family returned to their apartments and I went back to my office. The phone rang in the outer office and Margaret answered it. Then she buzzed me and told me it was the hospital about Courtney. She was out of surgery and everything had gone fine. She was now a physical virgin and the ruptured cervix was repaired so that she should be able to bear children when she was a bit older.

Rita told me that she had received an E-mail from Carrie saying that Josh was having sex with her and Sara at the same time. She or Sara would sit on his face to be eaten and then the other would ride his cock. After the act seemed complete the one who had riden his cock would be eaten by the one he had eaten. She said she was having fun doing all this it was too bad it was not getting the dick. She then told me two of the computers and DVD writers would be sent to us for evaluation and debugging and then if approved they would be installed all over the facility. She proposed to install those first two units in my daughter's apartment and in Josh's apartment. This would be done this evening by our own technicians.

When we were done talking I headed back to my office. I did not notice that I was being followed. Trish Bennet followed me up to my office and walked right behind me as I passed by Margaret who had eaten at her desk. Margaret tried to stop Trish from entering my office but the youngster was too fast for her. I started to shut my door but decided if Trish needed to see me I should let her, after all she was my daughter now. She shut the door behind her and said,"Charlie can we talk?" I tell her,"Of course." She told me,"The morning sickness is gone now. I understand you getting a new apartment up on the third floor?" I said,"Yes, that is true." She asked me a very relavent question,"Am I going to live with you, Sabrina, Beatrice and Charlene?" I told her,"If you want to you would be welcome." She asked me,"What about Sara? She is living in mom's room now and where would she go?" I tell her,"I think we would leave her there if she wants to stay there or she could come with you or go to Josh's apartment since he is getting a bigger one."

She continued,"The pregnancy is making my tits bigger. I suppose you noticed." I answer her,"What are you up to now a C cup?" She said,"Yeah, and I hope they don't shrink after I have this kid." She says,"Incidentally the kid is a little girl. I suppose you'll want to put a vaginal expander into her at birth?" I tell her the truth,"It would be better for the business but if you don't want it we won't put it in." She said,"If she goes to school here she will learn about sex. That is fine but if she says she doesn't want to be in porn I won't force her." I tell her,"That's fine with me but don't be surprised if she demands it when she finds out how much the acting is worth." She said,"All I ask is if she talks to you before she talks to me that you will talk to me before you tell her yes." I tell her "That's fine. Is there anything else you need me to do?"

She put her head down and said,"Would you like to make love to me?" I got out of my chair and as I approached her she stood up and took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. I said,"I'm sorry if I have been ignoring your needs." She said,"I was hoping you would ask. Karl always did." I told her,"I let the girls take the lead. I hate to be told NO."You don't have to worry about that here. Most any girl will say yes." I took her by the hand and took he into the back bedroom of the office.

We sat on a loveseat and started to make out. After a few minutes she grabbed my right arm and pulled it from behind her to her left breast. She said,"Since I've got them you might as well feel them." I was outside her dress rubbing the nipple. She was wear a very thin bra now. I felt the nipple harden under my palm. I asked her,"Do you want to go to bed?" She nodded and I walked her over to the left side of the bed and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up and gathered it in my hands before pulling it off over her head. She said,"I'm sorry I have so much on underneath it." I tell her,"It more fun unwrapping the gift this way." I put my arms around her and kissed her. While our tongues wrestled in our mouths my hands were unclipping her bra hooks. When I had completed my job she broke the kiss and as I separated from her I pulled the bra off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I pushed her down on the bed. She laughed as I tickled her sides then bridged her ass off the bed when I reached for the waistband of her panties. I pulled them down and as they passed her knees she put her ass on the bed and raised her legs up high so I could pull them off.

She reached out and unbottoned my shirt. When she was done I took it off and it joined her dress, bra and panties on the floor. Then I knelt on the bed next to her and she unbuckled my belt and took it out of the belt loops. Then she unhooked my pants, unzipped my fly and started to push them down. I helped her and then sat on my ass with the feet up in the air so she could pull them off. When I settled back down I laid down on her and kissed her again passionately with tongue. She broke this kiss after a while and said,"Karl did not kiss nearly as much as you do." I told her,"If I did not enjoy kissing you I would not do it." As I kissed her again I felt her hands reaching for the waistband of my briefs. As she slid them down I kept changing my position to aid her efforts. She removed them and tossed them on top of the other clothing we had removed and said,"You are a true romantic. Karl took off his clothes and told me to make off mine. I could used to you doing this."

I kissed her with tongue and then started down her body an inch at a time. Her chin just below her mouth. Then down her chin to her lovely neck. I continued kissing her as I went down until I got to her tits. Then I stopped to suck each nipple into hardness again. Then I kissed her right between her tits and worked my way down an inch at a time until I got to her navel. I put my tongue in that and then continued down her body going down her left leg to her ankle and the up her right leg to her pussy. I closed my lips on her clit and she reached for my head to hold me there. I put my tongue into her slit next to her clit and circled it once then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I tongue fucked her. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I tongue fucked her. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I tongue fucked her. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I tongue fucked her. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I tongue fucked her. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then she erupted into a a climax. It started with a stiffening of her whole body followed by a violent shaking and then an arching of her back. She was coming down out of her elevated position when she said,"Thanks, I needed that!" I replied,"I'm not done yet." She said,"Go ahead, I can take more." I slipped two fingers into her vagina. I found the little bump that was her g-spot. I rubbed on it from inside her while my other hand as pushing on it from outside. My tongue was still on course I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. Then I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit which I circled again and then she came into a second climax even more strong than the first one. She stiffened and shook violently then arched her back and this time her pussy sprayed me with her "fuck me juices." When she came down she said,"Damn, I've never cum that hard before. Are you going to fuck me now?" My answer to her question was to line up the head of my cock with the entrance of her vagina and to press into her.

Her legs were spread and I used my legs to push her legs in and put mine on the outside. I continued rocking my pelvis to push myself into her and pull myself out of her alternately. She was rocking her pelvis in the opposite phase going down when I went up and up when I went down thus lengthening the stroke. She was still very tight and I knew I would not last long inside her pussy. Did not matter to her. I was in her less than five minutes when she again stiffened and shook and arched her back raising me off the bed. I again felt her spray as she sprayed my groin with her juices. As she came down again she felt my cock squirt rope after rope of my cum into her body. She said,"Good, I was getting pretty worn out from all these orgasms." I was still pumping away at her and just as she hit another climax I rode it out and then as she settle back to the mattress I fell out of her. I rolled off. She said,"Thank you Daddy." She rolled over on top of me and said,"I love you." I replied,"I love you too Trish."

She slid off the bed and started to get dressed and I came off the bed and did the same. When we were both dressed as we had been before we embraced each other like the lover we were and then we departed. He through the back door into the hallway, me back to my office.

I called Margaret and told her I was back. She said,"It was okay. There is not much going on in here except Josh wants to write his own scripts for the re-enactment of his abuse of Sara." I asked her,"What did you tell him?" I told him to go ahead but he had to get them approved by your advisory committee.

I started to write a series of scripts for Samantha. We would use Josh and Sabrina or Amy as parents who would get distracted from their daughter at the picnic grounds making love to each other as she would wander down to the shed where the pedophile in the story would abuse her in the same series of steps I had done with Sabrina and Charlene when she acted in Sabrina's role when I abused Sabrina.

The biggest problem with writing these scripts was not knowing when Sam would be ready to be penetrated by an adult penis. I looked at the directory where I was saving the "Abuse of Sabrina" episodes. I found a new one. I opened the file and read it. This was a major revision of facts in that it had me trying to penetrate Sabrina before her fourth birthday. That never happened in reality and I checked the login on it and realized it was Charlene who had added that file. I added a note to the header that marked it "Not for production."

Security called me and asked me if I wanted to disks from the cameras in my office bedroom turned over to post production to sell after the moratorium was over. I told them to go ahead. I did not Trish to miss any possible income source.

Our people were well paid for thier efforts. Most of the monthly payments for the web site subscriptions were given to the actors. That was 60%. It was 30% divided by all the men in it and 30% by all the women in it. The more a video was watched the more money the actors in it got. I saw this as a problem because in sex it is the girls who are most likely to get pregnant or sick with some bug. Admittedly since we had our own medical facility the diseases were not a problem, and the birth control issue was also there and I called my wife and asked her if it had always been that way. She said,"It originally was 10% to the men and 50% of the profit to the women but that was generations ago before modern birth control became available. We did the same division of profits on the DVD sales and Blu Ray sales.

One inequality in the system is that our costs were lower in the products we could sell domestically. That meant that the children who were in the programs and acting out actually got less per view than the adults in the all adult productions. If the Supreme Court decided to allow us to produce and sell it here their pay would go up. The difference was the Japanese Middlemen who could sell it over there because the Japanese courts had decided that child porn was covered by their freedom of expression laws.

I was writing the scripts for various people to act out and had finished the picnic distracted parents scripts for Sam and Charlene. I had started to write a no forcible rape policy when there was a knock on my door. I said,"Come in." It was Margaret. She said,"Do you know what time it is?" I looked at my watch and realized it was 5. I told her to go ahead and go home. I'll be leaving shortly. As she left I heard a little girl voice say, "Excuse me." followed by Charlene coming into my office.

She came around the desk and climbed up on my lap. She read what I was working on and said,"What do you mean by forcible rape?" I told her,"It means someone forces you to have sex when you don't want to do it." She said,"That never happens around here because most girls don't say no and if we do the person stops." I told her,"That may be true but I feel better putting the policy in writing for general distribution." I finished it and saved it to the policy page available to all employees and sent an e-mail to all employees and family members that the new policy was in effect already and all of them should look at it so they knew what would happen if they violated it. This rule was one of the few that would result in banishment from the facility and a report to the local police.

I closed and locked the office and walked back to Sabrina's apartment. I was walking with Charlene when she asked me why I had tagged her story as "Not for production." My answer was,"Because it never happened to her at that age." I also told her of the picnic series I had written for her so she could lose her virginity at a young age if she was determined to do it. She said she would check them out when we got home.

We walked back to my daughter's apartment and went in. Sabrina said,"It's about time." I told her,"You need to know I've made forcible rape a death penalty as far as a person's time here. You should see the change notice in your e-mail." She said,"I'll check it after supper." I looked at the table and it was set for five instead of the four we usually had. I asked her,"Why set for five?" She said,"Sam is staying for supper. Charlene asked her." I sat down in a chair and Beatrice was helping her mother in the kitchen. Samantha and Charlene was sitting on the sofa making out. They started to touch each other too in the most intimate way keeping their clothes on. Then the clothes started coming off and each girl had two fingers in other's pussy. Then they went into a sixty-nine position and were eating each other. When my daughter brought the food to the table, my oldest grandaughter came out and saw what her sister and her friend were doing and said,"Can't you two wait until after we have supper? Pussy is for desert." Everybody cracked up at that and the oral sex stopped. When I stood up Beatrice came up to me. She pressed her body to mine in a full body hug and said,"Sorry I did not greet you properly when you came in." Then she kissed me passionately with tongue. The exhibit by the younger sister and her friend had me half hard and now I was fully inflated and painfully so.

I went to the table and we all ate. Charlene was telling Samantha about my rejection of her script. I was defending it as not being what happened. And explaining that I had picnic scripts for both of them to lose their virginity when the doctor said their expanders had them big enough to do it. And of course their parents had to agree to it. I had hoped that Sabrina would say no but she told Charlene she could lose it as soon as the doctor said she could.

Tonight's supper was Mongolian Beef served on a bed of rice. It was as good as I used to make for my family when I was with my first wife. She told me it was my old recipe. That was good because most American recipes for oriental meat dishes demanded the people use sirloin steak. True oriental cooks used the cheaper cuts like round steak to make their beef dishes. I was just getting done when I got a call from the security man on duty. Steve had quit at 5 and gone home to Margaret and Adrianna. It was George who was calling. He said some crazy bitch at the front gate was demanding to see me. I told my family. I'll be right back. I went downstairs and went through the front door to the gate guard house.

There was a Toyota 4-wheel drive pick up truck next to the house outside the gate. I entered the guard house and looked out the guard's window and saw my ex-wife. She said,"Well I know you are here and I want to know if Sabrina is here." I told her,"I am not going to tell you whether she is or not. If she wanted you to know where she was she could write you to tell you where she is."

She asked me. "Can't I come in? I can't find a place since the riots started and I don't care what you are doing I just need to find a safe place." "According to you there are no safe places because you constantly accused me of infidelities that I had not committed I don't want you in my life anymore. I loved you enough to stay through years of wife enforced celibacy and I have no intention of letting you in here. Good bye." I turned and went back into the Mansion leaving her outside the gate. After I was inside I saw her back out of the driveway.

When I got back to the apartment, the four women there were all debating who was going to do what with me. Sabrina was willing to violate doctor's orders and have vaginal sex with me. All three of the youngsters were offering to take me in the ass, short fuck in the vagina or suck me and swallow the cum.

Then Charlene took a running jump and wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. She lip locked me with tongue and kept up necking with me for a few minutes while I stood there. Then I felt my zipper being pulled down and my semi-hard cock being extracted from my clothing. With my eyes on my grand-daughter I did not know whose mouth it was in but I felt the tongue working up the length of it just before the girl plunged into me taking it into her throat. I thought it had to Sabrina or Beatrice because neither of Samantha did not have the ability to deep throat me. Then Charlene released her lip lock long enough for me to look around I saw my daughter and her first born standing in front of me watching the show.

My hands were free since Charlene was supporting her own weight. So I reached under her and pushed the gusset of her panties aside and started playing with her pussy. Using only my sense of touch I felt my way up her slit and to her clit which I then circled and then ran down to her vagina. I inserted my finger to the second knuckle. Wriggled it around in there and she came out of the kiss to moan with pleasure. I kept up the pleasurable sensations by continuing to run up her slit around her clit and back down to her vagina which I again ran a finger into and wriggled it around inside her. When she came her legs let loose of my waist and she dropped onto my wrist. I had to stop stimulating her so I could support her. Then as she came down she tried to close her legs around me and I looked down before she could finish pulling herself into me. Samantha was bent at the waist and did have my cock in her throat. She was pushing and pulling on my legs to keep her fucking her mouth with my cock. Shortly after Charlene's climax Samantha induced a climax in me. As the semen came out into her throat she frozed with the head of my penis in her throat until I was spent. Then she came off me with sealed lips to clean it off.

"What is this all about?" "Dad, sit down. I know we are in good with the local police but I heard mom came by today and she is so hateful and so bitter she could bring in the feds. If she does we are going to sexually assault them in a way that will eliminate the threat forever. Either I or Amy or one of the other adults will embrace one of the raiding officers While we make out with him one of the little ones will come in underneath us and start a blow job. That is why Charlene distracted you while Sam sucked you, it was practice for that."

I had to ask,"Whose twisted idea was this?" She said,"It belongs to Mrs. Katzenburg. She has been teaching Hilda to do this too by making out with her husband while Hilda slips underneath and blows him."

She continued,"I also told Rita about it so the girls up there are learning it too just to be sure if a raid comes we will be ready."

I sat down in the living room and thought about when we would be most vulnerable to a raid. With the fence, video camera's and motion sensors around the place the most likely way to penetrate our facility was by air with a helicopter2. We would be most vulnerable when we were outside either filming porn or at the pool before the dome was up.

Then the phone in the apartment rang. It was my wife Rita. She was asking me if I wanted her to bear me a child. I asked her if she was not past menopause. She said, "Yes I am but the doctor says with a few harmones I could be made ready to implant one of those zygotes he has in the clinic." I told her I would not mind her getting pregnant if she wants to. She said the baby's name would be Tiffany. I ask why and she tells she likes to name her kids in alphabetally order.

I wondered if Amy's clone would be name with the initial U. Uma was the only female name I could think of. While Samatha called Rita her Mommy it was actually Amy who had given birth to the slut.

Being drained as I was the two girls who had made that happen wanted me to do the same for them. Since Samantha has sucked my cock I ate her pussy first. I started with just my fingers but then advanced to eating her. I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, circled her clit then went back down her slit to her vagina and tongue fucked her. Then I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, circled her clit then went back down her slit to her vagina and tongue fucked her. Then again I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, circled her clit then went back down her slit to her vagina and tongue fucked her. By this time she was panting and gasping for breath. The next time I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, circled her clit then went back down her slit to her vagina and tongue fucked her she came with a vengence shivering all over her tiny little body.

Then I called over Charlene and as usual she was wearing the simple dresses we provided with no panties. She laid down from where Samantha had just been and I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, circled her clit then went back down her slit to her vagina and tongue fucked her. Then I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, circled her clit then went back down her slit to her vagina and tongue fucked her. Then again I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, circled her clit then went back down her slit to her vagina and tongue fucked her. Like her partner in crime she was panting and gasping for breath and I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit, circled her clit then went back down her slit to her vagina and tongue fucked her and she came with a hard shiver that racked her small body.

Both girls kissed me with tongue and thanked me. I thanked them for the surprise blow job. I did not know if their plan would work if we were raided but if a raid happened I did want them to try. Little did I know how soon it would be needed.

The phone rang again and it was the front gate security man. He reported that Mr. Washtington and his daughter were at the front gate but also that my wife was idling her truck and was across the street and seemed ready to a run at the gate when it was opened for the Washingtons. I told him to do the best he could to open it and close it quickly and if she got in I'd handle her in the garage area.

He told me to hang on. Then he said my ex wife had slipped in before he could get the gate closed. I put on my clothes and made sure I looked appropriately and asked Sabrina to join me in the garages. We went together to the garage area and found Mr. Washington and his daughter Michala talking to my ex-wife. My ex-wife was quizing him about what he was bringing his daughter here for. He said it was not her business to know.

When I approached she turned on me and yelled her question,"Is Sabrina in this building? What are you doing with her?" Sabrina answered her as she came into the garage,"Mom, what are you doing here? I told you before I wanted nothing to do with you anymore. Dad is here because I want him here and you don't need to know anything else." Then I told her,"Kathi, You are trespassing on this property and I will have the police called to remove you if you do not leave voluntarily." She replied,"If you call the police I will tell them you are a sex offender with a record of abusing young girls and have young girls in the house with you." I pulled out my cell phone and called the front security gate officer and told him to call the police and to let them in when they arrived.

The police arrived about ten tense minutes later as my first wife and I stared at each other. She was much thinner now than when I had last seen her since she did not any slaves to do her work for her anymore. When the officer arrived she made her accusation that I was sexually abusing children in the house and he asked her if she had personally observed such a thing happening. She admitted she had not and he took her away in cuffs. I asked him what to do with the pickup she had used to drive here. He said,"I don't care you can keep it until she gets out or you can have someone drive it downtown." I recognized the officer as one who subscribed to both our internet sites,

Sabrina had taken the Washintons into the building and Michala and her father were both being examined in the clinic. Rita was with them and welcoming them and explaining that they had an apartment right next to the man who be acting out his sex crime with her. She had only said,"He better be good to me or I'll get mad and then I'll get even." I wasn't worried about this. Like me Josh made sure his victims had orgasms before he had his. I returned to my daughter's apartment to find Charlene already in bed. Beatrice and her mother were watching television.

This was a love making session from my Mississippi home taped by my computerized monitoring system the first time I had made love to the sensuous red head who was now my adapted daughter. Sabrina says,"You act as if you have not had sex in years but had read a lot of how to make sure she cums first." I told her,"Well your mother had not made love to me since September 9, 1998 and you and I had not done anything since that feeling up episode in the spring of 1998." She said,"Yeah that was the first episode that I flashed back to when we lived in Des Moines." I asked her,"I was wondering about the multiple personality disorder you were diagnosed with." She said,"Still have it. But the slut personality is part of me now and I killed off the one that was angry at you for abusing me when I realized I had indeed asked you to do it.

Then she turned to Beatrice and said,"Let's get those enemas going so you can go to bed and my Dad can decide who he wants to be with tonight." Beatrice said,"If he's going to sleep with me it will be a tight squeeze because Charlene and Samantha are on the lower bunk." Sabrina answered her,"Dad and Mom used to sleep on a 36 inch wide single bed when they visited their grandpa so he can do it if he wants to." Beatrice said,"Okay mom let's go and give each other enemas so he can take his choice of us." At this point I was left alone in the living room of the apartment as these two females went to prepare themselves so I could take their asses.

I watched a short feature on the porn channel of Lisa fucking her father and bleeding because he took her virginity. She screamed when he took it and then said,"Fuck me Daddy" As he continued to go in and out of her vagina she could be seen to start breathing harder and harder as her father he continued to go in and out of her vagina. Then she screamed out,"Daddy I'm cumming." She shook and arched her back and fell back to his feet. Karl's penis did not come out but he quickly moved her back to vertical. Then he said,"Honey, I am going to cum maybe you could cum again." She began to pant and then she said,"Okay Daddy I'm going to cum again." she began her shaking again as Karl pumped his cum into her small, thin body. Then the girls came back. Sabrina had her nighty on. Beatrice was naked. Her ass still slightly wet from the ejecting the enema. I stood up and she hugged me with her whole body against me and kissed with a kiss could raise King Tut. Her tongue was in my mouth and my tongue was working to eject it.

I push her away and said,"Tonight I want your mother." She said,"Okay grandpa." Then she left to go to her and her sister's room where Samantha and Charlene were sleeping.

We watched the end of Lisa and Karl as they hugged and kissed after her first love makng session. I was tired. The day had been hard so before another porn came on I said,"Let's go to bed." She said."Okay." We turned the TV off and we went to her bedroom.

Sabrina told me as we entered her room,"Daddy I've missed you fucking my pussy so I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to see if it is okay okay to resume vaginal sex." I told her,"Be sure he e-mails me the answer to that question because I know you are compulsive about sex." She said,"Yes, but that is because it feels so good. Especially with you." I asked her, Which hole do you want me in tonight?" She replied,"You can have my tits, my mouth or my ass. You choose which one."

When we got to the bedroom we both removed our clothing for the lovemaking we knew would follow. She laid down on the pillow and pulled her down the bed and turned her diagonally across the bed. I put myself over her in a sixty-nine position and bent at the neck to eat her lovely pussy. Running my tongue down her slit to her vagina and up to circle her clit and repeating this several times had her panting for her breath with pleasurable moans. She opened her mouth and took in my organ. She worked her tongue over it top,bottom and sides. Then closed her lips around it and bobbed her head to stimulate me. I continued to run my tongue down her slit to her vagina and up to her circle her clit as my erection became more stiff and hard. Then she grabbed my hips and pushed me off her. She then said,"Daddy, if you want to finish this way fine and if you want to fuck my ass fine but decide soon." I told her, "If you insist."

She moved back to the pillow and rolled her and went to her hands and knees. I told her,"If I am going to make love to you, I want to look you in the eye." She said,"Okay" and rolled over. I laid on her in the conventional missionary position. She rolled her pelvis up so I could get to her ass. I grabbed a tube of Lubriderm from the side table and lubricated my organ from head to hair at its base. Then I slowly slipped it into her asshole. Once in all the way I waited a few seconds until she became comfortable with me in there. When she smiled I began to slowly move in and out of her. As I did this she began to respond to the stimulation and started to breath harder and harder until she was panting. I continued fucking her ass as she finally called out,"Daddy, I'm cumming." I let go stream after stream of white, greasy, sticky cum into her bowels. When both of us came back after our climaxes she got up and went into the bathroom to expell my semen. When she came back I took her in my arms and fell fast asleep.
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