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Re-Vised edition.

My Daughter My Lover

A Fictional Story
(c) Copy Wright
By Uncle Willie.

My wife my daughter and myself live in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts .

My name is Roger I am 5' 9" and slender I work out when ever I can .
my weight is one hundred and seventy five pounds.

I have brown hair and blue eyes and well to do in the junk area.
I use to play basketball when I was in high school.

There is not many people here in our small town . I would estimate about fifteen hundred or so that's all .

It's a rural community area lots with of woods & farms in the area.
Winter is almost gone now . It will soon be Spring In New England.

school will be out in about a few months and before you know it June 21st. it will be the first day of summer .

Our daughter Jennifer will be Nineteen this month on May 23rd . We did not celebrate her eighteenth birthday last year due to her mothers passing . I did make a promised Jennifer I would some how make it up to her .

Shes slightly on the plump side looks a little like her mom .
Her mom's name was Becky She died last year of breast cancer at the age of thirty six .

My Wife Becky She was so Very Pretty and sexy too..
She was the light of my of my life .
It was love at first sight when we first met in school. .

Her hight was 5' 3" hair was blond a bit past her shoulders .
the prettiest eyes of blue and nice round round firm breasts .
A size 36C's a very nice bottom not to big just right.

I remember it like it was yesterday when we first met .

I was eighteen and she was sixteen.
I had seen her around school many times .
I was in my last year of school and she was a sophomore .

I never dared to ask her for a date I was older by two years.
She was only sixteen she always was hanging with her girlfriends .

One day I had got up the nerve to ask her out .
she alright gut we would have to go see her parents first .

We had to have her parents approval and if they said it was OK .
then it was OK . we grew up together as children .
we were next door neighbors we known each other for many years.

we dated and we had a lot of good times together . Sure we did a lot of oral sex and it was awesome .

she was a good little cock sucker once she learned the right way to do it.

Becky turned eighteen Just last week September the fourteenth .
Her parents had thrown really big party for her Birthday.
All her family and friends were there .

It was the of September , we talked about what we wanted for our future. Did she want to go off to college no.
Myself I worked for her dad at the saw mill .

Becky said she wanted to work in her dad's company as a secretary.
It is easy work and the pays was good of course she was daddy's girl.

One evening She calls me up on a Friday afternoon from her job.
honey I have a great Idea how about we take in a movie at the Drive-in.

We both been so busy with our jobs we really do need to get out and have some fun . I am eighteen I'm legal and I am feeling a bit on the horny side.

tonight i would really like to you know. go for it.
If you know what I am getting at baby Yes Becky honey I know what you mean . I will pick you up around six pm .

I arrived at Becky's parents House it was just down the road a bit. we loaded up the station wagon Our Love mobile we called .

It was better than any motel room.
We would have used the local motel but there was a slight problem.
her uncle owned it .

I stopped at the liquor store for a bottle Champagne
then it was off to the theater.

The station wagon was just as good It was very roomy it had seats
that folded down in back. it was like a queen sized bed back there .

If you were lay back on your back looking out the rear window you can see the movie on the big screen. If you were going watch the movie.

Sometimes we did make out back there sometimes we did not .

I made up some curtains using some black material .
I also made some rods to hold them in place so the would not fall down .

I placed them to run along on the side windows and the front windshield .
As an Old saying goes it the wagons rocking don't ya come a knocking.

we paid the fee then we went and picked out a spot in the last row.
I waited until darkness came then I pull closed all the curtains .
This would prevent most of the light from coming in .

We went into the way back I set it up like a bed.
We got naked and started Making out .
Our hands exploring each other bodies as we always did.

Becky asks me,
Roger honey this is a special evening for us. You Did remember to pick the condoms didn't you yes honey I did..

We do not want me to get pregnant at this age no do we don't honey .
If they ever found out that we had sex for the very first time before marriage they would kill us.

I can't wait until I feel you deep inside me oh me also honey .
I am Glad we waited until now yes Becky me too.

Roger now that I am eighteen and legal . Now we can have all the sex we want . providing you wear your condom of course.

I started at her ear licking and nibbling all her hot spots.
she began moaning as I worked my way down to her breasts.
I began sucking on her nipples one side at a time.
Her areolas were nice and pink her nipples were sticking out about a half inch.

I suckled each nipple as my tongue was swirling her areolas .
She tilted her head tilted her head back . Her eyes rolling back in her head I kept sucking and she kept moaning . I then started sliding my hand down between her legs .

I started I began sliding a finger in and out of her tight vagina slowly . she started becoming more wetter now .

My thumb caressing her clitoral area . this always drove her wild .
she loved it Oh my God . I'm going to cum soon oh ah baby yes I'm going I feel it now oh ah oh baby yes I'm cuming ah yes.

she began begging me. Roger make love to me .
please Fuck me Please Fuck me now take my cherry Please .

she stayed lying on her back as spread her legs as wide as they could go.
I placed the condom on I took my dick in hand .

I placed some KY jelly at her vaginal entrance using my fingers.
I worked it in just like the doctor would at a pelvic exam

After a little while I felt she was ready to be entered. I then started pushing the tip of my dick inside her gently and slowly.

Only the tip of my cock remained in her for a little bit .
I then began slowly pushing insider her a little deeper each time.

She bit her lip gently and let out a soft moan as she felt the tip of my dick break through her hymen.

She let out a soft moan, as I began pushing still deeper inside her .
I began feeling her vagina tighten around my dick it felt like a vise .

I lay there on top of her I started feeling her juices flowing on my dick.
I then began moving slowly in and out at first.

Shoe moaned loudly Oh Roger oh my god it feels so good yes Becky
Oh your vagina's so tight oh ah honey.

Ah yes bay yes oh God roger your cock feels good in me your filling me up oh ah.

Oh yes Please fuck me baby oh yea oh God you cock feels so good in me. I was now pumping harder and and faster as she screamed "Yeah, oh yeah, harder, faster, oh oh, I'm gonna cum, oh yeah," . I'm going to cum now baby.

oh god I'm cuming baby I'm cuming ah yes oh yea fuck me baby .
oh yea . I thrusting harder and going deeper each time.

Oh yes fuck me baby oh yea . I'm going to cum again baby.
oh god I'm cuming baby ah yes oh yea fuck me . I

Oh yes fuck me baby oh yea your cock feels so good deep inside me.
Oh Roger I'm going to coming again baby.
oh god I'm coming baby I feel it ah yes oh yea fuck me .

My balls were slapping her ass and she raised up her bottom to meet my every thrust . I went in as deep as I could .
I felt something could I be penetrating her cervix .
I thought as I made wild passionate to my future wife .

Becky moaned loudly Fuck me! Oh, god, yes. Yes! Oh, yeah, baby. Oh, honey, Oh God I'M COMING!" She shouted at the top of her lungs .
Ah fuck me harder make me cum ah oh God yes.

Becky's body shook and shuddered as she felt a wave of orgasm
coming on . I'm going to cum again baby oh ah I'm coming oh yea fuck oh god feels so good ooh.

I continued the assault pumping her hot eight teen year old pussy .
I would say within fifteen minutes . I myself was ready to explode deep within her hot wet dripping pussy,

she had already had orgsamed so many times now how many more could she have..

Oh Becky I'm going to cum now baby go for it honey Cum in Me now .
I'm Coming Oh Yeah Roger! Cum for me!

Shoot your hot load into my virgin pussy . Oh yea baby I feel you coming in me for the first time It feels so good ah oh ah fuck yes.

Oh baby I feel it too oh it feels so good . she screams Oh my God baby I'm coming again Please fuck me harder . Go deeper oh yes oh God I'm coming again baby.

fuck me hard Roger . Yes ! I'M COMING! I'M CUMMMMINNGGG!!!" oh Becky screamed, as he body shook wildly . Her juices were gushing round the rubber condom .

Suddenly she said to Me Oh God No Roger . I'm feeling your hot sperm in my vagina. Oh No Baby I think the condom broke . Oh God no please no oh God no .

Honey Please you have to pull right Now ! Pull out Get off of me now Please get off . Becky started crying as the tears rolling down her face she knew something went horribly wrong.

I pulled quickly and sure enough we looked at the condom did break.
I had released all my load deep in her hot wet pussy. .

Oh dam Roger if we ever said anything to my parents we both be in deep shit . Your old enough your eighteen honey lets get married .

Are you asking me to marry you Roger yes Becky I am Oh roger yes I will marry you. we will be a fine family me you and just maybe our future baby .

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