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She was facing in the opposite direction, slowly unbuttoned her dress at her shoulders and the silky cloth covering the object of my fantasy fell to the floor. My eyes were so focused on the dress while it was falling, I didn't even realize what is in front of me. I slowly lifted my eyes off the floor over her high heels, long long legs, over her thong-splitted ass, her lower back, and her bra straps to her hair. The light was low but all I wanted to see I saw. Her legs were so thin at her ankles, if I'd seen only them I'd say they are of a teenage model or something. As they go up to her knees they have a nice curve over her muscles. Her thighs are thick but they make a perfect joint with her ass. And her as... her ass made my mouth water... there were no signs of age on her skin. She must have used all kinds of creams and oils because there were no cellulite bumps. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Her back weren't that wide at all; actually she had a very nice figure some of younger women shouldn't be ashamed of.
Then, her hands went for her bra buckle. I saw her big red nails on her hands trying to catch it. The stripe holding them was pretty wide. It had to be considering the size of her jugs... She slowly but firmly unbuttoned it and you could see the relief of her shoulders as she removed her bra completely. I, seeing all of this from this point of view, was happier than if she was facing me, because in this way I was able to lift my head with less possibility of her seeing me. As she thrown her bra onto the couch, she stepped with her right leg out of the dress and stretched her arms through her hair up to the ceiling. Just about than I saw the outer sides of her tits on each side of her back. She then crouched down to get her dress and her ass splitted in two massive round bubbles. „If only I was down on that floor and she sat on my face like that...“ I said to myself. My dick was so hard in those tight boxers I was expecting them to break. And I knew if I slide my hand in them and grab my cock I'll cum in a matter of seconds. She grabbed her dress and stood up again, buttoning the dress back. Only, this time she started to turn towards me while she was doing it.
I was so scared she might see me when she was done but I didn't want to lose the chance to see her front side and how those tits look. And my God did they look good! They were the size of my head. They were huge but they didn't hang so loose. It was like she still had her bra on. And how hard did I want to suck on her nipples then. There aureoles were big and dark brown. She had no tan lines on her so they didn't stand out so much. But her nipples did stand. You could poke your eye with one. They were almost the size of a lollipop. I was pretty lucky she hasn't seen me so I took a step to the side only to move myself from the light. I was so horny I almost jumped through the window and grabbed her. But, I had to start cooling down because I didn't want this to finish like this.
While I was standing outside by her window, thinking of a way how to get close to her, she turned on her TV and that snapped me back to reality. I didn't want to get caught in my voyeur beginnings so I slowly started sneaking back to my crib. While I was at it I didn't watch my step and I pushed a big concrete vase that was on my way. It didn't fall but it made a noise that my neighbor heard. My heart stopped for a moment but then I ran to my terrace. I didn't want to open the doors to my apartment because than she'd know I was the one in front of her window. So I sat on my chair and I broke a cigar in half and lit it so if she came it would look like I've been sitting for some time now.
It didn't pass much time when I heard those heels coming towards me. She didn't hear our big squealing doors on our front yard so she knew her voyeur was still somewhere around the house. She came half way and asked:
- „Hello! Is anyone out here?! “
- „Only me! “ I answered. „Me and a furious cat. “
- „Furious cat?! “
She continued walking towards me. I waited until she finally arrived to my terrace to answer.
- „I think it was a cat, a big one, jumped over our wall right around here. Scared the shit out of me! “
The light in my apartment was on so I clearly saw her. She just pulled her dress on without her bra because she didn't have that much time and as our conversation kept on going her nipples started to poke under that silky dress of hers.
- „A big cat you say huh? It sure sounded like something big... we'll have to put a higher fence around our backyard, our neighborhood cats are starting to scare me...“
- „Oh, don't be scared, a cat won't do you any harm, they are so kind and sweet. Something probably scared her so she ran like crazy. “
- „Yeah, she probably was scared but she sure scared me good. My window was wide open; she could've jumped right in. I have to start closing them, especially in the evening“
- „Don't worry, she wouldn't do that, cats don't jump right in. Only if you call them... than they might...“
- „Really? Huh, that's a relief...“ she smiled.
- „Trust me! “ I said victoriously „By the way, my name is Mike, I'm your new neighbor“
- „Nice to meet you Mike. Not in this situation, but nice. My name is Monica, and I am the old neighbor here“
- „Old?! Yeah right...“
- „And what is that supposed to mean young man..? “
- „That would mean you are not old...“
- „I said I'm an old neighbor, referring to you, my new neighbor! I didn't say I was old! I'm only halfway through, I'm 44! You don't mean that's old do you? I don't look old do I? “
I thought I blew it; she made a step as if she's going home.
- „Sorry, didn't understand your first thought, but we agree you are not old! And you sure don't look old to me...“
My answer stopped her.
- „Really? I don't look old? Your lightning isn't so good right now...“
- „It might not been now, but I've seen you today, when we met on the stairs. You're a show stopper! No old lady can wear those 5 inch heels...“
My fetish started oozing on that one; I was scared I didn't overdo with this one.
- „Well thank you very much young boy! And, they are 5 and a half actually...“
- „You're welcome! “
That was all I had to say.
- „Well than, good night my new neighbor, and welcome to our neighborhood“
She waved her hand gently and started walking. I wanted to talk some more but didn't want to be too pushy.
- „Good night Monica. And, don't be afraid of cats, even if they're big...“
- „Oh, I'm not that afraid of cats. I think I could handle a big cat with no problem... and Mike...“
- „Yes?! “
I was as quick as a cat on that one, jumped to my fence. She started walking back, came up really close to me. So close I could smell the rest of her perfume. She whispered:
- „I've seen you and your girl hanging a lot with the family from above... I'm sure they've already started filling your head with our little problems and with their thoughts of me and my life. Now Sara is nice but John...“
This is where I stopped her; I didn't want this conversation to go in that direction.
- „Oh, yeah, don't worry about that. “ I whispered back. „I don't believe all the things I hear. Plus, I like to make my own thoughts...“
- „I believe you do boy, I believe you do...“
She slowly caressed my hand on the elbow while she said it. She took off her heels, gave me a wink and left. That was enough for today I thought. And while I watched her body slowly disappearing in the night, I came to a conclusion that this started pretty good for me...
After a good night sleep the morning started beautiful. I woke up around 8 o'clock and the day was ahead of me. My neighbor was the first thing I thought about so I decided today I'm going to do whatever it takes just to make a conversation again. I knew in time she would be more comfortable with me and that was my way in. I made my coffee and got to the terrace. Out of a habit I leaned over the fence and I saw the drier was empty. There was a big tree in my backyard that covered all of my terrace, my fence, and a good part of that backyard. I started picking on that tree hoping my neighbor would come out soon. But, that didn't happen. Shortly I remembered John's words...
- „Everyday she sleeps until noon! She doesn't have to care about anything! Bla, bla, bla...“
That made me understand that I might be ahead of things. So I backed up to my terrace and sat on my chair. As soon as I drank my morning coffee I got up and went inside. I sat there for a while when around 10 o'clock I heard a noise that woke me up. It was Monica's washing machine. This was a sign for me, I had to get ready and make an entrance. I went to my room, took of my sleeping shorts and jumped in my tight Speedo's. I looked myself in the mirror and I was satisfied with my reflection. I have some pretty good genes so my weight is almost perfectly balanced. I don't have a six pack but I'm not that far from them. I don't like to work out and that is the only reason. I have some strong arms because I'm a working man, and my legs are pretty strong and muscular too because I drove a bicycle all of my childhood life, all the time. The genes and the bicycle made my ass just good for the Speedo commercial. I quickly sprayed a lot of tanning oil on me and rubbed it all over, took my towel and my sunglasses and went for my terrace.
I took out a new reclining chair out and placed it so I'm under the sun and so I have a direct view to my neighbor’s drier. I set it so I was almost lying down, so I could have a nice view under my glasses. I lied down and I waited. I waited as a big cat for her pray. I knew I have to shine for Monica so I replayed the last night striptease scene she made for me, although she didn't know she was doing it for me, over and over again. I knew my dick is going to get pumped with some fresh blood and my Speedo's will be filled just the way they are supposed to be. For her to see off course. I grabbed my crotch a couple of times just to set my dick straight, and while I was doing that I checked the windows on our house to see if somebody is already seeing my erection. On the first floor I noticed some kind of a hassle behind their drapes. I really wanted to find out who it was so I calmed down and pretended I'm going to sleep. After a few moments the drapes moved and I could clearly see it was Maya who's checking me. She stood there for some time, obviously getting horny at her sight. That gave me a big satisfaction. If that young girl is looking at me for an obvious reason, my „older “ neighbor won't be able to stay cool too.
Half an hour passed and Monica still wasn't coming out. I almost fell asleep. Then, I heard her door being opened and she came behind the corner of the house with a big basket full of wet clothes. She came out in her standard clothes, her sons too big T-shirt and matching shorts. Then, she saw me lying. She looked left and right, lowered the basket quietly and then got back in the house. She was back in a couple of minutes wearing a short, white, almost see-through dress with a huge cleavage and some sexy wooden low-heel shoes that made pretty loud click's on her pavement. As I kept on acting I'm sleeping on my chair, I was watching her every move behind my dark sunglasses. Every once and awhile she turned her head in my direction to check if im looking. She started to take stuff out from the basket facing towards me.
- „She got back and changed because of me?! “ I asked myself. „That girl is aiming at me, and aiming pretty good! “
First, there were her jeans on the drier. I presumed they were hers because they were red and had some cut out parts. Then that dress from yesterday, a sleeveless black shirt and some shorts. Then she turned her ass in my direction. When she did that I saw her underwear as if she had nothing over them. The dress was low cut at her back and so see-through I wouldn't use it for mosquito protection on my window. She had a sexy neon orange bra and, off course, a matching thong. Her dress barely covered the cheeks of her ass as she was standing but then she bent over to the basket and slightly moved her legs apart as if she wanted to put something between them. And she did. My eyes. She took a couple of panties and started stretching them on the drier. Then she squatted all the way down and gloriously lifted her butt-cheeks she turned her head to check if I'm looking at her. I was ice-cold and didn't want her to find out what I was really doing. I started to see more and more interest in me and I liked it. As she was maybe 5 meters away from me, I saw her pretty good. She grabbed some bra’s from the basket, then lifted her ass up and made a turn around the drier. She was now again facing me and she started hanging her bra's one at a time as she was showing them to me.
My mouth was so dry by now I just had to take a sip from my glass. So I started stretching as if I just woke up from a nice long dream. I took my glass from the floor with one hand and my cell phone in with the other, as I leaned back to my chair i waved her with my phone as if I'm still not interested in what she's doing. She waved back with her last bra and then hanged it. Then she took something from the basket that I couldn’t recognize. I slightly lifted the upper part of my chair, drank a good sip from the glass and left it on the handle of my chair, than lied right back into it still holding my phone. She pushed her basket away with her right leg and then started twisting that last part of her washed clothes. As she did that a gush of water sprayed all over her legs making them shiny. When that happened she looked at me as if she wanted to find out have I seen this. She kept her sight on me for a while and I was hoping she was aiming for my crotch. Then she started unwrapping the thing she was holding in her hands and then I found out what that really was. It was a couple of pairs of stockings. This time they weren’t from her son, but hers.
They were those sexy thigh high stockings that I guess no man dislikes. She had one red pair and one black pair of those shiny ones, and one pair of black fishnets. That one I didn't expect. As she was stretching them one fell to the floor. She hanged all of those that were still in her hands and went for the fallen one. As she squatted again her ass touched her heels an her knees far apart I could almost clearly see her pussy. Her neon orange thong was completely see-through. It was just two straps of neon with every side of her pussy. The cloth was only at her top strap covering only the upper part of her nicely trimmed bush. Man was that upsetting me. As she reached her hands to grab the stocking she pushed her tits together and right there I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. She took the stocking up from the floor and stood up. She shook it pretty good while her tits bounced left to right. She hang that stocking and then she leaned back to the basket to reach for some more items. It felt like I was on a lingerie TV show. This time she pulled three of her thongs, black ones from yesterday, a pair of shiny pinky ones, and a pair of leopard style lace ones with a gold-ish string that goes through her ass crack. Those were a must see. Maybe my next hunting trophy. Wouldn't it be nice to add those ones to my collection I asked myself. „Yes it would“ I said almost at loud. As she hanged them she took the last thing from her basket. And those were some tight, shiny black tights. I thought: „That was really brave of her to wear them“. And sexy as hell! This time when she looked at me she caught me with my jaw wide opened.
- „Have you seen any big cats today..? “She asked with a big smile.
- „No, not yet! But, who knows what the night could bring...“ I answered.
- „You're sure right about that! “She agreed. „I wouldn't want something to happen to my drier, or the clothes on it. Will you be keeping an eye on it for me? “
- „I sure will Monica, I sure will! Any other help needed? “I asked as I took my sunglasses off.
- „No, not for now at least, but thanks for asking! “
As she answered to me she grabbed her basket by the handle and went inside.
- „See you later Mike! “ She said while disappearing behind the corner of our house.
- „See you later...“ I whispered to my chin.
This was a sign for me. A sign that the show was over. For a short period at least... Since it was around noon, the sun was pretty high and strong so I went inside to take a shower to rinse all this oil that was still on me. I didn't want to jerk to the scenes I just saw because I wanted to wait and see what the night could bring so I decided to take a cold one. While I took my Speedo's off I noticed I really got a nice tan during my spying. I was over in a couple of minutes and naked and wet as I was I got to my kitchen and started preparing my lunch. I didn't want to wear any clothes in case Monica comes over. I really wanted to see her reaction. But, the lunch was over and I ate very little of it because it was too hot outside and I was pretty tired from the sun. I got up from my table and went straight to my room to have a little afternoon beauty sleep. I didn't fall asleep right away so I started to think about my neighbor again. It was so obvious that she was seducing me. And I wanted to go on with this playing more than anything in the world. I wanted to plan my next moves because, preparation is a big part of the job itself, but I didn't got to plan that much. I fell asleep in a few moments still with her on my mind.
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