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I woke up around 2:30 pm, rolled on my other side and fall back to sleep. I was sleeping for maybe 15 minutes when my phone woke me up. A friend called me and asked me if I'd like to get a beer. What I accepted with a big smile on my face and started getting ready. We met in a bar near my apartment and as soon as we ordered we started talking. It was a very good friend of mine but I didn't want to tell him nothing yet. I didn't want to ruin everything because that is what usually happens to me when I talk much and get my hopes all high. We drank around 4 – 5 beers and he had to go home. It was around 6 o'clock when I was back at our house and I went to check up on Maya and Mario. They invited me in for a cold beer, which I accepted with delight. We had a few laughs and I found out some things that really made a starting point for my plan. Monica's son is with his friends at their sea-house and won't be back until his school starts, and Mario and Maya are going out again tonight, but they are going to a sleep-over.
As I was getting back to my apartment I heard Monica talking on the phone:
- „...believe me when I tell you, that boy is soooo fine! When I saw that big bulge in his Speedo's my pussy instantly started to tingle me! Girl I'm telling you, believe me, I was in front of him, hanging my finest lingerie on the drier! I saw it from a close range! My panties were so wet when I was finished I had to take them off and get myself off... “
I was standing in front of her bedroom window and couldn't believe what I hear!
- „...listen to me, you have to trust me, as soon as I grabbed that white dildo you gave me for my fortieth birthday, I almost came! This didn't happen since my high school! “
Those were the words I really wanted to hear. I wanted her to feel the lust I was feeling. I wanted her to be as horny as I am and make the first move. Me hearing this phone call got my ego so high in the sky nothing could stop me. She than kept on going.
- „Listen, I can't wait any more! I have to see him again! I'm going to take out my sexiest dress and my kinkiest heels and with no lingerie I'm going over to ask him for something. Salt or pepper, anything. I want to see the look on his face when he opens the door! “
Those last words gave me a hint what is about to happen but, I didn't want to get myself in a position to grab her and throw her on my bed. No, I wanted her to do it. I wanted her to milk the last drop of my body fluids when it gets to that. And I wanted to get her as horny as she can be. I knew she will come around the back of our house, through the backyard, because if she really wore what she said she would, she would be too much exposed to the world. And I was glad I'm not in the „World “term right now. My living room window looks back to our backyard and I checked once again if it's wide open. I closed the shades so she could get a good view inside without her being caught. As I sat on my couch totally naked with my dick in my hands, a thought came through my mind. What if that was just a show, if she wasn't really talking to no one on the phone? What if she did all of that just to make me even hornier?! What if she doesn't even come?! Then, I heard the sound I've wanted to hear. My stomach went upside-down! Heels. Her heels on our pavement. They weren't that loud as they used to be so I presumed she was trying to go stealth mode on me. But, I was one step ahead of her. I quickly grabbed my phone and started talking as she did not that long ago.
- „Man she looks sooo good! When I saw her this morning my dick was about to explode! Man, you can't believe what I would like to do to that lady. I told you what she was wearing yesterday already, but this morning was a total knockout!“
I couldn't hear her walking anymore so I knew she was listening to me outside my window. I didn't know how long will my „phone call“ last, I didn't know what to say anymore, I didn't know what she was doing outside and how long will she last. But, I kept on going.
- „Her skin looks soo soft man; I just want to lick every inch of her body! Her tits are huge but they are beautiful, and her ass... her ass... I haven't seen anything better in my life! I don't know if she read me already but I think my jaw does the work every time!“
I was facing in the opposite direction of my window naked but I had full control of the situation. I went to my computer that was just in front of me and I turned it on. I had a small webcam that I wanted to use so I pointed it to my window. She couldn’t see my screen from outside because of a big chair full of clothes right on her way. I didn't want to turn around and maybe break this tension I've created. I wanted this to last. So I kept on going.
- „Man she makes me so horny; my cock was so hard today when she was done with her laundry in our backyard! And still is now! “
As I said that she had to take a peak. She looked through my shades not knowing I have her on my sight. When I saw this I was out of words. I didn't know what more to say. The only thing that came to my mind is to end the conversation and turn around.
- „Yeah man, sure, I'll keep you posted. I don't know if she had the hots for me. She probably has a rich fucker that buys her all of those dresses and heels and thongs, I'm no match to that. I probably had my hopes too high. “
I wanted to sound a little scared so she will have to encourage me with something.
- „No problem man, we'll keep in touch! See'ya! “
As I „finished “my phone call I saw her move her head. I than again heard her heels as they were coming for my door.
- „This is it! “ I thought to myself. „This is really it, she now knows about my feelings, she heard it from me so she had to believe it. “
As I heard the doorbell I rushed to my bathroom to take a towel and wrap it around me. My dick was really hard and I didn't even try to hide it. I than opened my door.
- „Hi there neighbor! Did I interrupt something? “She spoke as her eyes were going all over me.
- „No, no, not really. I was just on my phone, talking to my friend. “
- „Oh, is that so? Well, I just wanted to ask if you have some oil. My shirt's zipper stopped and I have no oil at home. Not a drop in a bottle and I really wanted to wear that shirt today. I'm going out with my girlfriends tonight so I have to be fresh and clean! “She laughed and gave me a wink.
- „I think I do madam, let me just check. Do you want to get in for a drink? I don't have any wine or beer but I could pour you a glass of apple juice. “
- „I'm in a kind of a rush so I'll have to take a rain-check on that...“
I was so sorry to hear that but it was no problem, I had nothing at home except that apple juice that was really out on the sun for the whole afternoon.
- „Here it is Miss Monica, I have almost a full bottle of olive oil, would that be good? “
- „Perfect Mike, just perfect! “
- „Do you need some help with that shirt? “
- „No thanks, I think I'll manage it on my own this time! Thank you very much! “
She then turned around and left. Just now I saw what she was wearing It was a little pink dress that was pretty tight around her stomach but very light and perky around her ass. And she wasn't fooling with those heels too. They were some pinky high-heeled platforms that were ready for a pole dance. She waved her hips seductively as she walked away, and just as she was about to get behind the corner, she turned her head around and gave me another wink. She knew I would watch her. She is a real cougar, a real hot cougar. I got back to my apartment and decided to make myself a cup of coffee. I was assuming she was going to return my oil but I didn't know when. So I put on some music on my pc, went to my room and slipped into those tight boxers I wore last night and went to my terrace to wait for her.
It was around nine o'clock when I heard her again. My cock jumped at the first step she made on our concrete pavement. I was still on my terrace. I even turned on my light half an hour ago because I didn't want her to get past me unnoticed. I knew she was going full on with her dress code this evening and boy was I right! As soon she was in front of me my eyes almost popped out! She was wearing some fucking-high heeled red pumps with straps that go around her ankles, she even wore those shiny tights that made her legs so incredibly sexy. On top of that she had a very light red sleeveless shirt with a deep cleavage. She even raised her head and wore some big red earing to top that off. I was blown away. I was out of my fucking mind! I didn't know what to say so I just sat there with my jaw and my eyes wide open.
- „Is there something wrong? Do I have a stain somewhere? “
- „No Monica, you don't. You look gorgeously sexy! “I didn't want to hide my thoughts anymore. I said what the hell, It’s time we started to talk a little more openly.
- „Well thank you young boy, it really is a compliment hearing this from you! “
- „It was not an empty compliment believe me, this is a fact! “
She blushed and pouched her lips. Her swollen red lips. I wanted to jump out of my chair, grab her by the neck and kiss her but that would be too much from me. She was just ready to go out and I didn't want to mess that up so I sat there acting my coolness.
- „Thank you very much Mike, I really appreciate it! I have to go now. I hope I won't get bored out like yesterday. Here is your oil, thank you very much for that too...“
- „No problem! It really wasn't... I you get bored, you can always come back here on my terrace and wait for a big cat. “ I said and I laughed. She laughed back
- „Don't rush yourself, I might do just that you know! And then you'll have to keep an old neighbor entertained until that cat comes out again...“
- „I'd do that with my greatest pleasure ma'am! “
- „I really have to go now, my friends are waiting for me...“
She made a sad face and then turned around on her heels and went straight to our front door. I stood up and walked behind her, not so much to put the oil to its place but to see those big butt cheeks in that tights. And that what I saw was too much for me. Her ass looked so fucking sexy I had to say something!
- „Huh, this is just too much for me! “
She turned around just like a model, patted her right butt cheek and sent me a blow-kiss. Then turned back and disappeared in front of our house. She didn't even get to those stairs I was already at my bed with my dick in my hands stroking it like a wild animal. Her heels made such a nice sound that made my hard on even more intense. I came pretty fast with so much power I fainted on my bed and fall asleep.

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