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In the morning, when I woke up, I felt a sudden urge to pee. I got out of my bed and head out of my bedroom to my bathroom. As soon as I came to the toilet seat I found out my cock still had Monica’s lipstick all over it. My balls were too smeared with a couple of lines of that luscious red lipstick. I did what I came for, washed my face with a few hands of cold water and I tried to take a deep breath to replay what really happened last night. I was really happy because I did a thing that every teenage boy these days wants to do. I fucked a milf. Well, not really fucked in a physical term, it was more of an in-the-mind fuck. I knew I have to go shower myself, but then I felt really hungry so I decided I’m going to make myself a sandwich and some coffee first. That was the plan for a start of a brand new day.
As soon as I came to my kitchen, there was a note on my kitchen table. It wasn’t the note that really took my first sight I made when I entered the kitchen. It was the thing holding them. The note was in a bright orange stiletto. Right there on my table. I was very intrigued with this kind of an announcement. First thing I did I took a glance at my clock on the wall and it was already half past ten. I really slept like a baby. Then I heard a little music coming from outside. As I rushed to my window to see what is happening I stopped at my table just to take my message holder. As soon as I leaned over the window I realized my neighbor was already awake. She even took one speaker from her stereo and mounted it on her window. She was even playing some funky house and I was very pleased how my day started. I took the note from her shoe and there it wrote: “Hi! Thank you for last night… I would really like to make tonight’s show even better. If you agree, please come and lie on your chair like you did yesterday. And yeah, please take my heel with you…” Then she made a kiss on the bottom. A kiss full of sparkly gloss.
As I read the whole note again and again as if I have to learn it for my school recital, I came to my living room and the first thing I did I sat on my couch. Then I realized she left her tights on my couch. As I touched them my first thought was “Wouldn’t it be fine to try them on..? ”. I really had a big urge to do that. I’m no cross dresser but this is what I felt. I got up from my couch and started fondling with those tights. I pulled them right over my legs and as I pulled the upper part over my ass my dick started pumping.
- “Your ass looks much better in them than mine! ” She said from my window.
She scared the hell out of me so I really didn’t feel ashamed of my outfit. I didn’t know what to do, it was already too late to run.
- “I might do, but your legs really look much better wearing them don’t they..? ”
- “Well, if we gave you some heels…”
- “No, no, I don’t do that! ” I started defending. “This was just out of curiosity…”
- “I don’t mind baby, I don’t mind at all! Are you coming out..?”
- “Yeah! I have to take a shower first, I feel really dirty…”
- “Ok, but don’t come out to get a tan in those tights, wear something tight… or nothing…” she said as she turned around and went away. I went to have my so much waited shower and as I came to my bathroom I was still wearing her tights. They felt really good, as almost I’m wearing her on me. I turned around to see my ass in the mirror and she was right. My ass did look good in them. I laughed to my reflection in the mirror and took them off.
My shower felt so good. I could be under that stream of water for ever but I had something much better in my sight. As I got out of my shower I looked myself again in the mirror and I saw I don’t have to shave yet. I quickly went to my room to find something tight, the second option; not wearing anything was off course out of the question. As I went through my drawer I found a pair of black tight boxers. I haven’t wore them for a while because they were really too small. I decided to wear them. As I pulled them on with some more power than usual, I found out they were so tight that they stretched so much they became almost completely see-through.
- “Let’s see what does my slutty neighbor think about this?” I said as I went to my backyard.
There was already a glass of juice beside my chair. And I realized she pulled it a little closer to her part of the backyard. Probably to have even better view of the show that’s about to happen. I lied down and started putting my lotion on me. As soon as I was finished with rubbing the lotion, I lowered my sunglasses and started checking my sexy neighbor’s backyard.
I was out for some time and I started to question myself did I come too early or something. She wasn’t coming out so I tried to remember what she wrote on the note but as always I forgot about everything that was written. I turned my head to my side and I tried to get some rest than. After around fifteen minutes, I heard the music stopped. There was a moment of silence then I heard something that really lightened me. It was “Deja-vu” from Beyoncé and Jay-Z. I was always for a little bit of Deja-vu. She didn’t want all of our neighbors come to see the show so she turned the volume down but we could still hear it pretty clear. I was obviously some r’n’b – soul – hip-hop compilation of hers. Because she came out pretty soon waving her hips as she really enjoyed it. This time her basket was full. She wore some tight, low waist hot pants made out of a pair of jeans. They were cut under her ass so much you could see almost half of her ass. They looked more like some type of Brazilian bikini. I knew they were home made because she removed the whole waistline too. At front you could see the edge of her bush coming through her opened zipper and at her back her black thong fell out as she knelt to the floor. She was wearing a pair of black open toe heels that had some rivets mounted at her 5 inch + heel. She tied her tight T shirt right under her tits, and she was wearing no bra. You could see her nipples poking, trying to get out. She started pulling out all kinds of sexy lingerie in all colors of the spectrum. After she pulled out more than a dozen pairs of thongs and laced panties, she pulled as much bra’s. Then she hanged a lot of stockings with all kinds of patterns. This was a real show, and It was made all for me. Then she pulled out a black fishnet body suit. As she hanged it she went to see me.
- “Is everything ok baby..? Do you like what you see..? ”
- “I very much do, madam, please continue… ”
She blossomed as she heard my words. She turned around and made a step to the side with her left leg, so she was standing pretty wide. She than leaned all the way to her front her boobs touched her knees. The part of her pants that should cover the part through her ass to her pussy was nothing but a tiny strap of jeans barely keeping the front and the back end together. She same happened with her thong strap, she moved them aside with one hand and then pressed the other on her pussy. She didn’t even remove her hand but with a slight twist of her middle finger she slid it right in. She pulled it out and in again for a few times and I could really see how wet she was. Her long middle finger was soaking wet as she pulled it out. She turned around and went straight to the side of my chair, knelt down and asked me.
- “Do you want to taste my pussy honey..?”
- “I sure do madam!”
She than once again stuffed her middle finger to her pussy all the way till her palm was pressed on her outer lips. She then pulled it out and took it straight to my mouth. I sucked on the whole finger and the taste was delicious.
- “You look so hot in those pants boy!” she said as she looked at my bulge. “I’d fuck you so hard right now… but… there’s more I want to show you and try with you before that”
- “I agree madam…”
She went back to her basket and pulled out a pair of red, cut-out tights, than a pair of white ones and a pair of tiny fishnet leggings. The sun was almost at her part of the backyard so she just turned the drier a little more for me to see it better. She hanged all of her clothes in an order so I can see every little thing. Then she turned around and said: “Enjoy baby… until later… ”. I was very pleased with what was on my sight and I didn’t want to leave but the sun started to burn my skin and I had no sun lotion on me so I went in and took a shower again to cool down my skin. And my thoughts. As I was doing this, I left all of my doors opened… not much has passed and she was at my door, looking at me and licking her lips. I turned down the water and turned to face her. She was now in my bathroom, her back against the wall and legs spread wide. She had her right hand on her pussy and her left was coming all over her tits. I put some shower gel on my hand and started rubbing all over my chest and my stomach. As soon as my hand reached my dick she lowered her ass to the floor and started fondling her pussy harder. I stroked my cock slow so my kinky neighbor could enjoy every move I make. My dick was all foamy so my hand really felt like some girl’s soaking pussy. As I was doing it I was watching Monica and I noticed she started fucking her swollen pussy with her finger. She then lowered her other hand to her clit and she instantly rolled her eyes and then closed them. She opened her mouth wide and stood like that for a second, her hands still working hard around the epicenter of my lust. She than looked at me for the last time and started shaking. A hard orgasm went through her body as she mounted her second finger to her pussy. She didn’t move for some time than looked at me lustfully.
- “You make my pussy so horny boy… you’re making me crazy!” she said and turned around. She was out of my house as a lightning. I was still stroking my dick but had no show in front of me so it really wasn’t such a joy as if she was still right there. I turned around and finished my shower. I came to my room and there was a note on my bed. She must’ve did this before she came to my bathroom. She wrote: “Tonight, at 10 o’clock, come to my room, I’ll leave all of my doors and windows open… just for you… ”. “Ok, we’re moving the show to her apartment than…” I said to myself. I wasn’t liking the change of our position because I felt pretty confident at my apartment. I didn’t know how would I feel under her roof, on her territory, under her rules… but, I wasn’t missing this there was no chance!
It was around 3 pm and I just washed my dishes and the glasses from last night. We drank almost the whole bottle while performing our little shows for each other. I didn’t even notice our glasses being filled. So I took the other bottle she brought and I left it in my fridge so I don’t come empty handed tonight. I was just about to go and get ready and go out to buy her something when I heard a commotion in the next door apartment. I rushed to my window to hear better but all I could hear was a man and a woman fighting, I couldn’t find out whose voice it was. It kept going on and on so I finally gave up and I hoped it was not my sexy neighbor. But I was wrong. As soon as I had put on my t-shirt and my pants I heard a knock on my window.
- “I’m sorry baby, but we have a problem…” she whispered.

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