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Learning something new
I can remember when I was about 13 my little cousin Patty who was about 9 at the time was playing around she was wearing a night gown and I was tickling her we were having fun. Her gown slipped up and I noticed she didn’t have any panties I never gave it any thought I just kept tickling her. She wiggled around so much that I was tickling around by her hairless pussy.

She stopped moving around so much and now that really tickles Ricky tickle me more there. I had already moved my hand so I said where she grabbed my hand and said here and put it on her pussy. So being the 13 curious boy that I was I started to rub my fingers over her hairless pussy more slowly.

I noticed that the more I played around the less she was laughing. Finally I looked at her and her eyes were closed. I asked (Patty are you ok?) She kept her eyes closed and shook her head yes. My 13 year old cock was hard as a rock. Just then we heard a noise and both jumped. I whispered now tell anyone what we were doing and left the room.

I was spending the next 2 weeks with my Aunt and Uncle so Patty and played that same game for the next couple of days when we could. One day we were getting ready to go to the pool with my older cousins when Patty came in the room where I was dressing and seen me naked. She asked what that thing was pointing at my dick. So I said it’s my dick that’s where I pee from like you do with your thing I’ve been tickling. She ask if she could touch it. I said maybe we should tell everyone we’re not feeling well and stay home and tickle each other. She Said ok and ran out the door and down stairs and told everyone that she and I weren’t feeling well and we were staying home they all left.

She came back up stairs and said I told them and they all left can I touch it now. I said ok take all your clothes off and lay down right here. She lie down and I do too but my head was toward her feet. My cock was already rock hard. I started rubbing her little pussy. I looked down at her she was just staring at it I said go and head and do what ever you want to it. She started to rub up and down on the shaft and running her finger around the head of my cock. The more she rubbed the hotter I got.

I spread her lips apart and seen her little tiny hole about the size of a #2 pencil. She was working me over with her hands playing with my balls for a while then returning to my cock, man was I getting turned on. I started humping back and forth.

I had heard from older guys about licking pussy and wanted to see what it was like so I stuck out my tongue and lead in when she felt my hot breath she suddenly stopped. Playing with me. I stopped and asked if she wanted me to stop she no please don’t stop. I went back to licking her pussy and I just went wild on licking from her ass crack to the top of her pussy. She too was going wild humping my face and moaning and then all of a sudden she started to jerk and jump I stopped real quick she pushed my head back down to her pussy and said lick it. I figured out later she was having a orgasm. When she calmed back down she sat up and said wow I don’t know what happened but I liked it.

I asked her if she do the same thing to me and she said I’ll try. She lay back down and took hold of my cock and started to lick it. I moaned oh my. I said lick it like a Popsicle and every once in a while put it in your mouth. And she did just that man did it ever feel good it was the best feeling I had ever felt up to that time. One time when she put it in her mouth I asked if she would keep it there for a while she shook her head yes.

I started to fuck her mouth the more tuned on I got the faster and the deeper I went in her mouth. Every once in a while she would take away her mouth a wipe the head of my cock with her hand I asked what was wrong said some stuff keeps leaking out I don’t like it, but she would go back to sucking my cock. All of a sudden I felt something come over me I didn’t exactly know what it was but it felt goooood. I rolled over on my back real quick and my dick started squirting white stuff wow I just about passed out. When I quit Patty took her finger and swiped the last bit off the end of my cock and a tasted it and said Yuk I don’t like that stuff.

We both got dressed and I looked at Patty and now you can’t ell anyone about this ok she said ok as long as we can do it some more and Of course I said any time you want.

Later that night when I was going to bed I ask my older cousin Eddy who was her brother and 16 what the stuff was that came out of me. He asked how it happened and I said I was asleep the next ting I knew I felt real funny I jumped up ran in the bath room and it happened. I don’t think he believed me but he said it was cum and asked me if I wanted to see how to get that feeling and cum again I said sure.

He slipped his underwear down and lay on the bed. He started stroking his cock and said Ricky this is called jacking off and after a while of doing this cum will squirt out. You do this instead of fucking a girl or getting a head job. I asked what a head job was and he well you take my cock and put it in your mouth and give me a ahead job or that’s what they call it. I looked at him and said (you want me to put your dick in my mouth?) he said no I was just that’s what I head job now if you want to do that it’s fine. I Said (no I don’t think I want to do that.

He put his hand on the back of my head pushed it toward his cock. When it got close enough he rubbed his cock head on my lips. He said it’s been on your lips you might as well take it in your mouth you going to taste it any way. When I opened my mouth to say no he pushed it in and started to hump my face. I just relaxed and let do it. When he noticed I wasn’t going to pull away he moved his hand away fro my head. That back of my head anyway. He put both hands on the side of my head and now I’m fucking your mouth Ricky do you like it. I just shrugged my shoulders but never tried to move my head away.

I could taste the stuff Patty was wiping off my dick I didn’t think it was too bad. Pulled away long enough to ask what the stuff was and went back down on him. As he was still fucking my face he said it’s pre cum when a guy gets real horny that stuff leaks out until he cums. And then he don’t worry I won’t cum in your mouth. At that point I didn’t really care one way or another. He pulled back and let it fly when he came it was like a gusher I’m glad he didn’t cum in my mouth.

We went to sleep that night and I was awaken by Patty crawling in bed with me I look at the clock it was 2 am. She whispered lets do it again. I asked are u crazy Eddy sleeping right over there. She said we can be quite enough not to wake him up. What the hell I thought the worst that could happen is he wake up and beat me up, so we started.

She got up and straddled my face. She had already taken off her panties. I started licking her little pussy and she was grinding into my face. She bent over and started licking my cock. It felt so good have her warm mouth on my cock bobbing her head up and down and all of sudden I felt her noise touch my balls I knew she had taken of my cock. I found her littler clit and started licking it drove her over the edge and she started to cum. Her whole body was shaking so much it almost scared me. She calmed down and I whispered Patty are you okay she answered oh my yes it was great then started sucking me like she was running a race .

Soon I felt the tingle in my balls I knew I was going to cum so I asked if I could cum in her mouth. She no tell me when your ready. About 2 minutes later I tapped her and said Patty she went down a few more times and when she raised her face away to ask what I wanted I cum all over her young face. She moved up to me to be face to face my cum dripping off her nose and chin and she said that was close next time say what’s happening not just my name with that she got up and left the room and never came back that night.

I laid there thinking about what just had happened when Eddy said was that fun licking my little sister’s pussy and her sucking your cock. I said yes, how long have you been awake. He said since she first walked in now you are going to have to ask her to let me loin in on the fun and until she agrees you’ll have to suck me off which he had me do then.

That’s my little story for now I hope you like it and I hope I didn’t make to many mistakes please feel free to let me know.

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2013-09-23 14:37:28
This is a good first attempt. Proofreading a must, example you tell your cousin to tell everyone instead of nobody. there a few other grammatical errors like that that might be caught by reading it a day or two later.

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2013-09-16 12:03:27
fucking story is fucking good for fucking me and wanna get sex with my cs right now ,,, where the hell are you susen

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2013-08-28 09:46:51
I rated this thumbs up but the spelling and grammar were terrible!
Her 'noise' hit your balls? How about reading what you wrote?
I like reading stories about naughty girls wanting to play with siblings or other boys their age and exploring sex for fun. That's why I rated this positive, but I only would rate this a 5 out of 10.

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2013-08-27 23:58:17
This story should have been labeled Bi! I hate when stories contain homo shit and they are not tagged right, learn to tag your damn stories right!

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2013-08-27 21:22:37
Chow wan no like shit gay boi cocksucka!!!! Strory shit stink all way!!!!!!

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