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Robin went out on a new adventure.
Fbailey story number 791

Robin The X-rated Movie Star

Robin was thirty and she and her twenty-three-year-old sister Jenny decided to check out “The Swallows Sun Island Resort” the most famous nudist camp in all of California. It just happened to be in Robin’s close vicinity just outside of town at 1631 Harbison Canyon Road.

Well it was not very hard to find out that this nudist resort had changed drastically and that it had closed down. New people had bought it but the word around town was that it was strictly a Swinger’s Paradise. It had been jokingly called "We Swallow Swinger's Resort of Harbinson Canyon."

However, the lady in the little dress shop told them about a very nice nudist resort that was just a few years old. Some guy named Bailey bought hundreds of acres of land not too awfully far away. His hopes were to attract the rich and the famous…just like everyone else in southern California.

To his credit though the lady had told her about the big Olympic swimming pool that was heated, about several of the hot tubs scattered about, and about the wonderful why that old Mr. Bailey and his wife treated people.

Then the shop owner offered to take Robin and her sister out a little later after she closed up for a look around.

They accepted her gracious offer.

At six o’clock the girls picked up Jessie in front of her shop and headed out. The directions were easy and the ride went by quickly as they talked. Jessie talked into the box, and the gate latch was released, the gate swung open, and Robin drove in. It was a long way back into where the action took place.


Now I’ll let Robin tell you the rest of the story:


A big beautiful house blocked the way and a man came out. He was nothing out of the ordinary, just a middle sixties guy with an all over tan…really all over. He was circumcised, normal in length, and completely soft. I wondered to myself how a man could look at beautiful nude women all day long and not have a hard-on.

Mr. Bailey said, “Your ID’s please.”

Jessie handed me her Club Card to hand to him along with my sister’s and my driver’s licenses. He stepped just inside his office and shortly came back to us.

He handed me the cards and said, “Welcome back Jessie. Your two friends can have use of all the facilities except Big Bear Pond.”

Jessie asked, “Can I ask why?”

Mr. Bailey said, “We are shooting a short single X rated film up there.”

Stunned I said, “You make dirty movies here!”

Mr. Bailey just laughed and said, “In a way I suppose that I do. You do know the difference between single X and triple X, don’t you?”

When I didn’t answer right away he answered for me, “Single X does not show the man’s penis, the woman’s open pussy, or full contact…if you know what I mean. It could almost as easily be called R-rated if it weren’t for it being completely full of nudity.”

Then he looked down my top at my full breasts and said, “If those are real come back and see me after you get undressed and feel more comfortable.”

Of course, I asked, “Why?”

He grinned and said, “I might have a part in that movie for you. Just a background beauty but I would give you and your friend a lifetime membership for doing it.”

I drove around the house and into the parking lot. There were maybe fifty cars parked there. Jessie undressed and waited for us. She had brought three small towels with her for us to sit on. It was a sanitary thing. Then she took us around to see the closer things. Everyone that we saw was naked, what impressed me the most was that they looked like all of the people that lived near me or in the stores where I buy groceries. They were absolutely normal looking. I had expected to see super models with perfect bodies, gorgeous strippers, and movie stars…but they looked just like the people that I might see in church.

I was very curious of what Mr. Bailey had said and excused myself from the other girls and went to see him.

He was coming toward me when I turned a corner. He smiled at me and he made me feel special…not in the short bus kind of way. He was looking at my extra weight, my belly, and he was still smiling when he stopped a few feet away.

Mr. Bailey said, “Robin, you are as lovely as I had suspected. Are you comfortable with your nudity?”

I think I blushed and I might have giggled like a little girl but I pulled my shoulders back and said, “Yes! I am! The last hour has seemed so liberating, so wonderful, and so stimulating.”

He said, “I’m so glad. That was what we strive for here at Bailey’s Best.”

He took my hand after asking my permission. It was like two school kids testing the water before kissing or dating, or…or…having sex. It was kind of romantic in a way too. Without clothes he knew exactly what he was getting himself into and so…so…was I.

Had I actually thought about someone old enough to be my father having sex with me? I suppose that I had…and I enjoyed the thought of him holding me in his arms and taking me to his bed. Bed? Why not take me right here on the grass covered ground like two bunnies in the woods. God! I hadn’t had thoughts like that in years. This place was too good to be true.

I felt so liberated and free.

We walked on and turned onto a path. We walked halfway around a beautiful scenic pond that looked like it could be in a movie. Funny thing was that it was in a movie, an X-rated movie.

We approached a few people sitting on benches taking a break. Mr. Bailey introduced me and told them that they should put me in their movie.

For the first time I felt like a piece of meat on display.

I was looked at from every possible angle. They looked at my big breasts, my belly, my ass, and my face. They looked at my hair, my feet, and my trimmed bush.

Then one of the men said, “I’m Gene the director. You are absolutely perfect just the way that you are. If anything you might need a touch of powder on your face to keep the glare down. Has anyone told you what we are doing?”

I said, “You’re making a dirty movie.”

He laughed and said, “Not exactly. We are making a movie about this nudist camp to entice people to come here. Call it a commercial of sorts.”

I asked, “And what do you want from me?”

After seeing you and hearing your voice I would like you to be one of the main actresses in the movie. Are you a member here?”

Mr. Bailey said, “Yes, she is. I have their lifetime membership cards in my office. I was going to give them to them on the way out. No pockets and all.” Then he laughed.

For the next three hours I was filmed constantly. It didn’t matter if I sat in a lounge chair, applied sunscreen, or walked in the woods. I did object when they wanted to come into the bathroom with me though.

We went to the more crowded area to Jessie and my sister Jenny. I had to hug my sister five times before the director said that he liked it. Our breasts had to come together just right with our nipples touching and smashed just a little bit. Apparently that fifth time was perfect. My sister and I had not done anything like that since we were kids. It was kind of fun.

Then we filmed what I had expected of an X-rated commercial. A series of naked good-looking men had been selected for me to introduce myself too, to give hugs too, and to look down as if I were admiring their penises. They were not filmed below the waist as I had been. It was a shame too because a couple of those men could certainly draw a woman’s attention.

I got to swim and float on my back. That showed off my full front. I was allowed to open my legs because the water would distort my pussy enough to get by. One photographer filmed me from under the water. It was fun swimming back and forth over him. I spread for him a few times even though I knew that they would cut that part out.

Three other women and two men were in the hot tub with me as we discussed the resort’s facilities. Two men were sitting on either side of me in the sauna. A couple of children watched me take a shower outside. I played a game of volleyball, horseshoes, and darts.

Then I talked to Mr. Bailey and told him how much fun that I had at his resort. He walked me to my car and waved at me as I drove away…still naked. Of course I didn’t go very far and I turned around and came back.

After getting dressed we dropped Jessie off and then I took my sister Jenny home. I called my husband and then I told him that I would be another couple of hours because I had left something behind.

I really had left something behind… Mr. Bailey.

When I talked into the box I asked him if I could have sex with him. He told me that sex was not really a part of the nudist movement. I told him that I wanted to have sex with him not the whole nudist movement. He buzzed me in and he was waiting for me when I got to his house. I got naked, grabbed his hand, and took him to that grassy knoll that I had passed earlier that day.

I had asked for sex but what I got was far better than that…he made love to me like my husband used too when we were first married.

We got down on the grass and he cradled me in his arm as he kissed me and gentle caressed my breasts. I could feel my nipples harden and my juices start to boil. I had only cheated on my husband two other times but neither one of them gave me the goose bumps that Mr. Bailey was giving me.

He sucked on my nipples as if he were my child while he explored my pussy with his fingers. I knew that I was wet down there and now he knew it too…very wet.

He poked around in my hole, he pulled at my pussy lips, and he rubbed my clit until I begged him to stop. I was in serious danger of having a massive sexual overload…thanks to him.

Just when I thought that I had recovered he found my G-spot. My husband had never found it but Mr. Bailey had. It was an amazing experience for a girl, her first time. I felt like my toes were crawling up through my body to invade my brain. My nerve endings were electrified. My pussy felt like it had turned itself inside out like a kernel of popcorn. My sexual life flashed before my eyes, my first kiss, the first time that I was felt up, my first blowjob, my sister nibbling on my clit, and my husband popping my cherry. I gave a thought to masturbation, dildos and vegetables being shoved into my pussy. I could see stars twinkling, rockets blasting off, and finally I swear to God that a nuclear bomb when off in my mind. The mushroom cloud went up and up through my head, it blew outwards through my ultra sensitive breasts and through my incredible pussy. I could feel myself cumming and cumming as if I were peeing the first thing in the morning after a really good night out.

Then I felt my lungs burst and suck in the entire hemisphere of oxygen as I opened up my eyes to look at Mr. Bailey.

All he said was, “My turn” and then he entered me.

I could hardly believe that he had given me all of that fabulous pleasure without once penetrating me with his cock. I wondered if I could live through it. I closed my eyes and had an out of body experience. I was an angle floating on a cloud looking down at two people enjoying sex on the grass in the most beautiful place on Earth. Had I died from too much good sex? Had I died from heart failure? Or had I just given my heart and soul to this man?

When he came inside of me I prayed that my birth control pills were still working. I could actually feel the squirts of seaman hitting my uterus walls and swimming up my fallopian tubes in search of an egg. My mind went blank. Where was I in my cycle? Should I purchase a morning after pill? No! I would go with the flow, so to speak. What will be, will be.

When I opened my eyes again Mr. Bailey was kissing my forehead.

We walked slowly back toward my car and my clothes. I never wanted to wear clothes again and I never wanted to leave my little corner of paradise.

Would I leave my husband for this wonderful older man?

No! I would never leave my husband.

Could I have the best of both worlds?

No! I could not.

So on my way home I vowed to never return to Bailey’s Best or to see Mr. Bailey again.

I knew in my heart that if I did, that I would never leave that nudist resort or Mr. Bailey again.

The End
Robin The X-rated Movie Star
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