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This story involves some subject matter such as incest and rape that may offend some readers. If you are one of these readers please don’t read this, just find a different story. It is purely fictional so if there is any resemblance to anyone or anything in real life it is coincidental.
Part 1
He kissed me softly at first, I responded and he deepened the kiss. His tongue was flicking my bottom lip and I moaned. His hand slid up my stomach till it reached my breast, then he cupped it, massaged it and squeezed it gently. I felt warmth growing between my legs. Suddenly a light came on and we both stopped and looked over to see my daddy stepping out of the house.
That body didn’t have to be told, he ran away as fast as he could, jumped in his truck and drove away. I stood there feeling my legs turn to jelly, and fear creeping into my mind. Daddy just stood there which just made it worse. Finally, without even looking at me, said, “Get inside the house right now and go to your room. I will be up there to deal with you in a moment.” Then he stomped into the house.
I dared not to disobey, so I ran into the house and straight up to my room. I sat on my bed and waited. What was going to be my punishment? My daddy has always been extremely strict and I generally gave him no reason to do more then maybe yell at me. I was a straight A student, I came home on time, and I never even went on a date before tonight. The anticipation of his arrival could have been enough punishment for the night. I just waited, and the fear grew inside of me, and the regret.
I heard footsteps coming down the hall; I sat up straight and tried to look proper. The door swung open and daddy stepped inside. I looked into his eyes and didn’t see any love or forgiveness. The look on his face only told me whatever happens tonight I’ll be really in for it. He grabbed my wrist and led me to the door of the basement. I was never allowed down there, I got curious a couple times but it was always locked.
He led me to the bottom of the stairs and down a long hallway to a room that looked like it was one big shower. I was in the middle of the room and he looked at me and said, “Undress”. I looked at him to see if he was serious, this only seemed to enrage him. He came towards me and grabbed me white tank top and ripped it open, he then put his hand up my skirt and rubbed the outside of my pussy. “You are soaking wet you fucking whore. You liked that boy touching you. Well I’m going to teach you what being a whore really means!” He yelled as he ripped my panties off. I whimpered a little from the pain, I figured if I took off the rest of my clothes myself it wouldn’t hurt. I unhooked my bra and slid out of my skirt. I now stood there naked as the day I was born in front of my daddy.
He walked over the cupboard and grabbed out a razor and a can of shaving cream. He pointed the floor and I knew I should lie down. He got to work, spreading the shaving cream all over my little pussy and shaving it very carefully. After he was done he turned on the shower and scrubbed me down. He got my breasts and pussy all soapy, washing them carefully. He inserted his finger inside me and wiggled it around, I tried to push him away but he just grabbed my hands and held them over my head and continued to finger my pussy. I felt a tingle, and then I could feel an orgasm building up as he rubbed my clit, but he pulled his hand away just before I was going to cum and rinsed me off.
After I was all dried off he led me to another room. This had all sorts of chains and weird furniture everywhere. “Lay face down on this little table,” he said. It was very small, only enough room from my tiny body, my C cup breasts just fit through a couple holes that were on the table. Daddy bound my hands to the top of the table. My legs were spread apart and tied to something.
Daddy started spanking me over and over, alternating cheeks, I screamed and screamed but he just kept going. “Sasha, you’re a whore now and I’m going to treat you like one from now on is that understood??” he asked while spanking me. “Yes daddy!” I answered. He rubbed my ass, smoothing the sting. His hand slipped down to my pussy, I was soaking wet. I tried to fight it but I had responded to daddy’s rough touch. His fingers slipped inside me, slowly sliding in and out in my tight pussy. He kept going deeper until he felt my hymen then he stopped. I heard his pants unzip and something press against me. I felt his cock slide inside me, when he reached my hymen he broke it. I screamed in pain, it hurt so badly. Daddy kept going at an even pace. The pain started to subside and I started to enjoy it. He picked up the pace and I felt my orgasm building up until I exploded on his cock, clenching and unclenching. He fucked me hard then suddenly pulled out and I felt his cum spurt out onto my ass.
He used his thumb to rub his cum into my asshole, I moaned softly and my pussy quivered. I felt him position his cock at my ass hole and he entered me. He didn’t hesitate he just fucked my ass with no mercy. I screamed as he dumped his load in my ass. When he pulled out I could feel his cum trickling out of my asshole and down my pussy.
“From now on you will be punished like a whore if I see you acting like a little slut again. Do you understand Sasha?” He asked as he untied my hands. I nodded, “Yes daddy, I understand.”

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i will be a good girl daddy

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