Disclaimer: This story is FAKE and should not be taken seriously. It is for the sick enjoyment of the perverted people who enjoy this kind of thing.

Our story picks up exactly where we left it.

Alex's Ruined Life 2

"Who is it?" Alex asked his mother, though he already knew the answer. 'Friends' was her reply. Alex's scowl turned into shock when she stood up and walked to the door. 'They came to visit' she said, before leaving to meet them at the lobby. Alex sat there with a stunned look on his face, across from him was his father in the hospital bed.

A few minutes later, the hospital room door opened and in walked his mother, followed by Zack who shut the door behind him. He looked from Alex, to his dad in the bed, then smiled at him. "Why the mean look, sport?" Zack asked, wasting no time he started feeling up Alex's mother.
"How's daddy?" He asked as he released her ass, and stepped over to the bed. "He's in a lot of pain, but knocked out on drugs." His mother answered, rubbing up on Zack.

"Niiiice" he replied, before letting a large wad of spit fall from his mouth and onto the dad's face. "Oops" He said smirking at Alex, who now had his fists balled up, tears in his eyes. "Good news Alex." Zack said, standing over him in the chair.

"The nurse said only three people can visit at a time. So you can either watch me fuck your mom, or you can get the fuck out and tell Daquan to come up and fuck her."
Alex sat quietly, unmoving. "That's what I thought, wimp." Zack laughed, dropping his pants, letting his hard cock spring out.

Alex's mother dropped to her knees as he sat on the edge of his fathers hospital bed. Moaning lustfully she began to slobber across his fat cock, lovingly kissing and sucking each part before shoving it into her mouth.

"Your mom gives the best blowjobs!" He said smiling at Alex, who continued to scowl, but now tried desperately to hide his growing erection. Slurping and smacking sounds filled the small room, perhaps the sound would alert the nurse and she would stop it he hoped.

Only a minute later, as he watched his mother lap at his bully's large balls, the door handle shook and in walked the nurse. Busy in her clipboard she never took notice of what was going on until she stood next to Zack, and looked down to find his cock deep inside the mother's mouth.

For a moment Alex felt sure something would be done, but as he watched the large smile spread across her face his hopes faded. "Oooh I see why you wanted more people in the room now." The young blonde nurse said, staring at his cock.

"I guess I can let one more up here." She said with a smile.
She smiled at Alex, clearly understanding what was going on before rushing out of the room to fetch Daquan. Alex's cock strained harder in his pants and his disbelief soared higher.

"Okay faggot, I don't want to see you while we fuck your mom, get in the corner." Zack ordered. Alex's cock twitched harder and he obeyed, getting out of the chair and dropping to his knees in the corner. He still had a good view of everything going on however.

His mom was now rubbing his slimy cock across her face, moaning and fingering herself. Zack seemed to be really enjoying himself, it made Alex hate him even more.

A few minutes later the chubby blonde nurse returned with Daquan, who high fived Zack and smirked at Alex.

The small hospital room was now crowded with people. Alex sat on his knees in the corner, while his mother and bullies undressed and prepared to have sex in front of him and the female nurse. "What about him?" The nurse asked, pointing to Alex's father who was still knocked out on pain killers.

"Who cares? He deserves the shape he's in." Zack said. "Yeah! So if he starts to flat-line while we're bangin' his wife, just ignore him." Daquan added. The nurse rubbed herself and happily agreed, winking at Alex on his knees.

Alex watched as his mother climbed over his father and straddled him, letting Zack mount her from behind. Pushing his cock into her they were now fucking over his dad's unconscious body. Daquan climbed up next, squatting over her husbands face so she could easily suck his black cock, his ass crack and balls touching his father's face. Alex couldn't take anymore and broke into tears as he pulled his own cock out and started stroking it.

Beside him the nurse had started doing the same, pulling down her blue hospital bottoms her fingers now worked her pussy into a sloppy wet mess.

Wet slapping and sucking sounds filled the room, followed by the faint fapping sound of Alex. His mother's moans filled his ears as tears trickled down his cheeks, the nurse clearly enjoying his suffering as she was now watching him cry while fingering herself. Daquan's black cock was wet and dripping now, splattering onto the hubby's face. It wouldn't be long and his black ass crack would be dripping with sweat, also onto the hubby's face.

Alex watched on, now leaning back onto one hand he let go of his cock, and pulled up his shirt to pinch and tweak one of his nipples, his short cock throbbing and drooling pre-cum. This drove the nurse wild, and Alex knew it. She smiled at him and stepped over, lowering her ass to his face. Gripping his hair she pulled his face into her ass crack. He wanted to taste her pussy, but her fingers were too busy so his only option was her warm asshole.

Meanwhile Zack's fucking had reached a frenzied pace, slamming into her as quickly as he could until his cock erupted inside her, filling her with his thick white seed. It poured from her stretched cunt as he pulled out, staining the bed sheets. Alex's mom thanked him for the thick load, and told him how much she wanted to be knocked up. It was about this time that Daquan had nearly reached his own roaring orgasm, spraying an equal amount of hot cum across her face, that dripped and splashed down onto her husband. Daquan smiled at her before rubbing his sweat soaked ass across her husband's face and stepping off the bed.

Alex was happy he couldn't see it, he was to busy sucking and licking the nurse's asshole, which turned out to be quite rank. When Zack noticed this he spoke up. "You shouldn't let that little fag touch you." He said. Alex felt a wave of shame, not from the insult but from his cock clearly twitching when it was said. After a brief bit of laughter directed at him, the nurse spoke as she wiggled her ass into his face more.
"Oh don't worry, I'm making him lick my asshole clean. I was in such a rush earlier that I didn't have time to wipe it." Alex then knew why it had tasted so rank, but had no choice but to keep licking and sucking just as she let out a foul smelling fart. More laughter followed while he gagged, and his cock throbbed and twitched.

Moans of pain suddenly filled the room, Alex's father had started to wake up. The nurse quickly snapped into action, pulling up her pants and leaving Alex alone with a brown stain around his mouth. The bullies helped the mother off the bed, before fondling her openly.

Alex watched his father moan and slowly move, clearly in pain from the horrible beating his bullies had given him. Just feet away the same bullies now fingered his wife, rubbed there cocks on her ass and thighs, and hungerly kissing her. "Shut that faggot up, girl. We're not done fucking his wife's yet." Zack said.
Alex's heart beated faster watching his father in pain, more shame washed over him as he gave his cock a few quick rubs and it dripped pre-cum onto the floor. "I'll have to give him a sedative to knock him out." She said, giggling at how little Zack cared about the poor beaten man. "Shit I say giv'em a shot of bleach. Then we wont have to worry 'bout 'em." Daquan added. This made Alex's heart beat even faster, Daquan had to be joking, right?

"You know I can't do that, I'd lose my job and be thrown in jail!" The nurse said, laughing now. "Although.." She added, reaching down her pants to give her pussy a quick rub. "If I accidentally gave him a little to much sedative, he might not wake up.." Every one was quiet now except for Alex's dad, they all stared at him moaning and turning, as if thinking about going through with it. Alex wanted to say something, he wanted to stop it, but his body betrayed him and he stayed on his knees, quietly stroking himself.

After a moment Daquan walked around the bed, getting behind the nurse. Pulling her pants down he started rubbing his fat cock up and down her ass, before slowly pushing the head into her pussy. "Ooh yeah, baby.. You wont make any mistakes like this, will you?" He asked, thrusting into her now. The look on her face was pure pleasure, and with a shaky hand she prepared the dosage for Alex's daddy.

Zack had started fucking his mom again, both women now being fucked from behind on both sides of his fathers bed. At the same time Alex had started thrusting his cock into his hand, his ass bouncing with each thrust. His breath quickened as he watched the nurse place the needle into his fathers arm. She bit her lower lip and smiled at Alex, almost as a way to reassure him that she wouldn't do anything crazy.

However just as Alex felt slightly better, a hard strong thrust from Daquan's cock slammed into her causing her to moan loudly, and empty the entire syringe in one push. She giggled at Alex's shocked reaction as the black cock slammed her from behind. "Oops" She said, before becoming lost in the sex. His mother and bullies laughed as they continued to fuck, Alex felt his cock swell as he watched his father twitch a few times before becoming still.

Cum sprayed from Alex's cock uncontrollably, soaking the floor in his sticky white mess. His sobs could barely be heard over the grunts and orgasms of his bullies as they to came from the scene before them. Cum dripped down the women's legs and leaked onto the floor, the entire room now smelling like sex and cum. As they quieted down, they smiled at the sobbing Alex, laughing at how much he had shot across the floor.

Despite cumming only a moment ago, Daquan's cock remained hard. The nurse had walked over to Alex, who was still on his knees on the floor. Bending over at the waist she giggled as she told him how it was an accident, and that Daquan's big cock was at fault. As he looked up at her, he noticed Daquan's cum dripping from her stretched pussy. "Now tell him how you really feel!" Daquan laughed as he pushed his cock inside her again. Alex watched her eyes go foggy and become lost in the lust of sex.

"Ooohh..Your daddy was a loser, just like you!" She moaned, before spitting in his face. Despite the events, as her spit splashed into his eye, his cock twitched and slowly started to swell again.

"Okay Daquan lets finish up, we gotta let the nurse take care of all this." Zack said, putting his pants back on. A loud sloppy suction sound could be heard as his cock popped out of the nurse's pussy. "Kay.." He replied. They dressed and were almost out the door when Zack looked back at Alex, still sobbing on the floor. As their eyes met, Zack shot Alex the middle finger, before slapping his mom on the ass and leaving.
The nurse had a dreamy smile on her face, clearly pleased with the sex. She looked at Alex, then to the door, to his father in the bed, then back to Alex. With him still on the floor, she once again straddled his face, but this time pushed her pussy onto him. "Lick it all out." She ordered sternly. Alex, reached below him and stroked his own cock a few more times before shoving his tongue into the nurse.

Around ten minutes later, after her pussy had been fully cleaned and Alex had redressed, he walked over to the bed and looked down at his father. He was nearly at tears again when he noticed his father breathing. His mouth hung open, and he quickly turned to the nurse as she was leaving. She smiled and winked at him, before shutting the door behind her.

Thanks for reading, that's all for this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll try to write the next part soon. Let me know what you thought in the comments, thanks again.

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