A impotent man offers his daughter to a stranter
I was sitting alone in a full service sitdown restaurant where all we customers had to do was come in and sit down and be served. After I was seated I noticed an old gentleman with a young girl. He had grey hair and an upright stature that indicated he was in good health.

The reason the little girl had gotten my attention was due to the way she was dressed and acting. She had on a oversized tank top that exposed cleavage from her medium sized tits. Her skirt was probably 4 inches above the knee when standing but she had let it ride up until only a little of her legs remained until I would see her panties.

Her actions were just as provocative as her clothing. She put two fingers in her mouth and moved them in and out as if she were sucking cock! Then she licked them from the base to the tip as if it was a penis! I could not believe the man was not aware of what she was doing.

This was disconcerting to say the least. I saw the waitress bring their food and the girl stopped flirting with me to eat her food. The waitress then came over to my table and asked me my name. I gave it to her though I did not know why she asked. Then the waitress went back to their table and I saw the older man pull out a tablet PC and type on it. I was not sure what he was doing but it appeared he was running my name.

Then the waitress stopped by their table to refill the girl's pop and the man's coffee. She talked to them a few minutes, then came to my table. She said,"The gentleman over their with his daughter would like you to join them." I said Okay and the waitress helped me move the plates and flatware to the other table.

I put my plate down and extended my hand to the old grey haired man. I introduced myself and he answered with his name. Then he introduced his daughter Marie and told me she was fourteen. He said, "I went to prison for abusing Marie and got out because her mother died in an automobile accident so the governor issued a pardon for me so she could still have one parent."

I asked him,"Wasn't it strange that the governor would issue a pardon for a father who had abused his daughter so he could still live with her?" He answered,"It would not have happened if my daughter had not requested it. You see she liked the things I was doing with her because I made her feel good."

I had to ask,"What things?" He answered it openly,"Cunnilingus, fellatio, anal sex, and intercourse." I was shocked. I turned to Marie and asked her "I know sex feels good but don't you find it strange to have sex with such an old man?" She answered me,"I have had younger men and boys for sex but they want to cum and don't always want me to do the same. They want me to suck them but refuse to lick me."

I asked, "So why did you call me over?" Her father answered,"I had a heart attack the last time we made love." I'm on nitrates now and can't use Viagra or Cialis or any other erectile dysfunction drug and can't get it up like I used to. she wants a cock and I can't do it. So when we found out your name we googled you and discovered your sex offender registration we thought maybe you could pitch hit for me occasionally." I did not know what to say. This could be a police trap.

The man sensed my concern and said,"Do you have a computer in that black bag?" I answered him,"Yeah, It's a Dell Latitude 520 with a DVD R/W drive." He nodded at his daughter and she handed me a DVD. She said,"If you are going to play that in here be sure to keep it as small as you can and don't let others see it. I pulled the computer out of the bag and started it up. I opened the DVD drive manually and put in the DVD Marie had given me. It showed Marie without the breasts he had now sucking on her father's cock. When he was hard he said,"Honey, the first time we do this it will hurt but next time it will be nothing but pleasure." She said,"I love you Daddy and want to please you so let's do this thing." He put his finger into her pussy and stroked them in and out with his thumb on the little girl's clit. She stopped her cock-sucking and said,"Daddy you going to make me cum." He withdrew his finger from her genitals and grabbed the girl at the waist and put her pussy over his cock. He told her,"Hold my cock straight up honey." She reached down and complied. He started to lower her over his cock and I watched it go up into her vagina. Then he continued to rub her clit until she started to shiver and quake. Then he thrust up and blood came out of his daughter next to his penis and settled into his pubic hair.

Marie then spoke,"Daddy, I feel so full, are you all the way inside me?" He said,"Not quite yet." Then the little Marie on the screen pushed down hard and her labia were in his pubic hair. He said,"That is all the way in." She stayed stationary for minute then said,"Fuck me Daddy. fuck me good." He replied,"Honey, you are on top so you can do it if you really want it." She set her feet on the sleeping surface and began to push herself back up. She sensed when the head of his dick was just covered by her labia and started back down. Then she set up a regular rhythum going up and down her Daddy's shaft. As she did so you could see the sweat on her brow and her breathing becoming irregular. Then she was panting and having trouble coordinating her legs with what she was feeling. When she came she collapsed onto her father and fell forward into her father's chest. She was shaking and quaking and it took a while for her to settle down.

Her father wrapped her up in his arms and rolled over to put her on the bottom. He told her,"Now I'll do the work and you just enjoy the feelings." He was thrusting away at her and her sweat again came up and her breathing became irregular. She said,"Daddy I think I'm going to cum again!" He replied,"I'm getting close so maybe we will cum together." And so it was when she started to shake you could see the bottom of his prick pumping his cum into his own daughter's pussy." Then the DVD returned to its single item menu.

I told him,"This is illegal. This is child porn." He said,"It is also a guarantee that I am not with the police. You can keep that disk and use it if the police ever say you are abusing Marie. You show that to the police and I go back to the prison." I asked him,"So what do you want to do now?" He says,"I need an answer, will you take my place with Marie as far as sex is concerned?" I told him I needed time to think about this and the waitress brought my dinner and I ate as I considered his proposal. When I had rested my hand on the edge of the table and no one seemed to be watching us Marie grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. I turned my fingers toward her pussy and startedt to move up her legs. When I got to the top there were no panties, only pussy. I felt her pussy was wet. I slipped a finger into her and put it in as far as it would reach. She said,"Daddy, I think he is going a agree." I pulled my smelly finger out and sniffed it. The odor she left on it was pleasant. I told her Dad,'Only a fool would turn down such a possibility." I was done with my meal now and asked them when they wanted to meet. She said,"Daddy, Let's take him home right now. I want him."

That was encouraging to say the least. I told the man,"It's not that I don't trust you but I want to drive my own car to your house." He replied by giving me a business card with his home address on it. I pulled out my cell phone and went to the games menu. When the waitress came to get the plates I asked her for the address of the restaurant and started the Google Maps App on my feature phone. I put the restaurant's address in the first field and the man's address in the second field and told it to plan a route. It did it. I told the man when they left I would leave. He offered to buy me a desert saying,"You will need your strength. When the waitress brought the desert, a big hot fudge sundae, I was also handed a pill by the daughter. "It's viagra."She explained. I took the pill with water. After I had eaten the Sundae we all got up together and left. He went to the register first and when I got there the checkout told me he had paid my bill and she had added my customary $3 tip.

I put my wallet away, exited the restaurant and started my car and drove it out of the parking lot and following the route had produced on my cell phone I drove to their house. He was standing in the double garage and waved for me to put my car in the second slot. We I shut it down, he lowered the garage door cutting us off from the outside world. He said,"Would you mind if I watched?" I told him,"This first time I would prefer if you didn't." He said,"I can respect that. Maybe later?" I said,"I'll consider it." He turned and entered the house and I followed him. We came into a modern kitchen with a range hood microware oven and gas range a chrome side by side refridgerator freezer. We went straight through and I pointed up the stairs and said,"She is in her bedroom waiting for you. Be gentle." "I always am." was my reply as I climbed the stair case. I found a cute feminine graphic on a door that said,"Marie's Room." and I knocked. She called out,"Come in" so I turned the knob and entered.

Marie was naked! A little pubic hair decorated her lovely pussy I had finger fucked in the restaurant. I walked up to her and embraced her. I kissed her and she returned the kiss. I had left my mouth slightly opened but she had not seen fit to take advantage of me to tresspass in my mouth. When I kissed her second time and tentatively slipped her my tongue she replied in kind and we had wrestling tongues! While we french kissed her hands were working on my belt. She pulled it out and unbuttoned my waistband and unzipped my fly. She started to push my pants down so I disconnected myself from the nymphet and took off my shirt. Once I had done that I stepped out of my pants and dropped my briefs on the top the stack. My erect cock stood straight out from my body.

She came up to me and grabbed it and pulled me into a kiss and embrace while she stroked it. She was quite the expert in hand jobs and I was at full staff in no time at all. I was working her pussy as she was working my cock. My fingers were in her vagina then up the slit around the clit and back down to lubricate them before repeating the motions. Then she knelt and put her mouth to my cock. She licked it from its base to the head on the bottom, Then She licked it from its base to the head on the right side. Then She licked it from its base to the head on the left side. Then She licked it from its base to the head on the top. When she went to the bottom and licked it from the base to the head I almost came right then. God she could really suck cock. Then she took it into her mouth and pushed herself into me until her lips her in my pubic hair. Damn all that and deep throating me too. I had to stop this lest I cum too soon. I said,"Marie, it has been a long time since I've had a sweet young thing like you. I don't want to cum too soon so stop this right now." She complied.

Then she laid down on the bed on her back. She pulled her knees up spread them and opened her pussy with her fingers! I got up on the bed and positioned myself between her elevated knees and slipped my cock into her. She said,"Finally I can get fucked again!" I slid it home in her. She said,"That feels just right. Now fuck me good and hard." So I started thrusting I pushed up with my legs so I entered her at a high angle. I would thrust three times and then rotate my hips to hit her G-spot. She said,"That feels so good to me." Then her power of speech was taken as she was panting for breath. I told her to go ahead and cum if she needed to. She said,"Thanks,,,,,Don't....Stop...." I complied and was reward with her body stiffening as it entered orgasm, She was clenched so tight she was quaking in exstacy and she arched her back which reduced my stoking to the more normal angle. I pushed hard with my legs to get back up to the top of her slot as I made mad passionate love to this young lady.

When she came out of it she said,"I did not cum that hard or that soon when Daddy was fucking me. I must have needed this." She was started to suffer breathing irregularities again. She cried out," Please.... Don't....Stop...." Then as she was again overtaken by her own climax she screamed "I'm cumming again." I told her,"I'm cumming too." And as she stiffened and quaked and bridged up again I pumped rope after rope of white sticky jism into her body.

When she settle back to the sleeping surface I continued to stroke in and out of her but my organ shrank and fell out. When it did she said,"Thank you. I needed that."

We got out of bed. Got dressed again both of us. She said,"Next time if you want to take me doggy style and let Daddy watch maybe I can get him hard with a blow job and he can have seconds after you." "Or you could have him cum down your lovely little throat." was my reply.

We went downstairs where her father was in the kitchen sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. When we came down Marie went over and poured another cup for me. We all sat around the kitchen table and she told her Daddy,'Daddy, he'll do fine. I like him he really knows how to show me a good time."

I told her,"You haven't experienced having me eat your pussy yet. Maybe next time." Her Dad got up and said,"Here is a garage door opener, and a house key. Come when you want to cum. I gave Marie my phone number if she needed anything.
I told her father my web site's name so he could read the story of my first and hopefully only sex case.

I left. Put the garage door opener in my computer case and drove home. I guess it was a good thing that I had gone to that restaurant that day.

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