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Jeff Ayers was a high school English teacher, and a good one. He always had students with good grades, because he was good at making them care about studying. Of course there was always a group that was the exception, and this year was no different. It was a group of three girls this semester, Hollie, Katie, and the leader of the group, April. They were the popular girls, but not because everyone liked them, because they were the sluttiest and hottest girls. They got their way because they used their sexiness as a weapon, but it wasn’t going to work with Jeff. He didn’t pass them just because they came and flirted with him after class, and he didn’t let them out of detention when they did things wrong.

Not that it was easy to resist. In class they would talk and flirt instead of paying attention, so they would flunk tests. When they couldn’t get their grades changed with their low cut shirts and short skirts, they started acting up in class more, which got them detention. Afterschool in detention they would try to flirt with him, egging each other on to show more cleavage to him, and hike their skirts up, but he ignored it, which enraged them. Eventually they started to take it personally, and started spreading rumors about him, but he was a popular teacher, so not many people believed him. Toward the end of the semester, they came to him, pissed off because they were flunking, and wouldn’t graduate unless he passed them. He refused, and they left enraged, screaming obscenities at him. He wondered what else he could do to help them grow up.

That Friday night, he was at home having a drink with dinner at his house, when there was a knock on the door. He looked out and saw it was Hollie, the ringleader of the group. He sighed, thinking “What the hell is this?” and opened the door. He wasn’t amused, but she seemed to be genuinely interested in just talking. She said, “Can I come in?”, and he reluctantly let her in. She was wearing her usual short skirt, but she wasn’t being as slutty as usual.

He was confused at first, and just stood there waiting for her to say what she wanted. She didn’t, as if she was waiting for him. “Well, aren’t you going to like, invite me in?” He was still skeptical, but said, “Yeah, ok.” As she walked past him, he looked around outside, but just saw her car parked in his driveway. He knew he would have to be careful, he was treading on thin ice having a student at his house alone like this. He closed the door and said, “So, Hollie, what can I do for you? If this is about your grade on the midterm, I told you girls already there’s nothing you can do to change that grade.” She kept walking casually into his kitchen, and leaned against the counter, then finally said, “No, it’s not about that, I just wanted to stop by and say hello.”

He didn’t trust that and said, “Hollie, you know students and teachers shouldn’t be seen like this outside school. Especially a young girl and a male teacher like us. If that’s all you wanted, you should really leave.” As he started toward the door to show her out, she said, “No, that’s not really it.” She sighed and said, “I just wanted to say…” she hesitated and he said, “Spit it out,” and she blurted out, “I’m sorry for the way that we’ve been treating you.”

He stopped and turned, trying to judge if she was sincere, and she seemed to be. He said, “Thank you Hollie, but that doesn’t change the damage you’ve done in my class. If you truly are sorry, you should start behaving and minding me in class, and try to get your two friends to do the same.”

He started to show her to the door again, but she said, “Ok Mr. Ayers. But before I go, can I at least have a drink?” He was starting to think he’d never get her out of his house, and how long it would be before one of his neighbors noticed his student’s car in his driveway. He went to the fridge and said, “I have coke and water.” She said, “Coke please,” and he handed her one. He got a glass out and poured himself a glass of water. He didn’t want to keep drinking his beer until she was gone.

She said, “Can I use your bathroom Mr. Ayers?” He sighed, and said, “Yes, but please be quick.” She said, “Mr. Ayers, that’s rude, you don’t tell a girl to hurry in the bathroom, you don’t know what—“ He cut her off, not wanting to start an argument about it, and said, “Ok, fine, it’s this way.” He led her down the side hall toward his bedroom, and showed her the bathroom next to the foyer. She went in and he heard the door lock behind her. ‘Great’ he thought, ‘No telling how long she’ll be now.’ He went to the front door again and looked out, hoping he wouldn’t see anyone showing interest in her car, and he didn’t.

His mind was racing, ‘what to do’, He knew she was up to no good, but he couldn’t figure out how. He thought, “I’ll call Zoë, she might know what to do.” Zoe was his daughter at college. He went to the living room and got his cell and dialed her, but before she picked up, he heard Holllie clicking her heels across the kitchen floor. He hurried back in, and saw her standing where she was before, sipping her soda. He thought she couldn’t have been in there more than 20 seconds, but he was just glad she was out.

He didn’t say anything, he just stood there waiting for her to finish her soda so she could leave. He was determined not to let her get to him, so he just sipped his water. She stood there awkwardly sipping her own drink, looking around, until finally she finished her drink. He set his glass down and said, “Ok, now if there’s nothing else, I’ll see you on Mond—“ he slurred the rest of the word out, and started to feel woozy. He felt himself going numb, and just barely was able to catch himself before falling onto the tile of his kitchen.

He ended up on his face, and when he tried to move, he couldn’t. He could still feel the cold tile, and hear Hollie’s heels click, but he couldn’t move a muscle in his body. He started to panic, not knowing what was happening, but then he saw Hollie’s heel step in front of his face. She bent over and he saw her face in front of his. She slapped his cheek sharply, which he felt all of, but he didn’t even flinch. She smiled and said, “Sorry, Mr. Ayers, looks like you’re a chump after all.” She giggled and clip-clopped away.

He suddenly realized what was going on, she had drugged him! It must have been his water glass when she got back from the bathroom. He kept trying to get up, but he was completely paralyzed. It seemed all he could do was blink his eyes. This was bad, he had no idea what she was planning to do to him.

Just as he was wondering what Hollie was going to do next, he heard her clip-clopping back into the kitchen, but then there were two, no three sets of heels. ‘It can’t be!’ he thought. But it was. He felt four small hands pull his shoulder, and roll him over onto his back. His eyes squinted against the bright lights he was looking up into, but after a second they adjusted, and he was able to confirm that the giggly voices he heard did indeed belong to Hollie, Katie and April. They were all wearing their usual short skirt, but this time he could see straight up them as the stood over him. They all had cotton panties on, and Katie pulled her skirt forward and shook her ass when she caught him looking.

April, always the leader, said, “Hi Mr. Ayers, did we catch you at a bad time?” They all started laughing, and he knew he was in for trouble. He didn’t know how long this drug would last, or what their plan was, but his only hope was that someone would see the cars, or see the girls through the window, but then as if she read his mind, April said, “Hollie go move your car around the block. Katie, start closing all the curtains and blinds.” They left his field of vision, and April straddled his head and shook her hips, waving her panties just inches from his face. She said, “You have no idea what you’re in for Mr. Ayers. Can I call you Jeff? Shake your head if you don’t want me to.” When he didn’t, she giggled again and said, “Thanks, I will.”
She slowly pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, then kicked them off. She spread her legs over his face again, showing her bush of fine hairs and her slit to him. He felt his dick growing hard as a rock, despite his desire to prevent their teasing from getting to him.

April turned and looked at the bulge in his pants, and said, “Good, the stuff works.” He hoped she would tell him what they had used on him, and he wasn’t disappointed. The girls came back, and reported to April that everything was good. April sat on his chest and said, “You’re wondering what we did to you no doubt. I guess there’s no harm in telling you, since there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s called Parazyl, it’s a drug that causes complete paralyzation but with no loss of feeling. That means that as long as we keep you dosed, you won’t be able to move a finger, but you’ll feel everything we do to you. That means we can do whatever we want, and you’ll react accordingly.” She reached back and grabbed his dick as she said that, sending a twitch through him.

She smiled, and got up. After that, the final piece fell into place. He figured out their plan, but the continued to tease him with it, not realizing he knew. He hoped that their underestimating him would somehow give him an advantage. They picked him up by the arms and dragged him to the couch and propped him up so he could see forward. He saw Hollie had a duffel bag. She pulled a camcorder out of it, and he knew he was right. April and Katie went to work stripping him naked, teasing his cock, as April explained, “Since you’ve been such a hard ass all year long Jeff, we’re going to have a little fun with you. You’ve been so resistant to our efforts to make good grades in your class, we’ve had to resort to drastic measures. Not that we object to all of this, but it’s a lot of planning you know? We’re going to record everything this weekend, and by the end, we’ll have enough footage to put together a very damning video for someone in your position. It’s amazing what the right editing can do. So if the three of us don’t end the year with perfect grades, well then that video might find it’s way into the wrong hands.”

April had Hollie and Katie go search the house while she stayed and played with his dick. She said, “It’s quite bigger than I expected, I guess this will be more fun than we thought. We were worried you’d have a tiny little dick.”

Hollie came back from searching his room, and said, “I couldn’t find anything. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find a single naughty thing.” Katie came back and said, “It looks like he has a daughter, I searched her room and found the goods. A couple vibrators, two buttplugs, lots of lube.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he had no idea his Zoe had all that stuff in his house. He always trusted her since she was such a good girl, he never even thought to search her things. April said, “Good, we’ll use her stuff, that’ll make it even dirtier. Would you like that Jeff? You want to watch us fuck our pussies with your daughter’s vibrators?” She paused, “You would?! You’re bad Jeff!”

They got down to business. Katie said into the camera, “Mr. Ayers had been trying to get me to suck his dick for months now. I’ve tried to be a good girl, but he’s just so persuasive, I’m finally giving in.” She took his dick in her mouth and his resistance quickly melted away. She was an amazing dick sucker, and soon all he could think about was how good her mouth felt. She knew what she was doing, whenever he got close to cumming, she would slow down. He couldn’t do anything but let it happen while Hollie filmed it. When Katie has had enough, she stands up and says, “Was that what you wanted Mr. Ayers?” in her most flirtatious voice. He couldn’t respond, but she said, “Good, I’m glad I could please you.”

April said, “I’m next, I’ve been waiting all year to fuck him, and now I finally get my chance.” She straddles him, and takes his dick and rubs in in her slit. He was on the verge of cumming after Katie’s blowjob, and April’s warm pussy felt amazing. He was beginning to lose himself in the feeling of fucking these tight young girls. April said to the camera, “Mr. Ayers, they said in sex ed to use a condom for safe sex, do you want to put one on?” She paused, as if waiting for a response, then said, “You don’t!? But I’m not on birth control, what if I get pregnant? You want me to get pregnant!? Mr. Ayers, you bad boy.”

Jeff couldn’t believe it, was this girl really going to make him fuck her without birth control? She had to be lying, it was just another way to torture him. She slid his dick to her pussy entrance, and let herself sink down, penetrating her tight warmth completely. She buried his cock inside her, and rode him like a pro. He was helpless to stop her, as her friends taunted him, filming the whole thing.

She didn’t tease him like Katie did, prolonging his pleasure without making him cum. She wanted one thing, and soon she got it. Jeff started shooting his cum into her, moaning in pleasure as the girls cheered. After he finished, April said, “Mr. Ayers, that was so good. Look girls!” She leaned back, pulling his dick out of her with a pop, and Katie zoomed the camera in on her pussy. His cum was leaking out of her, and she said, “Mr. Ayers, you came in me so much! I’m gonna get pregnant for sure!” They all laughed, and April said, “Alright girls, Mr. Ayers wants a turn with you two now. Get to work!”

The other two girls took turns riding his cock over the next 30 minutes until they each got a load of cum in their inviting pussies. They kept telling the camera that they weren’t on birth control, and that Jeff wanted to knock them up.

After that, they took turns fucking him some more, raiding his liquor cabinet while they did. They put on a show for the camera, talking about how Jeff had them over to his house and let them get drunk all the time. Soon they were drunk though, and they were fighting over who got to suck his dick, even though the camera had been forgotten. They settled on April and Katie sucking him while Hollie played with their pussies. The girls seemed as interested in each other as they were in him at this point.

After a while, they got a small bottle out of their bag and used the dropper to put a few drops in his mouth. Katie said, “Gotta keep you topped off, don’t want you ruining our fun! We’re going to keep this party going all weekend.” After that, he kept an eye on the VCR clock on the other side of the room to track how often they gave him the drug. It seemed to be about every 3 hours. He never felt it start to wear off either, so he started to get a good idea of what the dose should be. His hope was that the girls would pass out drunk and forget to dose him.

Around 3 am, after about 9 hours of the girls fucking him, they went off to the upstairs giggling. He kept hoping that they would forget to come down and dose him again, and soon his wish came true. About 8 am the drug started to wear off. He could move, but he was uncoordinated. They hadn’t bothered to restrain him, so he could get up. His heart was racing, worried that one of them would wake up before he got control, but they didn’t. By the time he could walk, he quickly went to their bag and got the bottle. He crept quietly down the hall, not knowing where they sleeping. He was still naked, but he didn’t care, he was focused on turning the tables on them.


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