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This is an introductory story with very little sex to it so be prepared for that. I'm planning on writing a sequel which will be almost all action I just wanted to separate the two and see how much interest there is in it. If you have any ideas or requests for the sequel let me know.
It was another Friday night, poker at my house again, and like usual it wasn't going so well. Thankfully me and the boys usually only played for $20 bucks, so it wasn't a big deal; but that particular Friday, I got a little bit too drunk and ended up buying back in 4 times before my wallet was empty and I realized what I'd done. My wife was going to be pissed. The last time I lost $50 bucks on poker she wouldn't fuck me for a month. So like the idiot I am, I ran upstairs and started sneaking cash from my daughter Bailey's college fund. About three hours later I had ran out of beer and had slowly started to sober up realizing more and more how screwed I was. The game had shrunk in size too, though I had barely noticed, and now it was only my buddy Mike and of course Steve sitting there with almost all the money I'd lost. It was such a streak of dumb luck too, it seemed like every hand he would have the higher kicker, or the better pair. By the end of the night he could see the look on my face of desperation, I had to get that money back from him or my wife would probably leave me. Steve had always been a great friend, so I figured he would have to give me some way to work off the debt.

What he offered me was definitely not what I was expecting.

"I'll give you half of Baileys college fund back free of charge buddy. All you gotta do is promise to keep playing poker until you win back everything or loose it all again. Think of it as another chance since we're such good buddies"

"Thanks man, I can't tell you how awesome that is and you don't even want anything in..."

"Actually I do, but it's really no big deal. Just, if you're daughters or those pretty friends of theirs I saw getting ready for a sleepover either decide to come into the kitchen while we're still playing, I'm gonna ask them to have sex with me and you gotta be cool about it ok?

"Steve! My daughters are 10 and 15 what the fuck is wrong with you!? I should knock you out just for asking that."

"But you won't cause you know you still need to win back that money. And besides it's not like I'm going to rape them I'm just going to ask and all you have to do is tell them it's alright if they ask you're permission. They probably won't even want to right and this is you're only chance to win back the money so do we have a deal?"

"...Fine, we got a deal but I'm gonna win back my money before anyone comes in here. Anyways it's 11:30 already they're all asleep by now."

So we dealt out the cards and kept playing poker. I noticed mike seemed to be folding almost every hand not really winning anything and only loosing the blinds when he had to I figured he'd probably only lost $20 that night. Steve of course was doing quite well with all my money in front of him but I finally had a stack big enough to try and win a bit back from him. The first few hands went really well too, so well I almost had all the money back in less than 15 minutes it was fantastic. But there was a big loss soon after and I tried to slow down my play so I could at least maintain how close I was to the finish line but it all seemed to crumble away. Every time I thought I had a good hand it would turn out Steve had something even better. And when I folded a pair of two's because Steve pushed all in, he even showed me he had absolutely nothing laughing in my face while he did. After that hand I was back to about where Steve had let me restart, with half of what I needed and a guy I thought was my friend laughing in my face. It was at that moment she walked into the kitchen...

I should describe all the girls in the house before I tell you who it was though. Since the only one you've heard of so far is Bailey we will start there. She's our oldest daughter, that's why she has the big college fund, our younger has one too just nowhere near as substantial yet. She's a beautiful girl, but not a cheerleader type, she tends to wear very little makeup and ties her black hair back in a single long ponytail. She's an otherwise very average 15 year old girl, about 5 foot 5, 110 lbs, and a nicely formed, and still growing pair of B cup titties. I have never thought of my daughter sexually, but it's impossible not to see the faces on the guys as we walk around town. I've wanted to punch more than a few drooling faces.

Baileys best friend, Katie, is sleeping over tonight. They've known each other since Bailey was in grade 3 and she had to do a project for school where she would help out a kindergartner learn the way around school. Most of the kids doing it found it tedious and hated having to help out a younger kid but Bailey and Katie really got a long and over the years they became best friends. Now, Bailey was in grade 10 and Katie was in grade 7. Katie was 12 years old, and looked even younger. She was barely 5 foot tall and couldn't have weighed more than 90 lbs soaking wet and there was little to no evidence of boobs forming as of yet. She always had short pigtails and her beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair lit up the room when she entered.

My other daughter, Mary, is 10 and I doubt she's ever even heard of sex. Still in the feety pajamas and sponge bob phase she's the cutest thing ever. She has fiery red hair like her mother and the faintest signs of freckles on her face. She's only 4 foot 6 and 75 lbs she's not even old enough for me to be threatened by men looking at her yet. Until Steve's deal I had never thought anyone could look at my daughter sexually, now I was having to deal with these horrible thoughts of Steve getting his hands on her purity.

Finally, there was Mary's friend Candice. Mary always called her Candy and even started making me and the other grown ups call her Candy. She seemed to like the name not realizing how slutty it was. The innocence of childhood really is amazing sometimes she genuinely thought it made her sound like she was sweet and that everyone would want her. She was a little bit taller than Mary, 4 foot 8 and a little lighter too 70 lbs so she was noticeably skinnier. Mary just always had that natural plumpness too her, she was never fat, and Candy always had more of a gymnasts build, and she did in fact take gymnastics. I had picked Mary and Candy up at gymnastics more than once and seeing Candy in her outfit is probably the closest I had come to having thoughts about young girls before tonight.

She came into the kitchen rubbing her eyes. She had clearly just woken up and the first words out of her mouth were...

"Mr. Johnson, where's your bathroom?"

"Right down the hall, Katie, last door on you're left."

"Thanks Mr. Johnson."

"Oh hey Katie" said Steve "Once you're done in there come back for a second I have to ask you a quick question"

"Alright...but who are you?"

"My name's Steve honey now go and take care of your business and hurry back"

"Steve, you can't go through with this...that girl is only 12 years old I've known her practically her whole life she's a sweet girl you can't do this to her."

"She's 12 really? I would've guess younger haha. And stop being such a pussy, I'm just going to ask her if she wants to have sex. If she says no its over and if she says yes than clearly she wants it so just shut up and let her have it ok buddy?"

"Alright Steve...I'm back what did you want to ask me?"

"Oh hey there Katie didn't see you come back. I was just wondering if you'd be interested in learning what it means to be a woman? I could show you, you know, how to grow up a bit today. Do you want to do what big girls do? Do you want to have sex with me Katie?"

"Mr. Johnson?" Katie was looking at me with puppy dogs eyes as if she was being forced by Steve's way of wording his question to say yes but I could tell she didn't want to. But This was what I had promised Steve I would do.

"It's alright Katie, if you want to grow up Steve here is a very good teacher and he can really show you what being a woman is all about. You should trust him" Saying that last bit almost made me puke.

"Alright Steve but I want you to be gentle with me alright?" She said it in such a soft voice and her bottom lip couldn't stop quivering it was amazing to me how calm Steve was able to be as he placed his fingers gently under Katie's chin raising her lips to his and giving her her first real kiss. She had kissed her first boy, Billy, last week but it was a rushed moment of fear and all she did was peck him on the lips. The kiss Steve was giving her now was completely different. His lips were so much larger than hers it felt at first like he meant to devour her mouth rather than kiss it but he was so soft with his lips and gently he began to slid his tongue along her lips. She had no idea he was asking with his tongue for her to open her mouth she couldn't get passed how good his tongue felt against her lips but eventually he pushed more and more and his tongue was able to slide into her mouth. She didn't figure out why he was trying to put his tongue in her mouth until it made contact with her own tongue. The sensation was even more intense than that of him licking her lips. Her tongue instantly started flailing about in her mouth trying to learn in seconds how to french kiss it was more of a tangled mess of licking. After what seemed like an eternity, and so many lessons learned, Steve eventually broke his kiss with Katie and she again looked up at him again with the puppy dog eyes, this time sad he had ended her bliss. He planted a fatherly kiss on her forehead and assured here it would only get better form here.

"Hold on a second...Before you go any further with her Steve I want to remind you we had a deal. You would play poker with me all night until I either won my money back or lost it all and I still have half so you have to keep playing."

"Fair enough buddy a deals a deal. Katie, do you want to learn how to do something super important if you want to be a grown up? It's called giving head, or sometimes people call it a blowjob. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

"I think that when the man puts his penis in a woman's vagina?"

"Haha no dear that's sex. A blowjob is when a man puts his penis in a woman's mouth."

"Ewww! Isn't that dirty? It must taste really gross!"

"Actually honey, a lot of girls like taste and it's definitely not dirty you should never say bad things like that about boys penises. Boys like girls who really love their penises and love giving blowjobs so you need to learn how to do it ok."

"Aww fine how do I do it."

I could see Steve was having a hard time not laughing in my face again as he unzipped his jeans while I dealt the cards. Katie obediently crawled under the table and Steve stood up again to slide his boxers down around his ankles making sure to shuffle his add forward on his chair as much as possible. Katie had no problem fitting under the table and I was thankful it was glass so I could watch the show. I couldn't believe how turned on I was by this but watching as Katie first starting kissing Steve's balls and then making out with them just like Steve had taught her to do while French kissing it was so sexy how clueless she was. It didn't seem to bother Steve though, he was lost in pleasure as this young girl rolled his nuts around in her mouth she slowly pulled on his skin and stuck her tongue out as far as she could to cup his entire sack. She was a natural ball sucker but it was time for her to learn what blow jobs are really about. Steve thanked her but explained that the real point to a blowjob is seeing how much of the penis a girl can fit in her mouth, the more the better.

Katie was determined to prove she could be a grown up so she quickly forced the head of Steve's cock into her mouth. Quickly though, she realized she wouldn't be able to fit all 10 inches of it into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on the head of it hoping Steve would be happy with that but she soon felt his hands press against the back of her head. She slid down further than she had before taking the first inch or so of his shaft but she felt it press against her throat and gagged hard. Steve's hands held her head in place and she panicked a little at first thinking he would choke her to death with his man meat but she learned to breathe through her nose almost instinctively and her body began to relax. She even noticed she was beginning to feel kind of funny in her pants like when she watches Justin Bieber on TV or Twilight movies. The feeling of that big cock being forced down the back of her throat while she tries desperately to breathe for some reason actually feels good. She knows she shouldn't like it but she's really beginning to love it. Just as all of this was rushing through her head Steve burst his load. Almost none of it even touched Katie's tongue and it was instantly forced down her throat into her stomach, but as Steve pulled out a few more bursts were sprayed across her tongue and a final burst hit her lips on his way out. She expected to be revolted by the taste but the salty sweetness made it seem almost like candy too her.

The entire time this was happening Steve had managed to maintain a cool head and play multiple hands of poker with me. You would think he'd be lost in some fantasy world of pleasure but instead it was me who couldn't focus on anything other than the show in front of me. By the time Katie swallowed her last drops of cum I was down to almost nothing left. And it was right when I heard another one of the girls enter the kitchen that I realized Steve had just won the last of my money....Now what was I going to do....

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