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Just me dreaming I was a sissy again ^_^

I haven't had any luck lately getting girls. Ok let's be honest I've never fucked a girl but I have fucked a guy and it was amazing. So I started watching a lot of gay porn. One day I saw a sissy obey hypnosis and it was the hottest thing I've ever seen. A guy dressing as a girl and fucking guys! So I decided to try it out. I would wait till everyone's gone then grab some of my sisters panties, bra, hills and a slutty dress. Then I would use a black wig from a Halloween costume but I straightened and brushed it. Last I would put on some of their lipstick and makeup. The first couple times I would just look in the mirror jerk off and cum. Then I decided I needed to share myself with someone but I couldn't go out yet. So I would go on pic exchanging apps and talk to horny gay dudes. After a couple times of that I realized I was hooked. I would find myself in class thinking up scenarios of me getting gang-banged by six hung dudes. Eating every last drop of their cum. But the thing is I didn't want to be a sissy i liked it but I can't be gay I told myself. So I thought I would just do something to get my mind off of that. I asked my mom whats something new I could try. She told me I could get a job. So I went around the block asking neighbors for jobs. Nothing but "no" all day. Finally I came to the last house the Burklys house. The Burklys consisted of Mr. Burklys and jasmine. The Burklys family and mine had been living next to each other for a while so I figured they'd give me a job, even though I didn't really know them. I knocked on the door jasmine answered Mr. Burklys beautiful daughter. She was perfect body to face,and we were the same age but for some reason it just didn't click. Maybe because she was way out of my league, you know how that is. I asked Mr. Burklys for a job and he said that actually their was something I could do. On weekends he went to work and jasmine went to practice so they needed someone to come feed, walk , and play with their dogs for a couple hours so I said yes. That Friday I returned eager to work. He left me the spare keys and told me don't forget to lock up when I'm done. I did everything I was supposed too and had time to kill. So then did what every guy wants to do, search through a hot nineteen year old girls house. So I immediately went to her room then searched around. Then since I'm weird I got naked and jerked off on her bed for a little. Then walked around her room and rubbed my dick and balls over almost everything. Then I looked through her bathroom and rubbed my dick on her toothbrush. After that I went out to search some more when I found her panty drawer I just immediately buried my face in them. Then I saw a nice pink one and wanted to try it on. I told myself no then said fuck it they're not going to be back soon. So I tried on the panties then decided I wanted more so I looked through her clothes and found everything I needed make up slutty short skirt wig (don't know why) and hills. I started prancing around feeling so hot when all the sudden her bedroom door flies open its Mr. Burklys standing there shocked seeing me wearing his daughters clothes. He sat on her bed and put his head down I tried apologizing but then he stood up and asked are you gay? No, I said. Then why are you wearing my daughters clothes as I was going to reply he got up in my astonishment and said I will tell you this you do look pretty hot. You think so I replied I do he said, while he stood in front of me and grabbed my ass. I automatically noticed the huge bulg lengthening in his pants. Are you horny Mr. Burklys I asked a little excited. It depends if you are he replied, he then smiled at me stood back and pulled off his pants. I could see the outline of his monster cock through his underwear. I then knew what to do I got on my knees and started licking his underwear where his head was he let out a soft moan. I slowly started dropping his boxers when his cock swung to the left came out his boxers and slapped me. You like that he said then slapped me purposely. I truly did like it. I then started sucking him in going deeper and deeper into my throat. I tried to take it all but started gagging and I heard him let out a soft moan. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. He picked me up and put me on his daughters bed then I moved the panties so my asshole was out. It took a second but after a couple tries he was fucking my tight asshole! He started pumping his cock harder and harder in my ass then told me to suck it again. I got back on my knees and sucked like the whore I was. After a few minutes i felt he was close. So I gave his head a nice "pop" and out came his white goo streaming down my face. I smiled at him as I cleaned my face with my fingers. That was nice you did a good job he said same time next Saturday. I licked the last of the cum of my fingers as I said yes. I went home replaying that scene in my head all night trying to figure if it was real or not. Then I realized it was and even though I didn't want to be, from then on I was a cock sucking cum drinking sissy slut <3 and I loved it

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