His wife was supposed to be out for the night...
Caught in the act...


The names have been changed to protect the guilty...


It really all started a little over a year ago with a quick message on a social media site.

The message was basically a "Hey - is that you?" kinda message, and if so, let's catch up.

As simple as it was, I found that as I read it I had a stirring deep in the pit of my stomach. You see, Geoff wasn't just one of the guys from the old neighborhood that I had grown up with. He was the one guy that, as we grew, I had done some

"experimentation" and "exploration" with. Yes, that kind of experimentation.

We traded messages and caught each other up on what had transpired in the decades since we last talked. We told of our struggles and our victories, genuinely enjoying sharing and hearing about each other's life, and seeing how life had actually turned out against the backdrop of what we thought life would be like from back when we were kids. And as we reminisced about our shared youth, the conversation quickly turned to that of a sexual nature, remembering the many times that we "had some fun" with each other, and had "gotten together".

As that conversation continued, we admitted to each other that in all the years since those times, that the memories of our "explorations" and "experiences" were still very powerful in their ability to arouse us.

I have lived a fairly ordinary life. Dated, got married, raised a couple of kids, pretty much all by the book. Which made the current discussions that Geoff and I were having all that much more erotic and intense after all these years. I found myself perpetually horny throughout all of these conversations. More that just a few times I found myself having to "relieve some pressure" as a result of recalling our memories. Geoff admitted that he, too, found himself living in a state of constant arousal by our recollections and retelling of the past, and that he often played those memories in his mind as he too sought release.

The thought had crossed my mind, but Geoff was the first to ask. "Have you ever thought about getting back together and reliving some of the past?" Wow. The feeling in the pit of my stomach intensified twofold. Had I thought of it? Of course I did. That very thought - and the thought of the possibility of it happening - was what was keeping me horny 24/7.

I told him as much, and we started to discuss the idea of getting together and "having some more fun." But as quickly as the conversation started and potential plans unfolded, the realities of life came crashing in as they have a way of doing. In high school there were no commitments, and your time was basically your own. All we needed was for one set of parents to go out for the night, and we were set for fun. No one knew - hey, I was just having a friend over, right? - and we weren't affecting anyone but ourselves.

But now, there were spouses. There were kids. There were schedules to keep for both ourselves and our families, and the reality of the situation was that there really wasn't a chance that this was ever going to happen, not without at the very least raising suspicions, or worse, getting caught. Oh well, we laughed, we'll always have the memories. And they were good.

Now I understand as well as anyone the law of diminishing returns. It affects us all. And it started to have its effect on our conversations. At first, the rekindled memories would stimulate me for days. After time, these conversations would almost fail to get a rise out of me. Once you've experienced something, to talk about it, well, it's just not the same. Our messages got to a point where they were becoming anticlimactic. They tapered off, and finally ceased altogether.

One morning a number of weeks later I had the house to myself for a block of time so I was going through my email and deleting the spam that had accumulated. I was mindlessly clicking the delete button time after time, not wanting to share anyone's Nigerian lottery winnings, nor desiring to enlarge my penis. (Well, of course, we'd all like a bigger pecker, right?, But...) As I was continuing, my eye caught one message just as I was deleting it. It said simply "Check your safe email."

I almost didn't do anything about it, but then thought to myself what's to lose? I logged on to my "safe" private email. Sure enough, one new message, sent late the night before, from Geoff.

I opened it, and to my surprise, embedded in the message was a picture of Geoff, from navel to knees, there in all his glory. He had a raging hard-on, firmly grasped in his left hand. The feeling in the pit of my stomach returned instantly. Below it were just a few simple lines of text. It read,"I want to watch you shoot it all over me while I jerk myself into a frenzy. I haven't stopped thinking about it. Let's get together. Let's make it happen. Let me know."

Wow. The picture was powerful. It brought memories from decades earlier instantly back to the surface. I remembered that cock. A little thicker than mine, a little longer, too, but with a much more pronounced head than mine, and I envied that. Other images, the memories, the invented scenarios all came flooding back into my mind. I realized I was instantly hard thinking again about the possibility of a reunion. I had to admit to myself that I also wanted to be able to relive the "fun" from the old days. I didn't know if it would work out or not, but at the very least, I could return the favor to Geoff for the gift of my new morning wood.

I pulled out the video camera, started it up, and got naked. I filmed myself as I jerked, making sure that I filled the frame with my dick. With the thoughts that had been going through my mind, I knew it wouldn't take long at all to put myself over the edge. As I pleasured myself, my mind wandered to images from the past, from decades earlier as Geoff and I enjoyed each others bodies in numerous ways. Memories came flooding back to the surface. Skinny dipping in his pool, both of us sporting raging hard-ons. Flipping through dirty magazines while completely naked, enjoying both shows. Teasing each other to the edge, only to relent and make the moment last longer. Soaping up each other's cocks in the shower. Kneeling in front of the other, sucking and licking and pleasuring until it was too late, enjoying the reward for the effort and watching as we erupted in trembling orgasm, shooting in all manner of places. It was intoxifying. I gazed over to the computer, picturing myself standing over him and shooting onto him as he tugged. That mental image was all it took. I felt that familiar feeling, as my balls started to tighten in ecstasy. My dick spasmed convulsively in one of the most intense orgasms I had in ages, and I watched as I shot rope after rope of hot jizz across my own chest, and after six or seven strong contractions, the intensity subsided, with the last of my spoo drizzling across my stomach. I continued to pull rythmically, wanting it to last, milking myself of every last drop. I resolved in my mind to make our reunion passible. Somehow. I didn't yet know how, but I was going to make it work.

I uploaded the video I had just made, cropped it a little for length, and sent it off. I got back to doing my work around the house. It wasn't more than ten minutes later when I got a text, and sure enough, Geoff had received the video. Without even saying anything to each other, we started comparing upcoming free time on our calendars to schedule our little reunion.

Although at first we seemed to be again stymied by lack of free time, it appeared that there was a chance to make it happen a little over two weeks away, on a Friday night. We penciled in the date, imagining the pleasures we'd have if it panned out.

The following weeks seemed to drag, although the side benefit of it was that I again found myself in a perpetual state of extreme horniness. I couldn't get off enough in the following days.

On Tuesday morning of "the week", I got a text from Geoff saying that plans had changed. It was work related, and there was no way he could miss it. Although frustrated, I understood, having faced those times myself. We again consulted the calendars, and were both again deflated when we realized how long the wait would be. We left it open, both wanting to make it happen, but both aware of the other's scheduling demands.

Again, the emails had already begun to taper, and I figured it would be the same as before. Oh well, again, we still had the memories.

Two days later on Thursday I got another text. Plans had changed yet again, work was no longer an issue from his end. Conveniently, his wife had an old friend flying in that night from out of town, and since she had planned on Geoff being busy, scheduled all of the girlfriends for the evening for dinner, so as to have time to catch up with each other. His place would be free for the evening, no interruptions.

Was I by chance still free? Interested in coming over? Spend some time ourselves "catching up"? I felt the old familiar twinge in the pit of my stomach as I typed out the response. Yes, still free. Yes, still interested. Plans were set. And for the next twenty-four hours, I found myself to be a walking hard-on with all of the memories and scenarios running through my head.

Friday came and went, uneventful, with the exception that my mind couldn't stop thinking about what lay ahead. I kept thinking to myself my gosh, act your age. Really? But the truth was that I was as horny as I had been in years replaying those memories in my mind, and the very real possibility of reliving them.

Friday evening came, and I headed over to Geoff's house. Cute neighborhood, nice house. We both smiled and laughed as he answered the door and invited me in. I commented pretty truthfully that he hadn't changed much at all in the twenty-plus years since I'd seen him, and he said the same about me. Truth was that we were both a little bigger than we were back in school, but all things considered, we were both still in pretty good shape. He disappeared into the kitchen and came out with drinks a minute later.

We engaged in small talk for a little while, but after about ten minutes, during a lull in the conversation, Geoff simply asked."So do you want to get naked and have some fun? Let's do this."

The frankness of the question hit me, but I had to be truthful in my response. "Yeah. I want to. Been thinking about it all day." And with that, he stood up and turned, heading to the other end of the house.

As we walked he inquired what was my interest? Any specifics? I responded that I thought it would be fun to jump in the shower, something that we had done many times in the past. He never slowed as he led me to the master bath.

Nice bathroom. Double sinks, clear glass doors on an oversize shower, to boot. Get a nice show every morning as you get ready for work, I thought to myself. I had made the right choice.

Geoff started the water to warm it up, and we began to disrobe. The tightening in the pit of my stomach was reaching fever pitch. We watched each other as we took off our clothes. We were obviously both enjoying this. As I took off my boxers, the waistband caught the end of my fully erect member, making it spring against my stomach as I finished pulling them down. Geoff laughed, and remarked that he was glad to see that I was ready. He mimicked me, intentionally making his shorts catch on his engorged dick as he pulled them down, also forcing it to spring back and bounce proudly as he finished getting naked.

We stood for a moment, both slowly stroking our own cocks while gazing at the other's, enjoying the view, and relishing after more than two decades, the turn-on of the situation. I headed for the shower. He followed.

As I stepped in, I allowed the water to cascade over me, fully immersing myself in the stream. After a moment, I backed out and let Geoff step forward. I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and began to lather up. (Was it me or does shampoo just create more lather than soap does?) Geoff stepped back, took the bottle from me, and did the same. After I had my entire body lathered up,

I spent some time slowly stroking my soapy dick, allowing Geoff to watch me. He did the same, returning the visual favor.

Almost on cue, we both let go of ourselves, reaching out and grabbing the other's tool. It was like it had been so many years earlier. It was as if my nerve endings throughout my body were on high alert. It was electric. We both stared at the other's dicks as they slid in and out of each other's hands, and I thought that I wasn't going to last but a few minutes. I wanted so badly to spurt all over, at the same time wanting to last, enjoying this situation that had taken so long to come to fruition.

We stroked each other for a while, with nothing but the sound of the running water and heavy breathing.

Geoff slowly turned one-eighty, holding my throbbing member in his hand, and placed it in the crack of his ass. It was something that we had done for each other years earlier. As I gently pumped I watched as my head rythmically popped up and out at the top of his crack, and he tensed his buttcheeks, making more friction. I reached around to his front, again taking his head in my palm, and continued giving him a slow, soapy hand job.

The anticipation of the situation coupled with the incredible stimulation on my throbbing boner was taking its toll on me, and I felt those old familiar twinges from deep within my balls, signalling that I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I let myself slip out of his crack, and turned one-eighty myself, pulling him by the dick, signalling him to turn and do the same. He squeezed some shampoo out at the base of my back, allowing it to run down into my asscrack. He put his rock-hard cock there, and I clenched my cheeks together so as to give him more stimulation. At the same time, he reached around and continued my giving me a slow, soapy hand job. But as I was getting near the edge, I placed my hand over his, slowing the pace so as to last longer.

We continued this way again accompanied by nothing more than the sound of the water and breathing.

As we continued mutually pleasuring each other, Geoff inched us forward so that the shower was hitting me in the chest, running down my front, and rinsing off the soap from my cock and balls. He backed out of my crack, and it was obvious that he had something in mind. I finished rinsing off, and allowed him to do the same.

As he stepped back from the shower towards me, he turned and lowered himself to his knees. He held my dick at its base, pulling it down and towards him, pausing and simply admiring the view. I was just about to make a comment when he took me into his mouth, and in one slow, deliberate motion, took me in to the hilt, as I felt myself pushing at the top of his throat. His tongue played along the underside of my shaft, urging my nuts even closer to spilling their seed. He pulled back, almost all the way off, letting his lips play along the rim of my head for just a moment until pushing all the way back down, again topping out at his throat. I knew that I wouldn't be able to take much of this at all. He continued his slow, methodical pull-push, his tongue continuously dancing along my undershaft, coaxing me even closer to climax. I tapped out.

Tapping out was something that we had come up with back in high school. If one of us went down on the other, and he was close to losing it, he could tap out and we'd stop, and switch positions, the giver becoming the receiver and vice-versa. That way we could each last longer, allowing each other some time to regather and come back from the edge. After a couple of switches back and forth in different positions, finally one of us would decide to just ride it all the way, blowing their load in all manner of different ways.

After just a few minutes of Geoff's expert sucking, I knew it was time for me to tap out and switch. He looked up at me, and just as he was about to say something, I heard a very loud,"GEOFF!!!"

Our heads both snapped towards the door, the origin of the sound. In it stood Geoff's wife, a look of extreme shock on her face.

My mind raced, but as fast as it raced, it was totally empty. I was having a hard time processing it all at once.

Geoff, I'm assuming, felt the same way. For all that this meant, he simply knelt there in front of me, my rapidly deflating cock still in his grasp just inches from his face as he stared at his wife.

I'm sure that it was only a few seconds, although it felt like an eternity. As I started to gather my thoughts, Geoff started to speak. But she quickly held up a hand to silence him and she said,"Don't move a muscle." Then she disappeared.

I looked down, he looked up, and as silly as it sounds, neither of us moved. What could we say? That it wasn't what it looked like? That she just didn't understand? We were busted. And just as that thought took hold in my mind, she marched back in, with something in her hand. She held it up. She took a shot.

It was her smartphone. She took a picture. She didn't even have it put down on the counter and I thought to myself, now I'm screwed.

In our conversations in the weeks preceding, Geoff had told me that in past conversations he had told his wife that back in high school he had experimented a couple of times, that he got to a point where he let a guy try sucking his dick, and he also tried sucking a guys dick. Apparently someone that he had dated seriously before he met his wife was totally turned on by the thought, that it made her crazy horny. He had disclosed this to his wife to see if she, too, was aroused by the thought. He had said that to her it was no big deal, so he let the subject drop. What she didn't know was that it wasn't a couple of times, it was more like dozens of times. Maybe more. Well, a lot. And by the look on her face, I would almost say that she looked shocked, but not surprised. She spoke. "I don't even want to hear it. So, I'm guessing you're the old acquaintance that Geoff told me about from years ago. Am I right?" Her voice took on a strange quality. She wasn't mad, but it wasn't exactly friendly, either.

Hard to describe, but I knew that I'd listen, and answer, whatever the question. I nodded, dumbly. She continued. "I don't know how this came about, or how long it's been going on. Obviously, I'm a little shocked, but now I've got what I need to make you boys my little obedient soldiers." As she said this, she waved her phone at us. So this is what it feels like to get blackmailed. She was thinking, and I held my tongue while she thought. Geoff did, too. She finally formed her plan.

"OK, boys. Obviously this was your plan for fun for the evening. And even though my plans didn't work out, I don't want to ruin yours. I want you to continue." Geoff looked up at me, and I looked down at him. We didn't know what to do. It was his wife, so I didn't want to do anything. Besides, in the few short moments of his wife's speech, my dick had made the trip from raging boner to turtle-town. She broke the silence. "Go ahead, don't let me stop you. Continue. I'm gonna just sit back here and watch." She continued, obviously directing the next part at her husband. "You told me that you had experimented, and I thought it was no big deal. Now I'm wondering, and maybe it is a big deal. So I want you to go on just like I wasn't here."

Yeah, right. Just continue, while she stood there, watching. I figured now I know what it's like to be a porn star. Sex on command, with people watching. Not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Geoff started to stand up, And I thought it might be because right before his wife came in, I had tapped out. She stopped him. "Oh no, honey. I want you to continue just where you were, just like I'm not here. Go ahead...." Her voice trailed off. Geoff knelt back down.

He took my limp pecker, and covered it with his mouth. He started to work at it, and even though I couldn't get my mind off the fact that she was standing there watching us, my body eventually took over and started to respond. I felt myself gradually growing in his mouth.

Geoff, for his part, must have figured why fight it. If this is what she wants, this is what I'll give her. He went back to it relatively smoothly, and fell right back into his pull-suck-push-suck rhythm. I began to harden more quickly under his actions.

Surprisingly, I soon realized that although we had a witness, I was rapidly approaching again the point of no return. I pulled my hips back ever so slightly. For some strange reason, I didn't want to come with her watching. It just seemed wierd.

Geoff stopped for a moment, and just then she asked,"Is this a one-way thing, or you do both do each other?" We both nodded as I knelt, and he stood up. I was pleasantly surprised at how ready he was, his cock pointing straight at my face as he stood. Even though I was very conscious of her watching, I had to admit to myself that I thoroughly enjoyed the sight of his rigid dick and pronounced head. I took him into my mouth.

I didn't want to think about his wife watching us, so I closed my eyes as I pulled him in as far as I could. I allowed my tongue to play along the underside of his shaft, allowing more contact between my mouth and his entire length. I pushed until I could go no farther. I grabbed his hips with my hands, and I started to piston-suck him, trying to coax him to lose his load. I knew that I was having the desired effect on him. When I opened my eyes and looked up, his head was rolling back and he let out a long, low moan. I continued.

He lasted for quite a while, no doubt the time extended because of our new watching partner. But I was merciless in my actions.I left one hand on his hip, continuously pistoning him with my mouth, as I took my other hand and got it slightly soapy, playing with his balls in my slippery hand. I allowed my hand all over his balls, never slowing in my merciless assault on his shaft with my lips and tongue. After a few more minutes, I glanced over at his wife.

She wasn't standing anymore, not as much as leaning for support on the sink counter. It was very obvious that she was enjoying the show. She saw me looking at her, and our eyes met as I continued to push her husband closer and closer to ultimate release.

Her look had softened, the surprise, or anger, or whatever it was gone, replaced by curiosity and growing lust over the situation. Her breathing had obviously increased as she stared intently on her husband's rigid cock, and the lips wrapped so intently around it. I know that she had said that his being with another guy was no big deal to her, but seeing it in person was definitely having an impact on her. I continued.

Geoff was starting to breathe rapidly now, and I saw his lower abdomen occasionally tremble. I increased my pace. I stroked his balls with my soapy hand, tugging and pushing at his slippery nuggets. I pulled almost all the way off of his shaft, my tongue mercilessly lashing the underside of his head, and then pushed all the way back down, in an effort to push him beyond control.

His abdomen quivered, and his wife noticed.

"Make him shoot! But I want to see it!" I sucked for all I was worth. Gone were the thoughts of someone watching. Gone was the embarassment, my mission was to finish him. One last long pull....

He started to moan, quickly building in volume. As he did, he held my head and thrust himself into my face. "arrrrrrgggggggg......." As I felt the first jet of jizz hit the top of my throat, I pulled back from his hold just enough to let her witness him coming. The next two ropes hit across my mouth, and as they did she urged,"Take it, take him in!"

I did as I was told, not because she told me to, but because I wanted to desperately. I pulled him all the way in, the next three or four spurts coating my throat, as I struggled to consume at the rate he produced. Some spilled from around my lips, as he was producing copius amounts of spoo. His spasms subsided, yet I continued to linger and milk him for every last bit.

As I finished sucking him off, I glanced over at his wife. She was now sitting limply on the toilet, almost as if the energy to stand was too much, but with an intense stare at the activities, totally drawn in by what she had witnessed. At that moment, a thought ran through my mind... For someone that had said that the thought of her husband being with another guy was no big deal, she certainly seemed to derive a great deal of pleasure witnessing it.

She said nothing, but simply made a gesture with her hands which we both understood. She wasn't finished with us, yet. It was time to switch.

I stood as Geoff knelt. I glanced over at his wife again to see her watch intently as he took me back into his mouth, starting to work at drawing me over the edge. Because of all the activity up to this point, I was so aroused that I knew it wouldn't take long.

Geoff stopped for a minute, glanced up at me, and quietly asked,"Ready for this? My gosh... You're as hard as a rock!"

He went back to work, expertly sucking me again with his push-suck-pull-suck motion. He sensed that I was rapidly approaching the inevitable end, so he took his hands from the base of my cock and placed them on both of my hips, and simply started to piston-suck me, rapidly pulling me in as far as her could take me, letting me hit at the top of his throat, and then quickly pushing me almost all the way out, with just the tip of my head still in his mouth, the motion creating incredible suction on my engorged, throbbing member. I was amazed at the pace he kept up, in-and-out, in-and-out, and I couldn't hold out any more.

I glanced over at his wife, and she was now leaning forward on the sink with one hand, her other hand cupping her clothed breast, tweaking her nipple. Her wide eyes were riveted on Geoff, her breathing very obviously labored as she was visibly aroused at the intensity she saw as her husband worked feverishly to make me shoot...

It was all I could take. I tried in vain to hold back, to make this last, but it had built to the point of no return. Goeff's assault on my cock was merciless. I felt that familiar upheaval start deep within my scrotum as Geoff continued to piston-coax my balls to release their seed. I started to moan, increasing in volume, "Uuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhh...." As he heard this, he increased his intensity by another notch.

My dick spasmed uncontrollably as I looked down, Geoff holding me deep inside his mouth, forcing jet after jet to coat his throat, and my legs felt weak, so intense was my orgasm. Geoff sensed it, and he held my hips firm, pinning me against the shower wall and helping me to stay standing, as his lips were locked solid on my pulsing member. Six, seven, and then eight strong contractions rocked through my shaft, Geoff holding firm the whole time, doing his best to keep up with the amount of jizz that I was producing.

After what seemed like minutes, my orgasm waned, but Geoff stayed locked on my cock the entire time, obviously wanting, like me for him, to milk me of every last drop. At long last, the twitching ebbed, and he pulled off. He looked up at me, and then as if on cue, we both looked over at his wife. The sight was somewhat humorous.

She was still sitting in the position that I had seen her before, leaning on the sink for support, her covered right breast in her free hand. The funny part was that we were both very obviously finished, and wondering if she was going to say something, to tell us something else to do, not knowing... and she was completely motionless, as if in a trance. She simply stared forward, to where the activity had all taken place. It was instantly obvious to both Geoff and myself that she didn't simply like what she saw, but was completely fascinated by it.

I looked down at Geoff, and he looked up at me. I gave a slight shrug, and he went to speak. As he did, we both turned to his wife, who had stood up, and turned to leave the room. As she walked out, she shook her cellphone over her head.

"Good. That was more fun than I thought. Remember that I have pictures. I'll let you both know what else I want. But I'm done for now."

Geoff and I looked at each other. We both knew what the other was thinking... What else she wants? What could it be? But we also both knew that there was no way to know, until she told us.

Another thing we both knew? Whatever it was, it was probably going to be a lot of fun...


Let me know if you want to know what happened later...

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