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i have not Corrected spelling, or Grammar, this is only a hint of a bigger story, and i just want to see if i am on the right track. thank you for reading, :)[b][/b]

Sara cursed at herself. She had been dreaming a second ago. Dreaming about her life just yesterday morning. She cursed at herself for not being thankful, for all the little things she hated, or complained about before. For the simple reason she may never get to complain about them again. She looked at the bare wall before her, a large metal door, with a very small clock almost looked as if it were sitting tilted on the door frame. Its almost twenty four hours since then. She looked at the chains that tied her to the wall, her wrists and feet hurt, but no use complaining about them now. Only her wrists were tied, but standing for the brief hour they had left her can feel like your feet got ran over by a car. She looked at the wall behind her, she could feel the cold white bricks against her naked back. Her long red hair had been placed in front to slightly cover her breasts by one of the men, as a found gesture of affection. After her told her she could rest a bit. She looked down at her body, coved in hand marks, scratches, and bruises.
“Why did I accept the job to be a test subject in the first place?” Sara said in a whisper, her voice cloudy, and stricken.
“Money.” She said in her head. “don’t play stupid, Trevor told you it would be easy money, signing one stupid piece of paper, being locked in a room for three weeks, free food, and lots of things to do.”
Shacking her head when thinking of Trevor. “That basterd! He certainly had his fill of things to do last night. To bad for her, it was her!”
Sara shifted her feet, “his brother is so much nicer. That is, when he didn’t scare the hell out of her.”
[b]Twenty three hours ago…[/b]
Sara had worked at a copyright company folding files into boxes, putting those files into computers, copying files, and sending them out to attorneys before their court date if needed, she knew the system well, and was proud of it. She looked, and dressed the part, going to the office with perfect buttoned down shirts, and tight knee high skirts, her flaming red hair put into a sharp bun at the top of her head, with small framed black glasses always at the tip of her nose. She had kept a silver coated memory drive around her neck, incase of a computer hazard. She went to work buzzing away at the files, sending files in the computer and out to courts that they needed to be. Barely taking any breaks, and barely taking notice of anyone whom she worked with.
When she went home, she went back to an empty apartment, using her drive around her neck to continue what work she had left to finish. In one instant, everything around Sara had failed. When Sara had arrived at the company, it was in an uproar. Files were flying everywhere, people were scattered, throwing files away, and shredding them. Sara didn’t need to ask, she just turned around and went outside. The company she worked for, was a corrupted one. Some billionaires idea of a tax break. People were getting rid of the files, that they had signed, or authorized to be sent. To get rid of the evidence against them.
She stood outside in front of the company, and stared at the busy street. Considered only for a second of just jumping right in the street in the hopes of being put out of her misery.
Then “Hi.” Sara’s thoughts were broken, “Bummer isn’t it?” Sara numbly and slowly turned her head to look at the man talking to her. “yah” she said quietly, as she made eye contact.
“you were one of the hardest workers there, weren’t you? Bet you don’t even remember me, always had your eyes on the screen never stopped to chat, did you know like fifty people changed rooms with you, because you never spoke to them? They all said its because you were always working so hard, it pushed them to work harder so they could keep up with you.” he laughed for a moment “they all said you made things to stressful for them.”
Sara looked at the man before her, she tried to recognize the man, but couldn’t. he had long black hair, pulled back into a pony tail, a large toned frame under a black suite and tie. She then realized, he was waiting for her to talk…
“oh! My turn is it?” the man laughed at her response. “I mean, I’m sorry, you must think … I’m sorry, I just lost my job, I’m still kind of in shock. And , your right, I don’t know you. I’m Sara.”
The man smiled broadly, it almost scared her at his sinister like smile. “My name is Trevor, and I completely understand. I happed to be headed some were, maybe I can offer you a drink to let you collect your thoughts, and calm down.”
Sara shook her head, “No thank you, I’m so un-sure what to do now drinking would only make things worse for me. I have no idea about what to do for rent, or making the electric bill payment. If I go and claim my last check, they might take my name into reference. Even if there is a last check at all. For that matter, I may not ever be hired again, because I worked so hard, I bet that you my name is written in almost every file there!” Sara put her head in her hands, and wanted to cry, Trevor lost his smile, and held her shoulders.
“Its ok Sara, you will see. Come with me, really, I am about to be hired as a test subject, I know it sounds funny, but its not a subject for drugs. More like, behavior. It pays really well. Come see what its about, and I promise you will feel better.”
Sara lifted her head, “No drugs? No experimental side effects? No possible death, or dismemberment?”
Trevor’s smile returned with a small chuckle. “The only downside I have herd about, was that the women involved will possibly be locked in a single room for three weeks. But seeing as you don’t talk very much anyway, I doubt it would be a large issue for you.”
Sara shook her head, “I think I could handle that.” her eyes widened, and looked Trevor in the eyes, “how much dose it pay?!”
Trevor started walking, and looked back, “Enough to make this job look like a paper boy route, Just come to the meeting, I will fit you in with my group.”
Sara started following Trevor and asked, “what? I thought you had said you had never gone before? “
Trevor stopped just for a second to give his best smile, “I only meant this exercise, it hasn’t started yet see, we are enlisting on it today” then turned abruptly and kept walking.
Sara stopped, she had wanted to say “I have no intention of agreeing to anything before I know what it is about.” or “why did you think I would follow you when you just blatantly lied to me?”
But Trevor clenched his fists and stopped. Without looking back he said “Look, your really pretty, and you do seem really nice, but when something like this just falls in your lap, you shouldn’t ask why, or who gave it to you. You wont be able to find work for a while, let alone paying this well. And, if you don’t hurry, all the spots will be taken, and you will make me loose my spot in the test too. Now come with me, or don’t, but know if u do not, someone will take your place.”
Sara ran up to Trevor and reached out for his hand. “I’m sorry your right, lead the way big guy.” Sara smiled, but inside she was still very concerned. Something about this just didn’t fit right.
Trevor smiled again as they walked at a quick pace down the street. Around a corner, Sara saw the building they were headed for. “my god that’s small, is this just the building were you meet and sign in or something?” She noted the small dingy looking building in the middle of a much bigger empty looking parking lot.
Trevor laughed again, “No no my dear, its mostly underground. You know the science guys types. I remember asking about it once, but they might have said something like for instillation prepossesses.”
“oh!” Sara said “saving the planet, by lowering costs of energy bills. Going green one would say.”
Trevor turned the knob and laughed even harder, “Or one might say no one can hear you scream underground.”
Sara snorted as they walked in.
Inside, Sara saw faded red wallpaper, with wood paneling lined underneath, and black carpet. Florissant lights hung, to give the room a soft glow. Standing in back, were two elevators, that lead down. In between the elevators, stood a large statue, a naked man with four arms, each hand holding a open book and holding them all out to be signed.
As soon as Trevor saw the statue, he ran to one side and said “good, there are spots open for both of us, hurry and sign the other side before the books close.”
Sara went in closer, but stopped as she saw the difference in the hands or the statue. Trevor’s side the he was righting his name in, did not have chains or welts on his arms. “I want to sign that one.”
“You cannot,” Trevor interrupted her, “girls sign there. The job pays a little over fifty grand, its only three weeks of your time. Free food, and there will be plenty of things to do. The dam thing is on a fucking timer, you don’t sign in time, you don’t get in, use my pen and just sign the stupid thing.” Trevor handed her the pen. Sara sighed, “fine, but if this is hell for me, I will be coming after you with a pitch fork.”
Sara went to her book and looked at the names written as she wrote her first name on bottom.
There are only two others here with me, Sara thought. “I wonder if the other girls here, Helen and Feather, worked at the company as well?” she said while she wrote her last name.
Trevor didn’t respond, only grabbed her shoulders from behind to back her up from the statue.
“Watch.” he whispered in her ear. “this is amazing, the whole thing will move soon, it looks completely made out of stone, but it isn’t. Its somehow robotic in some way.”
“not today it isn’t. It stopped working this morning, cant figure out why yet.” a man said, walking in, and took the pen out of Sara’s hand. He was a short, overweight, man, he also seemed to be loosing his hair, he combed the rest over it for it not to show so much. He reminded Sara of a shorter version of her father.
“Seems to be twice as many this time around.” the man mumbled as he wrote his name.
“I know, its going to be hard to share.” Trevor said as he slightly squeezed Sara’s shoulders.
“share what? Do you guys share rooms? Or kitchen? Or a wreck room, or something?” Sara said as she looked at the small man. The man looked back at her and smiled “ Now don’t you go worrying about us manly men, my young mix cub, we will figure something out.”
Sara smiled, as he tried to flex his pretend muscles. “we should be going. Sara, do you want me to take your elevator with you? To help you settle in?” Trevor asked Sara with a concerned look on his face.
“Oh, we take separate elevators as well? The whole thing must be divided in two then. Will I be briefed on the test when I go down? I still have no idea what is going on here, or what I am supposed to do. Granted, fifty grand dose sound like a lot of money, but then again, why would someone pay so much to each person if it isn’t something horrible? Why is the contract seem to be nothing but blank books waiting for you to sign in, and why, my god, why, did I just sign my name in it without knowing any of this?!”
Three things happened at that very moment, Sara felt the very sudden urge to run, when she saw the two men look at each other in almost a panic, but her body froze. Sara realized then she did not see Trevor come out of the company when they met, witch meant that he was lying from the very start. “you lied” Sara quietly said to Trevor, looking behind her at his smile that was fading.
Trevor face went cold, and held her shoulders tightly, and the small man pulled out a tazor.
“To smart, to late.” as the small man shocked Sara, then everything went dark.
When Sara awoke, she was in a small white room, with a small light hanging from the ceiling. Still drossy from the shock, she felt a draft, and looked to see that she was naked. She tried to move, but she was chained to a mattress. Panic had finely set in. She thrashed around wildly, screaming as loud as she could, for as long as she could. When her breath ran out, she breathed in and tried again. When her strength started to fail, she started crying, and when her energy all but faded, she fell into a fitful sleep.
“Sara, I need you to waken, please.” Sara herd, but didn’t want to wake, but then felt a hand on her hip, sliding down her stomach. She quickly found Trevor when she opened her eyes, leaning close to her naked body.
“Fuck you! Go to hell you bunch of pervert son of a bitches!” Sara tried thrashing around to kick his hand off her, but he only moved his hand to her breast. The bed must have been close to the ground, because he had to kneel to get close to her face.
“What a mouth you have my dear, “ “Yeah, the kind that bites when things get close to it!” Sara interrupted him. Trevor Looked at her with an anger in his eyes, and said “IF you act like a bitch, you will get treated like one!” he squeezed her breast, and hurt her to the point she had to cry out in pain. Then he stepped back and removed his shirt jacket, then unbuttoned his shirt and threw both in the far corner. He had perfect abs, it was a shame that he was a manic, Sara thought. “I think we will break you in nice and slow, first I’m going to fuck those nice tittys of yours, then I will let the dog have you.”
Sara wondered what he had meant by that, but was distracted by the sound of his zipper being undone. She didn’t want to look at it, she turned her head and clamped her mouth shut. She whimpered at his touch, then herd him say, “IF yr pretty little dirty mouth bites me, or even tries to bite me, I will break your pretty little jaw. You got that my love?” he pulled her chin to face him, so he could make eye contact. His face stern, and fierce, she nodded. She could see how his member twitched when she nodded. It was bigger then most, longer too, and she thought it was possible, that he could really hurt her with it, if he wanted to.
When he let go of her chin, she turned away again. Hoping that she could avoid him somehow at least.
Sara shut her eyes as closed as she could get them as she faced the wall, and said “is there any way at all, what so ever, that I can get out of this?”
He only responded by taking her breast into his hand, and needing it softly. The warmth of his hand made her body get goose bumps, and hair stand on end. She felt her nipple harden, and tried to ask him not to again. She turned her head and opened her eyes, to see him stoking him self as he fondled her. She couldn’t tare her eyes away, her mind full of fear of what was to come, and even bigger dick so close to her face now she could smell it. Instead of saying anything like she had wanted, she swallowed hard, as she watched his hand slowly moving over his shaft.
She had never felt so used, and discarded, and he didn’t even do that much to her yet. She could feel his eyes, as they wondered about her body, she could hear his breaths grow shallow and harder, she could see the precum that made his dick slicker as he stroked himself.
“I want you to form lots of spit in your mouth, when you do that, get my dick as wet as possible.” she knew he was smiling, he must have been noticing her watching him. “Lets put it this way baby, the wetter I am, the quicker I will be done with you for a bit. So you might as well” he rubbed his member against her face, she tried to turn away, and wanted to tell him off. But when she turned, he pulled her chin back to face him again. His grip firm, and hurting her chin. But she didn’t dare yell out, not now, not when his dick was rubbing on her face. The heat from it was intense. She felt his mushroom top pulsing with heat as he rubbed from her jaw bone, to her ear, back to her nose, then a soft rub on her lips. “Remember, my love, you bite, and I will make you regret it, not much fight you have when your tied to a bed.” she looked up at him and saw his sinister grin. “what else can I do? How can I fight them in my current state? I need to get them to untie me… somehow, even then, my chances would be slim, but better. But if I give in right away, they might notice what I am doing before hand, they want to break me in, not just use me till they have their fill. Shit, how the hell am I going to get out of this?” her mind spun as she sucked at her cheeks and tongue, when she felt like she might have enough, she started into Trevor’s eyes harshly, then slowly opened her mouth.
She was by no means a virgin, but harsh rumors in high school had made her unpopular. One of the worst in her opinion, was that she would fuck anyone, even her mother if she grew a dick. After high school, one of the same jerks that had gone to her school, had followed her to collage, and spread the same rumors all over again. It was only the men who were as unpopular as she was, or the just plain to ugly who were even interested in her. Some of the guys were not so bad, getting herself to make her see past their looks and see the sweet side that humility brings. But most of the time, once they had her, they were done with her , one way or another, they all had their reasons. She then decided she was completely done with the dating scene.
She threw herself into school work, and then her job, anything to get her mind off of being alone and unwanted.
Trevor gave himself a final stroke as he looked at her open, willing mouth, and her glaring eyes. It was almost like he was deciding weather or not it was safe. She had almost closed her mouth again, he finely he threw a leg over the other side of her head, held himself upright buy the bed railing, humped her face and said “such a good girl baby, I hope for your sake you know how to deep throat.”
He leaned back, placing his weight on her chest, and guided himself in her mouth.
Her instincts kicked in, as he only had the head in between her lips, her tongue had circled around his tip. He moaned at her actions, tilting his head back, and arching his back. The taste of him sent her head spinning, and she sucked and moved her tongue faster. Trevor grabbed her hair with one hand, breathing heavy, he grabbed the bed railing and pushed as far as he could go into her mouth. As he held himself there, Sara arched her back, and felt her body responding, she felt herself growing wet, and pushed her knees together, but then her nipples stood on end “oh god! Please don’t let this happen!” she thought as Trevor moaned long and low, and started pulling back slowly. As he left the tip in, he breathed heavy as she moved her tongue, and suckled him. Trevor moaned “oh god baby, change of plains, this mouth is just to hot to let go.”
To far gone by now, Sara started wiggling her legs, trying desperately to get some attention too. Fighting against the chains to somehow rub her clit, swollen and hard, wet and ready. Trevor felt the movement behind him and saw that her body was begging for attention. He looked back at her face, sucking his dick, with her eyes closed, feeling her tongue and harsh breaths. “oh god baby, your going to be so much fun.”
He said right before he leaned over her and started humping her face hard, hitting the back of her throat each time, going as deep as he could, while pulling back, just to do it again.
The bed squealing, her organs and her skin being pushed around at his will, the numbness of her throat, the constant moaning of her rapist threw her even closer to orgasm. She arched her back even more and moaned, praying her orgasm would come. Instead, the moan she made threw Trevor over his edge, he threw his hips at her face, until he lost any rhythm, then stopped at his deepest, and came in her mouth. His cum, his stiffness, and his moan filled her séances, he tasted so good, she wanted to join him so bad. She felt as he twitched inside her mouth, spilling his last into her, his hand griping her hair, the other squeezing the bed post. She could feel all of his muscles tighten, and stiffen as he came, his dick connecting them together. His balls resting on her chin, she knew he was done, but when he didn’t pull out of her, she opened her eyes to see what was happening. She saw him looking at her body behind him. “I’m almost sorry that we decided about the dog together, I didn’t think you would give in so easily.” Trevor slowly pulled himself out of her lips, her mouth felt empty, but his salty sweet taste stayed. Trevor knelt on the floor beside her and moved his hands up and down her body “you know,” he said and his hands drew closer to her begging pussy. “the Egyptians used dogs for torture in prisons? Till just a few years ago. It worked every time, so well in fact, that it was hell for them to out law it. The only problem they had with it, was that the prisoner stays broken, one might say, a little to submissive.” she gasped as his fingers began massaging her pussy lips, and finding her clit. Trevor laughed as she gasped and arched her back. “god dam baby, when I was watching you I knew you were hard up, but not this hard up. Don’t you remember were you are? don’t you know we, that are complete strangers, are going to fuck the living shit out of you? Hell bitch, I’m talking about dogs fucking you too, and yet here you are almost begging me to make you cum. We don’t care if you want us to or not, that makes it rape honey, but sadly, I’m told you cannot rape the willing, so we will have to take the willingness out of you, before we break you to how we please.”
His words were going farther away in her mind as he pressed harder against her clit, and rubbed faster, making her hips move on their own. Her body tensed, and heat filled her feet, ran up from her ankles to her calf’s, it hit her thighs and then he stopped. “hey bitch! Were you even listening to me?” his fingers, the same he was masturbating her with, firm on her chin to face him.
“dammit!” she thought, “I should have bit him when I had the chance!”
“I was really close just then, so honestly, no, I wasn’t. You do tend to talk to much anyway. So forgive me if I zoned out for a bit.”
Trevor’s sinister look came back across his face, and said “you want to cum sweetie? Do you not think it’s fair for you not to cum, when I did? Tell you what, if you still have the energy, Ill send in the next session right after I leave, giving you no time what so ever to rest.” he stood up, he looked at her again as his cock twitched. Then went to gather his cloths he only put on his pants and left the button down shirt open. He folded his jacket, and mumbled something about his talking to much and dogs again, before he reached for the door knob and left with a slam of the door.
“asswhole!” she yelled as after the door closed. “dammit!” she thought “I was so close to something I hadn’t been in years!” Her thoughts calmed down, and she knew something horrible was going to happen. But for the most part, as long as she demanded to be treated like a human with needs as well, she knew they wouldn’t defeat her completely.
Seconds after Trevor had left and the door was slammed shut, a incredibly tall built man came in with a dog that was bigger then she had ever seen on a chain leash.
He was much taller then Trevor, and it seemed that his muscles were so big they wanted to tear through the thin black tank top that he wore. His black jeans barely covered the huge bulge that he had. With his sinister smile and black long hair back in a pony tail though, she knew he had to be related to Trevor.
He wasn’t the one who scared her though, the dog was, it stood almost half this guys height, and he wasn’t paying attention to his large master at all, he was trying his best to get to her by yanking at the mans leash, and wining. He knew he was there to do something to her.
Before anything could even register in her brain, the man said “Sit! Stay!” and the black dog obeyed.
Then the man took off the dogs choke chain with the leash still attached, walked over to her, and tried to put in on her. “fuck you! You son of a bitch! Your not getting that thing on me and making that dog do anything to me! I wont allow it! I wont!” Sara thrashed around and tried to bite at his hands. He pulled back, then grabbed her hair, and slipped the collar on her anyway, making her attempts look feeble and weak. He didn’t even loose his smirk on his face. After he slipped the collar on he said “listen bitch, I can make him eat you, I can make him fuck your pussy, or I can make him fuck you ass. Now on what I decide, is how much you corporate with me. You got that much baby?”
Sara started to tear up, but stopped fighting and relaxed. She faced the wall again and said “please, please, please, don’t do this to me. Sex I can do, I like sex, but this is wrong. I don’t care if you have 50 men behind that door, just don’t do this to me.”
“funny how you say that now huh? Faced with a big ass dog, that already has his hopes up, wanting like hell to taste you. You ought to be ashamed, Bull is looking forward to this as much as I am, and here you are, begging for it not to be done to you. Like you are the only one in your world. Just you wait baby, we are going to expand your little world into a bright big one.” he touched her breast then dove his face in them. Licking and sucking at her nipples grabbing them and cupping them with his hands, as he moaned and slurped aloud. Her vision went blurry, as one of his hands slid down her stomach and reached her pussy lips. She shoved her breasts more in his face as he found her clit, and rubbed in circles. She moaned “god yes, please don’t let me loose it like Trevor did.” he softly bit at her nipple as her hips began to move. Her breathing became fiercer as his pace quickened. His lips moved to her neck as he increased his speed even more, making her moan and arch her back, completely lost for words. He moved to nibble on her ear and whispered “Do you really want it baby? Ask nicely again.”
“please! Oh god please give it to me! Make me cum!” she replied instantly, humping at his hand. He inserted his middle finger into her, making her swoon, and buck against it as his thumb hit maximum speed. Suddenly an intense heat swept through her causing every muscle in her body to clench and un clench, tossing and turning and she came. God, this is what she wanted, why couldn’t Trevor had done this to her? She moaned loudly, and shook beneath the man, as he watched her face up close. As her orgasm fell, he was still close to her face. “kiss me baby, and I wont let Bull fuck you, but thanks to the others, that’s the best I can do.” He moved his fingers from her pussy, and coated her lips with her own juices. Sending shivers down her spine, as her own smell reached her nose. She lifted her head and kissed him passionately, her tongue playing with his teeth moaning as she found his tongue and danced with it. As she kissed him, she felt him rubbing himself against the bed. His hands cupped her face and went back to her hair, then one hand slid back down to her breast. She hissed in pleasure as she became more forceful with her kiss. Now tasting her own juices mingled in with his taste. She fought with the chains on her wrists, hoping they would let her go to feel his hard shaft. How it teased her. She grinded at the air, hoping he would touch her again. Feeling empty, and un used. He moaned and pulled away. “god dam baby, your so hot you burn me. Lets get this over with before I burst.” He stood up and went over to Sara’s feet. “look, I’m going to untie yr feet, but do not try to kick, or push Bull away, he bites, not just a nip, I mean bites. Last thing I need is to be yelled at for making you get stitches before we really have any fun.” “I understand, I don’t want him to bite me either.” Sara said still breathing heavy, and head still spinning. She looked up at the ceiling as he unclamped the chains at her feet. She hissed at the feeling of the chains leaving her, not knowing how much she had hurt herself from all the thrashing around before. “Ill get you some bandages later love, if your good that is. Now, lets see that hot sweet pussy.” he took one of her ankles, and spread her legs wide. While holding her open, he touched his hard member through his pants, and sighed. “oh god baby, I’m going to kill Tyler for drawing the “first fuck” card, I want to be inside that so bad.” He rubbed himself harder, and moaned softly. Sara felt the heat of his eyes, and wanted desperately to put on a show for him, to make him not resist the urge to fuck her, to tease him till his limit. But the chains she had on her wrists would not let her go.
He averted his eyes to her sore ankle, and kissed the red whelp that circled around it. She moaned long and loud, trying to lure him in, with what she could do. Instead he shut his eyes hard and took a couple deep breaths. Just then, bull wined. As if knowing his master was upset, crawled over to him, and barked a high pitched bark at his master. Still holding her ankle softly, he said “You want her just as bad, don’t you boy? Well she is definitely ready for you, just be gentle ok? Who’s my good boy?” he gently put her foot on the floor to keep her legs spread, then walked back to her head. “Bull! Bed!” the dog immediately obeyed, jumping between her legs and sat, waging his tail. “pull you other foot up baby, you will want that other knee bent.” Sara looked into his eyes as she did so, slowly, she leaned her knee on the wall. When she had done as he asked, he shivered “Bull, Eat!”
A shocked gasp cam from Sara, when she felt his tongue lick from her ass to her clit, long and slow, like he savored it. She had only expected him to clean her of her own juices, not to cause more to flow. “oh god! So this is what its like” her mind whirled as the dogs tongue dove into her, and licked at her faster. She pointed up her pussy and moaned, hoping the dog would know to go deeper with his massive tongue, but he didn’t, he only sat up and licked faster, wining as he did so. She didn’t care that it was a dog that was doing this to her, she didn’t care about the man watching, all she wanted at that very moment, was to cum.
“please untie, me, or come touch me.” she shivered at her own words, she couldn’t believe she just said that.
Her hips swayed at the dogs licking, and her eyes opened wide at the ceiling when she moaned. She turned her head to look at the man watching her, she looked at his blatantly shocked face and said “weather you do it or I do it, I need to be touched to cum.” she wined and moaned, hoping he might move toward her. “please!” she whispered, her face contorting in pain. He walked toward her, undoing his tight jean button and zipper. “yes she moaned, please.” he pulled his pants down when he stood before her, and shoved himself in her mouth. She didn’t even have time to focus on it. Pumping hard, and fast leaning over her with one hand on the wall. His balls smacking her cheek. She moaned hard, sending vibrations up his shaft to his balls, as they tightened up. He pushed his way down her mouth as far as he could and yelled out when he came. Sending stream, after stream of cum down her throat. Shivering as he did so, he touched her breast and squeezed her nipple between his fingers. She arched her back, and pushed her pussy even further into Bull’s tongue lashing and came hard. Shaking so bad part of her thought she was having a seizure. The taste of him was amazing, she knew he was large too, but at that moment, she couldn’t care less. His taste sent her in a whirl, along with his dogs constant licking and probing. As her orgasm faded, she felt her body turn into a putty of some sort, fully relaxing into a submissive state. Then she herd “you little bitch, you have no idea what you just started. You like getting fucked by man and beast at the same time? Did you like my dogs tongue inside you while I had my dick in your mouth? Are you that much of a slut, not to care that everyone gets their share while you pass out? Not going to happen baby, not on my watch. I wasn’t supposed to pull my dick out at all, and now, my pay will be docked just for that little stunt you pulled. No decent man on this earth could resist that. And now, I want paid back, in full.” he pulled his softening dick from her mouth, and stood by her side, with his dick still hanging out, he searched his pockets and pulled out two small locks with keys. he unlocked both locks, and put the keys back into his pocket. “bet you forgot all about this” he pulled the leash, triggering the choke chain around her neck, stifling her breath. Sara panicked, she thought he was going to kill her, but when she started to move her legs to kick at him, Bull growled and she stopped. He smiled, “good boy, keep that pussy wet” as bull went down on her again. At a loss for air, Sara started to cry, her tears blocked her view as the man locked the choke chain together, and let her have some slack. Sara arched her back as she could finely gasp a breath of air “please don’t hurt me, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” Her tears fell, but she couldn’t look at him, she turned her head to the wall, as she herd another click. And sobbed when she figured out that the choke chain was now secured to the leash. He could pull now as hard as he wanted, she would choke, but there was no escape for her. He wrapped the leash around his arm, and said, “Bull! Down!”. his firmness made her jump, but then so did the dog too. That even scared her more that the dog didn’t know this side of his master well. She began shaking in fear. He moved to were the dog was sitting, in between her legs. He then moved the other hand down her body. Starting by her neck, down to her breasts, down to her stomach, then stopped at her pussy. Her legs shaken, but remaining open as he inserted two fingers in, and twisted. It caused her to jump, and look at him. He was still very much pissed off, not good for her, but he was concentrating on what he was doing, pumping them in and out. Watching his fingers sink into her, and come out soaked. Then, she saw why he was doing it. His breathing became as heavy as hers did, as she saw his shaft stiffen again. “you fucking whore,” he mumbled “your just loving this shit aren’t you? Doesn’t matter if I tell you I’m going to kill you afterward, you’ll still want to cum before you die. Stupid bitch.” then he looked up at her, while still pumping his fingers, “hey baby, don’t stop now, don’t you like it? don’t you want to moan and lean into them?”
The tears came again as she faced the wall, trying her best not to respond to him, he was scaring the hell out of her, but her body loved sex. No matter how she wanted to get away from that fact, if he kept it up, she would give in.
“I’m sorry, really, I was never told that you weren’t aloud to pull yourself out. I just asked to be touched anyway, but seeing you pull yourself out was a huge turn on. Why would I resist that? And by the way, you do look kind of cramped in those hot ass jeans. And I told you I like sex, it doesn’t make me a whore, not when its been over five years since I even had a first date.” she tried to calm him down.
“oh yah?” he said as he pumped faster, spreading out his thumb to hit at her clit each time he plundered into her. “yess” she said, arching her back.
“tell me then, he smiled “why the hell haven’t you asked me my name yet? Or gave me yours? You just like the sex baby, that’s all your about.”
She moaned “that isn’t true, I wanted to know your name, but every time I thought to ask you, you sent my head spinning again. My names Sara, baby, and currently I’m all yours. You should know, Trevor left me hanging, and you gave me nothing but pleasure, and I don’t think many men are as good as you when it comes to that. Before you got mad I had the biggest, hottest, orgasm I ever had. Please don’t be mad at me any more”
He laughed, “baby I cant be mad at this pussy for long, he shoved a third finger into her ass. Now this pucker, I may still be mad at“. Sara gasped at the new intrusion. She had only did anal once, and the guy gave her more pain then pleasure, but she wasn’t about to test him again. If that’s what he wanted, she would let him have it, and hope he could be good enough to reduce the pain.
“oh god, you name baby, before I forget again.”
He inserted a second finger in her ass, and said “Trent baby, but I suppose you can call me master for the time being.”
She humped against his hands as she moaned “master, are you going to fuck my ass? If you do, please note that this really hurts.”
Trent took the two fingers out of her pussy and added his third finger into her ass “baby, you will love it once I start pounding into you. He increased his speed and nibbled at her inner thigh. God baby you have such a tight hot ass, I’m almost sad I may ruin it.” his new speed threw her through a loop, and she balanced her feet on his shoulders to give him better access. She cried out and looked at the ceiling as the pain left, heat took its place, and the heat turned into pure pleasure. Suddenly he pulled at her collar and her air left her, it left her squirming for air and writhing into his hand. He pumped even faster then before, causing the heat to spread throughout her whole body. He let the collar go, and an intense orgasm spread through her, making her cry out and loose focus. Suddenly before orgasm faded, he got up and un tied her hands, shaking still she let him lead her to the middle of the floor.
“down on all fours baby” and she did as she was told. He used her leash to connect her to the floor with a hook that was previously nailed to the tile. Leaving her ass in the air, and face close to the floor. “now baby, its time to punish that little rose bud”. he walked around her slowly, she thought in her mind how slutty she must look to him. Red hair touching and flowing onto the tiled floor, slightly covering her face. Her eyes watching him, her mouth open and breathing heavy, her naked ass in the air, swaying and ready. Her pussy juice dripping down her legs. She reached down to her pussy and rubbed her clit. Trevor gasped and walked behind her to watch. She swayed and moaned to her own masturbation. She could hear him rubbing himself, and she shook when he moaned softly. “I’m ready now Master, If it wont dock your pay any more, please fuck the shit out of my little asshole.”
She felt him take position behind her, and start to push himself in. “Is this what you want baby? You want my hard dick in your little asshole? You know what to do for it, don’t you?” Trent leaned over and whispered to her.
“please master, please fuck my ass!” she leaned back, slightly choking her self as she tried to pull away from the floor.
Suddenly, he grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed in, half way, pulled out, and buried himself to the hilt.
He moaned when he was buried. “god baby, this ass is so tight, don’t be to sad if I don’t last long.”
She couldn’t respond at all, the heat from his shaft had overwhelmed her, she could feel every pulse his dick made inside her, his hart beat through his shaft, sending an incredible feeling in her spine.
Slowly, he pulled back, pushing her forward as he did so, then he pulled her back on to his dick.
“oh god!” is all she could get out.
“touch yourself baby, like you did before”
She did as she was told, sending massive shivers down her body.
“oh yah baby, that’s a good little bitch.” he pulled her hair, as he thrust harder, causing the choke chain to tighten around her neck. Her face grew almost as red as her hair before he let go. She screamed in pleasure her hand only catching some of her cum before the rest hit the floor.
He pumped harder, causing her body to massively sway, all the while her moaning with delight. She rested her head on the floor, and reached for his hands on her ass. “please cum inside me master, I want you to have what you need from me. Use me to dump your load of hot wet cum in.” she helped him spread her cheeks more and he pumped faster. Painting and moaning, bringing himself to climax, he leaned over her. He dove himself deep insider her, and came, she felt stream after stream of his sperm shoot inside her, she moaned and wiggled at the sensation. He shook on top of her, emptying his last into her, as he kissed her back and nipped at her shoulder. Once he had spent his lust, he slowly withdrew himself from her. Causing some seamen to leak out. “dam baby, your hot as fuck.” he said as he stood up, and redid his pants. Then he took the collar off of her “now don’t move honey, I like you there.”
She realized for a brief moment, that she could run now, but really, she didn’t want to piss him off. She decided to wait for the man who tazed her, he was short and fat, she might be able to out run him. Some part of her that she didn’t want to admit yet, didn’t want to run at all. He un hooked both locks on the chains and took the choke collar and pushed it through the hook on the tiled floor, then he cuffed both sides, then slipped her wrist through each side. He then used the leash, to tie her legs together, leaving her room to bend her knees, but no way of separating her ankles. “the floor will be cold, but at least you wont hurt your self anymore. When its my turn, or if I can get someone to wait a bit, I will come back with bandages to make your ankles feel better… Bull! Come!!” she herd the door open “oh and Sara, I’m leaving my number in your skirt pocket, when you get out of here, feel free to use it.” She looked back and smiled at him, some part of her did want to call him, even if he was a crazy person. She watched the door close, and sprawled out the best she could, and fell into a nice dreamy sleep.
She woke up to a very cold and wet fabric touching her back. “Jesus! The cold floor in enough!” she said after she jumped and realized were she was. She looked behind her and saw the man with a rag and bucket. He was shorter then both Trevor and Trent, but she figured that meant that he was average. He had blond short hair that had bangs that could cover his eyes, but he brushed them back. He wore a “hard rock” tee shirt, with baggy jeans. His features were stern and defined, but what she noticed mostly about him, was his pale blue eyes. His eyes traced her body were his rag rubbed, but the rest of his face was stern, like a poker face, she had no idea weather he liked what he was seeing or not. “the cold water will make you more appalling to me, it will tighten your muscles, making your nipples erect, and what is more important to me, is how tight your pussy will be. Plus, I do not like dog sex, and I happen to know, his dog had his way with you.”
His rag trailed all the way from her shoulders to her ass, making her jump and realizing how utterly sore it was. He wiped extra cautiously on her ass, wiping her cheeks and anal rim. “stop fidgeting and turn around.” he said, taking a step back so she could do so.
She did, twisting the chain that held her as she did so, but thanks to the locks Trent placed, the chain didn’t hurt her. “he thinks the dog fucked me, that’s why he is washing me off. I think for now, I will keep that to my self, no need to piss anyone off just yet.” she thought.
He put the rag in the bucket and spilled the rags drippings over her body, then would take the rag and dry her off. She could have swore, that he had ice cubes in the bucket, the water was so cold it stung as it hit her. But she didn’t complain again, biting her lip and shaking, she whimpered as he finely brought the rag to her pussy lips. “Be quite please, I really have no regard for you and could care less if you like anything I do or not, but if you don’t comply with my wishes, I will take advantage of you being tied up and hit you.”
He took off the leash on her legs and said “I will be putting this back on, but I want to make certain you are clean.”

He stopped his washing for a brief second, then went back to it, his face never changing, and said nothing.
Then he twisted the rag inside his bucket, then pushed as much of it as he could into her pussy.
She arched her back and winced, she was already so dam cold on the outside, she was shaking enough as it was, now the little fucker could have put an ice cube insider her, and it would have had the same effect. He held it inside of her for a second, then pulled out and cleaned it off in the bucket to do it again.
The coldness sired her this time, it was so much worse then before. “Ugh! Please be done soon, I promise..”
“I said be quite!” he interrupted her plea. He probed her with the rag again, and she gave up and settled her head back down to stare at the ceiling again. For ten more min’s he bathed her with the cold water, till her lips tuned blue and it was obvious that she was shaking. He then set the bucket on the far side, and took of his shirt, he was built, but his stomach was softer then his hard chest. A thin dark trail leading down past his belly button. “listen to me, don’t ever move until I say so, don’t ever speak, unless I say so. If you moan or make any sound what so ever, I will hit you. Do you understand? I don’t even want you to look at me.”
She put her eyes back to the ceiling, and said “yes”.
She felt him put her legs back together, and wrapped the leash back around them. She closed her eyes and tried her very best to put herself in a meditative state.
Then she felt him get on top of her, pelvis to pelvis, and she felt his eyes on her breasts. She could feel his large shaft rest on her as he lifted himself up on his arms, and took a breast into his mouth. He suckled her eagerly, pulling the nipple in his mouth and swishing his tongue around it. Nipping at it, he moaned and moved to the other. She almost arched her back, but she caught herself, she knew he wanted her body, not her, and if she didn’t let him have it, he would get violent. His body heat felt good to her though, so she tried to relax as much as possible for him. He moved up to her neck, and she breathed in a quick breath, not strong, but enough. He stopped for an instant, not moving or even lifting his head, but he resumed what he wanted to do without any fuss. She felt his shaft twitch between them, as he went up her neck further to the bottom of her chin. He then put his entire weight on her, and started rubbing himself against her. Moaning, and kissing her chin, he lifted her head up a bit and his movement became more forceful. The thought of a man pleasing himself just on her flat stomach alone sent her in a whirl, but did everything she could to control her breathing, keep her eyes closed, and let him move her to his will, as he pleasured himself against her body. “you fucking slut, your all the fucking same. He breathed, “ugh, you take what you can, and give nothing back.” he pumped himself faster and harder “Fuck you! You little cunt, all your good for is to fuck!” she felt her body really swaying, she felt how her breasts were bouncing and her head was moving below him. She felt like a living puppet. He stopped to reposition himself between her thighs, and plundered himself into them as he came, yelling out and arching his back. He held her hips hard, when he came into her thighs, but she didn’t react. Although she knew she would bruise pretty bad. He recoverd from his lust faster then she thought he wood, and he stood up to get the rag from the bucket again. He cleaned off her stomach and inner thighs, luckily, she prepared herself for the icy cold just in time. She didn’t move a muscle when he cleaned her. When he was done he said “turn around and lay like I found you, like when you were sleeping.”
She did so without opening her eyes, and settled down quickly. She could hear him rubbing himself, enjoying the site of a naked young women laying on the floor in front of him. she felt him sit on the back of her thighs and start to play with her ass, stopping every now and then to rub himself again. She then felt one hand on the small of her back, while the other grabbed an ass cheek. He moaned, and slid his fingers through the back of her thighs to reach her pussy. “dead girls get wet huh? You fucking slut, did you like me using your body to jack me off? Do you like it when strange men dry hump you and cum on you? He inserted a finger, and pumped it in and out fast. Do you want to cum too? Do you think you deserve it for playing dead for me?”
It was a test, and she knew it, she wouldn’t allow herself to give in either. She felt him lean over her as he pumped his finger, she felt his breath on her neck, the only movement her entire body did was curl her toes. To bad he was focusing on her face she thought. He moved his finger from her, then moaned as she thought his put it inside his mouth. He kissed down from her shoulders, down her spine, she felt him reposition himself on her calf’s as he kissed and licked his way to her ass cheeks . He lifted her hips just a bit, and dove his face into her pussy. That was it, the game was over for her, she moaned softly and wiggled into his face. He slipped his tongue up and down, looking for her clit, she jumped when he found it. He moaned as he sucked and probed her pussy with his tongue. She wanted to spread her legs to give him more, but the leash wrapped around her legs stopped her. She wanted to touch her breasts and pull on her nipples, but the collar wrapped around her wrists stopped her. He stopped and said “you taste so fucking good slut, and I know your begging for it. But you know what? You don’t get it yet, not till I say so. You got that dead girl?” She could only moan in response, but wished he would let her. He moved his hands up and down her whole back side again, and she tried to calm herself down. She laid her head back down and prayed it would be over soon. Her body felt so hot against the cold floor, her instincts wanted to get away from it and embrace the heat. But doing that would only keep her on the edge of orgasm like he wanted. She didn’t want to give in to him completely, not while she could avoid it.
She felt him get up and walk to get the bucket again.
“Hold your breath bitch.” And before she could react, she felt the cold water rush unto her neck and hair.
She felt it rush down her shoulders and down along her back, he repositioned the bucket as it poured to slide down from her back, to the rim of her ass, and drip over her hot as hell pussy. Her nipples hardened to little brown rocks, and her whole body shivered as she couldn’t help but cry out in pain, as the cold water hit her like a ton of broken glass. The bucket must have been full with the very cold water, because when he was finly through with pouring, the floor had a half of inch of bitter, cold as hell water for her to lay in.
She looked behind her, to watch him sit on her bed, smiling from ear to ear. He must have somehow put his cloths on the bed while she wasn’t looking at him, because they sat right next to him in a neat little pile, with his shoes laid on top. She laid there shivering, with her head laying against the floor, half or her face in the cold water, while looking at him. His smile started to fade, as he started playing with himself to get himself hard again. He never made eye contact with her, only looked at her very wet, and very cold body. A look of a ruler, a king looking over his kingdom.. She was only something he owned till he got tired of her, and sadly, he wasn’t tired of her yet.
She didn’t move her head to watch him get up off the bed, and move behind her, she saw him grab a pillow off the bed, but she wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with it. He could smother her with it if he had wanted, because of her being tied up, there was little she could do.
“Lift your hips up dead girl!” he told her, and she immediately complied. He slid the pillow, witch got very wet, very fast, underneath her, and when she laid down on it, like he ordered after the pillow was in place. It made a very wet sloshing sound. The water from the pillow, exited from all directions, a small stream even rushing down her tummy, and running down to her pussy.
He sat on her legs again, and said, “no more games, don’t moan, don’t wiggle, don’t even blink or don’t fucking do shit! I would be more then happy to hit you a few times to get the color back somewhat. You got that much dead girl?”
She didn’t answer, she didn’t want to be hit.
to be continued...

i have not Corrected spelling, or Grammar, this is only a hint of a bigger story, and i just want to see if i am on the right track. thank you for reading, :)


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