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A story of a horny young guy seducing his mature neighbor through her feet
My Milf Foot Fantasy Cumming True
A story for a naughty milf ;)

Underneath the steamy surface our movements were hidden by the foamy bubbles from the tubs jets. Her body jerked slightly as she felt my hand grasp he beautiful smooth foot (one of her many attributes but my personal favorite). Blinded by the steam and bubbles I closed my eyes imaging those beautiful feet. She had great arches and the cutest toes ive ever laid eyes on. Her toes were painted a very sexy deep shade of red. My hand began to caress her entire foot, pressing my thumbs firmly into her sole sliding from her heel to her toes. I paid very close attention to each toe, delicately sliding my fingers between them causing her to twitch with pleasure.

As I looked up and across the steaming hot tub, I saw my sexy mature neighbors head begin to fall slowly backwards, her eye lids hung heavy, and her mouth slightly opened producing a soft sigh while fighting her urge to moan loudly. Her breathing, was becoming very low and heavy. The white laced bra barely containing her beautiful full breasts as they heaved with every exhaled breath. She looked like a sexual goddess and I was her willing boy toy. She made very slow movements trying hard not to draw attention from the other people that were in and around the hot tub.

Her tense muscles began to loosen up as she was starting to become incredibly relaxed. As I continued my massage on her right foot I felt her left graze the inside of my left ankle. Slowly she began to slide her free foot up and down the inside of my left calf send shivers up my leg directly to my now hardening member. I took this opportunity to extend my right leg out until my foot made contact with the inside of her right knee. I carefully inched my foot along the smooth skin of her inner thighs and I felt her slowly begin to spread her thighs allowing me a couple more inches of her soft flesh. Even through the 100+ degree water I could feel the extreme heat resonating from between her legs. This brought a slight grin to my face as I starred across the tub at this mature angel. I knew she was becoming more and more aroused with every passing second.

At this moment I became aware of how sexually excited I was as I felt my now rock hard cock struggling to escape the confines of my boxers. I fought hard to resist the urge to just rip them off and just mauling the beautiful woman who sat across from me but I managed to contain my urges. It was then that I felt her left foot slide from my calf to my knee then to my inner thigh resting mere inches from my throbbing dick. I almost lost my load as I felt her big toe softly graze the head of my large tool.
I was hoping she hadn’t noticed my raging hard on. I had to think quickly of a way out of this to keep myself from cumming in my pants right there so I let go of her right foot and quickly grabbed her left from between my thighs. It seemed to save me for a quick second until I felt the heel of her right foot drop directly on the top of my left quad just an inch and a half from the shaft of my hard cock. Praying it would stay right where it had landed, I began to caress her left foot firmly repeating the same method I used on the first.

After thoroughly rubbing her left foot I got a bit more daring and moved my hands from her foot to her ankle and slowly up onto her muscular calf. Kneading her strong muscles I became a bit more daring and slid my foot even further between her legs forcing her thick thighs completely open and feeling the edge of her skimpy matching white thong, which at this point I was guessing was basically transparent due to the effects of the water on the white material. As my toe traced the her panty line I could tell she had shaved herself bald. I imagined what her pussy looked like hiding behind that small piece of material which made my cock jump and when it did I felt it slap the bottom of her right foot.

I quickly peered up to see if she had also felt it and by the sly grin she shot me I knew I was busted. At that moment I felt her right heel press firmly into my thigh and slide upward stopping right at the very top of my leg. I could sense her small toes were hovering just above my throbbing man hood and I almost lost my load again when those cute toes raked to topside of my shaft from the base all the way to the tip of my cock. I was struggling to avert my attention anywhere except for my groin. I decided to get even more daring and let my toes leave her panty line and rest right on her now leaking pussy.
She again fought off a loud moan resulting in only a frustrated sigh as I began to lightly rub her clit with my toes. I felt her legs spread even wider than before as she pushed her ass forward slightly forcing her swollen pussy against my toes. I could tell she was soaked, as the sensation and consistency of her fluids were different than that of water.

She then pressed her foot firmly onto my cock and smiled with a pleasantly surprised look as she realized how much I was actually packing down there. I fought every urge to bring her other foot to my mouth and lick and suck her pretty toes. I wanted to taste and worship every inch of her beautiful feet and almost did.

At that exact moment we were rudely interrupted by a couple of drunken guests insisting we take jello shots. Both of us now sexually frustrated from the heavy teasing reluctantly stopped our fun little game and joined our friends in a couple rounds of shots. I needed to finish what I started and was determined to do so at the next open opportunity that presented itself.
To Be Continued…………
My version of what I believe would have happened…..
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