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This is a fictioal story only . I am still trying to get better every day even with proof readig some mistakes slip by
My hot niece
A Fictional story

A Fictional story

My name is john I am six foot two inches, I have brown hair and blue eyes .
My weight is two hundred twenty pounds .
I am big in the junk area

I work at the local steel mill we all call it "the foundry" I've been there thirty years . I am an inspector my job is to make sure there are no imperfections in the finished product .

Peggy my wife passed away fifteen years ago died of cancer she was thirty five.

I live alone now in our Ohio home I still have my brother and his wife and my niece . The last time I saw them was two years ago at my niece's
sweet sixteen birthday party.

Here is some information on my brother and his family .
His name is jack is older by five years he owns a lot of property .
two hundred acres to be exact some of this property has oil rigs on it the rest is farm land.

The home where he lives is very nice it's very clean it has sixty thousand square ft of living space.

His wife sue works in a office as a secretary his daughter will be eighteen this year and getting out of high school as for college who knows.

It was a Saturday mid morning I had just returned from doing shopping .
My cell rings hello john Hi Jake were having Amanda's eighteenth party this weekend.

like to know if you can come yes of course I will be there you can count it.
Jake how is the remodeling coming It's done John we didn't do much.
We put in a Jacuzzi in our master bathroom enlarged Amanda's room .

John we have to go out we will see you on Sunday alright .
I was Amanda's favorite uncle as a matter of fact I was her only uncle .
Her mom's side had all girls in the family .

I knew where I was going to spend my vacation this year .
I was going to see my niece dam she's was hot and sexy at sixteen.

I have not seen her in two years ,
she stands about five foot eight has hazel eyes and deep auburn hair her and breast size last time I saw her they looked like a 32D cup.

There was no need for me to rent a hotel room I always welcomed at my brothers home . I remember it clearly it was early Saturday morning

My brother and his wife left to go out shopping they would return later to bring me to the airport . I was in the shower down stairs in the guest room my niece walked right in on me .

I forgot that I left the door unlocked I wasn't thinking where I was .
The door opened and their was my niece she was in shock .

I was in there shaving in the mirror with nothing on but morning wood.
Oh uncle John I am so sorry she blushed I did not realize you were in here .

I thought mom dad took you to the airport already then she closed the door I heard her walk away . I can't believe she walked right in on me my own niece .

All she was wearing was her see through nightie with no panties or bra on she always slept this way. Different Thoughts kept running through my mind.

Did she really a mistake or just maybe she just wanted to see me naked ? .
I know she never ever went out with any of the guys at school she told me this . She had girlfriends she got together with could my hot niece still be a virgin or is she a lesbian ? .

I could not wait to find out It's Friday My vacation time was here finally .
I call the airport book my flight to Colorado , I then call the car rental place .
I book a rental car soon I will be seeing my hot niece and my brother and his wife .

A taxi picked me up at home and took me to the airport .
I took with me a carry on suitcase type bag of cloths .
what ever else I needed I could purchased when I was there.
A riveing at the airport a short time later. I checked in and boarded my flight .

the plane landed a few hours later at the Denver International Airport .
I got off the plane I went to the rent a car desk and picked up the keys .

I drove an hour to get to my brothers house I pulled into the driveway .
I saw no cars were there I was getting a bit hungry so I drove into town.

I found a diner I went in sat down and ordered my meal who did I see come in with a group of girls in there yes it was my smoking hot niece.

The three of them came in and sat in a booth in one of the the corners.
The girls all looked to be about the same age of eighteen must be her class mates.

Amanda was talking quietly to her girlfriends saying My favorite uncle .
He's coming in on Sunday I can't wait to see him.
The last time I saw him was when I was sixteen man is he's hung they all giggle .

I think They all knew who I was of course myself I was thinking.
I wonder if they noticed me yet . Amanda may I ask you a question sure alright .

Isn't that handsome man your uncle sitting over there all alone.
No I don't think so why it sure does look like him.

I hear a voice call Uncle john is that you I replied Yes Amanda .
I hear a screech she jumps up and comes over to where I am sitting.

I stand up she gives me a hug and kiss hello uncle what you doing in so early . I couldn't wait to see my favorite niece .

How is my angel great uncle my party Sunday I am eighteen and legal .
she motions for me to bend down whispering in my ear I am all yours uncle. she smiles dam I almost got a hard on right there I knew what Amanda was thinking.

The other girls come over and sit with us Jackie Suzie you know my uncle yes hello uncle john hello ladies. Glad to see you all again yes were all legal now .

they all laugh heck Jackie the one sitting across from me takes her foot and rubs my crotch.

To Be Continued

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2013-12-23 18:34:04
i dont know why u bothered with more chapters as the first one sucked. learn to spell, apply some principals of grammar and start over

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-31 23:43:14
Yeah that doesn't leave much hope if this guy is actually editing his stories, which I tend to doubt. The authors work may even get worse if he trusts that idiot to proofread for him.

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-31 02:56:38
With people who check your work and say things like, " find a word programming an editor, he's arty found an editor", I truly doubt we'll see an improvement.

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2013-08-30 11:14:33
This is JB 555 but I don't feel like logging into post a comment.
To the anonymous reader who said to find a word programming an editor, he's arty found an editor. I'm trying to spell check on the stories but he's got me working pretty hard.

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-29 23:55:56
You based the house dimensions, 100' x 600' feet, on your brother's house, right? In terms of mansions, that's huge. Those dimensions are a small city block. Dude, please. Now you need to learn math as well as grammar.

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