Mark welcome Lua into his life.
The bright, full moon in my night sky.

Author's note: this story is a sort of experiment using the Google Translate service. I do not know Portuguese. In order to generate the translated dialog, I would write what I wanted the character to say, and then translate it into Portuguese then back into English. Somethings did not come back as I originally wrote, so I would adjust the dialog until I got something I liked. One of the things I liked about this was that sometimes a translation to and from Portuguese would shuffle the word order around, and so I would keep the resulting English. If by chance you do know Portuguese, please let me know how well the translations worked.

I've worked at this hotel for the past six years, all of it on the third shift. One thing I noticed, the tips are better on this shift, probably because the guests are pretty lit when they come back. Plus I think it's also a matter of the older CEO's trying to impress the young hottie on their arm. Must do something to those girls seeing all that cash, it causes them to open their mouths and spread their legs.

It all comes down to who can talk who out of what, and for how much...

I've lived in this city the whole time I've been at the hotel, since moving here from my parents house. I have only had a string of serial girlfriends with a few gaps in between, but have never gone home alone when I wanted it. Most girlfriends couldn't deal with my hours. Whenever I would tell them that I actually made good money, they just say, "Whatever! I've seen your checks. I make more than you do.", forgetting that the tips don't show up on my checks. I'm out the door. They can't seem to grasp that changing shifts would mean close to a $6G's cut, that's money that I have saved over the years, treating myself to an extravagance once or twice. I have close to $32G's saved. It is my down payment for a condo of my own. I'm now looking to buy something within the next 6 months.

Another of the things I like about this shift is that I get to visit Lua after work over at Marvin's, a great restaurant with awesome breakfasts just around the corner from the hotel. She's been there now for the past two years. I'm guessing that she is 30. With me being only 24, I never once thought I had a chance. Just being in her presence though, hearing her voice, I was hooked from the moment I saw her. But I would never do anything about it.

She asked me out, at least an invite to a party. I wasn't sure if I was her actual date or not. The only thing I remember was waking up with a hangover to beat the band. Having only removed our shoes, with Lua sleeping next to me in my arms on her couch. I also appreciated her making me the most wonderful hangover breakfast and bloody mary's. Nothing like the hair of the dog and something greasy.

Before I left that morning, we spent some time in each others arms kissing on her couch. "You know Mark, I had a lot of fun last night, you were a gentleman, maybe... we can go out on a real date." Handing me a slip of paper with her number on it. "Just think about it, then call." She smiled as I walked out her door.

The rest of the day I spent in a stupor, not because of a hangover, it was Lua. At this point, I did not give a whit's fuck how old she was. She's absolutely gorgeous, much prettier than any girl of my dreams, she can cook, has a sexy accent. But an even more enjoyable thing though, she loves to kiss, plus she knows how to do it just how I like it. She's told me, "I like your kiss.", what made those words special was her accent.

It's been busy closing on the Condo I've decided on. I'm actually excited about this one because I can move into the place in three weeks. Not that that is a critical factor, but once I saw the loft space, I just fell in love with it.

Walking in the front door that's just offset from the middle of the forty foot wide wall. Straight ahead going sixty foot back, was my dining room. Over to the left is my entertainment center, above that is an exposed room of twenty by fifteen foot, on a raised platform floor high enough to walk upright under. I was planning on using the lofted space for an office, a computer room. The stairs up to this platform were much steeper than most, located along the far wall from the front door.

Back in the opposite corner from the front door is my kitchen, almost everything I wanted, but the rest'll come. Behind the kitchen is the bathroom with a huge tub which can double as a sauna or Jacuzzi, enough room for two very comfortably, four if you are good friends. Further out the back, there is a deck that is forty foot wide, extending out about fifteen foot back.

Between the kitchen and entertainment center, there is space enough to put a lot of living room furniture. Lofted above the back half of the space is the bedroom. There is a staircase leading upstairs along the wall adjacent the front door. There were some things missing, but give it time.

I got all my paper work submitted. Now just had to wait for the final approvals, which I was told was just formality.

I called Lua that night, "Hi, Mark. It's good to hear your voice. I thought you ran away, I have not seen you in Marvin's. I was not sure if you'd call."

"Well... if you're up for it, I have something to celebrate. Please have dinner with me.", trying to muster my courage, but I think my happiness was shining brighter.

"When were you thinking? I'm free tonight, it's still early, or maybe some other night?", I would have said every night, but that would have been jumping the proverbial gun a little.

"You said you were free now, I can meet you in an hour in your lobby. You think of where you want to go, my treat."

"Mark, this should be some celebration. May I ask what it is?", she said in her provocative accent.

"Not to keep you waiting, but I'll tell you when we get to where you want to go, over the first drink. So, I'll see you... 7:30ish?"

"Yes, Mark, I can not wait. See you later. Bye."

"Bye, Lua!"

I showered, got my best clothes, but something not over dressed. I hailed a cab for the 10 block trip. As I got out of the cab, I called Lua to let her know I was there.

Within five minutes she was in my arms kissing my lips passionately, just how I like it. When we parted lips, she smiled at me. I returned it in kind.

"So, you've heard of Sheena's?", she asked.

I had, but I did wonder why she would take me to a lesbian club on our first date. "Yes, I have. Isn't that a..." cutting me off.

"A club for girls? Lésbicas. Yes! I like it. The dance floor. I also like the men there do not get too close.", she said looking up at me.

"Don't the women hit on you? You are beautiful after all."

She blushed, "Thank you. At first they approached me. When she hears I am a heterosexual, she leaves me alone." Following in a whisper, "I still get women who tell me that she could lick my pussy better than any man."

"What do you tell them?", I curiously would like to know.

"She is missing a vital piece of the male anatomy.", whispering demurly, smiling at me.

I couldn't help but think what Lua would look like with another woman, but that's due to how the male mind is hardwired.

"Huh, guess then there is no chance of either of us going home with someone else tonight.", I joked, smiling at her. Taking her hand, I walk with her to the cab stand. I open the door for her, and walk to the other side. After I get in, I tell the cabbie our destination, he gives me a queer look, but finally decides to actually do his fucking job.

We get into the club, several girls giving us weird looks, mostly because we were holding hands. One in particular gave us a glaring look, with daggers shooting from her eyes. Lua just pulled my lips to hers, and again, kissed me how I like it. We finally found a table, got the menus, and ordered drinks.

Just after the waitress left, Lua seemed very eager, "So what are we celebrating? I waited for a long time, you have to tell me now."

I smiled at her, appreciating her enthusiasm. "I bought a Condo. I move in three weeks from yesterday."

She grabs my hands with both of hers, and squeezes tight, "Oh, Mark, this is wonderful news. Can I come and cook you dinner one night? Can I ask what is your favorite?", her white toothed smile contrasting her tanned skin, her brunette hair framing her beautiful face.

"Sure thing, I'd really like that. As far as what to make, I would like to taste some Portugeuse cuisine."

We sat and talked about the other mundane details of our lives this past week, only to stop for our waitress to take our order. While I wasn't offended, I did notice that she was checking Lua out in a serious way, and she also waited for her to order first. When she finally got to me, she wasn't as helpful with the menu as with Lua. She finally left with our orders saying she would bring another round of drinks.

"Lua," taking her hand, "I want to hear about where you come from, I mean, I just think your accent is very sexy."

Smiling, she starts, "I come from a small town west from Beja, Portugal. The name is Ervidel. I left home when my school was done, then came here."

"Have you been back there at all? Do you miss it?", I asked.

"Yes, I go home every three or four years. I do miss my family and friends, but there was very little chance of a good life. Very few jobs. I make more here than I could in Portugal. I miss home, but I am happy here." She smiles, looking me in the eye, squeezing my hand.

She told me more of her childhood, growing up in Portugal. She was the last of five children, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl. Her father ran a farm that helped support not only her family, but the most of the town. It sounded like some fairy tale life, if only the harsh economic realities didn't exist. She appeared to have a happy childhood despite growing up poor.

She asked me about my life in Michigan, before I came here. "Nothing special. My sister and two brothers got out of there at the first chance." I, too, am the last in my family.

We talked more, danced, a few drinks, and many angry stares from the jealous lesbians who wanted Lua for themselves. I don't think there was a period of time longer than five minutes that night where we weren't touching one another in some way.

Once again, I spent the night with Lua, this time sleeping in our underwear. Her pull-over nighty was an erotic vision of absolute beauty, her nipples visible under the shear fabric. I was certainly in no rush for anything more than just some heavy foreplay. Her kisses were just that good. We spent the night caressing and teasing each other.

Our second date ended when I had to go to work. She was very accepting that I liked my job just the way it was. I guess her growing up poor taught her to value a good job. Before saying our final good night, I took her into one of the small side rooms in the hotel and she did a very sexy strip, showing me her beautiful tits with raisins for nipples. I noticed there were no tan lines. I enjoyed sucking on them, and she appeared to enjoy it from the sounds of her moaning and sighs, she also liked to control my head, holding it between her hands as I explored her breasts, now and again pushing my face between her tits.

For our third date, Lua made me dinner and we watched a movie. She didn't seem all that interested in the movie. As neither of us had to work anytime soon, we got completely naked and worshiped each other for a few hours, consummating our deep affections for each other. I was also invited to savor her nectar, she was unlike any other woman who's juices I've tasted, plus her untrimmed bush was an unexpected delight. She appeared to enjoy having me lick her, as she said I "lambeu minha buceta como você dizer isso" ("licked my pussy like you mean it"). This was the first time she spoke Portuguese to me.

Our fourth date was another house party. She introduced me to all her friends. It was the first time any mention of being her boyfriend was made, but it didn't come from either of us. Lua smiled at me when it was said. After a couple hours at the party, we ended up fucking in her friends bathroom, she let me cum inside her. Before we left that bathroom, I gave her an orgasm with my tongue, tasting my seed I had just deposited there. Thankfully there was more than one bathroom. It was also tonight that we found out each others age, someone else had asked us. It didn't bother her a bit that I was only 24, just as I didn't give it a second thought about her age. OK, maybe one in thinking, "God I'm dating a wonderful, abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous, older woman." She's 32.

Our fifth date was a not so quiet night in her apartment. This time I brought over some Middle Eastern food. Before that night was over, I learned at least five new ways for my penis to enter her vagina. I truly love that she isn't hung up on sex and ways of enjoying it's pleasures. It was also the first time that she told me how turned on she gets "ter um homem orgasmo na minha boca" ("having a man orgasm in my mouth"). She was pounding her cunt with a large dildo as I was fucking her mouth. She came, just as I had deposited my seed in her throat. This night was the best sleep I've had in months. We woke up with no clothes, and fucked once more, followed by my giving her a tongue lashing until she came again, all before she had to leave for work. Before leaving she said, "Eu amo um orgasmo a primeira coisa na manhã." When I asked her what it meant, she said, "I love an orgasm first thing in the morning." She added, "Especially before work.", kissing me firmly, her hand cupping my chin. That made me smile, as I told her how much it turned me on that I was the one who gave it to her. I walked her to the train, holding her hand, and kissed her goodbye.

It was my third morning sleeping after work, a Saturday, in MY Condo. While I have much more I want to do, it feels to me very livable. I especially love the bath, I can see already that it has made me so much more relaxed. My dreams at night, while I would love to attribute to the new place, where caused by Lua, she stars in them nightly.

My current dream has probably been the most tame as far as levels of lewdness goes, we're just walking around town as if on a date, I'm just about to take her home, when I am interrupted with the front door bell. As this was the first time I actually heard it from my bed, I didn't realize how fucking loud it really was, I was awake instantly, my heart pounding. I wipe my eyes, grab my robe, and down the slide-pole (at least that's what I call it, but it's something so fucking utterly cool that I discovered the day I moved in, tell you about it later). Bell rings a second time. "Coming!"

Opening the door, "Not yet, but you will be." And Lua kisses me, almost devouring me. There are no words for just how stunned I was to see her here. Firstly, I thought she was working, secondly, I never gave her the address yet (maybe I did and just don't remember), but thirdly, instead of fucking her in my dreams, she's actually now in my arms, and she just told me I would be cumming sometime in the near future. I don't care if I am still asleep, I'm going with it. And with that, I throw the door shut, but it hits something, breaking the kiss to see what it was, "Ah, my bag." Lua bends to pick it up, closing the door herself.

Being more awake, I notice she's wearing a long sleeved blouse highlighting her ample, full breasts, a vest-like blazer with less than half it's buttons fastened, a hip hugging skirt down to, but still showing her knees, and two or so inch heels.

"I took the afternoon off, and wanted to surprise you. I hope you do not mind.", with that look, I could never refuse. I take her hand.

"Come on in, please...", but she pulls my lips to hers.

Very excitedly, "I have more surprises, give me a tour.". Taking my hand and pulling me towards the kitchen, she throws her bag on the counter, and spins to my arms. She aimed her lips at mine, and we connect. Her hands are now around my head. After thirty seconds, "We can continue your tour? I need to know where I can put our dinner?", squeezing my hand.

"Yeah, sure, right... right over here.", still in my euphoric daze. She opens her bag, removing several plastic grocery bags.

"You said you wanted me to cook something Portuguese. I'm going to make you Bacalhau, and for desert, arroz doce.", I watch as she puts some dried fish, potatos, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and cream into the fridge. She tosses a bag of rice on the counter, as well as some containers of what she says are the ten essential spices. She also had a dark green bottle that was unmarked, with a solid plastic cork.

Turning back to me, we kiss much as before, except she stops, hoists herself to sit on the counter. She leans to me, and kisses me once more. Her knees are now in my stomach, and it is no fun in this position.

"Lua...", still kissing, "Lua, your knees..."

"Ah, aqui, deixe-me corrigir isso." ("Oh, here, let me correct that.") And begins to hike her skirt up to her waist, and spreads her legs, "Lá, problema resolvido." ("There, problem solved."), and we resume kissing. I am totally entranced by the moment. This moment. I don't want this to end. But after a while, "We can continue your tour?", leaning back, spreading her legs and lifting her knees.

I can only assume she wanted me between her thighs, given how she's sitting, but mostly it is the devilishly wicked smile. So I get on my knees, looking her in the eyes, and slowly put my face close to her underwear. I inhale deeply, slowly blowing it out over her veiled pussy through pursed lips. Again, another breath, only this one, my nose makes contact with the wet spot. Out my tongue comes, and I thrust it into the center of the wet spot, feeling my tongue push the fabric of her panties into her. She gasps, grabs my head, and pulls me closer. "Ah, foda-me!" ("Oh, fuck me!"), she sighs.

I wrap my hands around her ass and lock my face to her cunt. My tongue continues to attempt to rip through her cotton clothing. "Ah, Marcos, uma menina não poderia ter um melhor amigo. Eu amo a sua boca na minha buceta." ("Ah, Mark, a girl could not have a better friend. I love your mouth on my pussy."), I had no clue what she just said, but it sure sounded sweet. Suddenly, I felt her hips humping my mouth. "Ah, Marcos, lamber minha buceta." ("Ah, Mark, lick my pussy.") Leaning back on one arm, her other hand occupied holding my head, she makes circles with her hips rolling on the counter top. I'm just trying to keep my tongue where I think she wants it.

After several minutes of her making love to my face, "Podemos continuar a turnê para o seu banheiro... Perdoe-me...", taking a deep breath, "We can continue your tour to your bathroom?" Pulling her hand off my head, and sits back on the counter.

I help her down, and again she kisses me. She grabs her bag, and I take her hand and walk with her into the bath. She removes her shoes. "I... I need to... pee... and... I would like... you to watch...", looking at me as if she were some naughty schoolgirl. She lifts her skirt to remove her panties, and shoots them at me with the elastic band. Hitting me in the chest, I catch them before they leave my chest. She sits on the toilet, throwing the back of her skirt up in the process. "Venha cá!" ("Come here!"), crooking her finger beckoning me to come, with some evil smile on her lips.

As I stand in front of her. She unlashes my robe, pulls it off my shoulders. It falls to the floor, my boxers do the same. My semi-erect cock, about an inch or two below her mouth. I hear her stream being released into the commode, as she takes my cock into her mouth. I will say that no girl or woman has sucked my cock while peeing before, and it's kind of a turn on. After a minute or so, the sound of her stream dies to but a few drops, but her head continues bobbing on my cock. I guess it was kind of some automatic action, but I found I was holding her panties to my nose and inhaling her sweet musk.

She removes her mouth, and begins a handjob. Looking up at me, she smiles, her panties still held to my nose. "You need to pee?", and in a half-whisper, "Xixi na minha boca!", pointing a finger to her mouth. It didn't strike me until I heard her peeing, but yes I did need to piss. But could I really do as she seems to want me to. In her mouth? She was looking in my eyes, "Está tudo bem, eu gosto."

I think this is something I really need to clarify before I make any mistakes by pissing in her glorious mouth. "I'm sorry, could... you just say that in english..."

"Please... pee in my mouth. I like it.", not looking at me for approval, but for me to fulfill her desire. Who was I to judge, and just let go. My stream hit her on the cheek, which caused her to jump, readjusting her position so my stream went directly into her mouth. She opened her eyes looking directly in my eyes, and the corners of her mouth pulled back as if to smile.

As my urine filled her mouth, it spilled over her lower lip, down her chin, coating her neck, soaking her clothes. At some point mid-stream she closed her mouth, and swallowed. Still looking at me, she opened again to find my stream, which again filled her mouth, overflowing again down her body. She still looked in my eyes. I don't understand it, but she was now squeezing her breasts hard, and she again closed to swallow. This time, she lowered her head under my stream, and I finished pissing on her hair.

I felt weird now, like I just defiled and disgraced the most beautiful woman I have ever met, but when she lifted her head, she stood up, and much to my surprised mind, she kissed me very passionately as ever, her tongue rolling around in my mouth. It really never dawned on me that it was my piss that I was now tasting. By that time, I guess I was used to it, because I returned her passionate kiss in full. The cool feeling of her wet clothes even seemed to excite me as well, as my arms snaked around her drenched torso.

Again she said, "Venha cá!", and she took my hand. Stepping out of my boxers at my feet on the floor, I turn and follow her to the tub. She steps in the tub in her clothes, turns the water on, stands there caressing her body. She wets her hair down, running her hands through. "Will you join me? Please?" Extending her hand to me. I clasp my fingers to hers and slide in behind her. Standing nude behind her, my erection is poking into her ass. I wrap my hands around her torso, and take her clothed breasts into my hands. I can't believe how excited she has me. I bend my head down and nuzzle her neck. I wrap my left arm around her, pull her close and begin to fuck her sequestered ass.

She holds my hand to her breast, pushing firmly into herself. I have since taken her ear lobe into my mouth and was sucking gently. The sound of her sighs mingled with the running water.

Breaking the moment, I remove her blazer. For the life of me, I don't know why it has always turned me on to see a woman naked from the waist down, but still having her torso covered. So I get to my knees and remove her skirt, and she turns around. As she spreads her legs out to the sides of the tub, I look up in her eyes, before licking down to her completely untrimmed bush. The beautiful brunette hair outlining her pussy lips. Lua is the first woman I dated who does not trim her bush. The hairs are so long, I can take a handful and gently pull. I never thought I would love this so much. She told me "Eu adoro quando você puxa meu cabelo púbico durante o sexo oral." ("I love it when you pull my pubic hair during oral sex.").

I slowly begin to take her hirsute labia between my lips, gently sucking them, working down one side, and back up the other. When I reach the top, I move my tongue back to the bottom, and slowly push my tongue inside her as I move upwards. When I come to her clit, I flick my tongue across her. She releases a heavy sigh.

I push my tongue back deep in her, and glide it up and down between her folds. Her hands holding my head, as she leans back against the wall, the water pouring down over my head.

"Ah, Marcos, por favor, chupar meu clitóris!", and most of that means nothing to me, but I think I understand "clitóris!", so I move up and lap at her clit. After 30 seconds or so, "Please, Mark, I want you to suck my clit.", and with the clarification, I happily, greedily sucked her clit. Her hips shake slightly, and her knees buckle a bit, but she's able to catch herself. I suck as I pull my mouth away, causing her clit to vibrate with the incoming air and water. I'm only able to do it a few times before my mouth fills with water. So I spit, and wrap my lips back on target.

"Eu realmente gosto disso. Continuar fazendo isso...", I wonder if she's trying to give me a crash course in her native tongue, but I'm just not that good a student.

"You'll have to translate for me.", and I go back to enjoying her cunt.

"Ah, I really like it. Keep doing it.", she informs me.

"You mean this?", and I replay my air suction act.

"Ah, sim... yes, it is."

"Do me a favor and move the nozzle so it's not raining on me.", I ask her. She looks up at it, sliding it so the jets were no longer aimed at us. And I return my tongue to her clit, flicking it for several seconds before I went back to suctioning her.

She began to coo, the more I pleasured her. Continuing for several minutes, I flicked her clit a few times, drove my tongue as deep as I could into her folds, coincidentally rubbing my nose over her clit. She stumbled a bit, almost fell, and landed in my arms.

She looked at me and we both laughed. I lower her into my lap, and we kiss. Whispering in my ear, "Obrigado por esses prazeres maravilhosos!"

"And what does that mean?", looking her in her soft eyes.

"Thank you for these wonderful pleasures!"

"You're welcome, and thank you for these wonderful pleasures, too. You don't know how I've fantasized about a woman like you.", we looked at each other and chuckled. "Tell me, how would you say that in Portugeuse?"

"You mean... Você não sabe como eu fantasiava sobre uma mulher como você.?", and she laughs.

"Yeah, I guess that's it.", and I kissed her, but she pulled back.

"Você se importaria se eu tirei minha blusa?", and at the same time she was unbuttoning her halter. I placed my finger tips just over her still hidden nipples, which are clearly erect under the wet fabric. As I take her breasts in my hands, she closes her eyes, and pauses at the last button. I apply more pressure, and squeeze her nipples, she releases a sigh of air from deep in her throat.

I unfasten the remaining button and push her shirt to the sides and down behind her, unknown to me, it effectively pins her arms to her sides.

I begin my assault upon her breasts, wrapping my hand around her left breast, pulling it's nipple to my lips. I quickly hold it between my teeth. She gasps as I apply more pressure, "Ai!", she seems to scream half-voiced. I back down a bit, and suckle her instead.

"Eu adoro ter meus mamilos sugado. Sim, por favor." ("I love having my nipples sucked. Yes, please."), and she seems to be watching me. I really am turned on by her gaze. I flick my tongue over her nipple, returning it to my mouth.

As I move to her other nipple, my right hand finds her pussy. I rub the side of my index finger along her lips, and in applying a bit more pressure, I come in contact with her clit. She breathes in deep, and exhales heavily. I cup her mound in my hand massaging it firmly, also keeping up my sucking her nipple.

She tries to lift her arms, "Meus braços estão presos... you could release my arms?... Por favor!." I stop what I'm doing and hold her blouse while she extracts her arms, one at a time.

Upon regaining her freedom, she wraps her arms around me over my shoulders. Kissing me. "You know, Mark, I never told anyone here in America some of the things I like." Whispering in my ear, "Obrigada por não pensar mal de mim."

"OK, translation... por favor!", I say with an upturned corner of my mouth.

"Thank you for not thinking ill of me. Você não acha que me estranha... you do not think me strange."

"How could anyone think making the most beautiful woman happy in any way she wants is strange? You know, when I first met you, I thought you were beautiful, out of my league, undateable by me. But right at this moment you are a thousand times more beautiful, and it's not because you are physically any different, it's because I know more about you, and I like what I see." I actually loved what I see, as it turns me on to see her be so free, but one step at a time.

"I can... share more?", she says hesitantly.

"Sim...", thinking it cool that I remembered this, plucking it out from literally thin air. "Yes, you can."

"You've heard of 'sexo anal'?", she inquires.

"Anal sex? Yeah, who hasn't? What? You like anal...", she nods her head like that naughty schoolgirl from earlier, her devious smile growing bigger, her strong arms holding me closer.

"Do you... like anal sex?", she asks with a small gleam in her eye, her seductive voice captivating my soul.

"I've never tried, but I can learn... Wow... you did say when you got here that you had some surprises. Dinner, dessert, anal. What more could a guy want?"

"We give each other an enema.", obviously thinking my sarcastic rhetorical question was looking for an answer. Guess I was wrong.

Just as she said enema, my entire being went on guard. Not that I thought enemas were weird, I just never had one, and here she wants me to give her one. OK, time to fess up.

"Whoa, I've never even thought of getting one, let alone thought of giving one to someone else. I don't know the first thing...", putting her fingers to my lips.

"I will teach you.", again her accent floors me, how she said the word "teach" did me in. "You go first, to show you how. Then my turn. Then I make dinner, and we eat." Placing her hands on the sides of my face, whispering, "O resto da noite é dedicada aos prazeres do sexo."

"What's that mean?", I ask dumbly.

"The rest of the evening is dedicated to the pleasures of sex. Also, I am not working in the morning, and neither do you. Eu espero que você não se importa de me convidar para estar aqui com vocês esta noite. Eu acho que eu gosto de você um pouco."

My god, I think I was ready to orgasm just from the sound of her voice alone. He voice was soothing, melodic, a deep resonance in her throaty tone. I hadn't noticed before now, but with her sitting over me, legs wrapping around, I was pulling her close, my hands enveloping her full ass. Both our hips making seeming random circular motions.

"Do you want a translation?", I blindly and happily nod. "I hope you do not mind inviting me to be here with you tonight... I think I... like you a bit.", each of her pauses punctuated by a sudden intake of oxygen.

We fall into another passionate kiss, her in my lap, her arms around my shoulders, my arms pulling her close. I could feel my erection rubbing against her pussy. Breaking the kiss, I lean back slightly, my cock pushes against her, it effortlessly begins to penetrate her. "Please, Lua, I need to feel myself inside you!", I say with a heavy breath. She smiles as I lean all the way back, my cock sliding into her.

"Você se sente tão maravilhoso dentro de mim!", she says slowly while rocking her hips over me.

"Lua, I don't want you to stop speaking Portugeuse, it's sexy as fuck, I just want to know what the fuck you're saying?", asking while enjoying her thrusting.

She places her hands on my chest for leverage. "Mark, you feel so wonderful inside me! I love your penis in my cunt... Eu amo o seu pênis na minha boceta.", her hips now tracing circles over my hips.

"I think I like my cock in your boceta, too!" I've never felt so close, so in love... so loved, before with anyone. Not trying to burst my own bubble, but is this just sex? Our eyes held their gaze as she continued to fuck me, she seems to be rolling her hips over me. Her hand in between her legs, she is picking up speed and her hips are thrusting harder. Every few seconds, I thrust my hips upwards, pushing myself deeper inside her.

I could feel her body shake with the beginnings of her orgasm. One last thrust upward, and her pussy convulsed around me, her orgasm triggering mine, and I shoot my cum inside her.

Our eyes still held to the others, our mutual orgasm still enveloping us.

As our pleasures subside, Lua leans into me, my cock still in her. She is now resting her full weight over me, her head on my shoulder, her legs squeezing me tight.

"Marcos, eu nunca compartilhei com ninguém um grande orgasmo como este antes. Mark, I never shared with anyone a great orgasm like this before.", kissing my chest.

"Mine as well, that was just amazing.", we just hold each other, our breathing is deep and slow, her full body resting over me. The shower raining it's warm, wet, water over our entwined bodies. I wrap my arms completely around her.

(Continued in part two)

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2013-08-30 18:00:11
Great story. What happened to the coaches wife. Please write more on that

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Great sorry, can wait to hear her big surprise at dinner late. I still like more of the coaches wife, pls.

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