An anti abortion T shirt brings me to her aid
I was on an appliance service call about a week after my first encounter with Marie and her father and the lovemaking that had followed. I was just finishing the paperwork and having the customer sign it when my cell phone rang. The caller ID identified the call as being from "Southaven High School" and that bewildered me. But I decided to open the phone and answer anyway.

When I opened it and said,"Hello" Marie spoke to me and said,"Charlie, can you go to the house and bring me a plain white T from my room?" I asked her,"Why, what happened to the top you wore this morning?" She said,"Some people objected to the message it had on it." "What message was that?" "It says on the front and the back,'Pregnant? Choose Life. I would.' and some girls who had abortions object to it as hateful."

Since this was my last call of the day I told her I'd be there in about an hour. I finished the paperwork and left the home I had been in and drove to Marie's and let myself in. I went to her room and going through the dresser found a white t-shirt with nothing printed on it. Then I drove to Southaven High School and went into the school. I checked in at the office and submitted to being scanned for weapons and went to the office. Marie was there.

The principal told me,"Normally we don't pay much attention to the slogans on the shirts but some girls feel guilty reading anti-abortion messages so we had to keep her here until we removed the message that bothered them. I said,"This is censorship of the worst kind." I handed Marie the T-shirt and she stripped off the offensive printed shirt right there in the office. She did have a bra on that concealed most of her lovely breasts but it showed she was not wearing any padding or other falsies. She put the plain white T on and left to return to class. The principal told me,"Normally I'd have sent her to a bathroom to change but she is a childhood sexual abuse victim and doesn't have much modesty left." I shook his hand and said,"Yes I know but she should still be encouraged to not expose herself that way." Then I turned and left. As I left my phone signaled I had a text message.

I opened the phone and it said,"Message received, Say Yes to hear the message." I put it to my ear and said,"Yes" and it said,"Hang tight Charlie. I'll be out of class in 30 minutes and you can take me home so I don't have to ride the bus." I went to my car and got in. I left the school grounds because if the police liason checked my plates they might arrest me for stalking young girls. I drove to a Steak and Shake and ordered a vanilla shake at the counter to go and left with it and drive back and parked just off campus. I was only there for a few minutes when the bell rang and the kids came out. I saw Marie leave the crowd at the bus when she saw my car and she got in on the passenger side.

She leaned over the center counsel and putting her righ hand behind my head pulled me into a kiss with tongue. When she broke the lip lock she said,"Thanks, I did not know some of the girls in my class were so sensative." I put the car in drive and left the area and drove her home. When we got there I opened the garage and drove in. As I closed the door we got out of the car. She got out and shouldered her backpack. She came around the car and embraced me in a body to body hug and kissed me again with tongue. When she broke the kiss she said,"Dad should be home soon. Wanna play until he gets here?" I asked her,"Do you have any home work?" She said,"Yeah, Algebra but I don't get it." We went into the house and I told her to put her Algabra homework out and we would go over it together.

That is where we were when her Dad got home and he seemed puzzled. "What are you two doing?" Marie said,"Charlie is helping me with my homework." He said,"Charlie I did not know you knew how to tutor a student." I told him,"I taught Electronic Engineering Technology at Hawkeye Institute of Technology before I started the activity that ended up putting me in prison." Marie piped in with,"Yeah and he can explain how it works in the real world far better than our teachers do because he uses it every day."

Her father opened the refridgerator and asked me,"Charlie are you staying for supper?" I told him,"Only if you have enough for the three of us." He said,"No problem." and pulled out a pound of ground beef that he divided into four parts. Three of these he formed into patties and the last quater he wrapped in Saran Wrap and put in the freezer. He broiled the patties and put some microwave french fries in microware oven and when they were done he filled our plates with the broiled patties on a bun and a good supply of french fries. He pulled out squeeze bottles of ketchup and mustard and a jar of pickles. We each garnished our sandwiches and ate. Marie explained how I had brought her a T-shirt since some took offense at her pro-life message. He thanked me for taking care of her then asked me if I had made love to her yet. I told him "No." He asked Marie,"Normally when I bring you home you want me to eat you. Why didn't you take him to bed?" She said,"He demanded I do homework before I play his slut." He said,"Charlie, you are a rare man who wants her to be educated so she can be more than a slut." I replied,"You should want her to be more than a slut also." He said,"In prison I learned that women come in two types, sluts and bitches. When I explained that to Marie she decided she'd rather be a slut than a bitch." I replied,"People are not that simple. She can be a slut and an engineer if she gets the right schooling." He said,"I never looked at it that way."

We finished eating and Marie took my hand and said,"Let's go to my room." I turned to her father. "Wanna cum too" He said,"I can't promise anything but I would not mind watching." So we all went into her room. As she crossed the threshold she took off her t-shirt and her bra. She undid the button of her jeans and started to let them down. I saw the strap of her thong underwear. Then she turned and sat on her bed and kicked off her jeans. I took off my shoes and socks, shirt and slackes. So I was matchin her. Her father when I turned I saw him pulling out his cock and starting to stroke it. She leaned way forward and her tits jiggled as she reached out to pull down my briefs. When my prick came clear of the waist band my boner sprang free and stuck straight out.

Marie turned to her father and said,"Come on Dad. I want you as naked as he is and I'm going to be. In fact, I want you to take my panties off with only your teeth!" He stripped his clothes off very quickly and then putting is mouth on the waistband of her thong right in front, he bit the fabric and started to move down. She put her hands on the sleep surface and pushed down so her but was elevated and he slid down her body to her feet and put the panties on the floor.

If I had been asked to do it I would have been rock hard. He was stiff but not yet hard. Marie did not seem to notice. I told her,"I want to eat you." She said,"Okay and laid down on the bed with her head on a pillow. I knelt on the bed and put a finger in her slit and ran it down to her vagina (wet) and then up to circle her clit and back down. Then I ran my tongue over the same course. After one cycle I slipped two fingers into her vagina and found the little bump that was her G-spot. The two fingers rubbed that location. My free hand was outside pressing the G-spot into the two fingers and my tongue was lapping at her clit.

Mean while her father had come up to the side of the bed and she licked his cock to try to get him up. His hands were occupied on her breasts which he was massaging. Her nipples were standing up. His organ was expanding and she took it into her mouth and was doing a good cock sucking job. She could not last long under this onslaught and soon she stiffened and quaked and her hips rose up and I had to come up to follow her pussy as she climaxed. She spat her father's prick out and said,"Daddy, he eats pussy better than you do." I started to move in to fuck her but she said,"Not that way Charlie. Let's do it doggy style." She rolled over and got up on all fours. I went back until my feet hit the wall. Her father climbed up on the bed and knelt before her. She took him into her mouth as I put my cock into her pussy. Now she set to rocking back and forth taking him into her mouth as she pulled my cock out and then taking my cock into her pussy as she slid his cock out until only the head of it as in her mouth.

Her dad's cock was now fully inflated and hard as stone as she sucked him and fucked me. We had been in this position for about 15 minutes when she climaxed a second time. Her kneeling position shifted some and both I and her father shifted to stay inside her pussy and mouth. When she came down she removed the cock from her mouth and told her Daddy,"Dad how does it feel to be hard again?" "Great honey. I didn't know you could be this sexy. She resumed sucking him and fucking me. I was working with her as much as I could pushing when she came back and pulling some when she went away.

Her Father called out,"Oh damn, Homey I'm going to cum." Marie said nothing and just kept on rocking. His face screwed up as he pumped rope after rope of cum into his daughter's mouth. She swallowed it as it shot into her. When he was done he got off the bed and came down to my end of it. He said,"Do it good Charlie, try to get her to cum again." I replied,"I'll try but I'm not sure I can hold out that long." That was enough. She stiffened and reared up this time. I pushed hard into her and lost my concentration releasing my ropes of semen into her as I heard her say,"Damn it I'm cumnming now too." As she came down I took over the thrusting until my organ shrank and fell out. I got off the bed and her father told her,"Roll over honey." She rolled over to lay down on her back and her father got between her legs and licked her vagina to suck my sperm out of her.

She climaxed again while he was doing that raising her hips off the sleeping surface. I got dressed while watching this act. When she settled back down she said,"What was that thing you did while eating me Charlie? I never came that hard nor four times in one session before." I told her,"It's just a G-spot massage." She said,"You'll have to teach Dad how to do that."

Then her father kissed her and I saw him transfer the cum he had removed from her pussy into her mouth. She swallowed it and then they got dressed. We went out front and opened Cokes to drink. Turned on the TV for today's news. Then I said my goodbyes and went home.

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