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First Time Writer, Hope you guys enjoy it. Feed back is welcome.

Nathan, Connor, Chris, and Ben all went to North Eaton High School. They were in 9th grade but had all been best friends since pre-school. Recently, Nathan started having fantasies about fucking his long-time friends. He didn't want to do anything about it because he didn't want to ruin their friendships, he started thinking that maybe they were in the same position as him, but how could he ask them without coming off as extremely gay? One day after school, Nathan walked home, went into his room, locked the door behind him and started to jack off. He started thinking about fucking his friends and started moaning, he imagined having them suck his dick and eventually he jizzed all over his bed. He knew then that he had to find out if they felt the same way as him. He came up with a plan and he was gonna put it into action, for now he was tired and flopped down into bed. Little did he know, that Connor, Chris, and Ben had all walked home, went into their rooms, locked the door behind them and started fapping to the thought of each other until they came.

The next day at school, they were all in homeroom. Nathan decided to go ahead with his plan. "Hey Guys" Nathan whispered to his friends who were in the 3 adjacent desks next to him. "Sleepover, my house, 6 pm" Nathan had said this many times, they all had, they probably slept at each others houses more than they slept in their own. Patiently, Nathan waited for their answers. One by one, they all gave him a thumbs up. A huge weight was lifted of his shoulders, the first part of his plan was finished. Suddenly Mrs. Granger walked over and said wondering what all the thumbs were about asked "Is everything alright Nathan?" looking rather annoyed. "Yes, Mrs. Granger, everything is perfect."

They all arrived around 6, and since Nathan's parents weren't home. They crancked some music so high the neighbors went out for the night. They did what all teenage boys did at sleepovers, stat up all night playing Call of Duty. While they were playing they started talking and one thing led to another and soon enough they were talking about girls. Sure enough none of them were gay, just bisexual. So they started talking about how nice Judy Johnsons tits were. Nathan's plan wasn't working. He turned of the PS3 and was immediately called an array of nasty things. After a minute of that, he asked them they wanted to play poker. They all agreed, but Nathan didnt know what to do next, this wasn't going in the right direction. Until, Chris piped up, "Who wants to make things interesting?" Intrigued, we all said "How?" at the same time. "Two Words, Strip Poker" he said with the biggest smile on his face. Ben spent no time thinking and blurted out "Eww, No, are you gay?" although secretly he wanted Chris' cock in his mouth. "No, but I saw some people playing it on YouTube, looks like fun." After a while Nathan said "Uh, Alright, but not too dirty" secretly hoping it got very dirty. Ben and Connor eventually agreed because they didn't want to be left out.

Around an hour into playing, Nathan only had his shorts, and socks left. Chris was still fully dressed. Ben was in just Shorts, and he kept re-assuring them he was wearing something underneath. Connor was in the middle of taking of his sweats. He was aready shirtless, showing off his six-pack. That gave Nathan a huge boner and he knew if he had to take of his shorts it would be the end of him. Connor slowly taking off his pants, getting a lot of yelling and encouragement from Ben, and Chris. Nathan was just trying to control his boner. Connor was now 1 article of clothing away from being naked. A couple of minutes later, it was Ben's turn to shed his shorts. As soon as he did, it revealed a small half-boner. Chris, noticing, remarked "I didn't think this game was that exciting." Chino, looking embarrassed, sat down again. Connor spoke up, "Don't worry, we'll get to see Chris' pussy in no time."

In the next few minutes, everyone was reduced to just boxers, all with half-hard dicks, they were all itching to just whip their dicks out and start fapping, but they held out a little longer. "Alright, first person to go out, gets to get his dick sucked by whoever he wants." Nathan said, hoping nobody would argue. The room went silent. "I'll take that as a yes." Nobody argued, all hoping they would go out next hand. But, it was Connor that eventually went out. "SUCK MY DICK BITCHES!" He said putting down his final card. He turned to Nathan and said, "Alright, get on your knees." Nathan knew he had to, he was the one who suggested it. Though, to seem like he didn't want to, he said "Your, not really gonna make me do this are you?" Connor just smiled and stood up. Chris and Ben started massaging their dicks in anticipation. Nathan walked over got down on his knees, he slid Connors boxers to the floor and out popped out his 5 inch cock. Nathan heard a gasp from behind him, he knew it was Chris and Ben who both now had their hands in their pants stroking their cocks. Nathan grabbed Connors dick and started giving him a handjob to harden him up, after a while, he grew to 7 inches. "Let's go already!" Chris and Ben said together, now both fapping vigorously. He put his lips on Connors tip, and immediately felt his own dick stand up. He put the whole thing in his mouth, he gagged at first but he adjusted quickly, before he knew it he was pumping Connors cock in and out of his mouth. Connor started to thrust his hips in rhythm with Nathans sucking. Before long Nathan could taste Pre-Cum filling his mouth. He started going faster and harder until he heard Connor scream "Oh, Shit!" and suddenly his mouth was filled with his sweet juicy cum. He pulled away just in time to see Ben and Chris both hit their climax. He looked up at Connor with cum dripping out of his mouth. They both wanted more.

Connor told Nathan to stand up, as soon as he did, he grabbed Nathan, turned him around and pushed him against the wall. He pulled his boxers down, pulled his ass toward him and inserted his 7 inch cock in his ass. Nathan was screaming in pain, but it was a good pain. His hands were pressed up against the wall, his ass sticking out behind him, he could feel Connors balls slapping him with every thrust. Connor started going faster and faster until Nathan started moving in the same motion. "YES, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! !" he screamed in an absolute blindness of pleasure. He got wanted as Connor started going harder and faster, Nathan could feel tears coming out of his eyes. Then he slowed down and pulled out, he could feel cum in his ass, he knew Connor had hit another orgasm. They looked at each other, then they looked at Ben and Chris who were now 69ing in the corner. They laughed and then they looked at each other again, Connor pushed Nathan to the ground and pulled his legs open, and put Nathans 8 inch erect cock in his mouth, this was not Connors first time, and Nathan had been holding for awhile. It didn't take long for him to blow. He grabbed Connors head and pulled it closer almost choking him. All of his 8 inches were in his mouth. Nathan let out a huge moan and then went into pure ecstasy. Connor finally broke his grip and was now laying on the floor gasping for breath. He was licking the cum out of his mouth when Nathan said "Stop!" then he went over to Connor, bent over him, the erect cocks touching and moved his face towards Connors and they stared at each other for a brief moment then they started kissing, it was the best thing ever. He could taste his own cum, he could hear Connor whispering to him and he could feel both of their cocks getting harder. They rolled over, Connor stroked Nathans cock a few times then winked. He rolled off him and they were laying next to each other, looking up at the ceiling, thinking about the nights events. They heard Ben and Chris walk over and lay down beside them, they didnt move their heads, they were lost in a daze. Chris said quietly, "Best sleepover ever." Then one by one, they all gave a thumbs up of approval. Nathan smiled, his plan had worked. Soon, all of them fell asleep. Thinking about what would be awaiting them in the morning.


Hope you liked it!

More to come.

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2013-08-31 23:34:05
In fact the two of you assfucking cocksucking fags should get together so u don't have time to write garbage likes this.

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2013-08-31 23:32:13
Fuck you mr the one who said stop posting hate, we can post it if we want to and this fag had it coming for not marking his gay ass story. So again FUCK YOU ur probably a fag to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous readerReport

2013-08-29 23:27:37
I wholeheartedly agree with Anon1 it's a pain in the ass (pun intended) to start a story only to discover it contains such abominations. I quit reading once I came to the offensive material but by then it's already to late. He also has a point that there have been many mistakes about tagging "Gay" stories as of late. It's disgusting to this heterosexual not to mention inexcusable and disrespectful! Really it shouldn't be asking to much that you consider the feelings of others when you post. Think about it would you like to start a story and find out its about beastiality(considering that's something you have an aversion to?). A few key strokes or mouse clicks is all it takes to show a modicum of respect to your fellow users of this site!

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2013-08-29 21:38:25
Y'know you can always stop reading the story instead of posting hate in the comments. Don't read untagged stories if you don't want to be surprised by the outcome.

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2013-08-29 21:09:08
The story is tagged, as "Fantasy" asshole!!!! That in no way implies gay!!!

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