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Wake, walk out, grab, gh, clothes, eat, walk out slyly, purchases, come, gh and dialougue, ghghgh, pur on, leave, press, explain, arrive, lift, gh hands in one.

James awoke to find his wife missing from their bed. He quickly got out from the bed and dawned a pair of sweats. He made his way around the house and found Viola in the kitchen cooking breakfast. She was standing by the stove flipping pancakes and he just stood there admiring her frame. She had already gotten ready for work and she was now wearing a white business skirt that just reached her mid thigh. She had also chosen to wear a pink sleeveless blouse that accented her boobs nicely. She had tied her blonde hair in a bun and was wearing a pair of diamond earrings. Her entire figure was that of a petite attractive female. Viola sensed his presence and looked at him with a smile. James simply walked up to her and planted a kiss on her cherry red lips.

“mmmm, now you better get ready, breakfast is almost ready.” said viola as she redirected her attentions towards the pancakes. James had a quick shower and quickly got ready. He walked down to the kitchen just as viola had laid their plates with delicious pancakes. They heartily ate them, as they had burned a lot of energy last night.

“ummm, I better hit the gym soon, if I want to burn these calories any time soon” said viola, patting her taunt stomach.

“I agree, but you wont be working out at the gym” james said, while winking at her. Viola blushed and cleared their plates. In the mean time, james quickly went back to their room and rummaged through his purchases. He made sure not to look into and of violas purchases as she had asked him not to. Being a gentleman, he obliged. James smiled when he found what he was looking for and quicky pocketed it into his inner blazer jacket.

He again went down the stairs to find viola standing near the door with one hand on her hip and the other holding her office bag. She was pouting and showed jamas her watch.

“if you don’t hurry up….” Viola never got to finish her sentence because jame was now violently kissing her. She returned the kiss with matching vigour and she ran her hands along his suit.

James had one hand on her ass and one hand cupping her boob. He was still amazed how his hand still couldn’t completely wrap around his boob. He removed his hand from her boob and placed it on her ass. He quickly raised her and he deepened the kiss.

Viola wrapped her legs around his waist and grabbed his face cheeks. After about a minute she pulled away and looked into his eyes and said,” if you don’t stop, we’ll be late for work!”

“I’m the boss, it wont matter if im late.” James responded with a laugh.

“ok fine, you wont be late but I will” viola repied with mock anger.

“don’t worry about it, that’s a benefit of banging the boss” james responded with a wink.

With viola still wrapped around him, james carried her to the formal sitting room and dumpend her onto the coffee table. He rolled up her skirt to her waist so it looked like a belt. In the mean time viola had freed her enormous boob and we massaging it eagerly.

James removed his pant and underwear and he violently ripped apart violas purple underwear and her chucked it. He positioned his throbbing cock at her entrance and grabbed her waist for support. Not waisting anymore time, he rammed his cock into warm depths of her shaven pussy. He did not slow down nor did make an effort to change his position. He was going straight for the gold.

Viola was loving it. According to her nothing woke her up better than a quick morning fuck and she soon came. Suddenly james grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in her mouth. Viola sucked his cock earnestly. The added suction sent him over the edge and he poured his fuck juice into her hungry throat. Viola sucked him clean before getting up and straitening her skirt and top.

James too made himself decent and said. “now, now we wouldn’t want you going commando, would we?” james asked, pointing to the now torn pantie.

“as much I would want to wear one, we are now late” said viola motioning him to the door.

James grabbed her wrist and removed the underwear from his jacket pocket and handed it to her.

“how….leave it im not even going to ask!” viola exclaimed taking the underwear and putting it on.

They finally made it out started to drive towards their office. On the way they spoke about business, the employees and the upcoming meeting the had. Viola opened the top of the Mercedes and let her hair loose. James looked at her while driving. She looked stunning with her hair down. James was surprisd to see that she had undone another button of her blouse and now her cleavage and ample breasts were extremely prominent.

They finally reached king towers, and james and viola king stepped out and went into the elevator. James pressed the 50th floor button as they made their way up their building. They stood on opposite ends of the elevator, when finally their gaze met. The air around them was getting very hot. Perhaps such a close proximity and closed space got both of them horny. James leeped at her and grabbed both her hands and pinned them above her head using his left hand. He used his right to hold her back, and press her into him. He planted a passionate kiss, which she eagerly returned.

Viola was loving it. For some reason she started to like to be dominated. She could feel his erection against her stomach.

James could feel her nipple digging into his chest. He stepped away from her her suddenly and she pouted and let out a soft moan. James smirked and looked at the floor indicator, they were nearing 30. He smirked, he had time for his plan. He casually slipped his hand into his pant pocket grasped the remote out there. He pushed the button up a notched and saw viola jerk.

Viola couldn’t believe what was happening to her. A metal plate inside her panties was vibrating against her clit. She was in heaven and was on the brink of orgasming when the elevator chimed and the door opened. James immediately cut off the vibrator and proceeded to leave.

Viola followed him outside, straighting out the creeses in her skirt. She scorned at james for not letting him have her orgasm and made her way to her office, which was on the side of the floor. James merely smirked and walked towards his office.

James was just about finished reviewing an account of a major client when his secretary walked in. “sir, royal motors’ attorney’s are here for an unexpected meeting, they said it was urgent and I escorted them to the conference room.”said Gloria.

James took the paper she handed him and looked at it. It was a pretty serious affair and he didn’t want to lose one of his highest paying clients. “alright, send the managers and viola to meet them, I’ll be right there.” James told his secretary.

Gloria nodded and walked towards her desk outside his office. James couldn’t himself notice the hot 25 year old. she was brunette with a perfect figure and boobs that were almost as huge as viola. Her ass and boobs had yet not fallen prey to gravity’s evil gasp and he couldn’t help himself from fantasizing about her. She was wearing an office dress that cut off at the thigh and though they were meant to cover her boobs, the cut of the dress highlighted the boob’s figure really well. Her 3 inch green heels suited her hunter green dress well and made her look almost as tall as him.

What had shocked him was that viola had hired him Gloria a year ago, as she also oversaw the hiring division of the company. He made his way to the conference hall and sat at the head. He quickly seated himself while a blonde lawyer of the royal’s got ready to tell them why they were there.

James found her extremely boring and continued his chain of thought of the recent hirings his wife had done. Since the past year, she had hired 12 new associates. Out of the 12, 10 were women and all of them were under 27. They all had bodies to die for and he had noticed viola checking them out throughout the year. Hence, recently he started getting the feeling that she was bi-sexual. He couldn’t ever have brought this up earlier as he thought she would think of him as a creep. But now that their sex lives had taken a turn for the better, he would surely approach her.

Viola’s speech soon brought him back to the meeting, but he was still extremely bored. He remembered he still had the vibrator remote in his pocket and he quickly fished it out. Violas gaze fell on the remote and james saw her eyes go wide. She stopped talking and looked into his eyes and he sensed she was telling him not to. She started to speak again. James flipped the switch. He saw her eyes go wide and her legs cross involuntarily. She was delivering her argument to the lawyers. He was impressed, he flipped the switch to 2. He heard her gasp, but she was still strong.

He decided to see how far she could take it and turned to 3. She was still going but he saw her shiver. 4. There was now a light pant in her voice. 5. The max. she collapsed onto the chair holding her head. She excused herself saying she was feeling dizzy and made her way out.

James smiled. Her limit was the maximum. He continued where she left off. After an hour and a grulling q and a session from the lawyers, he was able to convince them that their money was safe.

He made his way back to his office. His office’s wall that had the door was made of glass. It was violas idea to show the employees that they were also working. But james had installed a switched that allowed that glass wall to go frosted to allow privacy when he needed it. The wall was now frosted. He stopped at Gloria’s cubicle, which was outside his office and asked, “why’s my office in private browsing mode” he said with wink.

“I don’t know sir, but your wife went inside looking rather…flushed” Gloria said.

“for the last time, call me james!” james said to her.

“sorry sir, err james” Gloria replied with a smile.

James made his way into his office only to find his wife naked on his table, facing the door and wearing only her bra. She furiously masturbating with his cylindrical sunglasses case. She was a sight of beauty, her head tilted back, her blonde hair all over they place and her only wearing a bra was arousing for james.

She had not seen him enter. Using this to his advantage, he removed all his clothes and approached her. He grabbed his case and threw it on the side and within a split second, he had penetrated her. He held the edges of the table as he furiously fucked her missionary style. Viola spread her legs and used a hand to sit up. Using her other hand she slapped him hard, “ you bastard! that was pure torture for me! The panties drove me nuts and I almost passed out from the six orgasms I had I the meeting!” she said, and grabbed his face and brought it down to her lips.

James was still pistoning into her pussy but was shocked to find out that she had had six orgasms. He sunk all his eight inchs into her. She screamed into their kiss as her spasmed around james cock.

james could no longer hold back, and he widrew his cock and put viola on the floor. As soon as she was down, he thrusted his cock into her mouth and let lose his torrent. Viola thought the sea of semen would never end and just when her mouth was about to go ful, james stopped cumming and crashed onto to the sofa. Viola made her way up onto the sofa and cuddled beside him.

James held her shoulder while she rested her head on his chest.

“are you bi?” james could no longer hold it.

Viola froze and slowly answered him, “I don’t know james, I really love you and your cock but since the past month I have these urges to fuck you with one of the office women. Please don’t think of me as a creep, I just simply want to have sex with a woman while you fuck her too!”

James was surprised by his wifes answer! It was worse than he had expected, or was it good thought james.

“well im open to it, if it makes you happy.” Said james, smiling coyly.

viola pinched his nipple lightly and said, “of coarse you wouldn’t mind if you get to fuck another woman with your wife’s consent”

“well…” james had no reply. “well, I’ll plan something that can be mutually beneficial for both of us” viola said with vink.

With that she got up and put on her new ‘toy’ panties and dress. She put the remote on his desk and went towards the door. By this time he too was done and watched his wife’s ass bounce as she walked out.

He found her red bra on his desk, with the remote. He picked it up, and looked at viola, just as she was leaving. He smiled to himself before putting the remote in his pocket and the bra in the bottom drawer of his desk.

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