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Just a notice on what's going on...
Hey everybody,
Just a word, I haven’t ended the Angel Next Door series, I’ve lost my writings so far so that series is at a halt until I find them again. I will redo the last chapter because I actually had written two versions of that chapter, one seriously and one for fun. I posted the one for fun to see what you guys would think; apparently I got a negative reaction. I want you to know that I haven’t ended that series and am re-writing that chapter from scrap since I lost the writings, but I apologize for the inconvenience.
I would like to thank my supporters and followers, I will continue to write, I just don’t have as often chances and like I said, I lost my stories so, I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet…
I am planning on making a few single chapter stories to keep things rolling and have more of a variety on my page. Feel free to leave requests for upcoming stories you would like to hear from me. I do NOT take suggestions on my series unless I say otherwise, but if you would like to hear a short story from me that is NOT a series, feel free to leave your suggestion/request in the comments.
All of my stories are fictional with made-up characters and are not meant to imply reality, true stories, or that any of this is even legal (in the case of rape). My stories are only for reading entertainment and not to be copied or taken offensively. I am NOT racist or sexist, so you won’t see any of that from me.
I just wanted to let everybody know what is going on and why I have not written in a while, thank you for take the time to read this. I will have a short story out very very soon. Thank you!!


Upcoming stories:

- Continuing The Angel Next Door series
- The Unwilling
- Brother’s Best Friend
- More short stories

Suggestions/requests for short stories/ideas can be posted in comments below. I will not respond to ALL of your comments, but I will try. I will not be posting quite as often with my series which is why I am writing short stories to keep things fresh. Let me know what you think!! Thanks!!


The summer evening and warm and peaceful. Ashley sat on the hood of her boyfriend’s convertible Dodge Challenger, twirling her sheen black hair between her fingers. The black muscle car’s engine rumbled vibrating beneath her precarious perch over the left wheel. Only seventeen years old, Ashley had the brightest blue eyes imaginable, a summer tan with perfect bikini lines, and the boldest sense in sexuality. She was undoubtedly the most wanted girl in her school, and she only gave her heart – and her body – to one man. Travis Moore. 18 year old pretty boy player Travis stood six foot two with a dream body from working out every day. He was dark in complexion, having a black father and a Spanish mother, and the dreamiest soul-searching eyes. All he had to do was look Ashley in the eyes and she was anything he wanted.
Right now, Travis was sitting in the driver’s seat of the Dodge, his shades over his eyes, leaned back with a crooked smile. They sat at the end of a dirt road that overlooked farmland and in the distance, a bustling city. Ashley knew exactly what Travis had intended when he’d pulled up outside her window, and she’s thrown on her tightest Daisy Dukes and a white tank top, her hair free falling around her shoulders. So far, it was the perfect attire for her activities.
She laid back across the hood, one leg tucked up again her butt, the other hanging down over the side of the car. She traced her fingers up her stomach, between her breasts and her neck, closing her eyes as she reached her cheek. She switched her legs several times and as Travis turned up the radio – the speakers boomed sexy hip hop songs – she slid down off the car and over to Travis’s door. He smiled at her, but he didn’t lower his shades. Putting on her best stank face and placing her hands on the hood of the car once more, she slowing began to bounce in the rhythm of the current beat. She was no amateur, she knew very well how to twerk and she knew she did it fine too. When you have an ass like that, you learn that you fit twerking perfectly.
No hands, Ashley began to roll her hips and rose up and down slowly as she popped, stressing her leg muscles, but clearly catching Travis’s attention. He lowered the shades off his eyes and leaned out over the door for a clearer view. Ashley smiled and dropped to the ground, then slowly brought it back up, adding a little pop for emphasis.
Travis finally climbed out of the car and slid up to her, leaning in close to her body while she continued her entertainment. He placed his hands on her hips, gradually easing them up her body in time with her movements. His hips matched hers the best they could and soon he had his arms wrapped tight around her, his body pressed into hers. Ashley felt fire shoot through her and she reached her arms up behind her to his neck. Travis leaned over until his lips were grazing her neck just below her ear.
“Let’s go,” he whispered so seductively she felt an startled tingle shoot through her. She slowly turned around until she was in his arms and their lips met, their tongues entwining expertly, making the most out of each movement. Before Ashley knew it he’d slid his hands up her shirt and lifted it over her head. Her cotton sports bra did nothing to hide the hardened nipples of her perfect size 36 breasts. Travis’s hands immediately found their way to them, squeezing and smoothing to his delight. Ashley lifted her boyfriend’s shirt up over his he and laid her hands on his chest, sliding down to his six-pack abs then back up to his shoulders. Suddenly, his hands fell to her shorts and he pulled away from the kiss to unbuckle her belt and drop her shorts. There was no question where this was going and suddenly, there was no way to stop…

-------------------------- to be continued in next notice…


2015-06-11 03:21:48
I need not say much since ye already understand my point on things. So i'll wait anxiously & patiently for the next part of The Angel Next Door (Part 5)..

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2013-09-03 00:40:35
You assholes need to read some of this authors actual work, she is top notch!!! Certainly I don't expect you ignorant fucks to recognize talent when you see it however!!!!

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2013-09-01 10:58:32

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2013-08-31 17:10:22
The little ditty should have been formatted better. Gives the impression of how poor the up coming stories will be presented. I for one hope that is not the case but maybe she no longer really cares about decent presentation and if that's the case I'll stop reading them as well. Typing fluff to fill in space is no reason to become lazy.

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2013-08-30 20:19:23
To the comment below me, this is NOT a sexy story, it is an update on what the author has been up to. She is trying to explain why she's not written lately. I happen to be a friend of hers and that little ditty was to A. Make up for the 5,000 characters, and B. Provide a little ongoing story throughout the notices she posts. Just a little FYI for you. :|

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