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It was hard kicking Sylvia out. We hadn't lived together for very long and then again we simply did not have the chemistry to date, let alone live together. We'd never clicked as a couple. So the hard part was not to come to the conclusion that 'hey - I got to get rid of this bitch." The hard part for a loser like me is to work up the courage to do it. When I did, she went back to stay with the older of her two daughters, Bridget.

Around the time we met she was also staying at her daughter's house. We met at a nearby pub, and I could hardly wait to get my dick in her pussy and blow a good couple day's worth of cum all over her ass and on the pink thong she wore.

If a woman is wearing a thong and it is nice and stretchy I prefer sliding it to the side when I fuck her. It no doubt made Sylvia, a mature lady of forty-some odd years feel like a slutty nineteen year old. At the pub, and only very briefly at my house, she wore spandex leggings and a blouse that luckily didn't even cover her plump booty looking incredibly luscious in those fuck-me leggings. Her stilettos made her ass pop out. Luckily there were few men at the bar and since this all took place in a suburban area in Florida, few fellas not covered by medicare or unemployment, so I got a shot at fucking her, which obviously is what she wanted. But as much as I got lucky that night, my bad luck would soon return with a vengeance. I got stuck with her and had to kick her out. Our relationship started out hot and steamy and ended on a sour note.

At least I had tried to be polite about asking her to kindly move out. At first she insisted on giving it another shot. Being polite failed and in the end I asked her daughter Bridget, to get her mom out of my house. This rather desperate strategy worked only too well, and now Sylvia would not talk to me. I wasn't complaining but at the same time, I did care about the bitch and felt bad that I had upset her.

She hadn't brought any furniture or much of anything except clothes and beauty products to my house, but because she left in a hurry, she had forgotten about some of her clothes. It could stay there for all I cared. I still had her pink thong, which I took it out some times to jerk off in it, and on it.

A couple weeks after Sylvia moved the doorbell rang and I was hugging her younger daughter Gracie. She looked good as always. She wore a jean skirt and a loose fitting top. Nothing too revealing. This curvy brunette with a sweet disposition and mischievous eyes, asked how I was doing and I said 'fine.'

My mom wants me to get the her stuff, she said. She misses you!

Thanks for saying that but I doubt it, I said.

You doubt what? she said.

I doubt the part about missing me. I have no doubt about her wanting her shit back.

Actually, she doesn't want it back. The clothes she left, she didn't want. But she said I could have them if I picked them up myself. Is that okay by you?

Yeah sure thing! They're still in my bedroom.

Could you show me where they are please, she said.

Okay, I said and walked ahead to my bedroom. It's a nice and big room with a king size bed in it. I opened the walk-in closet where most of her stuff was hanging. She took out a couple of dresses.

Can I try these on? she asked.

Of course The bathroom is right over there, I said, pointing in the direction of the adjoining bathroom. She left me for a few minutes. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to stay or not, but I stayed. And I was glad I did because she finally came out wearing a little black dress. It was short and tight around the booty and tits. She turned around and asked me to zip her up. Since I felt my cock chub up, and start to squirm a bit, I quickly zipped the dress up. She turned to face me.

Is this too revealing? she asked, giving me cause to look at her cleavage. Her boobs were the size of her mother's, around a 32d.

No, if anything it's not revealing enough, I joked.

Oh please. Seriously though, is it a keeper?

Yes, I think so. You look great! You look better in it than your mom, I said. I don't think she'd even fit into it.

Oh be nice, she said.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she seemed to take no notice of me gawking at her luscious butt. Again I felt my cock swell up in my briefs. I wished it would stop, but then again, I wasn't going to stop looking at my ex's youngest daughter, Gracie, modeling the little black dress. Finally, she went back in the bathroom so I could adjust my boner. I couldn't believe my urges. I mean, am I that much of a freak?

Next she came out wearing a strapless sundress. The material was very thin and was draped around her young body with as much sexiness as I could take.

You look gorgeous Gracie, I told her.

She looked in the mirror while I approached her from behind and proceeded to gently rub her shoulders and neck. I had given her a back rub before which is how I knew she wouldn't freak out. In fact, neither one of us said anything for the minute this was happening. She did not object, but I did not want to come off as a creep so I stopped touching her. She had more clothes to try on. A couple pairs of pants she didn't want, a coat and a halter top she decided to keep. Some of the clothes she decided not to take without trying them on, because they were not her style. The last item she took out of the closet was a halloween outfit I didn't realize she'd left behind. Gracie looked at it, looked at me with a grin, and slipped into the bathroom. She came out wearing the sexy gladiator queen outfit her mother had worn last halloween. The rubber skirt for it was really short, barely covering her ass.

Wow! I said.

Do you like it? she asked.

Oh I like! You look hot, sweetie.

Did my mom really go out in this?

She wore it at a halloween party.

She's such a slut, she said.

That's for damn sure! At the party she was shaking her ass like a cheap stripper.

Oh yeah? But I bet you liked it!

I did. I'll miss that ass! I said.

You're gonna miss mommy's ass? What do you think about mine? she asked and turned around to shake her ass within spanking distance. I couldn't help myself and I spanked her firmly on her ass. It made my cock jump and get fully erect. She had a surprised look on her face and immediately stopped gyrating her hips which did nothing to stop me from pressing my crotch against her ass and place one hand on her tummy and another on her arm.

I whispered in her ear: I think your ass is even hotter than your mommy's!

She looked surprised at my directness. She must not have thought I had it in me since I usually had done my best to behave like a gentleman around Sylvia's daughters. Now, all bets were off. My dick was rock hard and I had a scantily clad 22-year old twerking right in front of me in my bedroom. At least I was going to try!

She wiggled loose from my advances and asked for a bag to put the clothes in. All Sylvia's clothes were lying in two piles on the bed. I wanted to throw her on the bed too, but I went to get her the bag instead.

I was happy to see she was still wearing the costume when I returned.

A garbage bag? Really? she said.

I'm sorry if that's not good enough for you, princess...

It's fine, she said. Is there any more clothes?

At first I said no. Then I remembered the undergarments and lingerie in one og the dresser drawers.

No, wait a second, I said. There is more in the top drawer of the dresser.

She opened the drawer and looked at some worn out cotton panties and boy shorts which she tossed aside. Then she came across the shiny black leggings her mom wore the first time I met her. I had peeled them off her the first time I fucked her. She grabbed the leggings and a tube top and went back into the bathroom, only this time she left the door cracked. I saw her slipping out of the costume, standing totally naked. A couple minutes later she came out wearing the tight leggings and tube top. Again, I told her she looked stunning.

Thank you, she said, and went to look in the drawer. To my horror she found the pink thong. She looked at it and felt it and finally smelled it. I thought

These are nice but why are they so sticky?

I'm sorry, I said. I'll take them and wash them.

As I reached to snatch them away from her she held them behind her back.

I want them, she said. But I just want to know. Did you jerk off in them?

What if I did? I said, rather nervously.

I think that's cute, she said. But does that mean you still have feelings for mommy?

No, I said.

Are you sure? she said.

I'm sure! I said.

I want you to prove it to me! said Gracie.

I'll do anything, I said. I moved in closer and closer but she spun around and started twerkin in her mom's sexy leggings and bumping into my hardon.

You're gonna prove it to me, then take out that hard dick of yours.

I pulled my pants and briefs down and she started grinding up along the shaft of my dick, then lowered her ass while only grazing my dick, and repeating. I was already on the verge of cumming, so I grabbed her and licked the side of her neck. She turned her head and we made out. She turned to face me and I yanked her mommy's lycra tube top off of her and felt her breast.

I sucked on her nipples, pulled the leggings down and as I took her panties off I remembered that she was still holding the pink thong. I took it out of her hand.

What're you doing? Those are mine?

Are they yours? Well let me give them to you!

Yeah, give them to me, she said. I kissed her, letting my greedy tongue slither all around her young mouth.

Give them back! she said. I fucking want those thongs!

Okay if you insist, young lady. She squealed as I lifted her and placed her on the bed. Then I slid the thongs on her and slid them to the side to lick her pussy until she demanded that I fuck her.

I want your dick inside me! she said.

I was happy to oblige, fucking her missionary, doggystyle, and cowgirl. As she was riding my dick, I got up with her still on me, and stood on the floor holding her on my dick while fucking her.

When I knew I couldn't go on longer without cumming, I threw her on the bed, pulled the thongs off and stuck them in her mouth. I fucked her a minute longer, maybe less. Her hands were free and she could have taken them out of her mouth if she wanted, but she had submitted to me. I was her master and she was mine.

Not wearing a condom, I had to pull out before cumming. I helped my dick reach that final euphoric stage and blasted a load of cum onto her mommy's pretty little thongs in her mouth.

She kissed me lovingly before she left me on the bed and let herself out. Before I took a nap I noticed the little black dress. She had forgotten it. I hope she comes back for it!

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