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On the fifth year of Leomons death he returns and Jeri realizes her feelings go beyond a girl and her partner
I dont own digimon this is purely fan fiction if this one gets good reviews i might do another one.
Leomon Returns
Chapter 1
It had been five years since the death of Leomon. Jeri was now 17 years old and had grown into her body well. Her hair had grown and now touched her breast which were now 44D. She was a size 3 and had plenty of curves. While she has always felt like she had long legs she now felt like they were her best feature as they were smooth and silky. She went out for a walk grabbing her digivice every year on this exact same day to where she first met Leomon. When she arrived she had looked up at the sky she could remember how heroic he looked emerging out of that rainbow (and how handsome he looked at that. His muscles while huge fit his body perfectly and his pants contained what she thought to be a large cock. She shook her head disgusted. "What would Takato think if he had saw her lusting at her partner". The two had been dating for a while now yet she had still not let him take her virginity. She loved him but he was too much of a kid and she wanted to lose her virginity to a mon. "Man"! She yelled. It was then that it hit her that was why she wouldn't let Takato take her virginity. In some sick fantasy of hers Leomon was coming back and he would be her lover. Well it wasn't fair to Takato and it wasn't fair to her she was going to let Takato take her virginity and it was going to happen today.
Chapter 2
She was on her way to Takato's to let him take her virginity she had had it all planned out she would give Takato a basket and tell him to open it. Then run upstairs to use the bathroom. When he opened up the basket he would find a box of condoms, and when he ran upstairs to ask about it she would be on his bed naked. "I'm a genius". She snickered to herself. It was then she heard a beep and remembered the digivice in her pocket it was going crazy and it seemed to be picking up a signal Leomon's signal could it be he had returned. Well there was only one way to find out. "Leomon I'm coming for you"!
Chapter 3
"Ahhh"! Impmon yelled. He never felt so much pain in his life." I don't know what's happening but I feel like I'm losing power" all of a sudden he felt like he was releasing data. The data went to the primary village and in a matter of seconds a digital egg appeared. In as just as much time the egg hatched. "I've never seen an egg hatch that fast". Elecmon awed. A Punimon appeared from the egg then he digivolved into Tsunomon then again to Elecmon then finally to Leomon. "Am I in the Digital World"! Leomon roared. All Elecmon could do was nod. "Thank you for your help". He said and ran off. I'm coming for you Jeri he thought to himself.
Chapter 4
Jeri had been following the signal for a while and realized her search was in vain and had decided to turn around when suddenly these two men jumped out from behind the bushes and seized her. "Help"! She tried to yell but one of the men covered her mouth. "Now listen" he purred. "Your going to do what we tell you or I'll shoot you". Jeri had no idea what to do so she obeyed. "Now suck my cock" the other one finally speaking. She didn't know how but she had seen a few online videos and so she applied what she learned. Meanwhile the other one was playing with her pussy. "Man this is tight are you a virgin". He grunted. She could only nod. "I can't believe someone as beautiful as you is a virgin. Well your lucky to pros are going to be the one to do it." Tears shed down her face she wanted a man to take her virginity not to perverted bastards. "Oh man I'm going to cum take all of it or I'll shoot you". She had no choice she hated the thought but she wanted to live. He erupted inside her and she swallowed every drop she hated the taste but she pulled through. "My turn the other one said". While the one who's cock she just been sucking went to her pussy. He was licking and fingering her fussy. "I can't wait to fuck". He said. Meanwhile the other one was having his way with her face. It was then when she had an idea she bit down on his cock which caused him to yell. "I'm so sorry please don't hurt me Mr. Kidnapper it was an accident"! Jeri yelled. The kidnapper quieted her down. "Shhhhh I'm not going to hurt you but you do need to be punished". "Have your way with her". He told his partner. "You got it". He replied. "This is going to hurt a lot" he said snickering. Putting his cock between her pussy lips. She expected to feel a sharp pain but no all of a sudden she heard a voice. "Let her go you creeps"! It roared. She new the voice but it couldn't be could it. After that it was a bunch of nonsense but she did manage to pick out one thing. "FIST OF THE BEAST KING"! It was then she new that Leomon had came back for her. Tears of Joy streamed down her face as she realized she would get to lose her virginity to someone she loved. She felt big strong arms wrapped around her and she knew she was safe letting go off all senses she let Leomon carry her away.
Chapter 5
She woke up next to a sandwich on her bead. She looked around for Leomon and thought he had left her again, but he walked in the room and she relaxed. "Leomon your alive"! "Yes Jeri it was your loyalty that allowed me to be reborn and when you almost gave up on me I used my strength to come back". He replied. "Oh Leomon I'm so glad your back but Impmon absorbed you I thought you were gone for ever". "If data wants to escape it can escape". He said. She had a big smile on her face and she couldn't wait to tell everyone although she then realized something. "Hey Leomon how long can you stay"? "As long as you want me to stay I will stay." She was happy and she was... hungry she picked up a sandwich and was about to take a bite when she asked. "Hey Leomon have you eaten". "No Jeri I have not been around long enough to be hungry". "That's crazy". She replied back. "Your a digimon your always hungry".She said and ripped her sandwich in half giving Leomon the bigger half. "Here". She said. "Thank you Jeri I see you still have a lion's heart". He said with a smile. After he finished his sandwich he told her he had to pee and would be right back. "Oh she said the bathroom is right down the hall to the left". He looked confused and she guided him. "Hey how do digimon use the bathroom"? "Same as humans we have penises and vaginas they're usually just covered up by a pouch of some sort". "Oh". She replied. "Hey Jeri I'm having trouble". He said embarrassed. "Here I'll help you". He pulled down his pants and she couldn't help but stare. It had to be 8 inches long and it was still soft! She grabbed it and positioned it giving Leomon a nod he started to pee and when she was sure he was done let go and let him put his pants back up guiding him to the sink and helping him wash his hands. "Hey Jeri what were those two trying to do to you". "It's called rape". She explained. "When people want to have sex but get a thrill out of watching people suffer they often rape them". "Oh"! He snarled. "By the way what happened to those two"? She asked. "I took them to the police station and told them what happened. Oh yeah". He said taking out a paper and handing it to her. She read over it and saw it was a court notice. Great she thought I wasn't going to tell my dad so soon but now I have to. She put the paper in the desk. "So Jeri you've grown". He said. "You're beautiful. Not that you weren't before". "Thanks" she replied. "And you look like you got buffer". Leomon blushed a bit but then his face turned serious. "Jeri you shouldn't have been out there alone". He told her. "I'm a big girl I can take care of myself". She said some what offended. "That's not what I meant, and what we're you doing so far out in the woods anyway". "Well". She replied. "I picked up your signal and started to follow it". "I see." He stated. "Well I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you. I love you". This was it she thought it's now or never she pulled him in for a kiss, and he did not resist in fact he actually pulled her closer. "I love you too Leomon".
Chapter 6
They both pulled away she was afraid she had made some mistake. When he finally said. "I enjoyed that a lot, but we shouldn't have done it after all you are my tamer". "Leomon" she started. "I love you and I want you to take my virginity I don't care if you are my digimon". She got up and started to straddle him. It took all his might to resist her and even then it was a struggle. "No we can't it would be wrong. You should lose your virginity to a man not a mon". "If this is wrong". She purred. "I don't want to be right". She got off him and pulled his pants down. His cock was as stiff as a rock and was getting harder by the minute. Leomon let go of all resistance and let her do her thing. She began to suck his cock which had now stopped growing and was about 11 inches and thick. She started from the base and licked up and down the shaft. She then began to suck on the head and lick the slit of his cock. This owned a grunt of approval from Leomon. She engulfed about 4 inches and slowly moved up and down and started to pick up the paste. Unlike the people who captured her Leomon's cock tasted good. She tried to deep throat him bit it was simply too big. She managed to get about 5 inches in bit that was it. She pulled off and Leomon asked what was wrong. "I'm trying to deep throat you". She explain. He looked confused so she continued. "I try to put all of your cock in my mouth". He finally understood. "I think I read that from somewhere. It said the trick was to breathe through your nose". She decided that what she was doing wasn't going anywhere so she gave it a shot. Breathing only through her nose she wrapped her lips around his cock and started to suck. She managed to get 8 inches in but she still had 3 more to go. Leomon grabbed her head and started to help. Leomon had never felt so much pleasure before so he wanted to feel the full experience. She managed to get 9 then 10, 10 1/2 and finally all 11 inches. Leomon roared as he came and she swallowed all of it. He pulled out of her mouth and picked her up setting her gently on the bed. He went down to her pussy and started to lick he had saw one of her captors do it and he wanted to give it a try and he wasn't to bad if he did say so himself. After a few minutes she began to thrash around with her first real orgasm. She and Takato had fooled around and did some stuff but nothing ever felt this good. Leomon was hard as a rock again and so he asked if she was ready. "I think so". She replied. "Just be gentle". "I sure will". He purred back which do to the fact he's a cat sounded more natural. He put his cock inside her and moved in until he felt her hymen. "Are you sure". He asked. She nodded. Part of his instinct was to ravage her she wanted him and she would get him... all of him but his love prevented that. He pulled back and thrusted. He busted through the barrier and stopped. She screamed at the pain but after a while it felt good. "Go slow". She said. And Leomon began to slowly thrust in and out. He began to pick up the pace and she started to enjoy the sensation her moans were only matched by his gunts. He picked her off the bed and laid on the floor and she started to ride him. Leomon loved the feel of her tight ass slapping his thigh. "OH GOD FUCK ME"! She yelled. "HARDER FASTER DEEPER"! She finally errupted with an orgasm screaming. "She managed calm down and say "Leomon I want to try a new position". She got up and layed down on the bed but her legs were hanging off. "Come here". She invited. Leomon didnt waste a beat he moved to her exposed pussy and started to thrust in and out faster and faster harder and harder. "What is this position"? He asked. "Doggy style". She replied. Leomon couldnt help but burst into laughter. After a while she began to moan as she reached her third orgasm. "Oh god I'm coming again"! "Me too"! Leomon roared. "Come inside me"! "Ok"! He replied he thrusted a few more times and grunted as he and Jeri came together. After a few minutes he pulled out and stared at Jeri with intense eyes. "You know what we just did right". She nodded. "And your okay with it". Again she nodded. "Leomon I dont want you to have any regrets I love you okay". "Okay". "Leomon". "Yes Jeri"."I'm glad your back". "I'm glad I'm back too". They said as they both drifted off too peaceful slumber.
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