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It can be tough having an older sister. They feel like they rule the house just because they were born first, and you're the one always in their way, and so they take it out on you, or me in this case. I had this growing up two-fold, they were twins, so it felt like they were synchronising their aggression towards me, all the time, I was their scapegoat.

If they were ever bored, or frustrated, I was the one they took it out on. They would do things like have one of them hold me down while the other put makeup on my face against my will, while my parents barely cared at all having dealt with it for so long. I thought it was all over when they came of age to leave the house, but they stayed on living here, and the torment got worse as they reached maturity. Yeah, maturity, that's a bit of a stretch.

None more so did the torture become greater than it did on this weekend. The last weekend in August, a time which had become familiar to us as the weekend which our parents went away for it to celebrate their anniversary. This time around for the first time we were deemed by them old enough to stay in the house on our own for the weekend. I thought in their absence my sisters would have had plans to do other things, and maybe they would leave me alone for a bit, and I could finally get some rest-bite from them?

I was naive to think such a thing. It turns out for a while they had been planning something else entirely, something which heavily involved, well, the use of me, shall we say. It turns out as they had reached maturity, they had become a lot more curious sexually too, as can be expected. Though they had had gentleman callers on occasion, sometimes both of them with the same guy, which also lead to them trying more things together.

This was something which our parents didn't know, but I did, seeing as they'd told me anytime they did anything of that nature, as if they were bragging about their exploits, and threatened me into not to telling them. I had learned by now to listen to them when it came to threats, because they certainly had a knack for revenge. I was never sure quite what they got up to together, as they would never really mention specifics, but it was clear just from overhearing them sometimes that they had become more adventurous with it over time.

It was a warm saturday afternoon, where I was enjoying my moment of peace downstairs with the tele on, my sisters upstairs. I didn't know what they were up to, and quite frankly didn't care as long as they weren't annoying me. The peace wasn't to last, as Tara came crashing down the stairs, the older of which by five minutes, and slammed the door open. I knew from the smug look on her face, I was in for it.

"Hey little bro," she said with an evangelic tone, "Can we borrow you quickly, we want to try something?"

"Try what?" I asked with worry, fully aware of the past where I'd been more willing to help my sisters, and had that go horribly wrong.

"Let's just say, it's an experiment."

"No thank you," I replied, knowing full well that would not be accepted, "Just leave alone, please." I said in a naive hope that she would.

Tara walked over to me and sat down next to me, and moved up close and said, "Come on little bro, just do it for your big sisters."

I shook my head nervously and pushed away from her to the edge of the couch. A look of anger came across her face, and she pounced on me, grabbing me by both of my arms. I struggled to get free, and even though I'm not the strongest built I was still surprised how she could overpower me seemingly with ease.

"Well I guess we'll have to do it the hard way", she said to me, as she stood up still clutching my arms in her grasp, and started pulling me towards the door.

"Let go of me, bitch," I yelled at her in anger. I'd never used such language towards her, but I'd had enough of her and Tia's (my other sister, her twin) constant torment of me throughout my life. "What are you doing?" I asked, still struggling against her surprising strength.

"Like I said, it's just an experiment," she replied vaguely, "You know, this would be a lot easier for you if you let us do it." There wasn't a chance I was going to submit to her will, and I started struggling more, before falling to the floor still in my sisters clutches. She began dragging me across the hard-wood floor in the hall by my arms, before she came to the stairs and pulled me up them one-by-one, me hitting my head on each one as I passed it.

We reached the top of the stairs and I had still failed to break free of her vice-like grip, and she dragged me across my back along the carpet into the room she shared with her sister. She put me on the floor in front of their beds, which strangely they had pushed together to make a double, and there on the bed was Tia awaiting our return. She was dressed in something I hadn't seen her wear before, it sort of had a lingerie look to it, a sort of see-through white dress that barely covered over her arse, and her breasts almost popping out of them.

Even through my hatred of her, I had to admire just how attractive they both were, looking almost identical to each other. They were both around 5'7, three inches shorter than myself, they had just past shoulder-length straight blonde hair, and blue eyes I'm sure their lovers would get lost in. They both had a great figure too, I'd imagine size 8 dress size with both their bottoms and breasts notably sticking out to give them a sleek, curvy physique.

I had gotten lost in my own thoughts, not even noticing that Tara had changed so she was wearing just her skimpy bra and panties, while Tia pinned me down. With that, and just knowing them in general, I was starting to get an idea of what they were planning, though I didn't want to believe it. I could see no possible way out of it, with the both of them together more than capable of overpowering, especially considering what Tara had managed to do by herself earlier.

No one would hear me if I chose to scream my way out of it either, seeing as there was no one at home and we were in a fairly rural area with no other residence within earshot, and even if I'd tried I'm sure they'd just gag me, and if I was going through this anyway I'd rather have my voice for it, even if my voiced discontent were to be completely ignored. I was stuck here to be used for whatever they wished whether I liked it or not.

Tia stopped pinning me to the ground and both girls stood above me looking down at me. Neither said a word, they just glanced at each other and bent down to pick me up, Tia grabbing my arms with Tara grabbing my legs. I flailed wildly but they maintained control comfortably, and moved me over the bed and dropped me onto it on my back. Before I could even attempt to get up and escape, Tia jumped on me and pinned me to the bed with her body, while Tara went round the bed and handcuffed my ankles and then my wrists to the makeshift bedposts at each corner.

It was now clear to me that when they said they wanted to 'experiment' with me, they meant it in a sexual way. It would be completely non-consensual as I wouldn't have even considered it, especially with my sisters, but clearly neither of these factors seemed to bother them at all. In fact knowing them like I do, it would probably even spur them on. And even though I knew I wasn't going to enjoy what was coming, my body was reacting to the pressure Tia was putting on me with her body, and she looked up at me with an evangelic grin, clearly noticing that I was poking her through my trousers.

"I think he knows what's coming sis!" Tia said, sounding remarkably like her twin, looking over to her sister who had now climbed on the bed and knelt beside me to my left.

"Mm I don't think he wants it, just look at his face, but I bet he'll enjoy it. Won't you?"
Tara said, directing the question towards me. Not sure if it was rhetorical or not, I shook my head in panic, mistakingly so as I received a quick slap on the cheek for my disobedience.

"Take that as a warning," she scowled, "Because if you don't answer us correctly, or address us correctly for that matter; as either mistress or sis, whichever you're more comfortable with; we have plenty more ideas of how to punish you for your indiscretions. I could tell from the tone of her voice that she was serious, and that it would be in my best interest not to get on her bad side this time, especially considering the position of vulnerability I found myself in. "Are we clear?" she added.

"Yes, sis." I responded in fear, to which she fiercely replied, "Good, you little bitch."

Tia lifted herself off my body, now revealing the quite protruding tent I had going on beneath her. She then said to Tara, "Shall we begin then? Should we tell him what's going on, or leave it as a surprise?" Two questions which left me in an even deeper state of worry, I thought this was the surprise, what more could there possibly be? A dangerous question I immediately wished I hadn't thought of. Tara turned her attention towards me, and began to explain.

"Well you see little brother, as you well know me and Tia have been more adventurous in recent times, sexually. See, as we've been doing more things with each other, over time we've developed a sort of fantasy together, one which we're too cautious to try on some random guy we can pick up. But then we thought, we could do it with you, because we know you wouldn't dare to tell, would you? Because you know exactly what we're capable of if you did."

Tia continued on her behalf, "The point though, is we've been talking together recently about our fantasies, and one that we had in common was to completely dominate and humiliate a guy sexually, and you were the perfect candidate to perform our experiment on. We'll ease you in though, as we know you haven't had any sexual experience yet, so you can get used to the ropes, but after that you'll be all ours, forced to do whatever we wish. Is that clear?"

Out of pure fear for what they would do to me this time if I didn't comply, I nodded shakily and said, "Yes mistress." But I still couldn't understand how they thought this to be ethical, and continued, "But this isn't right. It's rape, it's incest, how do you think this is ok? How do you think you're going to get away with this?"

"We're already going to get away with this." Tara said, smugly, "Who are you going to tell, the police? Our parents? Who are they going to believe, two sweet, innocent, pretty young girls, or you? Besides when have our parents ever believed you on such things, or even cared? We're the golden children they wanted, you were their mistake."

Tia quickly jumped in to answer my other question, "Either way the rape thing we agreed was quite appealing to us too. It gave the domination and humiliation purpose, and makes it real, which just sounded irresistible to us." She reached over beside her bed and grabbed something, "Time to shut up now, time to begin." I soon realised it was a gag she'd reached for, and put it over my mouth as I put in my last few desperate attempts to stop them. There was nothing more I could do to prevent what was coming.

Both girls began tearing my clothes from my body, and left them in a ruined pile on the floor. Tia then moved forward and sat on my stomach, and leaned forward so her breasts were pressing against my chest. I couldn't help but look down, and I noticed how big they were, they looked bigger than I'd ever seen them before, maybe I had just noticed because of the circumstances? "I'm gonna tell you a secret," she whispered to me, "One of my fantasies is to be impregnated by my little brother, so that's what we're going to try now."

The thought of fathering my sisters child disgusted me, but my body betrayed me once more as the thought of having sex was enough to get the blood flowing in my penis, as it stiffened up, ready to be put inside my sister. She shifted her way back down my body slowly, until I could feel the tip of my dick press against her underside, which was now so stiff it was pointing directly at it. I then noticed Tia had no panties on under her revealing lingerie, and I noticed how wet she was getting as she got up to start grinding along my shaft.

She lay back down across my body, and got hold of my hardened member and moved it into place, feeling around her genitals for the opening. Once she had found the hole she started to push back against it, my tip reluctant to go in despite how well lubricated she was from her leaking juices, and finally the whole head went in with a 'pop'. She continued to move down, breasts dragging across my chest as she did, moving my dick further into her tight vagina which felt as if it were unused, getting harder for it to go any further as it went, but she forced it through until my entire 6 inched, thick member was buried deep inside her.

Meanwhile Tara had moved to the back behind us as to get a better view, and just couldn't help herself at the sight of her little brother being inside her twin sister, and she lay down behind us rubbing her clit, and reached down and massaged my balls and licked between them and our sister's pussy skilfully. Tia had begun to build momentum, move up and down on my stick, still rubbing her chest on mine, and was encouraged to go faster by her sister eating us behind, and went for faster thrusts which seemed to send me deeper still inside her.

She then reached up and popped her eager breasts out the top of her lingerie to reveal some beautiful, round 34D breasts, with proportionately big brown nipples that stuck out well. This sent me over the edge as I began thrusting into her myself from off the bed, and with one final brutal push deep inside her I began to cum, shooting thick streams of cum straight into her pussy. It lasted for ages, and was easily the best orgasm I'd ever had, and as I finished a hot flush came over me in an afterglow. I could feel myself slowly getting softer inside her, but it still gripped to the outer walls of her tube, before she finally pulled out, not letting a drop of semen spill out, and Tara cleaned off the remains from my tip.

While Tia was still horny from our session together, Tara rolled her sister to the side of me, and grabbed a dildo out of the drawer next to her. It was huge, must have been twice the size of my penis when at it's best, yet she was able to get it three-quarters of the way inside her pussy, and she violently masturbated her sister with it. Tia couldn't control herself, and left a gaping mouth with the occasional short scream, and tensed up her body as the orgasm was building. Finally she lay back and pushed her pelvis up, and let out a long, loud scream of pleasure, juices now visibly flowing out of her pussy onto the black dildo, soaking it.

She calmed down from her orgasm what must have been at least a couple of minutes after and Tara removed the penetrative device from her sister, and moved up to passionately kiss her on the lips. They both kissed for ages, pressing closely against one another, occasionally stopping to suckle at each others breasts, with Tara's now too being revealed from above her skimpy bra, at a size almost as big as her sisters, maybe 34C this time, but visually just as impressive. They would kiss with mouths wide open, passionately moving their tongues around and between them, almost as if they were putting on a show just for me.

Sure enough, the sight of it was enough to get me going again, quite soon after the last endeavour, and they looked over at me with visible pride on their faces at the fact that they had aroused me. They got off of each other and removed what was left of their clothes, and started to crawl along the bed towards me, Tara at my head with Tia below. Tia got between my legs and cowered down, while Tara then straddled over me sitting on the top of my chest, mercilessly tore off my gag and simply said, "My turn." Tara then got up and turned to face her sister at the foot of the bed, and hovered over my face before lowering herself onto me, and smothered my face between her butt cheeks.

I could barely breathe, with my nose just barely out from under her, but nestled right next to her clenched arse hole. I could only look up and see her glowing blonde hair running down her curved back of smooth, perfectly tanned skin. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, "Come on, lick it bitch!" Not wanting to disobey, I opened my mouth right at her pussy lips, and started to lick up and down her vagina, lips pressed against hers, licking right up to the clit.

Meanwhile Tia had grasped hold of my erect penis once more, and rubbed up and down the shaft, and put her mouth at the end of it and began licking the tip of my penis. She then engulfed it into her mouth, shoved it as far down her throat as she could before gagging, and pulled back a little before settling into a rhythm of thrusting on it and licking around it. She even sought out to get her tongue between the foreskin and the head, and licked it clean. The sensation was wonderful.

By now I had been getting to work on my other sisters pussy, as she excreted moans of pleasure, and even began bobbing up and down on my face as I penetrated her soaking pussy with my tongue, and she massaged her breasts and her erect nipples. Her moans were getting louder as my tongue movement penetrated deeper, and with Tia masterfully sucking my cock down below, it was enough to make me cum again, thrusting into Tia's mouth as it happened to her shock, shooting jet streams of more thick cum into her mouth, some she swallowed some she left swimming around inside.

She squeezed the remains out and cleaned up, and with a mouthful left she moved up me again and sat on my stomach. She then kissed Tara and shared the remains of my semen with her, the first of my load she'd had in her, and was clearly grateful. It wasn't long before she was ready herself, her pussy clenching on my tongue as her juices flowed into my mouth and across my face, as she shook in her own orgasm. She collapsed into her sister's arms, and lovingly kissed her in triumph.

At this point I hadn't realised it had gotten so dark outside, and had been for a while. The day was over, so maybe my part in this facade was done? Not likely. Tara and Tia both agreed that it was time to go to sleep, as they had a lot more in store for me tomorrow. They left me tied to their beds in fear that I would get away, which is clearly what I would have tried to do. Although, as I began to think to myself, that session wasn't so bad, and was actually quite enjoyable with two incredible orgasms, but maybe it wasn't as bad as I had feared, or maybe they were just warming me up to it.

At the end of a long, hard day though, the two girls almost lovingly lay down either side of me, and snuggled up closely to me and cuddled. They quickly went to sleep, and I lay there with them laying on either side of my chest with their respective breasts firmly pressed against my ribs, clutching around my arms and wrapping around one of my legs each with both of theirs. We lay their in an afterglow, feeling a strange sort of affection for my sisters, even through all they'd put me through. But instead of basking in the afterglow of it, all that was on my mind was what they could possibly have in store for me tomorrow.

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