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Muslim Mother wants son's "Holy Cock" to cleanse her.
Introduction: This is a three part story that I first posted on another site, I thought I would share my work on here too. This story is purely fictional, therefore it shouldn't be taken too seriously, its a tongue and cheek story so do enjoy it. It contains incest so if its not your thing then do not read. Also please forgive me if there are any typos or grammatical errors.

"I hate her, I absolutely fucking hate her. The woman just gets on my nerves," The woman Javed was talking about was his mother Farhana.

They just had one of there big arguments, and as usual it ended it with Javed leaving his house in anger. Javed wasn't the type of guy who would get angry often, in fact amongst his friends he was known for his calm and collected demeanour. But when it came to his mother that calm and collected demeanour usually went out the window.

The woman was hard to please, Javed was young and very intelligent young man, he always got good, hell even great grades at school, then collage. These grades had even helped him get in to one of the top universities in the country but his mother still disapproved of him, whilst any mother would proud of her child achieving so much, Farhana was a different story all together.

Whilst she certainly was impressed with his academic excellence, what bothered her the most was her son's stance on religion. Farhana had been brought up in a strict Muslim family from birth, the importance of religion was embedded in her from the beginning. It was an essential part of her life, therefore seeing her son flaunt prayers, openly mock Islam made her angry.

She also disapproved of the whore his son called "girlfriend". Caught up in this crossfire of in this war was Javed's father and Farhan's husband Ali. Whilst Ali would try his best to diffuse the "war" between his and wife as best as he could, he also enjoyed it to certain extent it had become a daily routine.

All his wife and son saw was there hate for each other, but Ali could also see the love. Javed had gotten in to cycle accident about a year ago, the first person rush to his side was his mother. Whilst they might say they hate each other, it was clear to Ali that deep down these two did love each other dearly.

The Day

"Javed why didn't you do you prayers yesterday,"Farhana shouted as Javed entered the kitchen.

"why didn't I? Hmmm well the reasons pretty simple really, I just wasn't bloody bothered to do it" retorted Javed.

That retort was enough to send Farhana over the edge, she was ready to erupt like a volcano "Astagfirullah(Forgive me lord), you dirty kuffar(non believer), you ungrateful piece of shit. How dare you mock Islam, you don't have enough time to pray but you have enough time to fuck that kuffar whore, you think I don't know what you are fucking up to you cunt."

Javed just couldn't handle it any more he just burst in to fit of laughter, Farhana looking confused and still very angry asked, "Why the hell are you laughing."

Javed tried to stop the laughter but he just couldn't "Well my dear mother, you like your religion are just full of contradictions. I am pretty sure in the Quran it say's some where that you should avoid using foul language. But here you are cursing a like sailor."

Farhana couldn't handle it any more. "Get the hell out of the house, NOW!."

"Yes your highness," bowed Javed as he left the house with a big smile on his face.

He needed to get to college any way. Soon as he got to his college he realised instantly that he had forgotten his books back at home. Which meant he had to go back to the battlefield, although he had won the morning battle he wasn't too sure if he could win another won, but he needed his damn books.

So Javed made his way back home dreading the fact that he would have to deal with his mother again. Javed was hoping that he could sneak in to the house quietly and get his stuff, so he opened the door quietly trying not to make any sound he crept inside whilst closing the door behind him.

He quickly checked the living room to see if his mother was there but, nor was she in the kitchen which probably meant that she had left to go shopping. Javed couldn't believe how lucky he was, his mother wasn't home "Thank god," that made Javed smile.

He was making his way up stairs when he suddenly heard a scream "ALLAHHHHH! Aaaaaalllah, that feels great ughhhhh."

By the sound of the screams, the moaning and the grunts Javed guessed that his father had decided to pay his mother a visit for lunch, it seemed like they were enjoying it and were well in to it. He decided that he should leave them to it, let them have there fun, plus he would have to pass there bedroom on the way to his.

He didn't think he could deal with the image of his parents fucking, he had to admit he was a little curious but not that curious.

As he was about to leave he realised something he hadn't seen his dad's car in front of the house "Maybe he took the bus or something," he thought to him self.

Just as he was about to open the door I leave he heard his mother scream,"Oh god, oh god yesssss, this feels great. Yes keeping fucking, ohhhhh, ughh, ughhh. Yeah fuck me oh ALLLLAHHH! that's it.

"Imaam (Priest) Masood, harder, harder, do it fucking harder. Cleanse my pussy with your dick... oh god."

Javed stopped dead in his track, "What the fuck, Imaam Masood!"

He realised that his mother was not up there with his father but the fucking local Imaam. That hypocritical whore, she was fucking cheating on his father. As he stormed up the stairs the grunting, the moaning and the sound of the bed squeaking increased.

The door of the bedroom was closed but not fully it was slightly ajar. He had planned it in his head, he was going to storm in to the room grab that bloody Imaam, give him a good ass whooping throw him out the house and then he would deal with that whore he called mum.

But as he approached the door for some reason he stopped. He didn't know why but instead just kicking the door open he opened slightly and peaked inside.

The image of his mother on all fours getting taken from behind, made his dick stir. He knew that seeing her like this so depraved and slutty, it should have disgusted him. But he just stared at her in wonder, he was particularly mesmerised by her firm boobs. Her body was surprisingly in a good condition, she had curves in all the right places.

He could feel his cock straining against his jeans, he felt his hand involuntarily move towards his crotch. Then suddenly he snapped out of this trance and barged in to the room, soon as he entered Farhana's eye met her son's.

That was enough to send her over the edge and she came instantly,"Oh ALLLAHHH....I'm cummingggggg."

The site of her son standing there watching her made the orgasm even more powerful. Javed had enough he marched up to the bed, grabbed the bloody Imaam who was so in to fucking Farhana that he had failed to notice Javed.

Javed grabbed the Imaam and threw him off the bed on to the floor, he then began to kick and punch the Imaam furiously, taking out all his anger on him. Javed was angry at his mother for being such a hypocritical slut.

He was angry by the fact that he had caught his mother with the Imaam of all people, he was angry at him self for being so turned on by his mother and angry because he believed for some perverted reason that it should have been him ramming his cock in to her womb.

Javed suddenly stopped beating the crap out of the Imaam and told him to get dressed. He also in detail explained to the Imaam what he would do to him if he ever saw him next to his home, lets just say it involved a baseball bat and a hole in the Imaams body. With that the Imaam turned and ran away from the house, he would never again come near this house ever.

Javed then turned towards his mother, who was still lying on the bed naked. His eyes scanned the whole of her naked body, it was the first time in his entire life that he looked at his mother as a woman.

A woman that he wanted so bad, his mother was about 5'5, her legs were smooth and silky. Her light brown eyes were focused on the bulge in his jeans, he saw her lick her lips whether it was an voluntary or involuntary action he did not know.

Because he was too busy devouring her firm and large breasts if he had to take a guess they were at least size 34 E, the size didn't surprise him as much as how firm they were, with no visible signs of sags. Her body was surprisingly well toned, with luscious curves at her hip. He moved towards her, he had so many things that he wanted to say to her.

Javed stopped at the edge of the bed, he looked at his mother whose eyes were still transfixed on his bulge. He didn't know what came over him, instead of shouting at her, he placed his left hand on his mothers breast. Soon as he touched her, she gasped and let out a little moan. Her nipples had become hard soon as he had touched her.

Her breast felt soft and warm, he gave it a squeeze "Oh Javed...!" moaned his mother.

He felt her place her hands on his hard-on, her touch sent a shiver down his spine. She then started to gently caress the outline of his penis, which got harder and harder with her touch. She then kissed it, even through the jeans he could feel how soft her lips were.

She then unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it down, she then kissed his cock again. It took all of Javeds will to stop him blowing his load right then. His mother then pulled his boxers down, his cock sprang up instantly and hit her under her chin.

She gasped with amazement at the size of the monster that was right in front of her. She thought the Imaam with his 8 inch cock was huge but her son's monster had to be at least 11 inch's.

"Look at how big you are my son, your mother didn't know that her son had such a monster in his pants if she did, she would have...!"she said in an innocent voice.

She paused and kissed the tip of her son's monster. He let out a soft moan, seeing his mother in awe of his cock was too much but he still held on. He could feel her tongue licking his shaft up and down, she looked up and gave him a smile, a mischievous smile, a smile that indicated how badly she wanted his cock.

He knew he should have stopped her there, he knew in the back of his mind that he was betraying his mother but the lust he saw in his mothers eyes made him forget all that.

"You want you son's cock don't you, you fucking whore. You want you son's hot load don't you," asked Javed.

His mother nodded enthusiastically and in the most innocent tone ever said, "Yes, I do I want my big boy's wonderful cock I want your hot seed in my mouth and my...cunt!"

Now it was Javed's turn to smile, the mischievous smile. He could tell that she wanted it badly but he decided to tease for a bit, "No we can't do this mum, it's haram(forbidden). We should stop this now, it goes against our religion."

He could see the confusion in his mothers face, she was trying to figure out a way to justify this, he enjoyed seeing her struggle. " My body has been possessed by a demon, it has made me sex-starved slut. And the only way to get rid of it was to have a big cock penetrate me, so that the demon could be exorcised from my body.

"See that's why the Imaam was here, to perform the exorcism but he was just taking advantage of me. Then Allah sent you and your monster to me, because he knew the Imaam was not pure in his intentions. So its your duty as my son to help, save me from the hell fire. Don't let me become a sinner use that holy cock."

Javed finally realised how hopeless and desperate his mother was. If he was a superstitious idiot he may have actually believed the story but he wasn't but it didn't matter what kind of dumb religious reason his mother came up with or not he wanted her.

She opened her mouth to say something, it was at that moment Javed shoved his "Holy cock" in to his mothers mouth. He saw how her whole moth enveloped his whole cock, he could feel the back of her throat.

"Oh mum, your mouth feels so great, oh yeah...thats it you slut," groaned Javed.

His mother held on to his cock like her life depended on it. She was gagging on the cock, he could see her going to red due to the lack of air. But she still held on, then she finally relented and pulled his "holy cock" out of her mouth. Then she was at it again, swallowing the whole cock again, Javed then felt his mother's hand on his ass. She was playing with his ass, squeezing and pinching it.

Her hands slowly moved towards his ass crack, he felt her fingers circling his ass hole. This made his cock even harder, his mother released his cock once more to get some air, she then licked the head of his cock with her tongue, her tongue swirled around his cock, it was almost as if his mother was sucking a huge lollipop.

She took his cock in her mouth again, sliding his massive cock in and out of her luscious lips. She went faster and faster, she could tell that his hot seed was building up in his balls. He would soon release his hot semen in to her mouth, she couldn't wait to taste it. Javed then slowly started to move his hips, he was moving it back and forth. He held on to his mothers head as he moved his hips in and out of her, he picked up speed with each thrust.

He was now fucking his mothers mouth, with each thrust he could feel the back of her throat hit his "holy cock". He felt his mother enter one of her fingers in to his ass hole, that finally broke his will.

"Oh mum....uhhh....I'm cum...cummmin," Javed said as he felt his mother clamp down his cock harder in anticipation of his cum.

Then he finally erupted, spewing wave after wave of hot cum, Farhana like a slut wildly sucked on her son as he kept on unloading his boiling semen. She couldn't get enough of his thick cum as it flowed down her throat.

Javed could see his mother admirably trying to swallow it all of it but there was too much, he could see his mother mouth over flowing with his thick cum. Farhana pulled away from Javed's cock, thinking she had swallowed every last drop of his cum, soon as she pulled out another blast of thick cum hit her face.

She wasn't going to let Javed sweet cum go to waste, so she wiped all the cum of her face. Farhana then began to lick the cum of her hand.

"That was great my son, your hot cum has lessened the demons grip on my body. But I think I need more of it. So why don't you come take care of mum's boobies like you used to."

Javed was more than happy to oblige, as he approached to devour his mothers heavenly breasts as his mother had put it, the phone began to ring. He told his mother to get the phone, whilst he took care of her.

As he began to suck on her breast like once did when he was only a child he could sense his mother tensing up, "Javed stop...this," her voiced seemed weak all of sudden.

So reluctantly he stopped sucking on her tits "What is it mum," he said.

He looked up to his mothers face, he could see tears welling up in her eyes,"Its your father my son, he's...had an accident. They've taken him to the hospital."

And with that the flood gates opened, Farhana began to cry. Is this some kind of punishment for what I have just done she thought to her self, the same thought that passed through her son. He pulled his mother closer to him as they embraced, he couldn't but help think that some how this was his fault his punishment.

To Be Continued

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Fuck you and your Quran, Muslim goat fucker. Your stories are trash.

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2013-09-01 10:44:18
A very well written and thought out story (so far). Where you go now in chapter Two will tell if you have actual knowledge of the Quran or a passing knowledge of it. I understand it is so strict that there is no left or right of it , just straight ahead . Keep up the good work. Good Luck !! (countrycadillac)

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