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Young college student looks for her very first master.
Her Very First Master

Kelly was a complicated girl. On the outside she was a nice, kind, smart and intelligent girl. She was a good college student who followed the rules. Yet on the inside was a rebel, someone who wanted to be bound, tamed, whipped, and pleasured. And most of all, she yearned for the one she loved (who currently was on hiatus at the moment, unable to commit 100% and not able to just be friends either, very frustrating).

Her interest in BDSM began a couple years ago. It started off of course with simple reading of stories. At first some things disgusted her, but as she got older she began to like other elements more and more. She was about 20 when she went looking for her first master. She wanted a handsome master; gentle enough to be loving, and dominant enough to restrain her and fuck her however he pleased. It was a tall order.

After joining a couple websites, attempting several dating sites, etc. she found him. His name was Isaac. He was a handsome man, with dark hair and brooding eyes. He was taller then her (she was on the taller side, so it was nice to find someone who was taller then her), and best of all he was an experienced master.

There first initial meeting was at a coffee shop nearby. Knowing how new she was to game, he gave her no instructions except to wear a shirt that showed off her cleavage, a skirt, and no panties. Kelly was flustered by the rules, but she followed them anyway. She arrived at the coffee shop looking very beautiful. Her short blonde hair framing her face, her borderline d sized breasts practically breaking out of her shirt aching to be teased, and a skirt that-unfortunately-was too long for her master’s liking.

She saw Isaac sitting at a coffee table near the back corner of the room. He smiled sensuously at her, and beckoned her over with his finger. She sat down across from him. “Good girl,” he murmured, “you came.”

“Yes Master” she responded looking down at the table. He chuckled.

“My my, so eager to call me that. You must be aching for a dom.” She nodded hastily, glancing quickly from side to side, hoping that none would notice her calling him master.

He looked at her curiously, “Do you like croissants?”

“Yes,” she responded.

“Good, I got one for you.” He slid over a puffy croissant. She smiled at the kind gesture.


“Ah ah ah,” he teased, “that’s Thank You Master.” He grinned.

“Thank you master,” she responded. She ate the croissant.

Isaac glanced down where it most mattered, at her breasts, practically popping out of her shirt.

“My dear,” he swooned, “I think we must leave immediately.”

“But I’m not done with my croissant,” she gurgled, her mouth of full of the pastry.

He laughed, ”and you’re cute too! Wonderful. You’re be a pleasure to tame.” Then he smiled sinisterly, “although I’d be more glad with my cock instead of that croissant in that pretty little mouth of yours.”

“Yes Master,” she responded quickly. She ached to give this hot master of hers a good sucking. She quickly swallowed the croissant and followed him to his car.

Once they entered the vehicle and drove away he looked quite happily at her skirt.

“Show me your pussy,” he commanded.

“What?” she asked, scared and trembling.

He laughed, “Show me that nice, pink, wet, pussy of yours.”

She slid her skirt of and spread her legs for him, blushing profusely. Her pink mound was on display for any car onlooker to see, and her curly pubic hair framed her vulva and clitoris quite nicely. Her master smacked his lips.

“Delicious,” he murmured, and then he suddenly took his hand and spanked her wide-open pussy. “Good girl,” he grinned. “You’re mine.”

“Yes Master!” Kelly moaned, “Oh master,” she begged, “spank me again! Please, my pussy needs a good spanking.”

Her master looked delighted. Once they hit a red light he began spanking her wet mound profusely. Kelly moaned with delight, “Thank you Master,” she moaned, “Thank you.”

“My little naughty slut,” he chimed, “your enslavement has just begun! Soon we will have lots of fun; I’ll own your pussy and spank your bum. Now, you belong to me forevermore, so suck my cock as your daily chore.”

“Uhhhh” Kelly moaned. All the while during her pussy spanking he had rhymed her terms of enslavement. “Yes Master, yes master, yes master,” she said.

“Good girl” he smiled pervishly. Then said, “We’re here.”

There they were at an apartment complex.

“My apartment is on the fifth floor, it is a penthouse suite. Come my pleasurable plaything, take off your clothes and walk with me.”

“yes sir.” Kelly replied.

She was fully undressed now. He spanked her pussy one more time, and gave her a collar to put one. She happily obeyed.

They walked to the elevator, and went up to this penthouse suite.
Several men watched the young woman being led by her master, and all whistled and hooted and hollered. “I wanna spank that!” shouted an old army veteran.

“Come now sweetie,” her master chimed, he opened the door to his lavish apartment. Go to the bedroom and wait for your master.”

She obeyed. She climbed into his bed and spread her legs wide obediently. When he entered the room he was fully naked and he came with a rope to tie her body with, a blindfold, and a paddle. Kelly’s eyes widened. His penis was an outstanding sight to behold, strong and capable, and roughly 7 ½ inches long. His chest was broad and handsome. His face was smiling in an evil looking grin. “My little slut, minx, vixen, now shall I tame you. Keep your collar on, I’m going to blindfold you.”

She nodded and whimpered in compliance, her submission was eminent. He let out a devilish laugh. “Soon you shall feel my powerful cock,” he said while blindfolding her, “your master wills it that you live with him for the week. You’ll be my personal fuck slave this entire week. Only when I let you shall I release you. I shall do to you whatever I wish. Is that clear slave?”

“Whatever you please my dear master,” she replied. He grinned, “what an obedient girl,” he chuckled, “I hope you take my penis well, or I’ll torture the hell out of that sweet little pussy of yours.” She nodded in compliance.

Kelly found herself bound with her hands to the bedposts. He then managed to raise her feet and legs to meet in bondage with her hands. She was at his complete whim and mercy. She whimpered, half out of fright, half out of delight. She felt his cock touch her pussy. She heard him speak, “since you like getting spanked on your pussy so much,” he chuckled delightfully, “I’ll start with that first. Are you ready my little slut?” “yes master,” Kelly trembled.

He removed his cock from the outlines of her pussy, and then all of a sudden-SPANK-the paddle came down hard upon her pussy. Kelly let a delightful shriek ring out of her mouth; her pussy became wet to the touch. Her master continued spanking her. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. Kelly struggled to get free; the delightful and yet naughty sensation rang throughout the whole of her pussy.

Then came the cock sucking. Her master hesitated a long while between the spanking and the blowjob, and the slave howled in her anticipation.

“Good girl,” he cooed.
He let the tip of his penis touch her lips, “open,” he commanded. She opened her mouth and he thrust his penis inside of her, his slave gagging. “Good girl,” he teased. “Suck it hard.” Kelly sucked her Master’s cock for a good long while, before her master came he took his penis out of her mouth, spanked her pussy one more time, cried out, “you’re mine!” and thrust his penis into her.

“Who’s your master?”
“You sir! Fuck me harder!”
“You little slut you, you’re mine, you-your pussy-and your delicious breasts. Tell me you’re mine,”
“Oh master, my pussy is yours, my breasts are yours, my body is yours, master…ohhhhhh…..master”.

Her master came inside of her spilling his seed in her vagina. Then he sucked her tits for a very long time. It must’ve been an hour for when he finished, and un-blindfolded his pleasure slave, it was dark outside.

He left her there, legs and hands bound, telling her he would be back shortly. Exposed to the naked air, Kelly waited patiently for her Master Isaac’s return, wanting him to spank her into submission, and wishing for the hardness of his cock to penetrate her mouth and dominate her pussy.

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