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“ Nympho”

By Blueheatt


….she got quite a shock from the book….so far…..yet reflecting back it made her so aroused she found herself touching herself with wide open legs. She read over the hottest part and wished…….. it was her…… She was 13, and I figure the girl who wrote the book must be about 13 also.

__The people next door had moved out. Being nosy I looked at all the stuff being thrown away by the curb. I strolled by early in the morning and spotted a red book that had fell off by the curb. I looked around and tucked it in my jeans. Back to the house I went to see what was in this un marked book. I opened it and there was written: “Diary”.

On the first page was written: “I have to tell someone about this, so dear diary you are it.”

“Well diary,… it first started when I was a young girl. My aunt was baby sitting me and was in my room as I got ready for bed. She told me what a great body I was getting and did I know that some family females had something ’special’, she called it. I said no.”

“She said she needed to test me so if I was ’special’ I would know how to handle it.”

I was so young I wanted to be ’special’ but if it was something weird, I didn’t. I decided to not be ’special’ and decide later if I wanted it known to anyone. She took me in the bathroom and locked the door. She had her purse and had me stand against the wall. She had me close my eyes. I had on a long night gown and nothing else. I waited and then I felt her hand start feeling my tits. She said: “Tell me how you feel.” It felt real good and exciting but I said I just felt her hand on me. Next I felt her hand between my legs. She said to spread my legs. I felt her finger probing around the upper part of my pussy.

There was no hiding it, as I started feeling wonderful feelings and breathing hard. Her finger rubbing on my clit as I learned it was called. My legs got weak and wobbly it felt so good. She stopped as I gathered myself. I peeked and she was digging in her purse. I closed my eyes again and waited. She took my hand and put it on a rubber cock she had. I had seen them on porn videos. Again she said: “Tell me how you feel.” My fingers tingled and so did my pussy and even my nipples as I felt all over the cock. I had to say it, this was exciting me to the max. “Auntie, this is making me tingle all over.” Without even thinking, I began to rub the cock on my clit. Auntie pulled it away and said: “Your special ok, now…I have to teach you how to masturbate to keep you out of trouble.”

Trouble?….She explained our urges can get so high, we have to get relief. She showed me how to rub myself and get all wet. She then took out a smaller rubber cock and had me put it in my pussy. I went into shock it felt so good. My legs began to sink to the floor as I pumped the cock in me. Auntie held me up and she held the cock. My pussy instantly began to hump the cock as a driving force took over to make it feel better and better. Now Auntie and I both held the cock and moved it in me deeper and faster.

Her other hand was rubbing her own pussy up and down. We both began to moan quietly at first, then I had to rub my clit along with all of this. I began to quiver all over as the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt came to my pussy. Auntie shook too as we moaned together and held on as to not fall down. I managed to stay standing as I slowly moved the cock in and out of me. Auntie pulled it out and put it her pussy as we both worked in and out of her.

We were out of breath and didn’t want this to end.

We had about an hour before my dad was due back. We laid on my bed and Auntie explained about nymphomania and we had it. It was a wonderful asset when controlled. She told me how she kept a steady supply of horny guys to keep her satisfied.

She owned a men and boys clothing store. In a unmarked private changing room, she had guys fucking her all the time. She had 5 regular guys. They would go in a regular changing room and through another door to the private room. No lights. They turned on the switch which lit a little blue light out in the display room. She had the other employees take over and she went in the back to get some cock.

She said growing up, her brother supplied all the cock she desired.

I thought a minute….her brother was….my daddy. I looked at her shocked. She said: “That’s right, your daddy and I have been fucking since I was your age. He’s a nympho too….and one of my regulars at the store,…. and he’s the best.”
Dear Diary,
___This was a lot for me to digest that evening, but there was no going back, I was horny all the time now. Auntie gave me the rubber cock to keep. It was my new boyfriend and I even kept it in my pussy all day at school. I gave it blow jobs, sucked and lick it but all the time waiting for the real thing. I went down to the clothing store to watch the blue light come on. I envied Auntie having all the cock she wanted. My turn was closer that I knew.

I saw a boy from my school. We stopped and talked and I told him my Aunt owned this store. He whispered that his dad came here all the time and he thought something was going on between my Aunt and him. His dad always told him to wait out here while he went in the changing room. I said to show me which changing room. We both snuck in, and there was the second door. We both listened at the door. We both smiled as we knew the sound of two people fucking. That sound went straight to my pussy as it started to tingled and then I saw the boy with a big hard on in his pants.

My legs started to quiver. The boy was as aroused as I was. He said to meet him after school at his tree house in his back yard. I put my hand on my very first boys hardon. We had to leave as the fucking noises stopped. I wanted to feel his bare cock and suck on it real bad.

____The next afternoon I went down the alley way like he said to do. There was the tree house. My pussy was full of tingles and all wet now.
I stopped reading the diary.

Reading this story had given me a real hot feeling…..

IF…this was the diary of that girl next door, and IF I had only known, I could have been playing around with her all this time. My memory pictures of her ran though my mind over and over. She was so damn hot and sexy looking and a nympho too? I couldn’t let this girl slip away from me. You see….I’m curious about girls and guys. Reading about this, got me hot…real hot.

I had to sort out what was going on next door where I found the diary when the girl and her dad lived there. I had seen the girl several times and she was young, very sexy looking. I wonder if this diary was hers. I had to go look in that trash further and try and find the clothing store. That evening I went back to the trash container and looked further. I found a receipt from a men/boy clothing store in the mall. I had to try and find out if the nymph girl in the diary was indeed, the girl that had lived next door. I read on……


___The next part of the book was real a real shocker. The girl told in detail about meeting Darla. (I took down my shorts and began to finger my self, deeper & deeper as I read…).

___” Darla was a real knockout, but she was a real hermorifidte, yes a penis and a virgina. She appeared like a woman, but she needed 50% female attention and 50% female sex. She was the same age as me….13.

Darla & I hooked up slowly and were lightly touching and I was getting wet. She smiled and whispered: (“…I’ve never felt like this before…you’re beautiful…“). I got so hot I started kissing her, and she melted in my arms. I got on my knees and started licking Darla’s pussy (no panties) and to my surprise discovered her penis…..Darla didn’t stop me but pulled my head in tight. I didn’t expect that. I put my mouth around the top of her pussy…..she went crazy. The penis got big as she pumped it in. She held my head tight and moaned……

Darla had never had her penis ‘in’ anything before…and this was the ultimate feeling. I felt how hot her legs and butt cheeks were. Pussy juice ran down her leg and on to my fingers. She moaned long and kept pumping as her penis got so big. She whispered..(“…I’m gonna…I… oh my…Ohhhhhh…”)….and her first cum came….a flood of white juice entered my mouth. She just kept cumming…each time I licked the underside…she came….she kissed the top of my head……finally her legs began to fail…..I slowly lowered her to the floor.

I lie on my side…I licked her pussy while holding her penis….I felt my leg slowly being lifted. She had the longest tongue, with both arms around my waist, she pulled my pussy to her tight….and her tongue went deeper and deeper. I wasn’t use to this and moaned loud but with pleasure….oh such pleasure…

___Girl to girl. One nympho, one with both penis & vagina and both sexes heated up. She took Angie’s fingers and pushed them in her pussy. The humping began….

*I stopped for a second…I felt a little dizzy.
I rubbed my pussy…it never felt so good. The excitement increased. I loved the feeling as I undressed….I felt my breasts over and over.

I closed my eyes….I breathed hard as I rubbed my pussy…. it was so exciting….I pictured her with her finger….oh my….it itched deeper inside…I put my legs behind my head….I could see my pussy….I was inch away from my pussy lips….I stuck out my tongue…I licked my pussy. I had two fingers inside, then 3 and finally 4….I raised my hips up…I started to shake…

All of a sudden….
a warm feeling came over me…I went weak with….. ecstasy….

*I knew now…. I had to hook up with Angie.

That day I continued reading_______

“The room was hot with heavy breathing, Darla‘s skirt was up around her waist. Angie’s hand was between her legs and Darla’s hips were working up to a super climax. She had never had both sexes going at same time. She muffled the moan as best she could….then she could hold back no more…..…“Oh….. my god…”a flood of her first cum let go…”Yes!”…moaning & moaning over & over….”Oh god yes!”, she said….over & over….

Angie kept sucking over and over, with her fingers massaging her “g” spot. It was Angie first time to have dual cums and she wanted to do it lots more. She slowly brought Darla over on her back and got on a 69 position.
As soon she did, she felt Darla’s hot breath on her pussy and in went 3 fingers….oh what a feeling. She put Darla penis in her mouth…and put 3 fingers deep in her pussy….this was heaven.

I had never had my pussy eaten while having a penis to suck on and a pussy to play with and it was the ultimate. .…..

Next chapter…..

At school we act like we were friends, but oh my, Darla explained, ( “….I thought I was a freak, but you showed me a new world…”)

I couldn’t wait for our next encounter, neither could she. Two girls with the same thing on their minds. My aunt ask me if I needed anything….I smiled…she said that if I wanted to…. the tree house….. The tree house….perfect.
I called Darla and said to meet me there. She said to wear a skirt with no panties, as she would do the same…..I said: (.. “oh Darla…I’m getting hot already.’’) She said: ( “I’ve been hot all day…hurry!”)

I went down to the woods, and snuck down to the tree, when I hear: (“…over here…”). The tree was all broken down, but next to it was an old door, out of the door was Darla’s leg. The site of her leg sent chills up my spine. I went into the old door and there was small room. It was dark at first……I almost walked on her, she grabbed my skirt and whispered: (“Lets do what we did before…only “nude”.) The rush of excitement caused me to kiss her passionately while tear off my clothes…..I want this so bad..

She grabbed my head and quickly put it between her legs. She already had a big hardon. I began to squeeze it, lick it and put it in my mouth. She moaned nice and long as I put it in to her pubic hair….it was already bigger than I expected. I lifted one leg up and felt that long tongue enter my virgina……oh yes.”


I couldn’t wait anymore. This story has got me hot. I remember a ph# a the end of book….hmmm. I put the book down, and called the number. A girl answered:

“This is Angie speaking”
“You don’t know me, but I …..”
“Yes I do, I figure it was time for you to call.”

She explained the whole plan. She wants me to join them.
“…but I ….oh my…how did you…”
“You made the phone call…see?…at the end of the book, there is a ph# for this number. We are both 13. I had to try to get together since my Dad said you lived too close, and…well…I’ve seen naked at the bedroom window….your hot.”


“Oh my god Angie…..I’ve got something to tell you…..I been looking at your body all this time….when you moved….I played with myself….dreaming of you & I….(breath)..well…when can I see you?”
We talked for an hour…


It was all set. We would all spend the night at Darla’s. I told her that I had stopped reading at the tree house, she said there is another chapter.
Darla….oh my god, a real girl with both sexes…wow. I had never touched a male penis and the thought sent chills in pussy.

The night came and both the girls were beautiful. Darla’s parents were gone for the weekend, so we had all the time we needed….and we wanted lots of it.

Angie, Darla & Melody, 3 13yr. olds ready
For (secret) wild times. Shower first. We left the light off…..

I entered the bathroom, I was meet with a long tongue kiss…I was so out of breath, I returned the kiss full force. I felt 4 pair of hands gently massage my body while undressing me. It was strange in the dark. Kisses from everywhere….then I was pulled down till I sat down….then I felt pubic hair in my face. I reached up and felt two legs…..I felt…a voice said….(It’s all yours)…I lowered my mouth,…and a sweet pussy appeared. Two hands held my head, and I let my tongue do it’s pleasure. Angie’s pussy was slick and humping deep…I put my fingers in her pussy and let my tongue work her clit….she began moaning louder….my other hand felt her ass…

The pleasure was building….her legs began to shake…I felt her pussy shake, suddenly she locked up…(ooo,,ooo..oh…yes!..yes!) pussy juice came flowing out…she slowly kept humping my face as oozing juices came out…
…she slowly dropped and I followed her to the floor…

I was on my knees…. enjoying the pussy as she moaned…..when I felt two hands go up my back. I felt two boobs in my back…..and then I felt a penis slide in my pussy. It felt out of this world… must have been Darlen… She was breathing my ear….(oh my…. the sliding motion was heaven)….I moaned with pleasure…she reached her hands around to my pussy and massaged my clit. We all three moaned…this was heaven as the motion increased….her breathing reached moaning levels…she pushed her penis as deep as it would go….I almost fainted with pleasure…I ran my tongue in Angie’s pussy as she speeded up. Now we had 3 girls in heat in a frenzy…the moaning became yelling. My pussy was in euphoria…each thrust became higher and higher until….3 yelling girls were at a euphoric high….I felt a blast of cum deep in my pussy along with…indescribable moaning…over and over…. until…. all was quiet..

My first sex was……. heaven…..
I read the book over and over masturbating to a frenzy each time….I read the book in-between
times when we couldn’t be together…

*The Tree House……The tree house was well hidden. After school I went down the path and entered the secret entrance.

She was already there ….but with a boy. She explained very carefully that she needed both male & female attention. I looked at the boy and he was the boy that I had meet at school. (“…you have to keep this quiet….”) he whispered.

They have me lie down with skirt up, no panties. Darla lie on top of me. As we became entwined in kissing & feeling I felt the long slender penis crawl into my virgina…oh yes….deeper and deeper until our pubic hair meet…..she was kissing me passionately out of breath…and then said: (“..ok now, Mark.”).

I heard his pants drop, and he got on knees. Darla opened her legs and he stuck his penis in from behind….they both groaned, and he started fucking her….. She was delirious with joy….he was pumping fast now. She was pushing her penis in as far as it would go….I was in heaven with a penis all the way in, a mouth full tongue and boobs being felt all over….the peak of joy was here…”…ooh…Ooh…Ooh..” in unison we
did muffled yell …..then groan and groan…until it was all…quiet…
except for heavy breathing……
I closed the book.

I tossed it in the fire place…the pages slowly burned away…

I turned so my pussy was in her face….she grabbed my butt cheeks and her long slender
tongue entered….Darla was home…. as I put her penis in all the way in my mouth…

(turn out the light….)
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